Drew Ch. 04


Marci walked slowly through the crowd. She was staring at Nathan as he talked to a group of his father’s friends. In the spirit of summer, they were throwing yet another party. She hadn’t really wanted to attend this one but she’d been given no choice on the matter. Inhaling deeply, she slowed down even further and took in the rest of the room.

“Keep walking Marci.” said a whisper in her right ear. It made her shiver involuntarily. She had almost forgotten the man behind her. She turned slightly to look at him and he smiled rather sweetly. She wasn’t minutely fooled.

“I could do this for you but it’s always better from the horses mouth I think.” he added with a gleam in his eyes she couldn’t quite place.

She had been right, Drew had changed. He was definitely a person to be wary about. At least as far as Marci was concerned. She turned back and picked up her pace as she waked towards Nathan. It should be noted that the only reason she picked up her pace was because Drew was about to meld into her back. Panic rose and she strode purposefully towards Nathan.

He saw her approaching and looked over her shoulder to Drew with a raised eyebrow. No one is that dumb Marci thought to herself as she arranged her face into a suitable mask and greeted the old men with Nathan. They were polite and charming and she actually managed to wedge herself between them for a little chat.

“You must come out with us next time we go. I’ll ask Nate for your number.” The one called John told her. He was referring to a trip to the shooting range. Marci had always had a fascination for guns and shooting. If she was American, she’d be a very outspoken supporter of the NRA. She nodded and smiled at the lot. Nathan was watching her quietly. As was Drew on the other side of her. She felt very much trapped and she also felt horrible thinking of the impending conversation with Nathan.

“Nathan, come talk to me for a bit.” She told him and took his hand. He was smart, his face showed sign of discomfort. Or was it sad resignation to a doomed relationship? Paranoia Marci, stop it, she told herself then reminded herself that he was going to be pissed or hurt or both anyhow so her paranoia was justified!

They walked outside and Marci looked furtively over her shoulder to make sure Drew wasn’t following. She wouldn’t put it past him to make this as uncomfortable as he could.

“I told you I didn’t want to fight Drew for you Marci.” Nathan said quietly. They’d found a spot on one of the garden tables outside. It was another award winning warm night in Malindi and it smelled of jasmine all over. On another night, it would have been heavenly. Tonight it felt clammy and stifling.

Marci widened her eyes and looked at Nathan intently. He was seated back, regarding her with slightly hooded eyes.

“I don’t want you to fight him especially not for me Nathan.” She said slowly, trying to find something suitably “new age philosophy” to tell him. She couldn’t come up with a suitably intelligent or plausible reason for that piece of information so she trailed off. They looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

“So what happened that night at Barcode?” he asked leaning forward and fixing her with another intent gaze.

She leaned back into her chair in reflex and saw his face twitch slightly. She swallowed uncomfortably. Her throat was really dry. She looked at a nearby tap and resisted the urge to drink water from the garden hose. Nathan handed her his drink. She smiled in thanks and took a large gulp. She regretted it immediately.

Nathan drank his whisky like she drank her vodka, neat. It burnt her parched throat further and she sputtered ungraciously under Nathan’s amused gaze.

“Nate, I told you I was coming back for her.” A voice said behind her and her sputtering immediately ceased. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out. Unfortunately for her, she did not have “passing out suddenly” genes. How she wished she had the weak constitution of the Victorian ladies. A faint would have come in handy about now.

Drew walked into view and Nathan leaned back as they regarded each other silently. Marci was looking at both of them wondering which direction this was headed. Another Escort bayan one of those situations you just know cannot be salvaged in any way whatsoever.

“You told him what?” Marci asked Drew as he sat with them. She considered handing Nathan back his drink then changed her mind. Unladylike sputtering or not, this was the most uncomfortable setting ever. She needed some Dutch courage. How does one properly hold their head up when they are seated with two brothers they’ve slept with? One of whom is her boyfriend.

“Before I joined the foreign legion I told him I was going to come back and get you.” Drew reiterated slowly, shifting his gaze from her to Nathan and back to her.

Foreign legion. No wonder the man had acquired an edginess to him that she hadn’t been to explain earlier. She deliberately suppressed the mental image of Drew in fatigues. Regardless of the tension in the air, it was still such a hot image and it wouldn’t do to get all flustered, would it?

“Drew, that was what, six years ago?” Nathan questioned with a laugh. Not a genuine one either and Marci just wanted to simply evaporate.

“Ok Nathan, Drew. Clearly I’m not totally in the loop here. However,” she said looking at Nathan, “I feel it’s best if we end this. The awkward moments and all are not worth it. I’m sure there are some serious moral questions to be raised as well.”

Sighing deeply, she took a small sip of the whisky and continued talking to the brothers. They had both leaned back into their chairs and were regarding her with slight smiles. She ignored the smiles. “Drew, you are a whirlwind, whatever your agreement with Nathan about me, consider it rescinded by me. I feel like Brian should be here as well! Wow! I will now leave you two boys to talk, bond or whatever it is brothers do when they discover they like the same girl. Nate, give John my number, I’d like to go to the shooting range as soon as he can arrange it. Thanks.”

With that she drained the glass, mustered some dignity and walked off. She didn’t look back. Heading straight to the gate, she opted to walk the short way back home.

“Say it Marci. Loud.” Drew whispered in her ear as she stood pinned to the wall of her bedroom. She looked at him defiantly and kept quiet.

“Breaking and Entering is a crime in Kenya. Seven year sentence I think. That hasn’t changed over the last ten years Drew. Other things clearly have changed drastically just not the Penal Code.” She responded instead after the silence threatened to stretch on.

“Say it Marci.” Drew repeated, releasing his iron grip in her arms and stepping back to look at her directly. When she remained silent, he smiled and loomed over her. She refused to look up and instead contemplated kicking him in the shins. Then she remembered the whole foreign legion affair and decided perhaps violence really wasn’t the answer. He could out power her any day, even on her best day. Who knew what the punishment for kicking him would be. He seemed to be all about retribution of late.

“You know, up until you delivered your very entertaining speech about morals I thought you’d finally gotten it into your head that I’m not letting you date anyone but me. I really thought I had made that clear earlier.” He hissed at her and she trembled slightly. She’d never seen Drew angry. Not even when they were younger. Right now he sounded in bad humor. Understatement.

“That sounds like a bad movie. The kind that starts with a scared girl in a deserted parking lot. You’ll have to be more original than that Drew. I’d advice against it personally because I see no good way this could end.” She said resignedly avoiding his eyes. He was looking right into the back of her head. Well, at least it felt like it.

Before she could find a more suitable way to deal with an angry Drew, he lifted her suddenly and threw her on the bed. She yelped in surprise as she landed clumsily on the soft duvet cover. “What…!” she exclaimed but was cut off when Drew just about jumped on top of her. Her air supply cut out, the only thing she could do was gape.

“I am really beginning to regret leaving. You have acquired a razor tongue and as the seconds drift by, you are beginning to show a very annoying Bayan escort side to you. I begin to wonder if you are really the person I was so eager to get back to. Still, it has to be said, you are unbelievably sexy. I cannot help but react to all those pheromones you seem to be dolling all over the place.”

Speech done, Drew kissed her roughly. Her lips felt violated but in a nice way. It was a stronger kiss than the moment called for but he was unrelenting until she finally gave in and kissed him back.

He moaned his encouragement and draped her arms around his neck. Nudging her legs slightly apart, he settled therein and proceeded to kiss her silly. Before she could put a stop to the whole debacle, he had her naked. It wasn’t that hard considering the short wrap dress and front clasp bra. No knickers as usual.

“Drew…..if you have any sort of decency…” she started to protests but he cut her off.

“I don’t.” he snapped and took a nipple into his mouth. This elicited a gasp from her and he chuckled smugly. Rubbing the other nipple between his fingers, he worked her into a wet mess. Then he slowly kissed his way down her body and inhaled her arousal between her legs. Her traitorous body gave in and her legs parted open on their own volition and Drew rewarded her by placing gentle bites and kisses on her inner thighs.

“Fuck Drew…..you don’t need to prove this.” She whispered still in that place between reality and absolute pleasure.

“I do.” He growled at her and lapped her clit. She arched her back off the bed to get him closer. He ignored that and continued to flick lightly, a finger trailing up and down slowly. It was torture at its best. Marci whimpered pathetically much to Drew’s delight. He was grinning as he finally started to suck her clit. She cried out at the sensation. He stopped and fixed her with an intent gaze. It made her shiver as well. Her pussy felt somewhat bereft as he undressed slowly looking at her. She knew exactly what he was doing but she couldn’t stop staring.

Drew had gathered a few scars over the years and they only added to the character of his very very enticing body. By the time he was starkers, she was literally waiting with bated breath. He made his way round the bed and pulled her to the edge.

“Suck.” He commanded softly. Her initial reaction was defiant. He just stood there and waited. He was certainly a patient man. Eventually, her curiosity and the gentle action of his fingers on her nipples won her over and she fell on his erection like a starved puppy.

Licking the pre-cum off the head, she lapped the entire length of his cock, right down his balls before coming back up and engulfing the hard heat with her mouth. He groaned his appreciation and put his fingers into her hair to guide her. In and out of her mouth it went as she tapped lightly at his balls.

“This won’t do.” He growled suddenly pulling out of her mouth with a pop. Drew answered her puzzled look by kissing her thoroughly before once again lifting her and throwing her into the centre of her bed.

He came over her and she could feel his dick on her belly. It was hot!

“You do that to me.” He told her softly as he moved a little to emphasize how hard he was. She groaned and tried to get him into her.

“Tell me what you want Marci.” He was holding her still by the sheer force of his weight.

“Fuck me Drew.” She said throatily and wriggled some more.

“I know that. What I don’t know is whether I am the one you want to fuck you or you are just horny.” He breathed into her ear.

“Drew!” she protested.

“Say it Marci.” He insisted.

“No.” she told him and fixed him with a stare of her own.

Without a word, he rolled off her and started the process of getting his clothes on.

At a loss for words, she got up and went t her closet to get something to sleep in. She was going to have an early night judging the turn of events so far. Dressed and leaning against the door as he watched her pull her nightshirt over her head, Drew said nothing.

“I’m sure you know the way out.” She told his quietly and walked to her bed. Putting on the bedside lamp, she used the extension switch to put off the main lights. She Escort checked her phone for messages. Nathan had sent quite a number. She didn’t have the energy to deal with his brand of ownership either so she put her phone back on the nightstand, messages unread.

“What happened to you?” Drew asked after she had ignored him for quite a while.

“In terms of sexual blackmail, nothing. It’s never really been my thing.” She snapped at him and took a magazine. She wasn’t sleepy, she wasn’t tired but she felt drained nonetheless. Drew came round her bed and sat down beside her.

“Take that night shirt off, it doesn’t flatter you at all.”

“I’m sorry Drew. I wasn’t really aiming at impressing anyone as I get into bed. However, I will keep that in mind should it ever come up.” she retorted.

“Good grief…….how does Nathan cope with that mouth?” he asked pushing some hair off her face. She automatically leaned away from his touch and he snorted.

She let his last comment slide. He was baiting her. A few years ago she’d have jumped right into that one. These days however, she was a little more tampered.

Drew had had enough it seemed. When he stood she thought he was finally leaving. While it was a relief, she knew somewhere deep that she was disappointed. It wasn’t solely that she’d missed out on the good sex; he seemed genuinely disappointed with her grown self.

However, she was wrong. He wasn’t standing to leave. He was standing to pull her up, rip her nightshirt right at the front. Still startled, she was didn’t have time to react as he settled once again between her legs and pinned her down. One hand held both her hands above her head in a vice like grip. The other traveled down to his pants and unzipped.

Pulling his cock out of its confines, Drew entered her in one sure thrust. It felt amazing and her low growl just proved the point further.

“I cannot let it go Marci. I will hound you until you’re mine. No one is ever going to touch you the way I do. Well, actually no else one is ever going to touch you. Period.” He told her and thrust hard into her. She gasped at both the effect his cock was having on her and the words that accompanied it.

He withdrew briefly to quickly shuck off his clothes and was soon back inside her. Turning her so that she was on her stomach, he entered her from behind. It was so deep she hissed at the slight pain.

“You ok?” he asked concerned and withdrew a little.

“Yeah.” She managed to say and backed into him. His finger lifted her off the bed a little and found her clit once again. It was electric.

“Oh dear God!” she heaved and he chuckled.

“I love those sounds you make.”

Getting off her, he turned them both which resulted in her being astride him. He hooked his arms under his head and looked at her with the sweetest smile ever.

“All yours Marci.” He told her.

Without a second thought, Marci guided his cock into her hot and waiting pussy. She pushed back the thoughts that threatened to flood her brain and rode him slow. He lay there occasionally groaning but for most of the part let her do her thing. When she showed no signs of going any faster, he took a little control and moved his hands to her hips. Lifting her up and down his cock effortlessly, he moaned at the increased speed.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” he nearly yelled and spilled his seed into her. He’d lost control. She sent him a small smile. He didn’t send her one back. Turning so that she could slide off him, he took her hand and led them into the bath room.

He took his time cleaning her with a warm face towel. He was so gentle Marci almost cried.

“Drew…” she started but he shut her up with a kiss. It was gentle, more prodding than demanding. It was sweet.

“I have loved you from the moment I saw you.” “I was all of four years you perv.” She said trying for a light tone.

“I loved you as a child, it became not-so-fraternal later and it’s getting more intense as the days go. I cannot let another man have you. Marci, I need you to realize that this is not just about power play.” He told her as she sat back on the bed and he pulled a sheet over her.

Kissing her once again to shut her up, he got into bed beside her and pulled her into his arms.

“I love you.” He told her with finality she didn’t quite understand and then whispered to her to sleep.

“I’ll wake you up in the night, you need your rest.” He told with a wink.

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