Drive My Car

Drive My CarShe paced back and forth, shooting quick glances to her mobile, reaching for it, but turning back away. She’d been wanting to do this for quite some time, she just didn’t know how to ask. “Fuck it,” she mumbled as she picked up her mobile and pressed the speed dial for Miranda.”Hello…” came a man’s voice.”I’m sorry, I’m trying to reach Miranda…?””Yeah… okay. She’s in the loo. D’ya want to call back?””Well…” she said, relieved and disappointed at the same time.”Who’s calling?” he said, sounding like he’s being given instructions from the background.”Let her know Sue called, okay?””Hold on a sec…” He called out “It’s a woman named Sue.””Susie! Sweetie! How are you?””Hi, Randa… um… who answered the phone?””He’s okay… that’s just Jimmy. He comes over every once in a while and spunks my tits,” Miranda laughed.”I’m sorry… did I call at a bad time?””No, Love! You’re good. I always have time for you. I was just taking a towel to Jimmy’s spunk load,” she laughed again.”You know I prefer it when you just rub it in…” Sue teased.”I know… but you’re not here to lick it off for me…” Miranda laughed. “You should see Jimmy’s face! It’s fucking priceless!” She laughed again.”If he only knew…” laughed Sue.”Shhhh…” giggled Miranda.”Look,” said Sue, “I’ll give you a call back when you’re not so… busy…””No, no, no, no…” said Miranda. “What can I do for my favourite girl?””Well… I did have something I wanted to ask…””Does it have anything to do with you being naked?””Yes,” smiled Sue. “Actually, it does.””Fuck, yeah!” cheered Miranda. “Count me in! How, where, and when, Baby?””Well, lately I’ve had this fantasy about having sex in a car…””Okay, we can park it in my back garden and go at it all day, if you want…””No, Miranda… not parked… driving…””But you can’t be the driver and fuck…” frowned Miranda.”That’s why I need your help! I’m not going to be the one driving,” smiled Sue. “I’ll be the naked girl in back…””Yeah!” cackled Miranda. “So… you’re going to masturbate? You want a man… a woman…?””Yes, please… any of it… all of it!””If you’re ready, Jimmy and I can be over in just a few minutes,” smiled Miranda.Sue took barely a moment to think. “Yes! Please! Come ’round to the back of the building, you know how. I’ll be watching for you,” she smiled.”Alright, Love.””Are you bringing your car, or does Jimmy have one?””We’ll bring mine. I don’t think you’d enjoy the ride in the back of his vintage Mini,” Miranda laughed.”Right you are!” laughed Sue. “Bring your saloon, then. That way I can stretch out.””Alright! See you in a few minutes… Love ya!”Sue smiled, “See ya! Love ya!”Not bothering to dress, Sue left her flat, skipped down the three flights of stairs and stood by the back door of the building, waiting for a glimpse of Miranda’s car in the alley. As it approached, Sue stepped from the doorway into the alley. The car stopped perfectly for her to open the back passenger door and slide in. The car was once again moving before Sue had a chance to completely close the door.”Look at you,” laughed Miranda from the front passenger seat. “You’re already fucking starkers! This is already so very hot!””Randa, Love,” smiled Sue. “Are you going to introduce me to your friend, or has my naked fanny got you tongue tied?””I absolutely adore it when you reference my tongue and your fanny in the same sentence,” Miranda purred. She turned to face Jimmy in the driving seat. “Jimmy, the beautiful naked woman in your rear view is my best mate, the one and only Susie Creamcheese Delight…””Randa!” Sue yelled with a moderate backhand to Miranda’s shoulder. bornova escort bayan “Please excuse my outfit, Jimmy, I searched all over my flat and found I had nothing to wear.”All three laughed.”You’re wearing my favourite outfit, Sweetie,” laughed Miranda.”Well, she’s right, y’know… this sight is a delight, indeed! Is there any particular place you had in mind to drive to?” asked Jimmy.”I’d not thought of an exact place… just where there’s some traffic so I have a better chance of being seen, I suppose,” smiled Sue.”So you want to be seen, then?” asked Jimmy.”If you looked like her, wouldn’t you want to be seen starkers?” laughed Miranda.Jimmy took a long look into the rearview and smiled. “Y’know… I suppose I would.” Jimmy then made a left turn and smiled. “I know exactly where we should drive… there’s traffic, but we can still move…” he laughed.”Alright!” chimed Miranda. “I brought my camera, in case you want some photographic evidence of the event…” she laughed.”Fuck yeah!” laughed Jimmy.”Who said you was getting any?” laughed Miranda.Jimmy gave Miranda a puppy-eyed look over his left shoulder. Miranda popped him on the shoulder with the heel of her hand. “Don’t pout, little boy, or I won’t share Susie with you…””Fuck you, crazy girl!” yelled Sue. “If he can manage another load, I want it all over me! Hear that Jimmy? All over me!””Yes. Ma’am! I got it! And you can have it when you want, alright?” laughed Jimmy.Sue smiled, cupped her breasts and bounced them. Her hard nipples cutting the air like rapiers through butter. She leant her head back, massaging and clutching at herself. Her back arched at her touch, allowing a slight moan to escape her lips. “Does your camera have video, too?” she asked, not waiting for a reply.Sue opened her legs wide and ran the fingers of both hands across her dark, well manicured pubes. She winked at Jimmy in the rearview as she plunged an index finger deep into her tight wet self. She bit her lower lip as she felt her finger reach it’s depth and tickle the inside of her canal. She stroked it in and out several times, feeling herself tighten around her finger. Pulling her finger from her wetness, she again winked at Jimmy in the rearview, then sucked her finger deep into her mouth. She then took her finger, placing her hand back between her open legs and started to rub and stroke her clit and labia. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back.Sue was so turned on, she’d momentarily forgotten about Miranda’s camera until she felt the metal on her knee as Miranda tried to get a close shot of Sue’s finger stroking in and out of her wetness. Sue opened her eyes wide, and when she saw the camera, her orgasm hit like a freight train. She leant forward, grabbing Miranda’s arm, pulling them closer.”You need to get naked,” Sue ordered. “Now!” slapping console between the front seats in emphasis.”What’re ya waiting for?” laughed Jimmy. “I think she means it!”Miranda smiled at both Sue and Jimmy, then pulled her top up and over her head, revealing her ample breasts and very excited nipples. She turned and reached for the seat latch, allowing the back of the seat to recline, then smiled “I’m coming back there with you…”Before climbing in back with Sue, Miranda pulled off her shorts. She wasn’t wearing knickers, so her small tuft of blonde pubes was out in the open immediately, much to Sue and Jimmy’s enjoyment.”Wow,” smiled Jimmy. “Lovely indeed…””Jimmy,” Sue smiled at their driver, “Are you alright with two naked women in the car?””Why wouldn’t I be?” Jimmy laughed.”I mean to drive, young man!” Sue said.”As long as I get to cum escort bornova on you like you said, I’ll be fine. I don’t want any of us getting into a crash,” Jimmy smiled.Sue leant over and kissed Jimmy’s shoulder. “I promise you’ll get to shoot yer spunk on me.””Randa,” Sue smiled, turning her attention back to the other naked woman in the car’s rear seat. Miranda smiled and squirmed a little in her seat.”Randa, Love… open your legs for me and touch yourself… I know you want to… think of Jimmy’s cock in your mouth…”Miranda opened her legs, her wetness was very evident. She didn’t need any further coaxing to touch herself, her fingers were dancing between her wet folds almost as soon as Sue’s request was done. Her eyes flashed at Sue as she inserted a finger into her canal and the quickly withdrew it, soaking in her nectar. Before Miranda had a chance to suck her finger clean, Sue’s tongue was dancing between Miranda’s opening and her tingly clit.”Yes!” Miranda moaned as Sue continued.Jimmy was doing his very best to keep his eyes on the road. He spied Miranda’s camera on the passenger side floor, but thought better of it, even though he could hear Sue and Miranda snogging in the back seat. A couple of quick glances in the rearview made his growing penis instantly erect, as he witnessed the two naked women touching and kissing each other, happily oblivious to their surroundings.”I don’t mean to interrupt you two,” he said, looking back again at the two naked beauties, “but Garda’s just pulled in behind us. Stay low in yer seat and we should all be fine. If he stays behind me for more than a couple of blocks, I’ll turn off.”Miranda and Sue kept low in the seat, but couldn’t help giggling.Sue started to mastrubate again. “What?” she whispered to Miranda. “I can’t fucking help it… I’m so turned on!”Jimmy was more than a little nervous, but did his best to keep his cool. After three blocks of mild traffic, the Garda was still behind them. That’s when Jimmy spotted a public parking garage. Smiling, he turned in, stopped at the gate, took the ticket from the machine and moved into the structure as the Garda continued on their way.”See if the roof is available,” laughed Sue. “If it is, Jimmy, you’d best be ready to paint me tits!”Jimmy didn’t need to be told twice, and continued on to the roof access, not bothering to look for any other spot in the garage. Once on the roof, Jimmy drove to the far end of the unoccupied roof and parked the car. He turned the car off and turned around in his seat just in time to witness Miranda enjoying a very lovely orgasm, thanks to Sue’s tongue and fingers working their majick all over Miranda’s very excited fanny. Jimmy watched in rapt awe as Miranda’s body convulsed under Sue’s ministrations. Miranda’s facial expression seemed to be completely overtaken by pure bliss.”It’s so beautiful,” Jimmy said, just above a whisper, not to anyone in particular.Sue withdrew her mouth from Miranda’s clit, her face covered in Miranda’s sweet nectar, and smiled at Jimmy. “If you can get yer arse naked, Boyo, I can give you that look, too,” Sue smiled before returning her mouth to the sweetness before her.Jimmy took no time in stripping out of his clothes, leaving him wearing nothing but a smile and a very healthy erection. He was so excited, he started stroking himself as soon as his clothes were off. It took a moment before Sue caught on, grabbing at Jimmy with her free hand to get him to stop.”You can cum all over yourself any time you want, but I want that in my mouth… maybe my fanny… but definitely in my mouth… so you need to wait your turn, Buster!” bornova escort shouted Sue, with a slap to Jimmy’s thigh for emphasis.Jimmy let go of his cock. “Do you want me back there with you two, then?” he smiled.Miranda smiled and popped open the car door she was closest to. “Climb in,” she laughed. “I want to lick your cum off of her… wherever you put it!”Jimmy scrambled, completely starkers, out of the driver’s door, around the front of the car, and, once he was at the rear passenger door, smiled and said, in as posh an accent as he could get, “Excuse me, Madame. But is this seat taken?”Sue yelled out to him “Get yer cock in here!”Jimmy piled in and closed the door behind him. He hadn’t even gotten himself situated when he felt Sue’s warm, wet mouth engulf his rock hard staff. With his knees on the rear seat and his elbows on the back of the passenger seat, trying to keep himself propped up, the only truly comfortable part of Jimmy was what was in Sue’s mouth. And, right then, that’s all that mattered.Miranda knelt next to Jimmy, taking his balls into her hand, gently cupping them while Sue bobbed her mouth up and down on him. Miranda licked his nipple and his entire body shuddered. She giggled. So did he.Sue pulled off of Jimmy’s cock and looked up at him with a smile. “Have you ever been with two women before, Jimmy?””Only in my dreams…” he smiled, his thoughts interrupted by Sue taking him back into her mouth.”We’ll have to do it proper and all some other time,” smiled Miranda, before she took his nipple into her mouth again.”Yes… please…” he smiled.”You’re getting so close, aren’t you?” smiled Sue, taking a momentary break from enjoying Jimmy’s cock.”Yeah…” he smiled. “I am… Sorry, you both have had me so excited for… oohhh…”Yes, Sue had him back in her mouth.Miranda whispered in Jimmy’s ear “No need for ‘sorry’, lover… I know how much you love to cum… You know how much I love it when you cum… And Susie…” she kissed his ear and gently bit the earlobe, “Susie loves cum even more than I do…” She reached down and stroked the top of Susie’s head.”So close…” he gasped.Sue kept her mouth on him until she tasted the first blast of his hot cum. She pulled him from her mouth while continuing to stroke him, aiming for her ample tits. He shot four more heavy spurts of spunk at her, landing on her tits, nipples, chest and neck. Miranda and Sue were both enjoying his ejaculation, with sexy compliments and encouragement. Miranda slid her finger through the cum around Sue’s nipple, slipping her finger into Sue’s mouth and then her own.Jimmy began to wilt and Sue took him back into her mouth to draw out the last few drops, making sure not to waste any. Miranda leant down and started to lick and suck Sue’s cum covered nipple, causing Sue to gasp and drop Jimmy’s wilted penis from her mouth.”Kiss me,” Sue said to Jimmy. Without a second thought, he did. She’d already swallowed what she’d gotten from him, but there was still a faint taste of his spunk on her lips. Along with that, there was still Miranda’s nectar on her face.Jimmy stepped out of the car, back around the front and back into the driver’s seat. When he sat back down in the seat, Miranda and Sue were kissing and giggling.Miranda looked at Sue and then at Jimmy. “I think we need to get home… mine… your’s… I don’t care.””I think that’s a good idea,” smiled Jimmy. He looked around the front area of the car for a moment, then handed his shirt to Sue. “Did you want to tidy up a bit?”Sue smiled. “Thank you, Sir, that’s quite sweet of you. But I’d actually rather rub it in.” She started to massage his cum into her breasts, down her belly to her pubes and back up, with a sexy smile and a moan. She reached up and kissed Miranda.”This was fun,” she smiled. “Have you got any plans for the rest of the day?”Miranda laughed, turned to Jimmy and said “Home, James…”

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