Joshua walked down the stairs from the plane and toward the two vehicles parked a few steps away in the hanger. There was a beautiful young woman, tall, brunette, dressed in a dark skirted suit and white shirt and tie, standing next to the car. He strode up to her and asked “Where am I going?”

She smiled. “I’m to take you to the house.”

“Very good.” They stood for a moment in awkward silence while the men moved his luggage to the trunk of the subtly stretched Mercedes limousine. His chief of security opened the back door for Joshua while the brunette slipped behind the wheel. The chief stepped quickly back to the black SUV that was idling behind the limousine. Doors locked, and the two vehicles pulled out of the hanger and toward the airport exit.

Joshua touched the switch that lowered the panel between the passenger compartment and the driver’s position. “Am I permitted to call you Emily again?”

She looked into the mirror. “As you wish, sir.”

“That’s the way I ordered it. This security team works for me, not my father. I told them that I would be pleased if the shotgun man rode in the Suburban.”

“I wondered about that. I hope that your father doesn’t hear about the protocol breach.”

“I want you, Em.”

Emily’s breathing quickened. There was a pause. “Josh, no, please. We talked about this.”

“May I come to your quarters tonight?”

“Josh, there’s a surprise party for you at the house. Don’t let on that you know. After the party, you and your family are taking the helicopter to the city. You’ll spend the night there for the meetings tomorrow.”

“Shit. Okay. Fine. Pull over.”

She giggled. “Here? We’re on the freeway.”

“Take that off ramp. Find a side street.”

“Josh, if your father finds out…”

“Emily, in six months I’ll be 22, and the terms of the trust will remove my father’s influence. The company belongs to my father, this car belongs to my father, but I don’t. Take that exit.”

She blushed and guided the heavy car onto the off ramp. The phone buzzed and Joshua picked it up from the passenger compartment.

He listed for a few seconds, then said “Yes, my orders. We’re going to stop for a few minutes. I have … an important call to make, and I don’t want to be distracted.” He hit the off button.

“Josh, I want şirinevler türbanlı escort you too, but this isn’t a good idea.”

“I’ve been thinking about this. I know what I need to do. There’s a park on the left. Find a shady spot under those trees.”

“The security team…”

“Works for me, Em.” he interrupted.

The car glided to a stop under the trees with the black SUV right behind.

“I want you, Em. Come back here.”

She glanced nervously in the mirror, then quickly stepped out of the car and into the passenger compartment. Josh locked the doors.

“I’ve missed you so much, Em.” He pulled her close and kissed her softly on the lips. She tilted her head and parted her lips slightly for his kiss. Their tongues touched lightly as a subtle flavor of cinnamon filled his mouth. Her arms went around his neck.

“No, Josh,” she whispered.

He reached between them as they kissed and pulled her tie off, unbuttoning her white shirt. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He broke the kiss and nibbled at her earlobe as he pulled her shirt open and then pulled her shirt and jacket off her shoulders. She protested quietly, “No, Josh, this is a bad idea.”

He smoothly opened her front-fastening bra and took her left nipple into his warm mouth and teased it erect. She held the other breast with her hand, massaging it, cuddling it. Jim brushed her hand away with his mouth and kissed and sucked her other nipple. He licked the soft curves under her breasts. He slowly worked his way down to her navel, kissing, gently biting, licking.

“Josh, no, we’ve talked. This could ruin your life.”

Josh knelt in front of her, unzipped and pulled at her skirt. She lifted her hips off the seat and he pulled it down past her knees, then off. He smiled up at her. “You wore my favorite thong, babe.”

Em was beginning to perspire. “That’s just a coincidence, Josh.”

Josh began to nibble on her navel again, but quickly slurped his way down to her thong. He licked and nuzzled her pussy through the sheer fabric. She spread her legs wider to make room for him and ran her fingers through his curly hair. Her legs wrapped around his shoulders, still wearing his pin stripped jacket.

“Bad idea, babe.” She managed to pant.

He şirinevler ucuz escort licked her hard through the thong, inhaling her heady aroma. The fabric of the thong became even more transparent, soaked with her juices and his saliva. She began to buck against his face, rocking in rhythm to his tongue thrusts.

“mmmm… no, babe, don’t…”

“Em, you want it too. We’re right for each other. Don’t worry about what other people think. Come live with me in Paris…”

He reached down and fumbled with his belt. He unbuttoned and opened his slacks. He pushed them down with one hand and then opened the fly on his boxers, his cock falling out, pre-cum glistening at the tip.

Em reached down and took him in her hand, giving him a couple of gentle tugs. “Don’t fuck me again babe, I feel so lonely after you leave.”

He surrounded her hand in his own and thrust into her fist. “Come back with me. Live with me, just leave all your shit here, we can buy anything you need in Paris.” He closed his eyes and fucked her fist harder, his breathing getting short and ragged.

She pulled him down to her and bit his lower lip, teasing it and sucking on it. She stopped and said “I wish you meant that.”

He guided her other hand to his balls and grabbed her hips with both hands. He looked deep into her eyes as she slowly rubbed his cock. “Live with me, babe. I need you. What will it take for you to believe me?”

“Stand up to your father.”

He kissed her hard and slipped his hands under her and cupped her ass cheeks. He humped her for three or four strokes, sliding his cock up and down along her lips, grinding against the flesh under her thong. Then he reached out with his right hand and hit the car’s mobile phone.

“Dial Dad.”

Her eyes got bigger. He slid her thong to one side and positioned his cock at the entrance to her vagina.

The phone buzzed twice and a voice said “Hi Josh. Are you on your way to the house?”

He stared lustfully into Em’s eyes and pushed his cock a couple of inches into her tight pussy. She gasped.

“Dad, I’m taking Emily back to Paris with me.”

“What? That damn driver you’ve been fucking? I thought you were over that!”

He eased up a little then pushed again, harder. His cock slid another şişli escort inch into her.

“It isn’t something I’ll get over. She’s moving Paris.”

Emily closed her eyes as his cock slipped out, then back in, deeper.

“Fuck the help all you want, boy. I certainly do. But don’t get serious about her, she’s just pussy!”

“No, Dad, I love her. I’m not asking for permission. I’ll see you at the meeting tomorrow.” He took both her cheeks in his hands and backed out, then pushed in hard. They both groaned as he rocked in and out of her, going deep with each stroke.

“What’s going on there?” the voice on the phone sputtered, but Josh reached over and hit the off button.

Em looked into his eyes, then reached up and grabbed his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers. She kissed him hard, nibbling at his tongue as he fucked her deep, her naked belly bumping against the front of his dressy blue shirt. He massaged and pulled her ass cheeks apart as he plowed her. The thong couldn’t take the abuse and one of the straps snapped.

Their coupling became frantic. He slammed into her, she pushed back at him in his rhythm. In the SUV behind them, the security men grinned as the Mercedes began to rock.

” … harder, babe, harder, I’ll go to Paris with you, do me harder!”

“Now,” he gasped, and slammed into her one last time. They both arched their backs as he squeezed her ass cheeks hard, trying to pin her to the car’s seat with his long cock. He tensed and shot rope after rope of silky jizz deep into her. She wriggled helplessly under him, her own orgasm soaking the leather under her stretched pussy.

They held each other until the spasms subsided. He slipped out of her but held her close, his cock dripping with cum and her pussy juice. She collapsed under him like a rag doll. She turned her head to him and kissed him long and slow.

“Emmy, that was so fucking hot.” He shivered. “You’re so tight!”

She giggled and reached down for his softening cock. It was still gooey from their fuck. She broke away from his cuddles and went down on him, licking him clean. She lapped up all his cum and her sweet juices, then came back up to him, kissing him hard with her cummy mouth.

“Ick!” He spat out his cum and reached for the decanter of scotch in the back of the seat.

She giggled. “And you expect ME to lap up that stuff?”

He swallowed scotch from the bottle, then leaned over to kiss her, dripping the amber fluid into her mouth. She greedily swallowed it and smacked her lips, begging for more.

“I expect you to get your clothes on, Miss Granger,” he ordered, “and take us to our apartment.”

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