Duana: The Girl That Keeps On Giving


This is a true story that happened when I met the slut of my life…

Part I

It was Memorial Day weekend, and four of us guys looked forward to traveling to Panama City for a lot of sun, drinking and whatever else crossed our paths. We had a few beers on the way down from Atlanta, so by the time we got to the beach, we were ready to party. We got to the beach late on Friday evening, checked into the hotel, and decided we needed to get a quick swim in the ocean even though it was dark.

As we were getting out of the ocean, we noticed a few girls up on the beach who decided to check us out as we got out of the water. They obviously were staring at what we were packing under our shorts, so I went up to them and offered them a beer. The girls gladly accepted and we began to talk. These were four gorgeous looking girls, and us guys couldn’t believe our luck! They looked about our age, early 20’s, and all had on flimsy sun dresses. We just got to the beach that night and already we were trying to talk these girls out of their panties! That’s what I like about Panama City.

We talked for awhile when someone suggested heading up the beach to one of the local watering holes. We started that way when one of the girls, Duana was her name, said she was too young to get into the bar. We were all getting pretty buzzed by that time, and we told her that we wouldn’t be too long at the bar. When we got to the beach bar it was packed. There were bodies pressing up against bodies, and the drinks were going down well at that time. My friend talked me into doing some shots of tequila with a couple of the girls. I should have known better.

A common proverb about drinking tequila is that if you are a guy, you will be fighting or fucking by the end of the night. Also, once you drink tequila, you are gonna have a bahis siteleri hard cock for a long time…so make the most of it! I wasn’t sure about the proverb, but I was sure that the tequila was having an adverse affect on my stomach. I headed out of the bar to get a little fresh air. I decided that I had enough alcohol for the night so I headed back to the hotel. As I walked down the beach, I was kicking myself that I didn’t stay longer to try to bed one of the girls who went with us. I finally walked up to the hotel when I heard Duana, the girl that was too young to get into the bar, call my name.

When I saw Duana, she had changed into a bikini and was in the hotel swimming pool. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini I have ever seen, and her nipples were poking out so much it drove me crazy. I felt my cock getting hard just from seeing her. Duana told me to come on in the pool, so I did a header straight into the pool. As soon as I came up for air, her lips were on mine. She stuck her tongue down my throat as I have had no woman do before. I reached around her and pushed her ass so her crotch was grinding on my swollen member.

Duana stuck her tongue in my ear and then said that she wanted to go upstairs now! I couldn’t wait and I almost dragged her up to the room. As soon as we got in the door, she untied her bikini to show a perfect set of tits. “Do you want to suck on my titties?” she offered. I was over to her in a second as she thrust her tits at my face. I ran my nose over her nipples so she could feel how hard she had me breathing. I slipped one of her nipples in my mouth as she started squeezing her tits around my face. I was in heaven!

As I licked, sucked and nibbled are her hard little nipples, she let out gasp as my hands slipped around her ass, under her bikini bottoms. I massaged her ass and canlı bahis siteleri ran the palm of my hand up and down over her pussy and asshole. “God I need your dick in me” she said. “I like it rough so make sure you fuck me hard”.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was this 18 year old girl, who looked like the girl next door, telling me that she liked to get fucked hard. When she said that, I had to get my dick in her and screw the foreplay. I told her to get up on her knees so I could stick it in her. She pulled aside her bikini as I rubbed my dick up and down the crack of her ass.

“Fuck me now damnit” she yelled. Now it was my time to take the lead. I grabbed her hips and guided my cock into the wettest cunt I have ever felt. I leaned forward and thrust it all the way in her so she could feel all of my big cock. So much for foreplay…

I let her feel all of me in her before I started fucking her hard. She let out a moan as I picked up her knees off the bed so I could fuck her wheel barrell style. As I started to pick up the speed, I could see her pushing off the bed with her arms and arching her ass back into my hard cock.

“Split me open, fuck me so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow. Give me that big dick. Make me squirt cum on your cock.”

Hearing her say those things I slammed into her hard so taht she fell on the bed. I was no longer going to let her be in control. “So you want to cum on my cock, huh slut? Clench your pussy and finger your clit as I fuck your tight little hole. You must like a little ass fucking too, because I see how much you arch your back with your ass in the air.” I stuck a finger in my mouth and then stuck it up her tight little asshole.

Duana gasped as I put my finger in her ass. “Damn you mother fucker. Fuck me with that finger. Give me two fingers. canlı bahis Feel my ass and fuck me harder.” As I started to put another finger up her ass, she had changed the tables again. This time she pushed me over than rolled on top of me. I couldn’t believe this little girl of about 100 pounds had it in her!

“You wanna fuck my ass, well, I’m going to show you how to do it.” As I layed on my back Duana took my cock in her hand and started to fist it back and forth. “If you want this hard cock in my ass, you better get it moist first”. This girl was insatiable, and I knew then I lost all control.

I told her I didn’t have any KY and Duana said that it wasn’t necessary. As she continued to give me a hand job, I wasn’t sure what she meant until I felt a little dribble on my thigh. “Are you crazy?” I asked, as I felt her straddle my hips so her pussy was over my cock. She then started to let a stream of piss go out of her pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only was I amazed, but how the hell was I going to explain a wet bed smelling of piss to my friends!.

As I watched her finish she then said, “Now you are going to fuck me up the ass”. I was still hard as a diamond as I slowly inserted the head past her tight ring. “Mmmmm, put some more pressure so it slides in. Yes, let me get this cock all the way in before you start pumping it in me.”

I felt her asshole slowly give way as she got used to the size of my dick. As she started to push down on me harder and harder, I felt that she needed a little extra sensation. I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled as she hunched on my dick. “Fuck me harder, give me that cum up my ass. I am gonna cum on your cock…oohhh…yessssss….cum in me nowww!

I couldn’t hold it any longer. As I felt her orgasm clench my dick in her ass, I let go with all I had. I could feel my cum squirting in her as she tightened her knees around my hips. This girl was amazing!

As I finished with one last thrust into her ass, I heard the door open in my hotel room…

To Be Continued…

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