Early Delivery


Mindy stretched her arm outside the shower door, groping for her towel that hung on its hook. Water was stinging her eyes and once her reaching hand found the fluffy relief, she wiped her face with it and wrapped the white towel around her body.

She walked to her vanity and dried herself while looking at her slim body in the mirror. Although usually too busy to take a long look at her nudeness, Mindy did so now, noticing the striated lines of pregnancy that faintly lined the underside of her breasts.

Court loved her boobs so the marks never bothered her yet she reached for the stretchmark cream nonetheless and rubbed a scoop of the minty mixture into her breasts, slightly relishing the feeling the tingling sensation that seemed to excite her small nipples.

Her coffee was evidently done percolating, judging by the aroma of almond and mocha wafting throughout the house. Mindy hurriedly applied body lotion before dressing in a tank top and shorts. Wrapping her wet hair in the towel, she left her bedroom to pour herself a much needed cup of coffee.

She sipped from her steaming mug while checking her email at the kitchen table, hoping to ensure that she was receiving her packages that she had ordered. A small obsession had arisen and not all of it had to do with what was put on her doorstep, although she certainly loved to shop online.

Court told her that she needed to reign in her purchases but there was a certain delivery driver that made her think twice about what her husband had to say.

Mindy never saw her husband anyway as he was always working, so the thought of Court skipped across her mind as she noticed a delivery email notice. “Your package is out for delivery” the tracking information said. Mindy gulped a bit of her almond coffee and went to dry her long auburn hair.

Plugging in the hair dryer, she tried to corral her curls which eventually took form into a cascade of what she assumed was acceptable for someone that wasn’t trying to be fancy when working from home.

She slicked on some glossy lip stain and gave her lashes a swipe of mascara. Slipping on her reading glasses, Mindy went back to her laptop, and waited or perhaps tried not to wait as she didn’t want to seem too eager.

She diverted her attention to typing up a proposal for her boss, he was a hard ass but one that let her work from home. Her thoughts kept straying to Val despite her forced concentration on quality control and company stock.

Val was a new delivery driver in her neighborhood. Her dark skin gave her green eyes a luminous quality that almost overtook the sensuous shape of her ample lips; it was impossible to look at both at the same time. Mindy only knew Val’s name because of a small exchange when a package was delivered for her neighbor to her own home.

The fullness of Val’s lips had made her pussy tingle as soon as she had set sight on them and after working out the problem with delivery mix-up, a flurry of online ordering soon ensued.

Thereafter, Mindy looked forward to frequent deliveries, hoping to catch a small glimpse of Val’s tight ass in her uniform as she walked away after dropping the package on her doorstep.

Court knew she was attracted to women so she wasn’t worried about her marriage. His only rule was, “No dicks in the room if you sleep with a woman.”

His job kept him away from home so much that Mindy was starting to feel a stirring in her loins that had nothing to do with Court’s dick, but a pussy instead; a wet one that she could match with her own, grinding her clit against another’s.

Thoughts of feeling a women’s nipples brushing against her own breasts was reason enough to explore her desire for the lovely driver further. She sensed something in Val; something that led her to believe she felt the same way.

Mindy had four cups of coffee while working on the proposal before she heard the doorbell ring. She jumped up, straightening her top and smoothing her hair. This must be her delivery and hopefully it wasn’t one of Val’s co-workers.

She hurried to the door and casually opened it. Val had just started to walk away, the large box sitting on her step.

“Hey Val, thanks!” she called towards Val’s lovely back side.

Val turned towards altıparmak escort her, and yelled, “No problem! Hey Mindy, you don’t happen to have a cold glass of water, do you? I’m not sure if I can last until my next stop.”

Mindy hesitated, but only for a moment and smiled, “Sure thing. Come on in.”

She opened the door for Val, grabbed the package and led her into the kitchen where she took a glass from the cabinet, and filled it with ice cubes and water. Her nipples were already erect from seeing Val’s beautiful face. She handed her the glass and grabbed a towel, running it under cold water, handing that to her as well; hoping Val wouldn’t notice any wanton desire in her eyes.

“Thank you. Ah, this feels so much better!” sighed Val as she wiped her face with the cold towel, the water dripping down over the front of her uniform.

She took a big gulp of the ice water and smiled at Mindy, her pretty lips curving up so that it highlighted her beautiful eyes. “It’s hot out there and my next stop is ten miles away, you are a lifesaver.”

Val paused, her eyes slowly wandering down to Mindy’s braless breasts. Her gaze held itself as she sipped more water and Mindy held her breath for a moment, hoping Val wouldn’t notice how turned on she really was.

“Would you like a sandwich? I’m not sure if you’ve had lunch yet, but I was just getting ready to make something for myself.” Mindy hesitantly offered.

“I haven’t taken my lunch yet and something other than fast food would be a welcome change.” Val said as she continued to wipe the sweat from her face and neck.

Mindy noticed she pushed the towel down between her breasts while accepting her offer of lunch and the action increased her libido but also increased her nervousness.

“Okay, great. I hope you like pastrami and swiss?” Mindy said as she turned towards the fridge and motioned for Val to have a seat at the breakfast table.

Val sat, watching Mindy swiftly grab ingredients and commented on how deft she was in the kitchen.

“Thanks. I’m a mom so it comes with the territory. My daughter is with my mother this week and I miss making meals for her and having someone to eat with.” laughed Mindy.

Val and Mindy ate while making small talk, yet Val’s eyes never seemed to leave Mindy’s lips. There seemed to be an electric silence between them that buzzed but neither chose to acknowledge it. Mindy smiled after wiping her mouth and took their plates to the sink.

It was obvious Val enjoyed her meal as she slowly licked her finger, her eyes on Mindy’s supple thighs. Mindy’s senses heightened when she noticed this small display of wantonness from Val, yet she chose to ignore it, rinsing and placing the plates in the dishwasher.

“Looks like I better get back on the road.” Val said while looking down at her watch. “Mindy, I really appreciate the lunch and conversation as well as the chance to cool off.”

Mindy walked her to the door and blushingly said, “Anytime! If you’re ever in the neighborhood or have a package for me, I’m always home and available.”

Val smiled at her while walking out the door, the sun shining on her brown hat and bouncing off her pert ass. Mindy closed the door, locked it, and threw her back against it in terrified relief. “I can’t believe that just happened. She’s interested to.” she thought as she sighed and made her way to the bedroom.

Grabbing her lube and dildo from underneath the bed, Mindy slid her lace panties down and off, leaving them on the floor and climbed onto the bed. She placed her husband’s pillow underneath her hips and rubbed lube onto the length of her pussy and pushed the dildo slowly and deeply inside of her wetness.

Her clit was about to explode after the interlude with Val and she had to release her pent up pressure after seeing the sweat slowly drip down between Val’s breasts.

She pumped the dildo in and out of herself with her left hand while she rubbed her clit with her right, quickly bringing herself to an explosive orgasm.

Mindy’s panting softly subsided as she pulled the large member from herself and sat up, her thoughts still lingering on the lips that she so wanted to touch her most private of parts.

The bursa anal yapan escort lust Mindy felt for Val hadn’t left her the next morning as she quietly drank her coffee while perusing the internet. Although she was in the mood to order something extremely naughty, Mindy instead decided to buy the heels that she had been pining over for months; black stilettos that were sure to look amazing with a little black dress for Court’s upcoming company dinner, which was happening sooner than she wanted.

She clicked on the second-day air delivery button and proceeded to finish the proposal that was due the next day.

Mindy had been so caught up with work that hearing the doorbell ring made her jump. Her tube top was askew and she was wearing her shortest of cutoffs. She had forgotten all about her latest delivery because her proposal deadline was due. “Shit!” she thought.

Running her hands through her long curls, she adjusted her top and shorts; hoping she looked presentable in case it was Val with her package, although it was early for a delivery.

She opened the door to Val holding a box. Her dark skin had a lovely sheen that accentuated the perfection of her features.

“Hey girl! I’m taking my break early today and thought you may want this box now instead of later.” said Val.

Mindy smoothed her hair yet again and licked her lips. “Absolutely! Thanks so much, Val! Need a drink?” Val smiled with those luscious lips of hers and nodded. Mindy opened the door to allow her in.

Val accepted Mindy’s invitation for chicken salad lunch and a cold glass of ice water. Again, they made small talk but the conversation turned to Court’s work dinner. To Val’s insistence, Mindy opened her box, knowing it was the shoes. “Try them on, and if they don’t fit, they can be returned.” mentioned Val.

Mindy tore open the box with a knife and slid her feet into the shoes. She stood and walked back and forth, hoping Val was noticing at least something about her shapely figure.

Val laughed and said, “Perfect! They fit well and make your legs look long and lovely.” Mindy blushed and took off the shoes, putting them back in the box.

“Thanks, Val.” she muttered and straightened up quickly. She grabbed their plates, stacking them in the dishwasher, not noticing how Val was sizing up her long legs and thinking how bad she wanted to lick the length of them.

Mindy turned from the sink and was faced by Val. “Mindy, I’m not sure how you feel, and I am very thankful for your hospitality but…”

Mindy caught her breath and turned to face Val. Those sumptuous lips and luminous eyes were staring at her and asking her something. “Oh, um, yes. No problem.” she stuttered.

Val stared into Mindy’s bright blue eyes, searching. She hesitantly grabbed Val’s hand, guiding it to the back of her shorts, hoping that Val’s hand would stay on her ass, and it did. They both looked at each other, searching for what seemed forever, and then Val’s lips met Mindy’s.

The kiss was all-consuming, soft and exploring for something they both wanted. Mindy led Val to the sofa, their hands grabbing and touching each other’s bodies. Mindy ran her hand down the middle of Val’s breasts and caught her breath, the feeling of touching something so perfect was overwhelming.

She almost ripped open Val’s work shirt to get to her nipples. She put Val’s left breast into her open mouth, slowly sucking and licking on the erect nipple. It was divine and Mindy’s pussy was already feeling more than succulent.

Val sighed in delight with each and every lick of Mindy’s tongue. Mindy made her way back to Val’s mouth and their tongues seemed to match each other, stroke for stroke.

Val gently pushed Mindy back onto the sofa and slowly pulled her shorts off, staring at every delectable part of her body. Mindy moaned in agreement. With Mindy’s panties bared, Val stroked them, taking in every inch of the lace and satin. Mindy moaned when Val reached her hand to run her long fingers along the middle of her body, almost bucking to the touch of such a gentle but sensuous feeling.

Val stared into Mindy’s eyes as she slowly slipped her fingers underneath the scant fabric of her panties bursa bayan escort and ran them lightly over her pussy before hesitantly slipping her finger into Mindy’s wetness.

The feeling of Val’s finger inside of her made Mindy crazy. She couldn’t believe it was happening. Her thoughts kept returning to her dreams of Val but it was real and she had to keep herself in the moment. She reached up and pulled off Val’s shorts and Val equally assisted in pulling off her top. Soon they were both nude except for their panties, which were both wet.

Val eased her body down next to Mindy’s…the softness of both women’s skin meeting in a delight that both were hungry for. Their kisses intensified and both were reaching for each other’s most private of parts. The passion seemed to erupt into a fury of grabbing that surprised them both.

Hands were everywhere but slowed down to a steady pace as Val kissed her way down Mindy’s stomach, stopping only to look up to ensure it was okay that she was on the right track.

Mindy lifted her hips in anticipation while emitting a small moan. Val kept going, licking a long trail down towards the lips she really wanted to kiss. She slowly pulled Mindy’s panties down and began lapping at Mindy’s waiting pussy, using her tongue to taste the inside of her extremely slow before she went to Mindy’s clit.

Her deft movements caused Mindy to cry out and roll her hips towards Val’s mouth, causing Val to suck hard on Mindy’s clit. The sensation was overwhelming, eliciting a sharp cry from Mindy and a deep moan from the dark beauty between her legs.

Val intensified the sucking and began flicking her tongue over the soft nub, bringing her conquest to a shuddering and breathless orgasm. Val licked her lips and moved upward to kiss Mindy, letting her taste the sweetness of herself.

Grabbing the firm behind of the luscious woman on top of her and pulling down her white cotton panties, Mindy pulled Val toward her and crossed her right leg over Val’s left and begin to softly rub her pussy against the other.

The feeling was beyond exquisite; the wetness, the sliding of clits and her nipples lightly brushing Val’s was exactly how she dreamed that it would be. Val threw her head back, breathing heavily while the tempo built, reveling in the pure ecstasy of the moment.

Her cries became raspy and closer together as she felt a release so deep within herself that it caused her legs to spasm and shake.

Val let out a huge sigh of contentment and relaxed her body against the suede sofa and watched while Mindy used her long polished middle finger to finish her own impending orgasm.

She pushed a finger into Mindy’s sopping pussy and stared at the long curls flowing over her lover’s breasts. It was a beautiful sight and one that begged for her to taste the sweet nipples that stood so pertly in front of her own.

Mindy gasped at the explosion that rocked her lithe body, her fingers trembling while reaching towards Val’s pretty cheek.

“Wow. Just, wow.” she said while stroking the soft dark skin of the woman who she had dreamed about for so long.

The last hour seemed unreal yet so magically perfect. She kissed Val softly, moaning just a bit and hoping for a longer exchange yet she knew that her newfound lover had other work to do.

Pulling her hand away, Mindy watched as Val pulled on her undies and work uniform. She hated to see her go yet knew that their interlude was over.

“Mindy, I want to thank you.” stated Val as she sat across from the luscious and wanton creature that sat before her.

“You, my sweet friend, have restored my faith in what I had lost so long ago when my husband left. Intimacy was never his strong suit and I lost my self-esteem along the road of divorce. You’ve shown me that I can trust my instincts and have put desire back into my life.” and then said softly, “I really need to get going. Thank you again for giving me myself back. You are beautiful.”

Val kissed Mindy and started to walk away before being handed a silken pair of panties. “Take them and think of me.” Mindy said.

Val took the panties and inhaled the lovely scent; putting them in the pocket of her uniform. “You know it, pretty girl.” she said as she walked out the door.

Mindy could hardly believe what had transpired, her body was still trying to adjust after two orgasms that were better than any she had experienced with Court.

She would never tell him but one thing she did know was that she would need to work overtime to afford everything she would be ordering in the future.

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