Early Mornings


Early MorningsThe movie – one of those all-nighter ordeals- was over. It was four o’clock in the morning and I was still wide awake. I knew I didn’t want to go home. I had spent the entire last movie in the back row, my fingers slipped secretively down the front of my pants, loving the feel of my wet pussy as I made myself cum over and over in quick succession. I wasn’t quite satisfied though. Not yet. I set my sights on the street that led to his house. I decided to pay him an early morning visit.When I knocked on the door, my heart was pounding in my throat and I could feel the juices from my excited pussy dripping down my legs. He finally answered the door, his eyes groggy with sleep, and I pushed myself inside, grabbing his hair and kissing him furiously. He pushed away with a gasp, but when I grabbed his cock through his pyjama pants, he knew exactly who I was and what I wanted. I felt him grow hard beneath my fingers and I smiled, dragging my hand lightly up and down his hard shaft. I loved the feel of him beneath his clothes. His hands found their türbanlı giresun escort way inside my pants and I heard him comment about how wet I was. I could hardly hear. Sex was beginning to take over and all I wanted was that hard cock inside me.I pushed him onto his bed, flat on his back and I released him from his pants. He stood a proud eight and a half inches, hard and quivering. I knelt down in front of him and swallowed every inch, easily, and began bobbing my head up and down. I could hear him moaning, his legs quivering against my sides. My thick lips tightened against the end of his cock, and then I plunged back down again. Quick and slow, hard and soft. My tongue flicking along the underside of his tip. I loved sucking his cock. I loved the feel of every inch, I loved the taste. I slipped my fingers inside me and pleasured myself as I gave his cock some TLC. With a final, powerful suck I removed my mouth, my lips smacking with the pressure. His body jumped and I began stroking him with my türbanlı giresun escort bayan fist as I took one of his balls in my mouth. Oh God, how I loved the taste of them. As I sucked and stroked I could feel his body tense and heard that familiar hiss of breath that told me he was getting close. I removed my hand from his throbbing cock and snaked my way up onto his body. I hovered above him, letting him lick and tease my double d tits as I grabbed his cock again. I swirled it around the entrance to my sopping wet pussy, licking my lips.“You want this pussy?” I whispered, arching my neck and letting my tits move fully into his face. I felt his cock throb beneath my fingers and a muffled, desperate yes. “How bad do you want it?”As I said it he thrust himself up into me and I cried out, arching backwards onto that lovely, filling cock. He slammed is hips against mine, his cock stretching my pussy and making me scream. I reached down and began rubbing my flushed, excited clit with my thumb and türbanlı escort giresun already began to feel the intense surge of my orgasm as it neared. “Oh yes, fuck it. Fuck that tight pussy!” I cried, arching back and bracing myself against his legs. He was groaning deep in his chest, his cock rifling in and out of me. A fire roared beneath my belly button and I felt heat begin rising from the very bottoms of my feet. My legs felt as though they were filled with molten lava and that fire reached my clit in a burst. I screamed and came, my pussy juices exploding along his cock. He grunted and I came again, the contractions of my tight, fulfilled pussy bringing him to his orgasm as well. I felt the hot, sticky wave of his cum bloom within me and I fell forward into his chest. He stopped thrusting as his cock emptied inside me, and I slowly dragged my hips up and down, tightening my pussy along him. His fingers were digging into my hips and I loved it. I finally felt him go soft inside me and I pulled away, releasing his cock and a steady drip of both of our cum from my satisfied little pussy. I reached down and caught some on my fingers, raising them to my mouth and gently sucking. He groaned again as he watched and I felt his cock stir. I leaned forward and kissed him goodnight, leaving my taste on his lips. I got up, put on my clothes and left, my mind in an elated buzz and my pussy still pulsing in its ecstasy.

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