Eating Milk Chocolate

Adriana Chechik

Chapter I

It was a beautiful afternoon as I backed my twenty-four-foot RV into my assigned space. For such a beautiful week the campground appeared unusually sparsely settled, but I just went about setting up. Back then, this was well over ten years ago, I enjoyed an occasional cigar. My taste in cigars was quite expensive, thus it was an occasional treat.

I had fully set up and was just settling back with my cigar and a cold one when I was shocked out of my seat.

“Howdy!” the enormous voice bellowed.

“Holy shit, you half scared me to death,” I exclaimed as I turned and looked up at a mountain of a man.

He was black, deep ebony black and had to be all of six-five and easily two hundred-fifty pounds of solid muscle, a completely shaved head and in his early thirties.

He roared with a laugh that was just as giant of a sound as he was himself. He extended his meat hook of a hand and softly said, “Sorry man, didn’t mean to sneak up on you like that but I could smell the aroma of your cigar all the way over at our little camp, over there.” He said as he pointed through the trees to one of those dome shaped tents.

“Hey no problem, the area looked almost deserted and I never looked in your direction so I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone. Hey, I hope my cigar smoke isn’t bothering you?”

“Are you kidding, that thing smells like pure heaven, but if I lit one up over there the little woman would be cooking meatballs for dinner, only problem is, they would be the ones I keep in my jockeys.”

We both laughed heartily, and then he continued. “By the way my name Roger and the non-smoking warden over there that’s peeking through the bushes is Kinesha, or more commonly known as the hundred pound hell cat.”

I looked toward the bushes where he pointed and there with her arms crossed in an apparent pose of total disgust, was a light milk chocolate skinned goddess. She had those eyes that just melted right through you, even though at this moment in time she was not enjoying Roger’s or my sense of humor.

She was dressed in a halter-top and short shorts of white that made her milky skin look even more breath taking. Her medium sized breasts appear as two pointed torpedoes that could bore wholes in a man’s chest. And legs, well what can I tell you, her legs just seemed to go on and on forever until they met in heaven, or as the refer to it today, in a delicate camel toe, that just said wouldn’t you like an opportunity to touch me?

I smiled and waved to her and she smiled back, shook her head in over exaggerated disgust as she walked back toward their camp said aloud, “boys, they never grow up.”

I offered Doug a beer and a cigar and he yelled over to his wife, “Hey Key can I stay here for a bid and have a smoke?”

“You just better go over to the bathroom and wash the stink off before you come back here, you hear me?” He yelled back his assurance, and he and I had a couple of brews and learned a lot about each other over the next hour or so.

I learned that he had just finished up his masters and was about to take a job out of state and he and his wife of four years loved the Cape Cod and decided to take the whole summer down here. The only way they could afford it was to camp most of it and on occasion they would treat themselves to an inexpensive motel room.

I explained that I had just gone through a divorce a year or so earlier and decided to take a few months off to see some of the country. I explained how I was self-employed and had arraigned to be away for about three months, but had to schedule in this return trip to Massachusetts to attend my nieces wedding, the following weekend.

Just about then Kinesha, or Key as I was told to call her, came through the bushes with a hand towel over her arm and a little bag of what I supposed to be toiletries. “Excuse me guys, but I’m going to go over to the ladies room and freshen up, you better wash up too Roger and get our fire started if you want me to have that chicken ready for dinner.”

“You don’t have to walk all the way down there, while Roger and I finish our beers why don’t you use my bathroom in the motor home?”

After a few minutes of banter about why she couldn’t do that, I simply stood up and excused myself from Roger, took Key by the elbow and just about dragged her into the Motor home. Once inside Key was amazed at the appointments that a motor home had. I gave her the proverbial ten-cent tour, finally leading her to a bathroom that came fully equipped with what every home had. Once I had her settled, I went to the door calling Roger to bring our beers in so that he could wash up at the kitchen sink.

As Roger was washing up Key came out of the bathroom and began ranting about how she didn’t believe that the bedroom in the RV was as big as it was. It was complete with a king-sized bed, dressers, one with a very large mirror and two closets and a TV.

“Ooh God, a real bed with real sheets, what I wouldn’t give for just one night on that?”

“Careful Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort what you say, little woman, he may make you an offer you can’t refuse,” Roger bellowed over my shoulder as he looked into the room as well.

As Roger began walking back toward the kitchen area still drying his muscular chest and arms, I said, “go ahead Key try it, I paid extra for the mattress its very firm with an ultra soft top layer.

She protested of course, trying not to impose but I insisted and was I glad I did. The bed was high off the floor and once she got on it, as she bent her knees to push herself to the center the loose legs of her shorts rode up and parted away from her silky looking inner thigh and gave me a quick but awesome view of her tight lipped, totally shaved pussy.

Once she positioned herself in the center of the bed she kept her knees bent upward pointing toward the ceiling and sort of rocked them back and forth as she moaned displaying the pleasure she felt as she lay sunken into the soft comforter.

“Hey Doug,” Roger bellowed from the kitchen area, “I can hear her moaning in there, if your going to be fucking my wife in there on your big bed the frigging least you could do is offer me another beer for her services.”

“In the frig, bottom shelf, and by the way is that an offer?”

“Don’t know yet, haven’t counted how many beers and cigars you got left, but I’m open to a barter system.”

Key jumped up from the bed, and as she did, she gave me an even better view of her gorgeous pussy, and then as she used her arms to push herself upright, she exposed almost all of her firm left breast. I had to turn sideways quickly to my erection.

“Why are all you guys so perverted? She yelled as she pushed her way past me.

I couldn’t resist using an old line I’d use a thousand times before, “it’s your fault, if you women weren’t so sexy us men wouldn’t be thinking of sex all the time.”

Key looked at me and gave me a beautiful smile that made my slowly receding cock tingle again, as she retorted, “cute, you’re real cute, you’re worse that him.”

She again started on Roger about the fire, but I convinced them to use my gas grill as I had planned to make steak on the grill and mashed potatoes in the kitchen, It ended up that Roger would be the grill man and Key and I work in the kitchen.

I love to cook so Key and I set up a menu and Roger pulled the grill off the storage rack and set it up. Key and I worked quite smoothly in the kitchen area we made steamed broccoli, cooked some frozen peas from my freezer and I made garlic mashed potatoes.

I had two large London broil steaks and they had a whole chicken that Key cut into quarters and Roger grilled all of the meat to perfection. We sat in the screen house that was attached and pulled away from the side of the RV in which we all enjoyed a bug free spectacular camp dinner, complete with a good wine.

We talked till late that evening and enjoyed a clear starlit night and then parted, all slightly tipsy from wine and beer, at about eleven. They to their tent me to my bed and an unavoidable jerk off session with a mind filled with milk chocolate orgasms.

Chapter II

The next morning I got up around nine made coffee and a bowl of cereal and headed for the screen house to have breakfast and read a book I had started a few days earlier.

About a half hour latter, I heard the sweet voice of Key, “morning Doug do have any plans for today?

“Not really, why?”

“Well Roger want to go fishing down at the pond and wants to know if you’d care to join him?”

“No, not me, the only fishing I do is deep sea on a boat, I’m not much for fresh water.”

“Ooh does that mean you’ll be around here this morning?”

“Yeah, pretty much, I think I’ll be here all day, I have some reading I want to do, so I think I’ll be here all day.”

“Good,” Key responded, I wanted to do some reading myself. To tell you the truth I hate fishing and Roger won’t let me hang around the campsite alone, he thinks someone might steal me or something.”

“Well I wouldn’t blame the thieves for stealing a pretty thing like you, but I’ll be here all day if you feel safer with a dirty old man like me.”

“Do you guys ever quit with the smart-ass remarks,” Key said as she turned her back and intentionally shook her ass in a seductive way as she walked back to her campsite.

A little later I was almost dozing with my book having fallen onto my chest as Roger stepped through the flap of my screen house glaring down on my sleeping body.

“Some fucking watchdog you’re going to be, sleeping on the job,” he said laughing.

“Sorry sir I didn’t know I was on duty yet, please don’t court marshal me sir.”

“Well I’ll take it under advisement,” he chuckled.

Later that morning after he left for fishing, I called Key over and convinced her to read in the screen house on one of the lounge chairs Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort and have some coffee with me.

Key looked even more stunning than she did the day before, she wore virtually the same outfit as yesterday with one exception. This outfit was a light pastel orange and with her light milk chocolate skin she would have stood out in any crowd. The blend of colors, her skin and the delicate pastel orange made her look like a desirable desert.

Also like the day before she wore no underwear under her shorts and halter set, and like yesterday the loose fitting legs provided an occasional glimpse into heaven. At one point, without her realizing it I saw her pussy lip part slightly and close as her knee moved back and forth, and I swear I saw her pussy lips look as though they were leaking moisture a few times as well. One time when she went inside the motor home to use the bathroom I looked briefly at her book and realized she was reading one of those romance novels and surmised that the moisture was not my imagination.

Over the next few days’ things continued pretty much the same. We ate together most nights and stayed up gabbing until late, except one night when I had to meet some friends and they decided to go out to eat. Key asked if she could use my bathroom because she hated to put her nice dress on, in the not so clean ladies room cubicles. Of course I agreed without hesitation, and told her to shower in my bathroom as well.

While she was getting ready Roger and I were sitting in the screen house, I offered him a beer and as I entered the kitchen them, there stood Key, totally naked in front of the bedroom door bent down and pulling up a pretty purple thong. Just as the thong reached her knees our eyes met and momentarily, we both froze, her with her panties at mid thigh and me with bulging eyes and a cold beer in each hand. Key calmly smiled, and then closed the door. I re-positioned my hard cock to hide it and brought out the beers as though nothing happened.

As they were leaving I complemented Key on how beautiful she looked, and how good-looking a couple they made. Key wore a tight black and floral print oriental style dress, slit to mid thigh on one side that showed her shapely leg and a bodice that enhanced her obviously braless breasts.

As I complemented her she thanked me and walked over to kiss my cheek, whispering in my ear, “please don’t tell him what you saw in there, I’ll explain later. And with that they were off. A short time later my friends picked me up and I left as well.

When my friends dropped me off at about one in the morning I decided to relax outside with a cigar, I never smoke in my motor home. So as I strolled about quietly enjoying the night air and the aroma of the fine cigar that wafted past my nostrils, unmistakable sounds of passion caught my ear.

I don’t consider myself a Peeping Tom but my infatuation with the statuesque Key was like a powerful magnet that continuously kept drawing me closer and closer to the origin of the erotic sounds. As I drew closer and began to quietly traverse the bushes I realized that cigar could possibly give me away so I stomped it out and slowly crept forward.

As I reached the center of the bushes separating our campsites I could see the shadows of their bodies as they made love in their tent. I have no idea whether if was a dim light in their tent or the full moon, who’s light appeared over the horizon directly behind their tent, but whatever the source it afforded me a view to remember.

I could clearly see the out line of Key’s artistically chiseled body as it rode up and down on Roger’s prone frame. Moving to my right to avoid the thickest brush and hopefully to avoid making any sounds, my visual perspective of their bodies changed. Now I could see the undulations of her pert pointed breasts, as her ass rod up and down on what I surmised was a substantial cock. I assumed his cock to be quite long by the distance her ass would travel up and down with each complete cycle.

I just couldn’t help myself it was so erotic, I released my cock from my trousers and began to stroke myself inadvertently trying to duplicating the rhythms that my eye saw as they followed the rise and fall of Key’s beautiful rounded ass on his long cock.

And then I heard it, Roger moaned and Key yelled out, “OOH FUCK, NOT AGAIN ROGER, YOU BASTARD.”

“I’m sorry honey its just that you always make me so crazy.”

I could see the shadow of her rising up off a cock that just fell out of her like limp overcooked spaghetti. I continued to watch as Key grabbed some article of clothing and pull it over her head as she stood up and stepped near the tent door.

“Where you going honey, come back here, give me a little while and I make it up to you.”

“Forget it Roger, I’m going out in the bushes to piss, you can just go the fuck to sleep like you always do.”

As she stepped to the tent’s flap door I saw him just sort of roll onto his Beylikdüzü Genç Escort side and making no attempt to stop her. As she stepped through the flap and took a step toward the bushes and me, I panicked. Quickly I stepped backwards, and as quietly as possible ran the short distance to the screen house.

I looked back over my shoulder and saw Key enter the bushes the squat down out of my sight apparently pissing. I turned toward my RV and knew not to open the door, as the inside light would instantly give me away, so I just sat down in the screen house. I threw my head back, closed my eyes and tried to regain my composure and catch my breath.

My reverie suddenly crashed when I heard Key say, you know Doug your lucky I didn’t piss on it, I should have but I thought you might want to finish it.”

I opened my eyes and there before me stood Key, in a pink sleeveless T-shirt that just reached her hips with the word PRINCESS, brazened across the front in big letters. Her right hand was stretched toward me, offering me my recently discarded cigar, smashed at the front but still glowing from its smoldering end.

Red faced and in total embarrassment, I reached to take it from her and as I did Key leaned forward to hand it to me and her beautifully pointed right breast, with its erect nipple popped out of the large arm hole making me gasp. Without any reaction Key, handed me the crushed cigar and pushed her breast into place without missing a beat.

“So how much did you see, never mind that, how fucking much did you hear?”

“I’m so sorry Key really I am, I guess I saw and heard to much, please forgive me, I couldn’t help myself, its, its just that.”

“Yeah, yeah its just that its WHAT?”

“I was walking around having a smoke, ah shit I guess Its just that I’m a dirty old man and you’re so frigging beautiful, I guess I was hoping to see you naked again, I’m sorry.”

“BIG FUCKING DEAL SO YOU SAW ME NAKED, BIG FUCKING DEAL. That bastard sees me naked all the time and you saw what he does to me, maybe if I was ugly I get a man who’d make me come once and a while.” Then Key started to cry.

My instant reaction was to stand up and hold her, to give her that proverbial shoulder to cry on. So I did just that, I held her for a while as my somewhat limited fatherly attitude kicked in, and fortunately the part of my brain that controlled my erection thought processes was temporarily set on the back burner.

“Look Key I would love to hold and comfort you, but there is a big bruiser over in your tent that would rip my little dick off and feed it to me raw it he saw us like this, I think you should go back to your tent.”

“Well if I know Romeo over there he will be dead to the world for hours and besides that thing of yours, that was sticking in my belly a second ago didn’t seem too small to me.”

With that said Key blew my mind as she reached between us and grabbed my now limp cock and gave it a gentle squeeze, causing it to twitch in her hand.

“Key please just go back before I try something that may embarrass us both.”

“Look I know him he always falls asleep within two minutes of coming, besides what were you going to do that would possibly embarrass me, hell I almost naked here?”

I kissed her cheek and whispered an old line in her ear that I hadn’t used for years. “Key, when a man meets a woman as beautiful as you, it would be sacrilegious if he didn’t eat her till she begged for mercy, before he fucked her brains out.”

Key laughed and said, “I wish you could teach that to the big lug over there, he’s too macho, he thinks it’s a lesbian thing, no real man eats a woman.”

“Well if I was a lot younger and had that one-in-a-million chance in hell to get into your panties, I’d eat you until your toenails curled up and you begged for me to stop, but we both know that isn’t ever going to happen, so get your beautiful ass back to your tent.

I turned her toward the exit and gently slapped her behind as I pushed toward the door, and turned to go in my RV. Just as I got to the door Key turned back, spun me around and drove her tongue into my mouth that was agape from shock, and kissed me deeply. As we kissed she grasped my cock again and gently squeezed until I was hard and she broke the kiss. She gave me a big smile, took my hand and rubbed it against her pussy, and then headed toward her tent whispering, “you touched me too, so now we’re even.”

I pored a double Grey Goose, and threw it down before I dropped into bed fast asleep.

Chapter III

It was early I have no idea of the time, I awoke startled, and swore I heard Key yell something like, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, GO FISHING, JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.” Then a car door slam, screech its tires and then silence, I fell back asleep.

I felt a movement on my bed, and I opened my eyes to a naked Key kneeling on the bed bent over my face. I opened my mouth to ask what she was doing here, but nothing came out that could be understood.

Key covered my mouth with her hand and asked, “Are you a man or a bullshit artist?”

I shrugged my shoulders trying to understand the situation, then I shook my head no.

“Good then don’t ask me any questions, I want you to eat my pussy and make me come. Please no talk just action and you won’t be sorry I promise, Okay?”

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