Eden Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 as promised… if the feedback suggests that you’d like a return of Aidan and Eden, I do have a follow-up in mind… as ever thanks for your comments. Enjoy.


Eden knew that this wasn’t just sex. This was a connection. As soon as he’d started to whisper encouragement into her ear, she’d known that Aidan Cox was kinky. She wanted him to know exactly how grateful she was for the earth shattering orgasm he’d given her earlier. She wanted him to come. Inside her. She felt wanton and powerful as she pushed him back onto the bed. She was a trollop and she revelled in it. No other man had ever made her come so hard or for so long. She wanted him to know just how appreciative she was. Straddling him, she kissed him. This time there was no preamble, no playful nibbling, no finesse. She kissed him, her tongue wet in his mouth, slurping at him, drinking him in.

‘You’re fucking sexy, do you know that?’ Aidan said, his hands flicking her nipples. ‘You’re hot. You have a hot ass and you have a dirty mind. Don’t you?’

She unbuttoned his shirt and roughly pulled it out of his belt.

‘And I think you’d like to be fucked now, Eden. You’d liked to be fucked and fucked hard. You want me pounding into your pussy. Don’t you, Eden?’

He could see what it was doing to her… she was panting as she undid his belt buckle and tore his trousers from him. She loved it. Eden Cook was dirty. His neat, punctual, massively efficient P.A was as dirty as he’d dreamed.

She pushed him back against the pillows, relishing the feel of the crisp cotton against her knees as she felt his cock stroking her pussy lips. She knew what he wanted now. Aidan wanted her to answer him.

‘Yes, I’m dirty, Aidan. I’ve spent days fingering my hot, wet pussy dreaming about you banging me. I’ve come into work without any knickers and watched you open your post while I’ve frigged myself off under the desk. I once masturbated in your office, Aidan. I sat in your chair and I pulled up my skirt and I dreamed that you were watching me and I came on your shiny leather chair while you went out to lunch with some corporation bigwig. I want you underneath me and I want you not to come until I’m ready for you to come. I want to ride that delicious cock of yours until you cannot stand it anymore and you belch your hot come into me. And then I want you to take a breather and do it again. I want you to never stop fucking me because even though you haven’t even slipped inside me yet, I know it’s going to be amazing. And you know it’s going to be amazing, don’t you?’

She playfully bit at his nipples. Aidan grunted and slapped her arse. She stilled. His eyes fluttered open. Realisation dawned on both their faces.

‘Why Miss Cook… you’d like to be spanked, wouldn’t you? You like to be punished like the bad girl you are. You like to be bent across a man’s knees while your pert little arse is pinkened for you…’

She blushed. ‘Yes. I’d like to be spanked. But not before you put him inside me ‘cos I’m far too horny now for any games.’

He observed her for a moment. ‘No. You put it inside you. You take what you want, Eden. I’m far too much of a gentleman to take it from you now.’

She sighed as she rose to her knees and gripped him before slowly, achingly slowly; she slid down onto him, impaling herself on him. Wet heat enveloped him. Aidan rasped into her ear, ‘you feel so fucking good. I’ve never felt anything so… perfect.’

Slowly she rose again to her knees, trying to stop herself from bouncing up and down and racing to her end. She wanted to make this a show for him. She tilted back and gripped his thighs.

‘Oh, I’m going to take my sweet time, Mr Cox and you can just lie there and take it.’

She slowly ground against him, feeling every nerve ending in her pelvis judder with bliss. Another squirm and she felt herself tighten. She couldn’t be ready to come again so soon. But she was. Dear God, she wasn’t even going to get into double figures. She felt his thumbs at the apex of her thighs.

God, he was good, she thought inwardly.

If she wanted to come, she was going to have to brush off his thumbs and he was keeping them far enough away to make her move her hips for it. When she looked down at him, he was smiling. A wolfish, knowing smile. How she could ever have thought him mild mannered bewildered her.

She snapped her hips forward, hard. He grunted.

‘Oh that’s it, Eden. That’s it.’

She snapped again, feeling him against her clitoris yet beşiktaş türbanlı escort achingly far away. She surged forward again, picking up speed, caressing her own nipples while she rode him with increasing ferocity. Her breasts bounced against her ribs, her face contorted. Faster now, more urgently as the exquisite palsy bore down in her. She could hear his heaving breaths, his fevered murmurings of delight. Onwards she climbed, forging herself with his beautiful cock, his beautiful body, forgetting everything but the delicious sensations swamping her. The world seemed to shrink to just the two of them. She relished it, the earthy carnality of it. If people had sex like this all the time they’d never leave their bedrooms, she thought. He was close. His hands gripped her hips now, urging her on. She welcomed it, meeting him thrust for thrust. His thumbs returned to her steaming little bud and flicked at her. She sighed as she crested the wave; cried out as she came, thrashing her head from side to side, drawing ever last second of scorching pleasure she could from it. It seemed the contractions of her orgasm hastened his as Aidan came bearing up into her, his heels digging into the mattress.

‘Jesus,’ he gasped as she fell off him onto the bed beside him. They lay there, panting, for what seemed like an age.

‘I know. I suppose now would be a good time to ask for a raise.’

His laugh echoed around the room. Suddenly, he was quiet.

‘We didn’t use any protection. Fuck. Fuck!’ he said sitting up to look at her. The thought had never even crossed her mind and now he’d said it, she didn’t think she would’ve wanted to, even if he had. She wanted nothing between her and him. She wanted to feel him inside her.

‘It’s safe. I’m 100% clean. I get tested every six months and I haven’t has sex in eight. Unless…’ her face whitened. ‘Please tell me-‘

‘NO! No I’m tested regularly too. I’m clean as a whistle. This is the first time I’ve ever had unprotected sex. Ever.’

‘Well, aren’t you the most sensible boy in the class.’

He sighed and lay back down. ‘My father. He drilled it into me as a kid. He was a gynaecologist. My mother actually bought me my first pack of “prophylactics” as she called them.’

Eden sputtered. ‘Your mother?’

‘Yes. My parents were very… free thinking.’

‘My mother would die if she thought I was having sex.’

‘I’d die if you weren’t…’ he grasped her hand. The tenderness of the action made her breath catch.

‘Seriously though,’ he added, ‘are we ok? I mean you couldn’t be pregnant… could you?’

She smiled. ‘Don’t worry your head. I’m on the pill for PMT.’

He smiled. ‘Sorry. That was really insensitive of me.’

‘Hey… you’re the scientist. It’s in your nature to worry about cause and effect.’

He smiled. ‘Why don’t you stay,’ he asked, rolling onto his side to look at her. ‘I could drop you home in the morning. You can get changed and then we can drive into work.’

She frowned. ‘You really want everyone to know at work?’

He shrugged. He didn’t care. He had no intention of not seeing her again. Not after tonight. Not only did she delight him outside of the bedroom but inside as well.

‘I don’t care if they know.’

She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.

‘Why don’t we just enjoy the subterfuge for a while? See where things lead us.’

He stroked her cheek. They got under the covers and fell asleep, facing one another.


Recriminations usually come the morning after but if there were any, Aidan didn’t feel them. She was bright and bubbly, making coffee and toast and kissing him while he flicked through the mornings paper. Wearing her cocktail dress, he dropped her off at her apartment, much more modest than his own and waited in her kitchen while she dressed in her bedroom. Her apartment was as he’d imagined it would be. Feminine, airy and light. His jaw dropped when she emerged from her bedroom dressed in a black skirt suit and pale grey silk blouse. Her make up was flawless and she was wearing stockings. Aidan swallowed. He never knew he had a thing for stockings until now. She kissed him goodbye at the bus stop and waved as he drove away. Aidan hoped with his heart of hearts that this time, he wouldn’t fuck it up.

She came in fifteen minutes after him. The Research Institute director was already in Aidan’s office when she arrived. She knocked on the door and offered them coffee. Aidan beşiktaş ucuz escort was expressionless.

‘I’d love some, Eden, thank you. Simon?’

Simon said he would and she made it and carried it in on a tray into his office. Simon was busy flicking through a proposal when Aidan very surreptitiously placed his hand on her bottom.

‘Milk, Simon?’ she said calmly. Simon’s eyes never left his proposal. ‘Please.’

He had meetings all morning until twelve and she was getting desperate to have him alone. It was the last day before Christmas, the office was busy with people trying to move work off their desks before the break. As soon as the last appointment left at one, she heard him call her. She rose from her desk and walked into his office.


He was sitting on his desk, one leg dangling, his arms folded across his chest. In his pale grey suit, ivory shirt and pale grey tie, he looked unspeakably handsome.

‘Miss Cook. Come in and shut the door. And then lock it.’

Eden’s face turned scarlet. He couldn’t possibly intend on… not here at work when so many people were around…

She paused. ‘I said lock the door, Eden.’ His tone was chill and it frightened and aroused her in equal measure. Already she could feel herself moistening. She locked the door and walked across the room to where he stood. Folding her hands in front of her, she forced herself to meet his gaze.

‘Yes, Mr Cox?’

‘I’ve been made aware that some activity has taken place in my office that I personally am very shocked by. I have been told that you… masturbated… in my office chair. Is that correct?’

He couldn’t possibly be using that against her, she thought anxiously. His face was stern. It seemed he was.

‘Can you explain to me what happened?’

Her mouth dropped open. ‘Aidan, I-‘

‘I want details, Miss Cook.’

Her gaze fell to the floor.

‘I… I sat in your chair. I felt myself. I masturbated.’

‘I see. And did you come?’

‘Yeah. I mean, yes. I came.’

‘Can I ask what you were thinking about?’

She swallowed a gasping breath. ‘I was thinking about… I was thinking about you…’

‘I see and what were we doing that made you come on my leather office chair?’

She squirmed inside the knickers he had bought her. She was wearing them today. She had planned on showing him after work. It appeared he would see them much sooner.

‘We were having sex. Here in this office. You were… behind me and I was bent over your desk.’

‘Right. So you came in here into my office, locked the door and sat down in my chair. You pulled up your skirt and spread your thighs apart and played with yourself… here… in my office.’

‘Yes, Mr Cox.’

‘Right. Well, I have to punish this kind of behaviour, Eden. I can’t be seen to be lax. While I may not be the boss out of this room, Eden, I’m certainly the boss in it.’

She gaped at him. He knew he was lying. He knew he was the boss. He was the boss of her. Fact.

‘Can you please come here?’

He took her hand and sat down on the chair in front of his desk. Draping her across her knee, he paused for a moment before slowing lifting her skirt and fixing it at her waist.

She screwed her eyes shut as he took in the sight of her silk covered bottom. Her beautiful bottom, upturned for his delectation, in the underwear he had bought only the day before. ‘Eden, could you please look to your left?’

Eden turned her head. There they were, reflected in the mirror of the cabinet in the corner of his office. The inside of the door was fitted with a full length mirror. His face was grim.

‘Eden, undo you blouse buttons and unhook your bra. I think you’ll find its front fastening.’

She did as she was told, excitement, lust and terror spiralling through her. She pulled back shirt until the cool office air stroked her nipples. She looked in the mirror. Her breasts were plainly visible, hanging out over his thigh.

‘Now, Eden, I’m going to punish you. Because you’ve been a very bad girl. But I’m not going to lie and say I won’t enjoy it.’

Eden watched as Aidan’s hands gently, almost reverently, pulled her knickers down to the back of her thighs. She squirmed, feeling herself wet, aching to be stroked there.

Her bottom was proud and upturned. As though she were floating above the scene in the room, she saw Aidan’s hand came down sharply against her bottom with a soft crack. She beşiktaş üniversiteli escort jerked, her bottom jiggling appealingly.

‘Please keep still,’ he said in a voice she recognised from last night.

She watched as he slapped her bum until it flushed to a lovely shade of pink. The sensations were amazing. She wanted to writhe and gasp but he wouldn’t let her. She wanted to stroke her achingly hard nipples but he prevented her and she wanted to reach between her legs and frig herself to an almighty orgasm but she knew he would stop her.

After twenty or thirty slaps, a fine sheen of sweat had broken out across his brow and she was panting from the want of him. At the last one, he carefully stroked her heated derriere and carefully pulled her panties back up. She stood up and made to button her shirt.

‘No. We’re not finished yet. Eden, go sit in my chair and show me what you did.’

Her face fell. ‘Someone will see.’

‘No one will see. I’ve given orders I’m not to be disturbed. Now, go sit in the chair or I will unlock the door and spank you again.’

She didn’t know what aroused her more, the notion of being caught or being spanked again.

She moved around to his chair and sat into it.

‘Now, demonstrate to me what you did…’

Eden felt her face flush to the same shade as her bottom. She pulled back her shirt, baring her breasts to him and hitched up her skirt.

‘You naughty little minx. In here, with your bare arse on my leather chair,’ he said, watching her across the desk.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes as her hand burrowed into her knickers and her other hand went to her breasts. She was close. The spanking had done it. She was close and he was the cause of it. She let her fingers slither between her lips for a moment, creaming herself even further. Her other hand was gently stroking her nipples in turn, drawing them out to their full length. She knew she had nice nipples. So she teased them for full effect because she could see, from the bulge in Aidan’s trousers that he wasn’t unaffected at all by what was happening. Her clit was aching and she set to work, quickly reaching a point where her breathing was ragged, her chest rising and falling quickly and her climax so near she could taste it. Her hand worked quickly, eager to get her there. She opened her eyes and saw that he was stroking himself, massaging the bulge in his trousers.

‘That’s it, Mr Cox. You can join in if you want.’

He watched her for a few seconds longer. ‘Right I’ve seen enough,’ he said, just as she began to croon softly. She started. He couldn’t want her to stop. Not now.

He moved around the desk and pulled her out of the chair. He bent her over the desk and pulled up her skirt, yanking down her knickers and without any preamble, shoved himself into her, down to the hilt.

‘Oh sweet Jesus,’ she sang, as he began moving in and out of her, sharp jabs of his cock, his other hand underneath her, finding her clit and flicking at it mercilessly.

‘Oh Aidan… I’m going to come… I’m going to come now.’

It was upon before she’d said it. She was looking at them in the mirror. Her with her breasts pressed against the cold glass of his desk top, her back arched to receive every stroke he was giving her. Him with his suit jacket still on, his flies undone, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut as he pounded away at her. She contracted with an “ooh” once, twice, three times around him and then she collapsed as he gave a low cry and came inside her, falling down onto her back and kissing the back of her neck.

They stayed like that for a moment, panting and sweaty, clinging to each other like they would a life saver.

Finally, he extricated himself from her, doing up his pants. He was smiling at her as she rearranged her clothes.

‘That was… amazing. Even more amazing than last night, if that’s possible,’ he said, taking her in his arms and kissing her. She kissed him back, moulding herself into him.

‘Would it be… forward of me to suggest that we… make this exclusive?’

She frowned at him. ‘Well, I don’t go around shagging everyone in their office, if that’s what you mean?’

He laughed dryly. ‘Ha ha, Eden. Seriously. I mean, you and I. No one else. Just us.’

She nodded. She’d like that very much. Because around three am last night, Eden had realised that she’d fallen in love with Aidan Cox. She had no plans to tell him and certainly didn’t want to force him into anything but this was more than she could’ve hoped for. It might not be the ideal situation for them and at some point it would have to change, working and sleeping together. But she could change her job. Just as soon as she needed to. But for the moment, as long as there was a key for the door, Eden was perfectly happy where she was…

The End… or is it?

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