Educating John Ch. 06

Friday (continued )

When John arrived home from school, Val greeted him with her usual kiss and a hug. As they walked into the dining room, he slid his hand down into the low neckline of her top and lifted out one if her breasts massaging it and pinching the nipple. She in turn, ran her hand down over his crotch, feeling for his cock. It was already semi-hard so she deftly pulled down his zip, inserted her hand and pulled it out before it got so hard as to make it difficult. She squeezed it fondly and pulled back the foreskin leaving his huge purple head exposed … she loved to see it like that. Then she abruptly broke away smiling.

“It’s very naughty of us doing this, but it’s nice isn’t it? Anyway there’s plenty of time for that later John. Come have your tea but don’t put your cock away … I want to look at it while we are eating then after tea, I have something I want to talk to you about.”

John was hungry as always and he tucked heartily into his meal. When they had finished and cleared away, they went into the lounge and settled down comfortably with a drink.

“So what was it you wanted to talk to me about Val?”

“Well John, I was having coffee with my neighbour Pat this morning and having seen you about, naturally she asked who you were. She knows your mother and she remembered you from when you were a little boy, but she didn’t recognise you since you have grown up. She’s a very nice lady and like me, she has been a widow for many years. I know she hasn’t had a boyfriend since her husband died and she confided in me that she was missing a sex life. Well, to cut a long story short, I felt really sorry for her and I told her, in confidence, what we were doing together.”

“Gosh Val … how much did you tell her and what did she have to say?”

” Well for one thing, I told her what a lovely big cock you have and how I love to play with it. She was so intrigued and so envious of me that I said I would ask you if you would let her see it.”

John was astounded at the news and stared at Val in astonishment as he took in the full implications of what Val had just told him.

“Gosh Val, that’s a surprise. I don’t know what to say. I’m very flattered … do you think I should?”

“She is a lovely lady John and t be honest, you would be doing her a real favour. She has lovely big tits too which I know you would love and she said that in return, she would let you see them if you were interested. You would really like her so what do you think? I said if you agreed, I would give her a ring and ask her round.”

“If I agree do you think she really would let me see her tits?”

“Yes, I know she will … and her pussy too if you want to. In fact after I told her how big your cock is, she said she would do anything just to have a look at it. She is a very uninhibited lady and just think John, all you have to say is ‘yes’ and who knows, when she sees the size of your prick, she might even be persuaded to let you fuck her.”

John’s cock was already hardening at the thought. He was finding it difficult to come to terms with what was happening. Three days ago he was a naive virgin, now suddenly he had two mature experienced women offering themselves to him. He was in a daze but was sufficiently aware to realise that this was the opportunity of a lifetime and he would be a fool not to take full advantage of the situation.

“Well as long as you don’t mind Val, it’s fine by me. In fact I think it should be quite exciting. I just hope Pat won’t be disappointed.”

* * * * *

Val gave Pat a call and invited her round that evening. Pat was only too happy to accept the invitation and as soon as she arrived, Val ushered her into the lounge where John was nervously but eagerly waiting. His first sight of Pat delighted him. She was wearing a silk blouse with a very low loose neckline and as she was not wearing a bra, the upper swellings of her breasts were clearly visible. He was able to see right down the deep valley between her magnificent breasts and the thin material did little to conceal her hard protruding nipples. Her skirt was very short and revealed her gorgeous legs half way up her smooth thighs.

After Val had introduced them, she went boldly over to John and gave him a kiss full on the lips.

“Hello John, I’m so pleased to meet you. Val has told me a lot about you and I’m looking forward to a very exciting evening.”

“Hello Pat, I’m very pleased to meet you too. Val said you were a very attractive lady and she was right … you look lovely.”

Pat preened herself in front of him, smoothing her hands up and down over her waist and up over her bosom. She knew she looked stunning and wanted to arouse John as much as possible. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits as she sat down opposite him, she crossed her legs letting her skirt ride up to reveal an even larger expanse of her bare thighs.

Val prepared some drinks and sat down next to John whose bulge was already starting to grow. They indulged in idle chat for beylikdüzü escort a while then when the drinks started to take effect, Val put her hand on his growing bulge and started to rub it.

“Well, I think we all know why we are here, don’t we? This is what you have come to see isn’t it Pat? Just look how big and hard it’s getting already.”

“Yes, I can see and I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to see it.”

“Come on then John … I think we’ve kept Pat waiting long enough. Shall we show her what you’ve got.”

With that, John nervously stood up and Val pulled his shirt over his head. She unfastened his belt and pulled down his zip, letting his trousers fall to the floor. As he stepped out of them, Pat saw that his cock was pushing out a large bulge in his shorts. Val pushed down his shorts and as the elastic waistband passed down over his cock, it sprang up and stood out hard and firm pointing directly at Pat who let out a squeal of delight. He was now completely naked and Pat gazed at him in awe and gasped in astonishment.

“Oh my God Val, his cock is huge. I’ve never seen one so big. Oh Val, you were right … it’s simply beautiful. It has such a nice long foreskin and I love it John.”

“Well thank you … I’m glad you like it but now you have me in the nude, I think you should, at least, show me your breasts.”

“Well in that case,” Pat said with a smile, “if I let you see them do you think that will get you even harder? What do you think Val … should I get them out for him?” she added teasingly.

“Yes I think you should Pat … he loves looking at mine and I’m sure he would love to see yours.”

Without further ado, Pat put her right hand into her low neckline and lifted one out. As she stood staring at John’s twitching cock, he thought how sexy she looked with just one big breast hanging out over her blouse. Then after a few moments, she lifted out the other one and stood proudly displaying them to his eager gaze.

“There you are John … what do you think?”

“Oh Pat, they are wonderful and so big. You look really sexy like that.”

He feasted his eyes on the huge mounds of flesh. They were a sight to behold, big and soft, quite long and sagging slightly with long firm nipples and large dark areola. His gaze went from one magnificent breast to the other and Pat watched delightedly as his cock grew harder.

“I told you they were big didn’t I?” Val asked. Not to be outdone, she slowly took of her blouse and stood topless beside Pat. “Do you think they are bigger than mine?”

“Perhaps a little bit,” John replied, “But I love yours too … after all, they were the first I ever saw.” he replied diplomatically.

Pat stroked her tits and pulled her nipples then pulled her blouse off over her head.

“Val tells me that she is the only woman you have ever seen in the nude John … is that true?” Pat asked.

“Yes it’s quite true and I only saw Val naked once and that was last night.”

“So now I suppose you want to see me naked too?”

“Oh yes please Pat … take your skirt off … I want to look at you.”

Pat stood in front of him then slowly unfastened the waistband of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing with her legs together, not much could be seen as he let his gaze drop from her tits to her pussy. Concentrating his gaze on her mound, which was shaved clean and smooth, he could just see the deep groove, which disappeared between her legs. He was desperate to have a better look and his erection stiffened.

“Well, is this what you wanted?” she asked him.

“Oh Pat, you look stunning. Your breasts are magnificent and your pussy looks so clean and smooth.”

“Yes, after I spoke to Val this morning, I shaved it in anticipation of seeing your cock. I knew you would want to see my pussy in return and I wanted it to be nice and clean and smooth.”

Then she turned to Val. “You’re the only one not naked Val … why don’t you take off your skirt and join us?”

Val quickly removed her skirt and stood next to Pat. John was almost overcome with excitement as the two lovely mature ladies stood before him letting him admire their charms.

“Now John, Val also tells me that, up to now, hers is the only pussy you have seen … is that true too?”

“Yes it is … I saw that for the first time last night and it’s beautiful. She let me feel it too … I loved that.”

“Well I’ve never seen it at all but I’m sure it is lovely … perhaps she will let me see it later tonight … meanwhile, I suppose you would like to see mine.”

John couldn’t believe how quickly events were moving. He had only met Pat less than an hour ago and already, he had seen her tits, and now she was offering to show him her cunt too.

“Oh Pat, you don’t have to ask … of course I would love to see it.”

“Well I’ll let you see it later, but first of all, I want to feel that gorgeous cock and have a closer look at it, that’s if Val doesn’t mind. DO beyoğlu escort you mind Val?” Pat asked.

“No, of course I don’t mind. John, why don’t you sit on the sofa and let Pat play with it?”

John was still rather shy but at the same time, he was very proud. He sat down on the sofa and opened his legs so that his huge cock stood straight up.

Pat approached him, knelt between his legs and took hold of his cock. She let it rest in the palm of her hand and gazed at it in admiration.

“Oh John, this is simply amazing. You can play with my breasts if you like while I’m enjoying myself.”

John put his hands on her tits, massaged them and toyed with her nipples. She closed her hand around his rigid member and slowly eased back his foreskin watching as the shiny purple head gradually emerged, a drop of precum oozing from the eye. Her hand felt wonderfully soft and cool and he knew it wouldn’t take much stroking to make him come.

Pat examined it closely looking at it from all angles taking delight in making the swollen bulbous head appear and re-appear as she slowly slid his loose foreskin back and forth. She fondled it lovingly but gently, not wanting to excite him to the point of ejaculation. She lifted it up and placed a gentle kiss on the tip then held it against her cheek, stroking it and kissing along the hard shaft.

All the time she was holding it and admiring it, he was fondling her breasts, kneading the soft pliable flesh and pinching her nipples. They felt wonderful. He decided that they were a little bigger than Val’s and he rolled them between his fingers and thumbs. He pulled them and stretched them, shaking her tits and making them wobble sexily.

“You said his cock was wonderful Val and it is.” Pat said, “I could play with it for hours.”

“I knew you would like it.” Val said. “Why don’t you see how quickly you can make him come? I can see he’s very hard now and it shouldn’t take long.”

John smiled at Val who now sat down opposite him, spreading her legs so that John could see her pussy as she played with herself.

“Val’s right Pat … It won’t take long to make me come… in fact I’m almost there already … oh don’t stop now … please.”

He lifted up one of her breasts in both hands and squeezing it hard to make the nipple stand out he bent his head and took it in his mouth. As Pat started to masturbate him faster, he went from one tit to the other, sucking hard on her stiff nipples in turn. Before long, he felt the delicious itchy feeling in his balls as his sperm started its unstoppable journey.

“I’m going to come Pat … oh yes, here it comes … ooohh don’t stop … please don’t stop … I’m coming … ooooh I’m coming.”

Pat reached down and cupped his balls, massaging them gently as she stroked his throbbing cock faster and faster. Then, as she felt it jerk spasmodically, she held it up and watched jet after jet of creamy cum erupt from the eye and cover her hand and drop on to his stomach. As John leaned back, Pat sat down beside him, still holding on to his prick, never taking her eyes off it as it slowly softened.

Val came over with a box of tissues and knelt in front of them. She lifted her tits and placed them on his knees as she cleaned his stomach. Pat dried his cock but her fascination with his tool was insatiable. She tried to satisfy her curiosity by examining it all over again while it was flaccid. She knew she would have to be very gentle with it so as to get the full pleasure of playing with it in its soft state and not to excite him to another erection. She held it lovingly in her hand, gazed at it intently, then gently released it and laid it on his thigh.

“Thank you John. You have a lovely cock and I hope you will let me play with it again.”

“Of course he will, won’t you John?” Val asked, “But right now it’s our turn. Sit down and show us what you’ve got between your legs. I know John is dying to have a good look … in fact I want to have a look too.”

Pat turned and sat down on the sofa with her bottom near the edge of the seat and opened her legs so that we would have an unrestricted view.

“Here you are then,” she said, “come and have a good look and enjoy yourselves.”

John knelt down beside Val between Pat’s legs and gazed in awe at Pat’s cunt. What a magnificent sight it was! It looked huge and very fleshy and from between her swollen outer lips, her long thick inner lips hung loosely down in all their glory. She gripped them between her fingers and thumbs and stretched them before pulling them apart so that John could see deep into the darker pink flesh of her vaginal opening. The whole of her genital area was so much bigger and so much fleshier than Val’s and he gazed at it in wonder.

Val could see that John’s cock was now getting hard and obviously needed some attention. She reached out, took hold of it and started to stroke him again.

“Let me attend to this while you are concentrating on Pat’s pussy. Don’t bomonti escort you think it’s fantastic?”

“Oh I think it’s amazing.”

“Well John, is it anything like Val’s?” Pat asked lewdly opening it up for him and toying with her clit.

“, it’s not like Val’s at all Pat. It’s so much bigger and your hole looks huge.”

“Yes it is really big. Why don’t you put your fingers in and see how big it is?”

“Oh Pat, can I really?”

“Of course you can dear. You can do anything you want with it. Go on … feel it and play with it.”

Pat removed her hands and leaned back on her elbows allowing the young stud complete access. John reached out and ran his fingers up and down her moist slit. He was floating on cloud nine. His feelings as Val masturbated him while he played with Pat’s cunt were indescribable. He moaned with delight and his cock hardened almost to bursting point as he felt Pat’s hole getting wetter and wetter.

“It’s so soft and smooth and so wet.” he whispered.

“Yes I get very wet when I’m aroused and I’m very aroused now. I want to feel your fingers inside me John. Come on … push them in and see if you can make me come.”

John needed no second bidding and slipped two fingers easily inside her. Her hole was very slippery the velvety walls of her pussy felt wonderful as she sucked his fingers deep inside her.

“That’s right, baby. You’re doing great. Does it feel good?”

“I’ll say it does” John replied. “I’ve never felt anything so warm and sloppy and it almost feels like you are gripping my finger. How do you do that?”

“It’s a female secret, honey. Do you like it?”

“Hell, yes. It’s unreal.”

“Can you imagine how it would feel if I did that to your cock?”

“My God, it would be mind blowing.”

“Would you like to try it?”

“Would I? You’ve got to be kidding.”

She looked at Val who had now got John’s cock really hard and sticking straight out in front of him.

“What do you think Val? Should I let him put it in?”

“Yes I think you should Pat. Now I’ve got it nice and hard let me guide it in for you.”

“Oh yes please … and hurry up … I can’t wait to feel that huge thing inside me.”

John couldn’t believe what was happening. A couple of hours ago he had never even met this gorgeous mature woman and now she was sitting before him, her cunt wide open and inviting him to fuck her.

“Kneel up John and take your hand away so I can see where to put it. I want to see it go in.”

Pat lifted her feet on to the seat and opened her legs wide. As John knelt upright, Val spread Pat’s wet lips with her fingers and lined up John’s rampant cock. Then as he edged himself forward, she guided it towards its target and watched as the swollen head slid easily into her huge hole.

He pushed forward and with one thrust, the full length of his rampant prick slid easily in until his balls were slapping against her bottom. He withdrew until his knob almost slipped out from between her swollen lips then he thrust it back in again to its full depth.

Val held his balls and watched as Pat’s pussy lips dragged back and forth along his shaft as he repeated his thrusting. Pat knew he was now almost on the verge of coming again as he started to breathe heavily.

“Push it right in and hold it there John.” she said.

John thrust into her as far as he could and as Val fondled his balls, he felt Pat gripping and relaxing her vaginal muscles as she thrust her hips up and down on his cock, milking it.

It felt to John as if a warm wet soft hand was masturbating him. He had never felt anything so incredibly arousing and he soon felt his sperm start to rise up from his balls. He reached up and started to play furiously with her wobbling tits.

“Oh … ooohh … I’m going to come in a minute. Oh that feels so good Pat … oh I love it.”

“Don’t worry darling, I’ve no intention of stopping until I’ve made you come.”

She stopped her vaginal contractions but kept thrusting herself on to his huge cock.

“Now come on John … fuck me … fuck me hard. I want to feel you come inside me. That’s right … fuck me … oh for God’s sake FUCK ME.”

She reached down and fingered her clit as John fucked her frantically and suddenly shot a huge jet of cum up inside her.

“Oh I felt that darling, don’t stop now. Keep going … that’s right … I’m going to come too. Fuck me … fuck me … oh … oohhh … ooooohhh yeeeess, I’m coming , oh I’m coming.”

John unloaded let after jet of cum inside her with each thrust until it was oozing out over his cock and over Val’s hand. When had shot his last jet, he leaned forward over Pat’s body, his cock still buried deep inside her, and sucked her tits.

“Oh John, that was wonderful. I haven’t been fucked so hard for a long time. You didn’t tell me how good he was Val.”

“I thought I would let you find out for yourself.”

“I’ve had a wonderful evening and I would love to do it again sometime. Do you think there’s any chance that we shall?”

“Yes, I’m sure there is. I know John won’t object and he is young enough and virile enough to keep us both satisfied. We must try to arrange to keep meeting like this after his mother comes home. How do you feel about that John?”

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