Elaine’s Dream


The meeting had gone well. We were sure we would get the firm’s business. Although the two men had done nearly all the talking for the firm, Ingrid and I both recognized that the gray haired women with the exquisite hands and the gentle air of sophistication would be making the decision. Her eyes had never left us, her few questions had been unnervingly penetrating, and her straightforwardness had left us with nothing to question and little to fear. As I left the conference room with the two partners, I was surprised Ingrid did not follow me out but remained behind to talk to Moll.We had been soliciting the firm’s accounting business and reached the point where all seemed ready to move forward. The partners had invited Ingrid and me to dinner with their wives that evening and I had accepted for both of us. At that point I had seen the first breach Çukurambar escort in Moll’s composure… a grimace crossed her face, departing as quickly as it had arisen. Moll ushered Ingrid from the conference room several minutes later, and she and I returned to our hotel to get ready for dinner.When we arrived at our suite, Ingrid told me she would be dining with Moll. I waited to see where she would be taking this. “Moll thinks the two of us would be too much for the wives,” she said without explanation.I waited. I knew Ingrid would continue.”Apparently the wives are the jealous type. Moll thinks one of us will be bad enough but both together would be too much for them.””How did you get chosen?” I asked having a bit of an idea. Ingrid is a broad shouldered, broad hipped, raw boned woman who exudes sexuality. Her demetevler escort bayan apparent innocence somehow comes across, especially to married women, as overtly sexual and very threatening. I had no doubt Moll noticed. Not that I am unattractive, but I knew I would be far less threatening to the wives than Ingrid would be. But we would have to meet them eventually and I wondered whether it might not be better to face the issue directly.”Moll is a widow of several years,” Ingrid continued. “The wives know she has had several girlfriends since her husband died. After we left she told the partners I would be taking her to her club for dinner. The word will get to the wives and without saying anything explicitly I’ll become less threatening. But she says you had better be on your best behavior.”***I Escort dikmen sat in our suite following dinner sipping a glass of brandy and reading Middlemarch. The door opened and Ingrid, dressed in a red leather skirt which came to mid thigh, a sheer black silk blouse with a black lace bra clearly evident, and four inch black heels entered  with Moll in tow. She winked at me as she led Moll to her bedroom.Several minutes passed before I noticed the door to Ingrid’s bedroom opened several inches. I couldn’t hear a sound coming from the room, but my curiosity got the better of me. Walking quietly to the door and looking into the room I saw Moll kneeling nude her arms crossed behind her arched back and her head pressed forward. That was all I could see. Moll’s head pressed forward and retreated again and again as I watched her. Needing to see more, I pressed my head against the door and just as I saw Ingrid standing nude in her heels, legs parted, Moll’s face buried between her thighs she looked directly at me and said, “Why don’t you come in and watch us, Elaine? You have been standing there long enough.” Her eyes directed me to a chair on the opposite wall.

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