Subject: Coach Reid’s Elite Swim Squad Chapter 12 The story is copyrighted by me in 2021 as the owner of it and all legal rights pertaining to it. (1) If you are not of legal age where you live, do not read this story! (2) This is an fictional story based on real life experience, and fantasy if you will, some the sex is bareback. In real life, BE CAREFUL and BE PROTECTED and DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at http://donate./donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen fty/ —————————————————————- —————————————————————- Readers Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to happen in the up coming chapters. Thank you for reading. If you’d like an excerpt of you child experience to be heard I can create a readers Story area at the top of each page —————————————————————- —————————————————————- At the end of the day Coach said that he would post the manes of the elite squad at 3:00 pm and we must be there if we were interest in taking the next step and begin the special training for the up coming races. It was 3:00 pm sharp and a bunch of kids showed up at the bulletin board to see who made the team and what squad. Freddy and I got there to look at the board when suddenly someone jumped on my back, It was Timmy horsing around saying WE MADE ELITE WE MADE ELITE and giggling. Big Whosh ! Everything was about to change for the whole summer. Here us the team. Sonny Reid 24 yo ( COACH ) -African Italian American 6’2″ soft Curly hair piercing GR. eyes and a Tight Slender Muscular Body with a Dark Tan Completion-Swim Program Coordinator, Lifeguard Captain, Elite Squad Coach and 2 Year Med Student-He is the Kindest, Sweetest and most Understanding Person Dylan Hanley 20 yo Caucasian 6’1″ Dark Auburn Hair, Blue Eyes-Dylan Hanley 20 yo Caucasian 6’1″ Dark AU/RD Hair, BL. Eyes-Boys Regular Swim Squad Coach, and Lifeguard-Nice Guy very friendly also has a sweet disposition Eric Vasquez 21 yo -Hispanic American 5’9″ Long Black Hair, BR. Eyes, Goatee and Moustache , Stocky Light Tan Muscular Body -Boys Swim Lessons Instructor, Lifeguard and College Student-Scruffy Playful Personality, all the younger kids loved when he let us dive off his shoulders and pick us up and threw us in the air. Cathy Jackson 24 yo -African American 5’8″BK Braided Fro,BR. Eyes Sleek Feminine Body . -Pool Nurse, Girls Swim Lesson Instructor, 2 year Med Student and Coach Reid’s Girl Friend-She is Adorable, Kind and Sweet , like a Big Sister to all of us. Being a nurse she takes care of us all tending to bumps and scrapes Freddy Weis 14 yo -5′!0″ Caucasian, Long Soft Golden BLD. Hair, BL. eyes Tight Muscular Body Milky White Completion -Elite Swim Squad, soon to be High School Student and Boy Scout-He is My Hero and my cub scout den leader. He became my ‘everything’ and protector. Jason Colecord 13 yo -5’6″ Caucasian Br. Hair BR. Eyes, very fit teen some hair by navel-Elite Swim Squad, Grammar School, Cub Scout -Nice Kid friendly Themitoclese Pappas (Themis) 17 yo Greek 5’10” – Hairy olive completion Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer Jock- Dalton Anderson, 17 yo Caucasian 5’11” Red Hair, Green Eyes Freckles, Slim Physique White Freckled body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Drama Club- Lincoln Tanfey 17 yo Caucasian 5’8″ Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Slim Physique Elite Swim Squad Lived around the corner from me a sweet old kid who didn’t care how I was Gianni DiRoma 13 yo -Italian American 5’9″ Sandy Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Fit Body Smooth Tan body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer- Timmy Chin 12 yo -Asian, Black Hair tight compact body some hair around nipples-Elite Swim Squad, High School Wrestling-Fun Kid Big Smile Sweet disposition Me Stephen Siano 10 yo -Italian American 4′”2, Short curly Br. hair, Dark Br/GR Eyes slim body plump breasts *************************************************************************** Here are the Buddy Pairs, Me and Freddy, Timmy and Lincoln, Gianni and Themis, Dalton and Jason. *************************************************************************** —————————————————————- Hi All Just to let you know Obeying the Bosses Rules is a future event in the Saga of Stevie’s Life the following stories are part of this saga. My Goal is to bring Coach and Boss stories together ant their ‘climaxes’ (Pun intended) There is a SPOILER ALERT. Boss already has the Fate of Freddy though undefined. I have yet to address that in either story in detail. At the Request of many I am now using a Grammar Check ( it was off and didn’t realize ). I thought I was an amazing writer BLUSH BLUSH —————————————————————- aydın escort https://www.//gay/young-friends/my-hero https://www.//gay/adult-youth/my-new-doctor https://www.//gay/adult-youth/elite-swim-squad/ https://www.//gay/authoritarian/obeying-the-bosses-rules —————————————————————- – End of Chapter 11 —————————————————————- He just hugged me and asked if I was ok and said that was hard for you wasn’t it and I said “yeah” but look, this is harder, he looked and grabbed by willy through my trunks and giggled. He said ” you got hard a couple pf times during this and I giggled too. He knelt down and lowered my trunks taking me in his mouth and sucked me right there real fast. I was so horny he started squeezing my nuggets hard and I lost it coming shot after shot Timmy slurping hungrily taking all of my squirting down his throat. The door knob turned and he stood up fast pulling my trunks up. My Nonna popped her head in and Timmy started hugging me again whispering in my ear start crying. I did as he asked and made it sound good. They came in and joined the hug. I pinched Timmy’s bottom hard and he jumped. I said I want to go swim because I need to stop thinking about what happened and get ready for next weeks ‘meet’. Ma hugged and kissed me saying “I Love you so much, you know that don’t you?” I rolled my eyes and said “maa aaaa really in front of everyone !!!!” She patted me on my butt and said “run along now”. Timmy and I started for the door I stopped turned around and ran to Cathy’s and jumped in her arms and hugged her tight in tears. I whispered ‘I Love you, you know that don’t you?” She kissed me on my fore head and said run along now. I looked and Ma and Nonna and said “I’ll be okay and I love you so much!! “Ma looked at Cathy and said I am so proud of him!” I said ” MAAAAAAAA Again!” —————————————————————- Chapter 12 —————————————————————- *************************************************************************** Here are the Buddy Pairs, Me and Freddy, Timmy and Lincoln, Gianni and Themis, Dalton and Jason. JUST A REMINDER *************************************************************************** I ran down to the pool to join my teammates and took my assigned lane. I dove in and found the water refreshing. Doing my laps I thought about what happened and felt good I finally told the truth about what happened. I did 10 laps only 500 meters when I heard the BLAST of Coaches whistle. He yelled, “Everyone gather around”. We all jumped out of the pool and headed towards him. “Listen Up, We are going to have a prep race to see where you all stand” He said. He gave us our lanes, and said, “This will be all age race for the 8 of you, 100 meters freestyle and I will be watching your flips” He gave me lane next to Freddy. We looked at each other and winked. I wanted to blow him a kiss but to many people could see that. Coach Yelled, “SET” then blew the whistle. I flew into the water and swam the first 25 meters underwater when I came up I realized I was in front with Freddy just off to my right. I began to swim like a maniac furiously kicking taking my breaths every 8 strokes looking to my left and right to get an idea who was close. I flipped first and feeling the fatigue hitting. I decided to take breaths every 4 strokes and take a mid race breather. I was sill barely in the lead, Freddy was breathing down my back. Lincoln, Dalton and Gianni were beginning to catch up. I saw the 75-meter marker and knowing I could swim the last 25 meters without taking a breath, I went for it stroking and kicking for all it was worth. I envisioned beating them all but alas Freddy and Gianni caught at the wall. I didn’t get beat by a lot and gave the older kids a run for their money. I looked up and Coach was beaming reaching down to grab my hands a hoisting me out in one fell swoop. He caught me in his arms and set me down gently. Coach said, “Guys, Guys you got beat by a toddler. I look up at him and said “Really Sonny, toddler” He said “That’s Coach to you Tiger”. “That’s better and don’t forget it!” “Really guys that was a great race and I think we all learned something and can go from there, we have a lot of work to do and only 1 week till the meets, EVERYONE up to the team room on the double” He said. Still br3eathing heavily we all jogged up to the room and took our places. Freddy squeezed my thigh quickly. Dalton chuckled “Go Ahead Fred you can squeeze you main squeeze” His chuckle was not mean, sounder sweet. I looked at him and he made kiss lips at me but again genuinely sweet. Coach came in and said, “Okay, Okay I think I know what happened today” Bewildered, we looked at each other aydınlıkevler escort and said a collective “HUH”. Coach said, “THE RULES and PROCEDURES anyone want to tell me what they are”. He then said “Studdly, You Dalton” Dalton, usually cocky said “Eat well, Shave, Take Temperatures, have my enema and no masturbating without the Coaches permission”. “EXACTLY” Coach said. “Okay, okay I know this was a surprise race but ‘we’ by this I mean “YOU all have to get back to the program so lets begin with temperatures then enemas. Mark the results on your charts. I want to see what comes out when you void”. We all thought eeew. Coach motioned me and Freddy over to him then sat down and laid me over his lap. “Freddy, kneel down slip his trunks off and check his temperature”. I was still but started to get an erection between Coaches thighs. He sensed that and squeezed them together making me shudder. Freddy whirled the thermometer in me making me ooze pre-cum. “You guys haven’t ejaculated in a while have you?” he said. Freddy stared at me intently and said “No Sir” I replied, “No Sir”. Coach said, “Listen up If you haven’t ejaculated since last week raise your hand”, with all of the hesitancy he said, “Forget that, we are going to have our first team milking and we will pick partners out of a hat” “Whaaa What” we kinda all gasped. Freddy got Gianni, Timmy got Jason, Lincoln got Themis and I got Dalton. (I gotta say I remembered that). Me and Freddy just looked at each other. I didn’t react because I was afraid Dalton would be mean or say something. We paired up and found our own space for this. We all looked a bit nervous, remember know one knew about me and Freddy or Lincoln and Timmy. Coach said “grab a tube of cream you’ll need it”. I was waiting for Dalton to say something like, “Come on Tiger, let’s HOMO together”, but he didn’t. He came over put his are around me and walked us over to a chair and mat in the corner behind a table. He sat on the chair I kneel/sat on the mat. He looked into my eyes and said, “Kinda weird HUH” I nodded shyly. Dalton said, “You did an awesome job out there today, even after everything that happened, Yeah we heard. I am sorry you went through that and I’m sorry for always being a jerk and mean to you, can you ever forgive me” I had tears rolling down my eyes and he reached down to wipe them. Overwhelmed by his kindness and apology I said thank you. Freddy kept looking over just to be sure everything was ok so I winked back to let him know. Dalton said, “how do you want to do this”, I just shrugged my shoulders. He reached out for my hands picked me up onto his naked lap. I looked into his eyes and smiled, he playfully tapped my nose placing his large warm hand on my pube. I laid my head on his shoulder his arm came around to support me. As I felt his warm breath on nape of my neck, he whispered, “Ready little one”, I nodded into his shoulder. “trust me I’ll make it special for you, not just a milking” I was so aroused and juicing. He fondled be for a long time and I enjoyed his attention. I never, ever thought this would happen with him. I felt his cock stir under my bottom and shift to let it rest in my cheeks. I wanted him and tried to do it now without drawing attention. He let his throbbing cock slip between my cheeks without saying anything. I turned my he head looking into his eyes and nodded yes. He knew what I meant. I took the tube of cream squirting it into his hand and mine. I slid my hand under my bottom and rubbed it on his ‘boy’. He let out a huge sigh then caught himself. I lifted up a little and let him find my hole that was wet and twitching with desire. Settling back slowly and let him, it hit my button. I was breathing heavily into to his neck and said slow so no one knows. I turned to look at Freddy, he obviously saw the look on my face and knew what was happening. He knew that look te he he. He rocked me while rubbing my willy hard. I was humming. Coach said “Nice Dalton, who would have figured you for a softy” We stopped moving for a couple of seconds until all the eyes were off of us. I started to nibble and lick his earlobe, shooting tingles into him. I felt him get bigger in me and his hand worked my pube harder our breathing became obvious and I let go of a big squirter filling his hand with sperm. He started to tense up and tremble filling me up with a teen gusher. At this point, everyone else was oblivious into his own milking. I look at Freddy and Gianni they were hugging close, their heads on each other’s shoulders pressing their warm teen pubes together holding onto each other’s warm butts gently fingering each other. They both moaned and drenched their pubes mingling their teen cum. Jason and Timmy were lying on the mat facing each other’s pube. Playing, as innocent boys do, ayrancı escort enjoying their penises and testicles with curiosity more than intent. Their faces were very close to each other’s pube breathing into their balls, each inhaling that wonderful scent of puberty. I think they got lost in the moment and began to fellate each other. Squirming on the mat their little bodies wiggling erupting in to a quiet orgasm. The sounds muffled by their penises. Lincoln and Themis were standing facing each other fondling each other’s balls and stroking one another. The exchanged kisses and warm smiles enjoying the heat of jock pleasure. The planted one last big kiss the creamed on their pubes. This was all going on simultaneously and we became aware of Coach slowly masturbating while enjoying ‘his’ Swim Squad bonding before is amazed eyes. He was playing with his balls and stroking his gorgeous long black cock. He was enjoying himself immensely when he let out a strong manly grunt shooting rope after of his sperm shooting almost 2 feet writhing and bucking into his hand. We all settled down and gathered quietly on a mat sitting next to our milking buddy touching and cuddling smiling and kissing. Coach said “how do you all feel” we mumble “really good”. “Dalton do you think this is HOMO” Coach said. He sheepishly said quietly, “No .. I don’t”, “What do you think then?” “I think that as a team we need to have special feelings towards each other and being naked and physical most of the time it is inevitable that we will act on these feelings and YES what we did was Homosexual but it does not make us Queer”, do you know what I mean?” Coach said comear, He hugged Dalton and kissed him on the neck and then mouth saying “I have wanted to do that to you for a long time, I luvya man” Dalton blush but didn’t pull away. So guys “Let’s keep the sex down to zero for a week then have our bonding time here, in a safe control place” Coach said. “Dalton I know about your girlfriend and it’s okay for you to be intimate with her but keep it down to a minimum. I know how you feel I have Cathy” OK Guys group hug no touching each other! We howled. Tomorrow we are back to a regular routine. We broke up and started dressing. Me and Freddy hugged and I whispered “I’ll tell you all about it” Dalton walked over and said, “Fred you okay with what happened I am sorry it happened so fast and I was gentle and loving to him.” Freddy hugged Dalton saying, “I’m glad your first time was with my sweetie, he has a kind and giving heart”, the kissed me on the lips. Dalton looked at me and said, “can I talk to you a bit before we leave” I said, “Yeah, of course” As we were leaving, Dalton asked if he can workout with me because he needs a fast swimmer to help him improve. I jumped in his arms an whispered, yes and thank you for before”. I was so proud and happy. Coach said, “Stevie you are going to be my STAR SWIMMER THIS YEAR!” and kissed me on the forehead. Freddy and I walked home hand in hand. My Nonna was waiting at the front door for us and I said, “come in” My Nonna gave Freddy a smile and he said “not today I expect they want to talk with you” I just pouted as he kissed me on the forehead and said, “call me later maybe we can play ringalario tonight I said “YEAAAH! I’ll call Timmy”. I went up stairs and my brother said, “how ya doin buddy” I said “ya heard huh” “Yup, listen you can always talk to me if you want. I didn’t see what happened in Baltimore cause Ma shielded me and sis” he said. “I don’t know what I woulda done if it was me but I’m glad it’s all out now” then hugged me. I said “where’s Ma did she go back to work” silence for a few seconds he said “she’s at Freddy’s, don’t freak, she doesn’t know and neither does his mother” Waddya mean, “I almost choked”, “You and Freddy and Timmy” he whispered. “You Knoooow” “Yup” “When didja”, I said “Before Nonna came up and caught you” still whispering. “she told me not to say anything because sometimes boys explore and in Sicily no one makes a big deal” “You hate me?” I looked “NOOO, How could I, I love You, you know that don’tcha ?” he smiled. “Do you think I weird” questioningly. “When haven’t you been !” he laughed. I jumped in is harms and kissed him. “III’M NOT! I have a girlfriend” he said I mumbled, “when did that make a difference” “HUH” he said “Oh nothing” giggled rubbing my butt. —————————————————————- Readers Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to happen in the up coming chapters. Thank you for reading. —————————————————————- As a new author, it’s encouraging to know that there are people who are taking the time to read what’s been written, and responding. So please do feel free to write to me at the email address given at the top of the chapter. Thank You Symbient To keep this amazing resource open and freely available to readers everywhere, please consider donating. Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at http://donate./donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen fty/ More To Come

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