Emerson and the Lion Ch. 06


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{Emerson Part 6}

Samir seemed comfortable with me in his lap. I wasn’t leaving there. It was where Ali put me when he went off to meet up with Izem. Caleb suggested we go to the waterpark, take our mind off of things and enjoy our last hours of freedom here. Ali had said no. He said it wouldn’t take too long to wrap things up with Izem and he wanted me safe in one spot.

Ali and I had spent that morning in bed. He was deep inside me, bouncing me in his lap as he chewed and sucked on my nipples. I’d left marks on his dark skin, shoulder, chest, neck. I didn’t care. If this was how we were going out, I wanted it all. He’d buried two offerings of himself deep inside me. I was raw, exhausted, drenched in sweat, but I wasn’t about to give up.

I was either going home with him or going back to California. He said he’d die before handing me off to Izem. I needed to make it count. I’d shot twice on his stomach, chest, cheek. He even tasted it. Something to remember me by.

Caleb had been upset when he’d found us, earlier that morning, sleeping in the chair out on the patio. He didn’t yell with his words (signs), but I caught it all in his eyes. He didn’t dare make me feel worse than I already did. He knew I wasn’t going home. He knew I was broken for Ali, couldn’t walk away. The one who’d marked me had done it so well, dug his foundation so deep that no one else could get there.

Ali dressed in a business suit, khaki pants and a blue shirt with yellow tie. It looked oddly optimistic and he’d splashed on the cologne I loved. He saw me watch him and slid a finger across his neck and then wiped his cologne on my cheek.

He kissed me deep before he left. He set me in Samir’s lap. He told me to stay put, stay with Samir where I would be safe until he returned. Samir and Caleb were pretty distant; both seemed to have bigger things on their minds.

I don’t even know how much time had passed, but it seemed like hours. Samir had one arm across my chest and the other rubbing my tummy. He held me like a nervous pet being taken to the vet’s office. I laid back against his chest with his chin on my shoulder. I tried to stay still because when I squirmed too much I felt him harden under my butt. He was probably as worried and confused as I was and maybe that’s just how his body reacted.

Caleb sat across from us occasionally catching my eye and offering a reassuring smile. The two of them seemed to fizzle out quickly after all the revelations from last night. Caleb was pretending to care about the magazines on the coffee table or the stupid cartoons on tv. I knew when he was hurt over a guy. He didn’t have that air to him though. Maybe he really was just playing along with Samir as he’d said.

“He needs to go pee,” Caleb got my attention and signed, pointing to Samir who was squirming under me, his cock getting hard again.

I stood up and Samir rose with tented shorts. He started towards the bathroom and I followed. My disobedience had gotten us into this mess and I was told to stay with him. Samir paused to look at me and then reached his hand out and took mine. He led me off to the bathroom.

Samir closed the door to the bathroom and locked it. He pointed for me to wait by the counter as he stepped to the side, his back to me, and did his business. He reminded me so much of Ali from behind. The way he stood over the toilet with his back arched, confidently shaking it out. I watched for a minute and then felt pervish. I looked away.

I looked back just in time to see him turned towards me. He gave his dick a final shake and put it away. It was soft, but even soft it was impressive dark meat. It definitely didn’t measure up to the thickness his brother had, but I could see why Caleb liked it.

He washed his hands and back to the couch we went, hand in hand. The servant had set out food for us on the coffee table, but we weren’t feeling too hungry. Samir tried to feed me a few almonds even making goofy faces to try to get a smile out of me. I finally chewed a few when he widened his big brown eyes pleadingly.

“Thank you,” I signed as I chewed them up. He had a few crackers with some kind of weird cheese.


It was another waiting game before the tension broke. Ali burst through the door holding a folder of papers and his business case. He came and collected me into his chest and hugged me too tightly. He set me on my feet and then started gesturing nonsense signs while yelling to the others. They looked alarmed.

Ali grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bedroom where he pushed me gently down onto the bed.

He went straight for the closet and started flinging clothes at me, grey t-shirt, blue hoodie, jeans. A pair of shoes flew by my head. The servant rushed in and Ali yelled more instructions. He went to the closet and took a small travel bag and started looking through the clothes. I stood there, lost and confused. mersin escort No one offered me any signs, they didn’t need to.

Ali passed by me, pausing quickly to kiss my lips before whipping out his cell and leaving the room. I put my head down and felt my chest tighten up as I fought back tears. I knew I’d be heading home and anxiety rushed over me. I got that feeling like my head was closing off from the world as my heart pounded achingly in my ears. I caught a whiff of the cologne he’d dabbed on my cheek and nearly lost myself to a panic attack.

“Hold on,” I told myself as years of being put out of comfortable situations rushed my thoughts. I’d been alone, on my own more times than I needed to recall. This would be another.

I started to think of practical things. Was I stil in the system for the free LA public transit pass? Would he give me some money to set me up? I remembered he had opened a bank account for me at that bank in Reseda… What was the name of it? Was it the one my school bus used to pass on Victory Blvd? I’d be ok staying with Caleb’s family for a few weeks, maybe I could work at a sandwich place. I think I can make a good sandwich. Practical things always occur in desperate situations. I think it’s the body’s way of trying to push through emotional pain.


The servant finished up with the travel bag and came to set it on the bed. Today he had on small, tight blue shorts that attempted to restrain a huge bulge. He probably made a mint in tips. He offered me a kind smile and went to gather the clothes Ali had flung. He laid them out on the bed and pointed to me.

I must have looked confused because he came over and started to lift my shirt. I let him. Next he pushed down my shorts and I stepped out of them. He adjusted my tiny white briefs that had twisted a little at the leg. He Held up the shirt and I raised my arms. The jeans followed and then the hoodie. He came next with my socks and shoes, knelt and put them on me, tying a beautiful knot in each. He adjusted the hood on my sweatshirt, zipped it to mid chest, and gave me an approving nod.

Ali came rushing back in, still talking on his phone. He grabbed the travel bag, put my stuffed lion in my arms and pushed me out towards the living room. Caleb and Samir came out with their bags a few minutes later as Ali was hanging up the phone. They wheeled their big suitcases behind them.

Ali sat on the couch for a minute and pulled me into his lap. He held me and kissed my neck.

“What? We’re going home?” I signed to Caleb.

“You have to leave, we have to leave. We’ll explain in the car, but we have to go,” he signed impatiently.

“I’m not leaving without him!” I signed and turned to hold on to Ali. He looked heartbroken and lost. His eyes didn’t lift to meet mine. They looked wet and red.

“Ali! Look You to Me!” I used my voice and he looked up at me, giving a half-hearted smile and sniffled his chiseled brown nose. I never spoke. He loved hearing me say his name, but I never did it, not even for him.

“I go with you,” he signed, fumbling through the motions. I shook my head to agree and he stood, carrying me as I held on to stuffed lion.


He led me by the hand to the SUV and put me in the back. Kadir hopped in next to me. Samir drove with Caleb in the passenger seat, turned towards me to translate.

Caleb signed. “Izem knew you would be here. He tricked Ali and went ahead and finalized the German deal last night. The one Ali had worked on to secure your freedom. Izem finished it and took it to the partnership as his own. He told them Ali sabotaged his deals. He had faked emails that showed Ali undermining him. He also told them about you and what Ali had done. He is in a lot of trouble and Izem is demanding you be returned to him. The partnership will hear both sides from Ali and Izem at their next meeting and decide punishment unless Ali can clear his name. They will also decide what happens to you; Ali, Izem, or choose to go back home.”

“He needs to send you away until he can sort this out. You’re going to the airport right now with Kadir and we’re going back to Satra to their house. Samir and I will fly out from their. Samir will meet you, and they want me to go back to LA, but I can’t leave without you. I won’t.”

“We have to split up. Ali will come back to the villa after he puts you on a flight and rents a car. Izem is fucked up, Emi, he is demanding you and says Ali can have you back when he’s done. He will hurt you to hurt Ali. You were meant to be his virgin cub, and he is angry that Ali took away his chance. So now he will ruin you. They’re so weird here about being someone’s first.”

“Where am I going?” I interrupted. I looked at Ali and signed “Where??”

Ali opened a small leather travel folder. It had my passport, my California ID card and my wallet with the kingdom ID card and my bank card. He tucked those into my front jeans pocket. Next, he pulled out a printed mersin escort bayan airline ticket to Casablanca.

He had small envelopes behind that. One said, “Give to driver.” The other read, “Give to hotel.” Each had money and instructions in arabic script and french with his phone number at the bottom. The french was his handwriting, perfectly beautiful cursive.

“Where is Casablanca? Are you coming with me?” I signed.

“He will join us when this is over. Pay attention to his instructions. He arranged a car to pick you up and reserved a hotel near the beach… He says Casablanca is where the sun sets on the Arab world. It is halfway home for you and they don’t mind Americans.” Caleb signed.

“When? When you come?” I signed to Ali frantically.

“Soon,” Caleb signed after pulling my attention back to him, “He needs to know you are safely away so he can fix this, clear his name. You are going halfway so if you need to return to Los Angeles or here with him, you’ll already be halfway. The hotel is near the American Embassy so you can get there if you need protection. He promises Izem will never see you again.”


Ali checked me in and showed some medical information that I was deaf and Kadir was my service dog. He did kind of look like a service dog. He was always on guard and hovering just under my right hand. He seems to understand that I am deaf too. Ali says Kadir barks when he wants Ali to open the door to go outside. But when I’m closer to the door, he will just come up and poke me with his nose.

We waited in the first class private lounge near our gate to the flight. Ali wouldn’t be going with me, but was waiting to make sure I got safely aboard. Samir and Caleb dropped us there and he would rent a car to return to the villa. He wanted to find out more about what Izem had done.

Kadir went out on the grass deck outside the airport lounge. Ali had given me my cell phone, which he plugged into an outlet between the chairs where we sat to wait. No one else was in the lounge with us except for a server who brought us some almonds and tea. Ali held my hand, lacing his fingers between mine.

His other hand fumbled with his phone, typing out last minute instructions. “Text me when you land. Text me when you find your driver. He’ll have a sign with Kadir’s name, not yours. Text me when you get to the hotel. Remember the hotel reservation is under Kadir Hamad, not Emerson. Izem doesn’t know the dog’s name. It will be harder to track.”

“Why does he have your last name?” I joked, “Why can’t he be Kadir Kelly?”

“He has my last name, so do you, little cub. You are mine and even if you go home to Los Angeles I will follow you. I can’t be without your either, even if it means leaving everything behind. I’ll work at McDonald’s and we’ll share a tiny apartment in the hood. Whatever it takes to provide for my boy,” Ali gave me a smile. The server had left and Ali leaned into me and kissed me.

We were interrupted by a guy in a dark blue polo with the airline emblem and dark pants. He picked up my bag and called in Kadir from the garden for us. His name tag said “Tarik.” He looked a little older than me, olive skin and deep green eyes. He knelt in front of me and bonded with Kadir as Ali explained that he was a pet chaperone and would also keep an eye on me and help me find my driver when we landed.

It was time to go. Ali pulled a small bottle from his bag and handed me a white pill. “To sleep,” he signed, “on plane.” I swallowed it with the last sips of water in my bottle and Ali pulled me up by the hand.

Ali took me off to the side, behind a column. He pushed me against the wall and leaned in to kiss me. His right hand slid down the back of my jeans, pushing under my briefs and poking at my hole with his finger. His other hand gripped the back of my head, holding me firmly at his kiss.

He stepped back and signed, “I love you.” I opened my lips and said, “Love you, Daddy.” I’d never called him that, it brought a big smile and a teary look to his eyes.

He slipped his necklace over his head, the little silver crescent. He put it on me and tucked it inside the collar of my shirt. He took my cellphone and wallet from his pocket. He gave them both to Tarik, further indicating that this man was more of a chaperone for me than for my dog.

Ali gave me a kiss on my forehead and rubbed my neck. He leaned his forehead to mine and our eyelashes brushed. My body gave a deep shiver knowing I was leaving the safety of his wings.

I turned to Tarik who was holding my bag. He gave me a soft, genuine smile. I guess we had made it obvious what kind of relationship we had, but Tarik seemed cool with it. Kadir stayed at my right side as I followed Tarik to the plane.

We got on the plane and I saw everyone else had boarded. The first little bay of first class had two seats and extra room in front. Tarik put my bag in the overhead bin and slid his backpack next to it. He took my escort mersin shoes off put them under the seat. I buckled my seatbelt and we were off.

He gave me gum for the take-off and gave Kadir a few treats. We both seemed to like our babysitter. Kadir licked his hand before putting his head in my lap. Ali had chosen well.

Once in the air, Tarik spread a blanket over me and handed me a little pillow. I pulled my legs up into my seat, hugged my stuffed lion, put my head against the window, and started to drift off. The last thing I saw was Kadir and Tarik playing tug with a toy.

I woke up with Tarik rubbing my shoulder. I sat up and he reached to buckle my seatbelt, ignoring my dream-induced erection. He put the pillow over it and stood to fold up the blanket. I looked out the window to darkness with a thin line of orange on the horizon.

Tarik sat back down and pointed to the tray between our seats. I was starving. It was a croissant, a little white cheese spread, a little turkey, and fruit. It definitely was not salad with grilled chicken. This must not have been ordered by Ali. I smiled at finding the one mistake he made in planning this trip. But I happily took the chance for a change of menu.

We started to descend just as I finished. Tarik hurriedly took the tray to the small kitchen area and returned to buckle up. He gave us gum and treats (for Kadir) again as we made our way down to the African continent.

After we touched down, Tarik reached below the table between us and opened a drawer. He pulled out my phone and Ali’s tablet and unplugged them. He texted Ali, “We are landed, I take the boy to meet his car next.” He handed me the phone to show me.

We were the first off the plane. I felt badly for the huddled masses waiting behind us, but Kadir needed to find something to pee on and quick. Tarik took us to the first class lounge and they also had an outdoor area. Kadir did his business on everything he deemed worthy.

Tarik waved goodbye to me after handing my bag to the driver. He handed the note and money that Ali had given me to the driver, and then left after hugging Kadir goodbye.

The driver made few interactions with me. He held open the back door to the black Mercedes and put my bag in the trunk. Kadir and I hopped in and we were off.

My phone said it was 6 AM local time when we got to the hotel. The sun was coming up behind the city and it reflected off the water across the street. I’d never seen the Atlantic Ocean before. It didn’t look too different from the Pacific.

The driver dealt with the front desk lady. Ali always did set up a well orchestrated plan. He gave her the envelope from Ali and she read it and snapped into action. She must have known I was the hotel owner’s boy. She flashed a big smile.

I took out my phone to text Ali that I was at the hotel. He hadn’t replied to the text about us landing. Maybe he was still asleep.

I’m sure the note said I was deaf. Knowing Ali, he’d likely made me seem like some mentally decrepit person so they would take extra care of me.

She put the tablet back in the bag, slipped the tip money Ali included into her purse, and finally turned to me with a “poor-dear” smile. She put a bottle of water in my hand and then pet the stuffed lion I was holding. I guess an 18 year old boy hugging a stuffed animal didn’t do much to convince anyone I was a normally functioning adult.

A tall, dark Arab man appeared behind her. He wore a tight, white t-shirt and white shorts. His muscles bulged beneath them, and his eyes focused in on me with a warm smile. He gave a small yawn and stretched his arms and chest up. His shirt went with it and I saw impressive abs sprinkled with black body hair.

He took my bag from the counter and patted his thigh for Kadir’s attention. The two made introductions to each other and then the man turned to me. He reached out and took my hand and gave it a squeeze. He nodded towards the elevators and nudged me toward it.

He held on to my hand, squeezing in a musical rhythm as we made our way to the top floor. I felt like a lost five year old. The doors opened to a small hallway with four doors. He finally let my hand go to take a key from his pocket and open my room.

The room turned out to be a small apartment. There was a living room with glass doors that opened to a rooftop terrace. The man went to open the doors and Kadir went out to greet the sunrise. He took my bag to my room and then came back with a notepad and paper.

“I am Ashkan,” he wrote, “I will be here for your meals, your needs, your protection, your instruction, your entertainment. Your owner has booked me exclusively to be at your service.”

“You spoke with him? Wait… my OWNER?!?” I wrote. “He hasn’t texted me back.” I held up my phone and Ashkan took it to see what the problem was.

“The wifi,” he wrote, and then typed away furiously on my phone. The phone came to life with texts and missed calls, all from Ali. My stomach dropped at the thought of him worrying. I hit the call button next to his name and handed the phone to Ashkan so he could assure him I was ok. There was a lot of nodding and then he turned the phone to me and I turned on the video chat.

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