Emily Used by Mom’s One Night Stand


It was 10:30 at night and the lights were still on at the mobile home where Emily lived with her mom Danielle. She was surprised to see the lights on at this hour, not because it was late but because it was so early.

Danielle worked as a stripper and even though she never talked about it with Emily, there were flyers that went around the school with her on the cover, tits out. There had been a good bit of teasing for Emily because of this and maybe that was why she didn’t care about her reputation. If she was already the daughter of a whore then she might as well be the whore herself. What was there to lose.

She wanted to strip herself after high school was over but there was only one club in town and that was the one her mom stripped at. She’d either have to move and get her own place or just do onlyfans or cam shows. She already sent nudes to some random guy almost everyday, at least days she wasn’t showing herself to guys in person. But these were decisions for a few months down the road. Right now all she wanted to do was sneak in, take a long hot shower and make herself cum over and over again until she passed out.

When she went around her house to the front door she saw why Danielle was home. There was a big, muddy pick up truck parked in front of their small mobile home next to her mom’s car. She had someone over.

Danielle did this from time to time. Either at their house or his house. As Emily got closer to the front door she could now hear her mother inside. She was moaning loudly. They were right in the middle of it and that gave Emily the chance to sneak in quietly without getting caught. As she passed by the door to her mothers room she stopped and listened for a bit. Mom was getting fucked good. The smell of pot and cheap cigarettes was all over the house and Emily could hear him smacking into Danielles’ ass as she moaned in sync with him.

He pounded away hard at Emily’s tight mom.

Danielle’s body was that of your typical hot milf. Even though her skin was starting to wrinkle in her late forties, she clearly spent much of her time working out and eating right. She had just a hint of abs, but was careful not to get too muscular and look manly, she was still very femine, just in shape. Her tits were fake, she got them when she was a flat chested college girl and had gotten them a size bigger every decade to feel better about her aging. What started as a C cup at 20 was now full Double Ds although no one would ever mistake them for natural. Her hair was dyed blonde every week to avoid her grey roots like the plague and she wore a facial every night to look as young as she could. The facial would either come from her expense brand name skin care product, or the balls of whoever got their turn with her this week.

There was spanking going on behind the door that Emily could hear and she pictured hair pulling as well as the big meaty cock pounding into her mom’s wet pussy. The thought made her get envious as she felt a drip fall down her inner thigh. Two things got Emily wetter than anything else, were humiliation and being face fucked, she had a nice evening of both and the cum still covering her face.

She tiptoed her way to the one small bathroom in the house and looked in the mirror. She was just the sight she imagined she would be. There was a good amount of dried cum in her hair and her eyes were red from both the semen and the crying for cock that was done. Her make up ran down to her cheeks and her nipples could cut glass.

She got turned on looking at herself in the mirror and wanted to take a selfie. It was then a quick rush of panic came over her. They had her phone. It was in the car when Nick and Austin drove away and now they had it. Her 1xbet yeni giriş pass code was very simple and she knew for a fact that Austin knew what it was. They were probably on her phone now. They could see the hundreds of pictures she had of herself. Tits out, pussy, maturbating, things stuck in her, conversations with pervert old men online and their contact info. She was really fucked now, she had no secrets now.

Her pussy tingled again and she heard her mom scream out for the man she brought home.

“YES! OH FUCK!” Danielle was letting the neighbors know.

Emily took her hand and reached between her quivering legs. She almost buckled at the first touch. She looked at herself in the mirror as she imagined everyone seeing the pictures and video and laughing at her, calling her a whore, Oinking at her! She then pictured Nick standing in front of her locker smirking. The next thing she knew she would be getting her face destroyed by his cock in the girls room stall. He would steal her clothes again and toss them in the trash, she would be on her knees naked as other girls came in and saw it. They would laugh at her, and maybe join in humiliating her. They’d recorded it and taunt her until they started to get turned on themselves.

Emily had two fingers inside herself now. Nick would see all the girls getting horny and know that he had them all in the palm of his hand. He would tell Alexa to spit on her face and tori to lick it up. Then he would push Emily aside and then four girls, all hotter than her would trip over themselves to suck his cock before he took turns fucking every single one of them, stopping before they came so they would all be desperate messes. Emily was fingering herself both in real life and in her fantasy before she came so hard and squirted all over the floor.

She thought she would pass out and grabbed the sink for support. She was breathing hard, so hard that she did not notice until her breath slowed that she had left the door open and there was the sound of a cigarette being inhaled just to her right. She looked up and saw a man standing in the doorway.

He was short, about 5’6″ to Emily’s 5’4″. He had very short and thinning but spiked hair, a thin goatee with an equally thin mustache. He was naked and completely hairless with thick tanned skin, thick muscle that made him wider but even shorter than he was, tribal tattoos on his arms. His cock was pointed straight out at her and was short but very thick and hard, just like the man himself. He smirked at her, entertained as he smoked his cigarette.

“Well, this just got real interesting.” he looked over her young pale body and her big tits. “I’m guessing you must be the daughter.” he said, taking a step in. she looked at him, her back to the shower, not bothering to try to cover herself up. He seemed to like what he saw. She just nodded her head.

“Were you listening in to me fucking your mom?’ again she nodded and again he took another step forward.

“You were wishing that was you were in there taking this pounding.” He didn’t phrase it as a question because he knew the answer and she wouldn’t argue.

The best way to get a guy to turn her on was to make him think that he instantly had all the power and all he had to do was take it. Arrogant and self centered men. That was her weakness. She loved to feed their egos however she could, all of her fantasies involved men taking advantage of her weakness and the more they did, the weaker she got. Emily had just turned 18 years old about two months ago. She always fantasized about older men, dirty and perverted and the ego boost they would get from having a teenage fuck toy or even slave. She looked him in the eye and was ready.

He 1xbet giriş didn’t look at her eyes much, he was more focused on her big white tits and her hairless pussy.

“Your mom is waiting for me to come back and fuck her so we’ll have to skip the small talk.” he said and grabbed her by the throat and she instantly melted and bit her lip. “I want you to suck your mothers cum off my cock.” Emily smirked and nodded at him and he put her on her knees. She gobbled up his cock greedily, smelling and tasting her mothers pussy. She had never done this before but the dirtiness and humiliation of it turned her on in all the right ways. He smirked and held the sink as he watched her suck away.

Along with the pussy juice, there was the sweat from this older man, he had built up a sweat on top of what seemed like an already heavy musty odor, like he didn’t respect her mom enough to shower first. Not enough to not face fuck her teenage daughter in the bathroom as she waited just a few feet away. That was what went through Emily’s mind as his cock went down her throat.

He pushed her head down on his thick dirty cock. It was short but it was the thickest she had had. It filled up her mouth but she wanted to give something a try.

She took his cock all the way down to the base. She gagged on it even though she didn’t need to. Men always loved when she gagged, made them feel big and she loved to comply. Then, she stuck her long tongue out and started to lick his balls all over. He loved this and groaned for her.

“Oh you fucking dirty Bitch!” he told her as she sucked his cock with true expertise.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and spit on her. Emily smiled before being picked up and bent over the sink.

“Yes, oh my god I need to be fucked so bad. You don’t fucking know.” she said as she spread her legs. The man whose name she didn’t know smacked her ass hard before pulling the cheeks apart and shoving it straight into her throbbing pussy. There was no warming up. He was already in the middle of fucking Danielle when he saw her and she had just squirt her frustrations out all over the floor so they went straight to the hardcore fucking, pulling her pussy apart as she struggled not to scream. The man pounded away just as he had her mother and Emily was in ecstasy.

His thick meaty cock hit every spot in her trembling cunt. She sucked at her fingers that had made her cum just minutes ago and right as she was about to cum again, he stopped. Pulling out and smacking her pussy hard.

“I’ll have to come back again soon.”

“No no, please.” she begged him spreading her pussy “Fuck me, fuck me, please. Not again.”

“I have to piss.” he said, dismissing her.

He went to the toilet but as he picked up the lid, she stopped his hand. She hesitated for just a moment before getting on her knees with her face in the dirty toilet bowl. He looked down at her waiting for her to speak.

“I’ll let you piss on me if you make me cum.” she told him. Her head was in position waiting. He played with his cock and she looked up at him, it was like he was teasing her.

“You want it that bad? Prove it, lick the rim of the toilet and beg for my piss.” he tells her, still stroking his cock slowly.

She didn’t want to but his expressionless face made her feel weak and she needed to please him and make him happy, even if she didn’t cum. She started licking slowly over the dirty rim and watched him.

“Please piss in my mouth, I want your dirty old man piss in my mouth. I’m so thirsty for you daddy,” she said looking desperate.

He lets go and pisses in her face and she groans and tries to catch it in her mouth and not gag or even worse throw up. This was 1xbet güvenilirmi one thing she had never done before. Austin had pissed in her face but she never opened her mouth but for reasons she could not tell, she opened it without ever being asked. She just felt like she needed to do it. There was something about him that she needed his approval. Maybe she was now competing with her mom or maybe she just really, really had a thing for older men but she kept her mouth open the full time and swallowed what she could.

Finally he finished and looked down at the piss whore that was begging for his cock. He walked behind her and picked up her ass. Emily grinned and bit her lip moaning ready to be fucked again. He spit on his cock and it was then that she felt it slipping into her tight ass.

“Finger yourself if you want to cum.” the man said before streching out her tight ass hole. She moaned and started to finger herself before getting her whole face pushed into the piss filled toilet. He fucked her harder and harder as she struggled in his piss for air. He’d pick her up for a breath and push her right back in three times before he let her lay her head on the toilet seat as he wrecked her ass. She stopped fingering herself but was still getting closer and closer to cumming until the man felt her squirt on his balls and onto the floor. He dunked her face in the piss again so she would not scream.

He pulled her out of the bowl and she collapsed onto the floor breathing hard from both being submerged and cumming just from being fucked in the ass, a first for her. She had done anal before but not like that. Her eyes stung with piss and the cum that was just now being washed away. Emily wondered if he had noticed it on her before he came in. He stood over her still rock hard.

“Happy now bitch?”

She nodded her head slowly and started to smile. He walked out, finished with her.

Emily felt as if she was going to pass out from exhaustion but a sound brought her back. It was the sound of heavy gagging and it came from her mothers room. She slowly got her balance back and made it to her feet before slowly making her way to the door. She grabbed a towel for her hair to avoid it dripping on the floor. The door was open and she peaked in.

The man had Danielle naked on her bed lying on her back and her head hanging off the edge. He had his cock down her throat and again Emily’s cunt started to throb. The same cock that was just ripping apart her ass and now it was stuffed in her mothers mouth.

Emily had a big cuckquean fantasy. She would always dream about any guy she was into fucking other girls, girls she knew they would like better, but having it be the other way around, having her mother being forced to gag on Emily’s ass really turned her on. Maybe she would start to fantasize as being the chosen hole from time to time, or maybe it was just because she could not stand Danielle that made it such a turn on for her.

He started to smack her mothers fake tits around so hard that Emily started to worry he would break them. ‘God I wish I had my phone on me right now.’ she thought and didn’t even notice her hand was now on her pussy yet again. She just could not stop, this was the most turned on she had been in a long time. She was living in the moment as her mother was ravaged by this man she was quickly becoming obsessed with.

He saw her and turned around, sitting on Danielle’s face.

“Eat my ass bitch, That’s it. Stick your tongue up it you nasty cunt.” he told her, looking directly at her daughter. Emily had to grab the doorway for support.

‘So Fucking Hot.’ she mouthed to him as he stroked his cock.

Danielle moaned into his ass as he wiped it on her face. He turned around ready to cum and Emily had to run back to her room to avoid being seen and to finish herself off one more time.

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