Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 12

Big Dick

*** June ***

June came in with a whimper. As in – Reenie had the 31st off and it was after midnight when we got home. I was the one whimpering. Wink! Date night was Wednesday the 30th. We double dated with Candy and Georgia. No, I did not sit next to Candy at the restaurant, though you damn well know all three of the bitches gave me grief about it. Ugh!

The Dublin Pub (‘DubPub’) was our (her!) choice for dinner. Think Irish restaurant; think what kind of beer they might serve. Yup, that’s why we were there. The ‘Blues Brothers’ comes to mind: “What kind of music you boys like?” “We like both kinds – country and western.” Convert to beer. “We like both kinds – Guinness and Harp.”

Reenie had her Guinness. “Ginger, why don’t you order a Harp?” Yes dear.

Food? It was only a detail. Hors d’oeuvres? In Dayton? Starters! I digress. Hysterical name, fabulous taste. ‘Blarney Stones’ – potatoes, cheese, and andouille sausage. (Look it up! I did.) Reenie whined; we got the chicken tenders. Why? Eyeroll. Guinness barbeque sauce. Forget the rest. That was funny enough.

I didn’t get an answer out of the three of them about why but we saw ‘Men In Black III.’ I mean really … Will Smith? Josh Brolin? Yawn!! Emma Thompson? Wigglin’ eyebrows. Yummy!! As in fifty three and way yummy!! Feel free to let your imagination roam as to where each of us sat in the theater! Ginger: coy!

Remember Reenie’s handcuff plight? She had ‘agreed’ to be cuffed Wednesday and Thursday. She welched! Oh sure, I had my turn on date night. But she was supposed to be mine … bad choice of words. She was supposed to be cuffed on Thursday as well. More on that in a moment.

Work? I put it off as long as possible after lunch with Deanna. I wasn’t very happy to have to talk to George about it but I didn’t feel I had much choice. I was worried, believing it had the potential to be explosive, not to mention corrosive.

After I’d laid it all out and we’d had some back and forth, George asked, “What’s your take on this?”

“Kayla and Natalie have both told me people are uncomfortable. I don’t like it; Deanna has every right to feel the way she does, but not to bring it into the workplace the way she has.” I needed to ask. “Did I mess up introducing Reenie?”

The best way to describe George’s reaction was utter shock. “You can’t be serious! Not only is she pretty, she’s charming, outgoing, and it’s clear the two of you are a couple. Which, by the way, you have as much right to be as Janet and I do!” Yeah, I know. George looked at me and said, “Who’s your choice to replace her?” Moment of truth!

“I think I’d prefer the young man who went to U.D. I’d like someone who’s bounced around, been in a number of work environments, and is eager and ambitious. And that’s not a knock on Dotty. She was highly qualified and would fit in well. Taking the long view, I think Reed may be the more ambitious hire, but he feels like the right one.”

As I was speaking, George had leaned back a little in his chair and steepled his fingers over his mouth to try and hide the smile. “Ginger, you continue to reinforce my recommendation of you as my replacement. You’ve kept some sort of log of your conversations, right?” I nodded. “Good. We’ll talk more, but have Jodi help you with H.R. and the process.” He stood and shook my hand. “I knew I’d made a good choice; you’re turning out to be much more than good.”

There was something else that had gnawed at me for a while; as long as I was here, why not!

“Jodi is due early in September. I need to find someone, a temp from outside or, if P&G keeps them on staff, a floater while she’s on FMLA.” Ginger: boss talk! George nodded. “I’ve thought about Jodi being a permanent floater when she comes back. It can be part time … or flex time, more to the point. When there’s a project, she can fit in. When there isn’t, she could stay home.” The smile got bigger and bigger as I talked.

“Check your budget and do what you need to, Ginger. It’s brilliant. It keeps continuity, it lets Jodi be a Mom, and you’re right. She’s perfect for the role. How did you come up with the idea?”

“Tammy and I had talked about it a couple of times. She may not stand out in a crowd but she’s damn … oops, very sharp.” George laughed; I was blushing furiously.

“Not to spoil your image of me Ginger, but I’ve used the word now and then.” I needed to change the subject.

“Everyone is really excited about going to the Reds game in a couple of weeks. You’re coming aren’t you?”

“Absolutely! Thanks for inviting me.” Ginger: learning office politics! “It should be fun; Cleveland’s playing okay this year. Anyway, everybody is going right? Was it your idea to get six seats for two rows?”

“Not really; I guess they sell out most of their games. I don’t follow baseball.” I shrugged. “I thought an afternoon game would be fun for everybody. The group sales person suggested it would be easier to do two rows.”

“Are you gonna do Guys and Dolls again?” Well I’ll be damned! He had to have heard it from bursa eskort Jodi! Hmm.

“Yeah, the guys all thought it was tacky. I think it would serve you right to do it again.” George blushed.

“Yeah, okay, I deserved that.” We laughed. “It’s a great idea. Any others your boss might want to steal?”

Coy Ginger said, “Maybe!” I had no ideas in the bank.

My redhead? She had to trade her day off on June 1st to be able to go to Megan’s graduation. The trickle down effect was that the hot tub appointment was moved to Wednesday the sixth. Kinda icky, but the weekend certainly made it worthwhile. While we were having dinner on Thursday, Reenie and I talked.

“My days off are pathetic.” She showed me her pocket calendar. I couldn’t find much to complain about.

“I see a Friday, two Saturdays and a Sunday. That’s pretty darn good. We can do date night next Friday. As for the others, at least date night won’t be on Kathy nights.” I didn’t understand why she was complaining.

“No, that’s not right. See? Friday the fifteenth; we could do Wednesday.” I agreed to that. “I’m probably griping because of losing Friday, which would have given me back-to-back days off. But we did have a great weekend.”

“And last night; you get cuffed again tonight if you remember, dearest.” I would be proven wrong on that count.

After we got home and were lounging on the patio, we got to something else. “We have to set a date for the open house. “I know it’s not a day off for you, but how about Saturday the 16th. We have to get the invitations mailed by Saturday, but two weeks seems like it works.”

“Yeah okay, that sounds good. What are we gonna do about food?”

“I think I’m going to look for a caterer. I’ll call Tara and Lucy tomorrow.”

“You don’t want to cook?”

“You want to do it?” Reenie paled. “Just kidding babe; I know cooking isn’t one of your strengths.”

Minx smirked and said, “No, but I do have other talents.” Reenie: all about sex. Me? Complain? I think not!

I rolled my eyes. “Did you talk to the girls today?”

“Yeah, I went down there for a couple hours …” her eyes twinkled, “and we screwed around.” Yeah I bet you did. I smiled. “They were still laughing about giving you grief at the restaurant.”

“I’m ignoring you! We talked about getting a dog.” Reenie got up from her chair and came over to mine.

“Uh huh.” I had to cross my legs; she straddled the chair, facing me. This wasn’t going well.

“No, we have to talk about this. Do you want to get a dog before or after the party?”

“Uh huh.” She was taking off my workout shirt and smiling.

I hissed, “Stop it! We’re outside and we have neighbors.” Her fingers were underneath my sports bra.

“Uh huh.”

“We’re not doing this out …” She kissed me. I hate that!

That explains why June came in with a whimper!! See? I closed the circle. You’re welcome!

I didn’t have to do anything more than call Lucy Buck Friday morning.

“Lucy, our open house party will be on Saturday the 16th. Save the date. I’ll be mailing invitations tomorrow.” She was thrilled! “I need a recommendation for a caterer.”

“Ginger, I have just the place. Christy’s Catering used to be a restaurant. They started catering more than a decade ago. They’re clients and they’re fabulous. You won’t be disappointed!” Talk about enthusiasm! “They even have a website.” I wrote down the phone number. “How are you two doing?” I smiled. Uh huh. Ginger: whimpering. Wink!

“Lucy, we’re good. We went to my niece’s graduation last weekend. It was fabulous. I hadn’t seen their oldest, Patrick, in five years. I think the kids were okay meeting Reenie. My sister’s husband is a prince. We had a great time.”

“Wow, meeting your family for the first time. Was Reenie nervous?” Not after our Friday night! And Saturday morning.

Dryly, “She’s a police officer, Lucy. She’s pretty hard to shake up.” Well, out of bed. Lucy laughed.

“I can’t wait to meet her! Thank you so much for inviting me. I just know this party is going to be great.”

Yup, I worked too. I saw Tammy wander past my office and asked her a question.

“Your team ready to merge?” I was a little embarrassed; I actually wasn’t sure if I’d asked her before.

“You’ll probably want to ask Kayla, but yeah, I think so.” I handed Tammy her invitation.

“Our housewarming party is Saturday the 16th, Tammy. Reenie and I would love to have you and Jeffrey over for dinner. We need to set a date.”

“Thanks Ginger, I’d love that. Any idea when?” I knew Reenie wanted to have the girls over first.

“It will be after the party.” I reached into my purse for my calendar. “Reenie’s days off are kind of nuts.” I looked up at Tammy. “Can you come on a weeknight or do you think you’d prefer a weekend?”

“With summer, the kids are busy with sports. That makes weeknights dicey. Jeffrey and I have to do some juggling to make sure we get our date night in.” I smiled as she talked.

“Good bursa merkez escort girl! Saturday the thirtieth work for you?”

“That sounds okay. Can I give you a definite answer Monday?”

I stood. “Absolutely. I’m going to ask Kayla and Natalie right now as long as it’s on my mind.” We walked to the big conference room. Kayla nodded. Natalie agreed. “Okay, after lunch sound good to you?”

“Perfect; we’ll be ready!” I smiled. I knew she would too!

I wrote out the invitations at lunch and passed them out after everybody had gathered in the big conference room.

“Since it’s Friday, I’m going to assume you’ll have everything pulled together by Monday. Kayla, you and Nat can do your presentation for me whenever you’re ready.” They both nodded. “Don’t anybody bring lunch Tuesday. I’m taking all of you out for lunch.” That got everyone excited. Well, almost everyone. I wasn’t going to worry about Deanna.

Reenie and I met at the L room. I gave Georgia a kiss and asked for menus. She brought them with my drink. Reenie had pulled me to her lap. We were kissing like we hadn’t seen each other in days.

“Geez, it’s scandalous, the two of you.” I laughed. Reenie took a hand out of my … hair. I could only assume she gave Georgia the finger. I held up the envelope with the invitation. “Oh cool! Candy will be excited. What do the two of you want for dinner?” I pointed to the menu of the pizza place we liked. “Thick crust, sardines, pineapple …” It was my turn to give her the finger. She walked away laughing. As soon as she did, we stopped kissing and started laughing. That didn’t mean I could get off her lap. Or that I wanted to.

My redhead is so beautiful. I swear, she takes my breath away. Still! She could have any woman she wanted and she chose me. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes! Like now.

“How was your day officer gorgeous?”

“Pretty okay; how was yours?”

“You mean other than being sore?” Blue eyes sparkled. She put her hand between my legs. “Really? After last night?”

“You didn’t complain last night.” I don’t know why I wear skirts to work.

“Even if I could I was handcuffed, remember?” Bitch giggled. “I passed out the invitations after lunch. Everyone was excited except Deanna.” That got her to stop what she was doing with her hand.

“What the fuck is wrong with her?” I shrugged. We’d talked about this before. “You only gave her an invitation because you had to right? You don’t really think she’ll come do you?”

“No, I don’t. But there’s no way I could not invite her. That would just be wrong.”

“Yeah, just as wrong as her behavior.” I shrugged.

Georgia announced that the pizza had arrived – which was the only way I could get off my honey’s lap. Smirk.

I know I was hungry; my Reenie was too. Between bites, I asked, “You gonna invite your family?” She stiffened.


The same reaction, just as strong; there’s something goin’ on I think we need to talk about.

“Reenie, something’s not right here.” I felt her pull away from me. She’d never done that before. “Please, baby, tell me what this is about. Please!!”

“Ginger, I’ve never said this to you, don’t want to, but will if you keep after me. This …” she stopped to take a deep breath “is breakup stuff.” I sat back, stunned. No, beyond stunned.

“You can’t … this isn’t … Reenie, I’m … I love you!! What is it about your family that is so bad that you won’t share with the woman who shares a bed … and, hopefully, a life, with you?”

Reenie looked at me. Her eyes were warm, as if she was pleading, when she said, ice in her voice, “I do not wish to discuss my family, Ginger.” I saw her gulp back the tears that filmed her eyes. Her chin buckled a little. “I’m an adult. I have my reasons.” Her voice softened just a little, “If you love me …” she struggled to keep herself together, “and I know you do, then you’ll respect my wishes and leave this be.”

“Of course I will. I know you’re an adult. I’m just puzzled why we can’t have a …” Without a word, without so much as a glance, she bolted from the table, purse in hand, and headed for the bar. Georgia, who’d been watching us the whole time, met her. I saw my redhead say something; Georgia shook her head. Reenie pounded her fist on the bar. A shaken Georgia went to her purse, took something from it, and walked back. She handed what looked like keys to Reenie, who turned and left.

Pin drop silence. No one looked at me and I knew that they’d all seen what happened. I was way more stunned than embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. Something was out of whack here. Problem is, I don’t know what the problem is. Families can be difficult for a lot of reasons. All kinds of things ran through my mind but, without any kind of clue as to what it ‘could’ be, there was no reason to go off on whatever wild goose chase my mind might take me.

Go to the crash pad? That wasn’t a good idea, not in the frame of mind Reenie was in. I didn’t think she’d hit bursa sınırsız escort me, but there was no point in provoking her any further.

I saw Georgia coming with the pizza. As she passed a table, one of the women spoke to her. She looked at her, then at me, and sat down. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Georgia nodded her head after listening and said something in reply. The woman, Cass, stood and they both came to where I was sitting, back against the wall.

“Hi Ginger.”

I smiled. “Hi Cass.”

“I asked Georgia if I could come sit with you for a while … if that’s okay.” Cass is one of the ‘regulars’ at the club. I didn’t know any of them very well; just to say hello.

“Sure. If you’re hungry, please take some pizza. Georgia, take some. If there are plates, offer some to the others who are here.” I didn’t want to be there and I was in no hurry to go home.

Georgia came back with a couple of paper plates, loaded them with slices, and took them to a couple other tables. When she came back, she sat in Reenie’s chair and held my hand. I looked at her, made an attempt at a smile, and shrugged.

It was nice of Cass to offer to come and sit with me. I appreciated the gesture but wasn’t really in the mood for chatting. Which I’m sure she knew. She stood, leaned in, gave me a light kiss on the lips and said, “I’m sure you and Mo will work things out, Ginger. I don’t know of a relationship that’s so good there aren’t arguments.” She was right of course. Idiot that I am, I still cried. I’m sure that was helpful for her ego.

I nodded and said, “Thank you,” in a strangled, thick voice. She squeezed my hand and slunk away. Geezuz Ginger.

“Georgia, all I want her to do is tell me. One time; that’s all. It doesn’t have to be some big deal. It’s obvious that it is to her and I want to know why.” Georgia moved a little closer and put her arm around my shoulder. “I love her.” I looked at her. “I can’t stay here; it’s gonna get crowded and you’re bartending alone.” I shook my head. “This isn’t the night to look for her at the crash pad.” She nodded. “I sure as hell don’t look forward to an empty house, let alone an empty bed.” Lost and looking for answers, I asked, “Did I do something wrong … other than the obvious?”

“Not really Ginger. You did what anyone who cares about someone as much as you do would. It’s just not something she likes to talk about. It took a long time before she opened up to us about it.”

My head snapped up. “Wait; you and Candy know what this is about?”

“Yeah, we do.” She leaned in and kissed me. “Don’t be upset okay? This isn’t something you tell somebody about, not even you. She’s gotta do it.” She shrugged. “I’m sure she will when she’s ready.” A look of concern on her face, she asked, “You gonna go home?” I shrugged.

“Probably; why?”

“Candy’s gonna be majorly pissed when she finds Reenie at the crash pad, and even more so when she finds out why. She’s going to insist that Reenie go back to your place. She might even have the two of us bring her back.” No way!

“Listen Georgia, that can’t happen.” Georgia looked puzzled. “Reenie can’t come back because she’s forced to. That won’t work. She’s got to come back willingly, because she wants to.” I had a thought. “Kinda odd, but it’s good that Reenie did this.” Georgia pulled back and stared at me, confused and a little shocked. I laughed. “Yeah okay, I better explain – after I have some pizza.” I scarfed a couple of pieces and took a few sips of my drink. I like that word. Pizza feels like something you scarf doesn’t it? Back to the story.

“You know how she is Georgia; you and Candy both. Probably a lot more than I do. You two have known her a lot longer. Cops don’t open up very much. I guess they can’t. They see too much, have to wall off from it. Part of me is glad Reenie got angry. It’s good for her to feel.” With a smirk I said, “Something besides desire or pleasure. Or love.” I looked … oh god, Georgia had tears. “What? What did I say? Did I say something wrong?” She shook her head.

“No, you didn’t. You’re right Ginger. It’s amazing how much you love her. She’s never opened up to anyone like she has you. You’ve gotten in real deep, girl.” She shook her head again. “Candy’s closer to her than me, but you? You’ve knocked down her walls like no one had before.”

“I guess I kinda know that.” I was worn out and wanted to go. “I take it Candy’s dancing tonight?” Georgia nodded. “What are the two of you doing tomorrow?”

“We’re usually both here on Saturdays, Ginger.” Shit, I knew that. “Are you going to come by tomorrow night?” Huh?

“By myself? No, I don’t think so. You can tell Reenie she can if she wants to.” Probably a little bitchy of me to say that, but it’s how I was feeling at the moment. Shit. “I have to finish the invitations to our house warming party tomorrow.” I shook my head. “I already gave them out at work this afternoon, including to my boss.”

“The invitation is in my purse Ginger. When is it?”

“Saturday the sixteenth; it felt like the best day, even though it’s not Reenie’s day off.” I felt the tears starting. “I have to call the caterer Lucy gave me today and get that taken care of and I don’t know why I’m crying, Georgia. I don’t even know if I should bother with any of this until I know …” She pulled me to her and held me.

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