Emily’s Public Adventures Ch. 08 – Emily Cums at the Mall


This story has a bit of a crossover with my 49 year old MILF series. Please read those first.

Emily had a rare mid-week day off. She allowed herself to sleep in and woke up feeling frisky. Emily grabbed her phone off of the nightstand. She watched the video where she and Ryan walked naked in the hotel. She started playing with her clit. She watched the video that Anna shared where Anna and the boys walked naked in the hallway. Emily continued to masturbate going through pictures that Ryan and Anna had sent her. She felt the rush of her orgasm run through her. She lay back and smiled thinking that this was a great way to start the day.

Emily knew that she wanted to do something public today. She just hadn’t figured out what. She knew that Brian would be grateful and excited to see her. She was tempted to go to the library but she had done that a few times now and wanted something different.

The doorbell rang. Emily went to the door and retrieved a package left by her front door. She went to the kitchen and found a knife to open the box. When she opened the non-descript package she saw that her new vibrator had arrived. This was the upgraded model that fit into her forced orgasm harness. She was excited to try out the new features. She had already downloaded the app to her phone to control it. She plugged it in to make sure it had power. She found that it was 75% charged. She left it on the charger and took this time to sync it to her phone.

She went through the different settings for the new vibrator. The one that excited her the most was the timed random setting. You could set a specific time frame and the vibrator would turn itself on and off at random times and for random durations. It would also change what it would do. It could change the vibrations from soft to aggressive or the tip of the vibrator would rotate.

Emily thought it might be fun to spend a good part of the day at the mall wearing the vibrator. She had a shower, did her hair and makeup and got dressed. She decided to wear a knee length skirt with a blouse. She didn’t want the vibrator to be visible through a pair of pants.

Emily sent out a text to Anna and Ryan.

Emily: I got a new vibrator for my harness. I am going to wear it to the mall today.

Anna: Damn, I am busy ATM but I can come and see how you are doing a bit later.

Ryan: I am working today. I am sorry to miss the fun. Send pics!

Emily: Will do.

Emily: Anna text me when you get to the mall.

Anna: Thumbs up emoji

Emily went to the charger and saw that the vibrator was fully charged up. She took the vibrator to the kitchen and washed her new toy. She retrieved her harness and removed the old vibrator. She installed the new one in the harness. She licked the new vibrator and stepped into the harness. She smiled as the vibrator touched her pussy. She slid the vibrator inside and got the harness fitted properly.

She turned the vibrator on using her phone to confirm that it worked. She felt the vibrator come to life inside her pussy. She smiled and turned it off. She set the vibrator to random for the next five hours. Emily tidied up around the house for a bit and then headed to the garage. She was driving down her street when the vibrator started up for the first time. She was taken off guard but enjoyed the sensation. She was nearly at the mall when the vibrator turned off.

Emily parked and walked into the mall. She headed towards the computer store. She had been thinking of purchasing a new laptop. She was looking at a laptop when a guy in his early twenties walked up and asked her if she needed a hand. Before she had a chance to respond she jumped a little when the vibrator started.

“Yeah, I was thinking of getting a new laptop.” Emily said, barely able to keep the squeak out of her voice.

Emily did her best to pay attention to the questions the man was asking her. She gave the appropriate responses and he led her to a specific laptop. When they walked up to the potential laptop the vibrator turned itself off. Emily relaxed a bit and got the specifications of the laptop. It sounded like it would fit the bill. She told the man that she would take it when the vibrator started up again. This time the rotating part started to move. She could feel it contacting her g-spot. She was going to be in trouble if it stayed on for much longer.

“Are you okay?” The young man asked her.

“I’m good.” Emily squeaked out.

The man took the new laptop to the front counter and entered her information into the computer. Emily had to put her hand on the counter as she was getting very close to cumming. She focused on her breathing and the vibrator stopped. She was grateful. She paid for the laptop and took it out to her car. She didn’t want to lug a box around all day.

There was a line up at the juice bar that she liked. Emily waited for her turn worried that the vibrator would start up again. She was sitting at a table by herself with her smoothie when the vibrator started up again. This time it was moving and vibrating. She was glad she was sitting zenci gaziantep escort down. She knew she was going to have an orgasm in the middle of the food court.

Emily pulled out her phone and snapped a selfie. She sent it to the group chat.

Emily: The face of someone who is about to cum in the food court

Anna: I can see that your face is flush. We know that face, hey Ryan.

Ryan: Sorry, I had to pull over. Yes, I love seeing that face.

Emily tried to hold off her orgasm by texting but it wasn’t working. She felt the first wave of her orgasm hit. She held her phone tight in one hand and gripped the table with the other one. Emily was able to prevent herself from crying out. She was breathing hard and fast but trying to do it through her nose. She was nearly done cumming when the vibrator stopped. She let out a sigh of relief.

Emily: I came

Ryan: Jealous!

Anna: Me too!

Emily: This new toy is fucking awesome! You guys are going to love it.

Anna: Save some batteries for me.

Emily: LOL will do.

Emily was glad she didn’t squirt. The orgasm was pretty intense but she guessed her not vocalizing reduced her orgasm intensity so that she didn’t squirt. She wondered how many times she would cum today. She hoped the vibrator wouldn’t start up too soon.

There were three dresses put away in a dressing room when the vibrator started up again. Emily was picking out a fourth dress when it sprang to life. She nearly dropped the dress. She took the dress she was holding and made her way to the dressing room. She removed her skirt and blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra so she was effectively naked but for the harness holding the vibrator inside her pussy. Emily looked at her nipples, they were hard enough to cut glass. She rubbed them. They were so hard they hurt.

Emily watched herself in the full length mirror. It occurred to her that she should send a picture to her friends. She got her phone out of her purse. She took a picture while holding one nipple between her fingers. She sent it to her group chat.

Anna: Damn girl!

Ryan: Looking fine!

Emily: Going to cum again

Anna: You go girl!

Ryan: Have one for me.

Emily could feel her second orgasm rising up. She switched her phone to video mode. She started the phone recording as she started to cum. She saw a flush of red on her chest. She had to keep one hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. The vibrator finished before she did. It was like her orgasm had been ruined. She felt a bit frustrated but comforted by the fact that she would probably be cumming again soon.

She sent the video to her group.

Ryan: You are going to make me have to rub one out between runs.

Anna: I am on my way! You look fantastic by the way. I love seeing your chest turn red when you cum.

Emily: Thanks girls. This is fun but I wish you two were here as well.

Emily tried on the dresses she had and found that two looked good on her. She paid for those two and went back to the food court to wait for Anna. Emily got herself a bottle of water and sat in the back corner of the food court. She was in a corner and had a clear view of the food court ahead of her. She liked that no one could sneak up behind her.

The vibrator sprang to life while Emily was taking a sip of water. She nearly spit the water out. She set the water down, determined to enjoy the sensation. Her pussy was really coming alive. The vibrator felt more intense than it did before. She didn’t think that it was vibrating harder; she thought that her pussy had gotten more sensitive. Emily looked up to see Anna waving at her. Emily waved back and bit her lower lip.

“Are you about to cum?” Anna asked as she sat down.

Emily intertwined her fingers with Anna’s. She said, “I am really close. I hope it doesn’t stop on me.”

“What do you mean?” Anna asked.

“Back in the changing room I was cumming and it turned off. It ruined my orgasm.” Emily said.

“Oh I can see how that would be frustrating but also kind of fun.” Anna responded.

Emily gripped her friend’s hand tight as she started to cum. She and Anna maintained eye contact as Emily’s breathing got erratic. Anna noticed the spot on Emily’s chest getting red again. She watched as her friend rode her orgasm. Emily started to twitch once her orgasm was done but the vibrator was still going.

“Oh, I came but it is still going.” Emily said in a whisper. She continued, “I really don’t want to shut off the program though.”

“Would it help if you walked?” Anna asked.

“I don’t think I could walk right now.” Emily said.

Anna laughed. She saw Emily relax.

“It turned off.” Emily said.

“I saw it on your face when it happened.” Anna said.

“This thing is really remarkable. The randomness of it makes it fun.” Emily said.


Emily looked up to see her cousin standing beside the table.

“Are you okay? Your chest is all red.”

“Yeah I am okay. Anna, this is my cousin gaziantep zenci escort bayan Amanda.” Emily said to Anna.

“Mandy.” Mandy said.

“Right, Mandy. How are you doing?” Emily said.

“I’m good. How have you been?” Mandy asked.

“I’m doing well, thanks. I had the day off today. What about you? Where are you working now?” Emily asked.

“Oh, I am working with my mother now.” Mandy responded.

“Fun.” Emily said.

“You have no idea.” Mandy said with a chuckle.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.” Mandy said, turning to walk away. She started to walk away and stopped. She turned back around and asked, “Do you still dabble in photography?”

“I do. Why do you ask?” Emily asked.

“I will have to talk to mom but we might want to hire you.” Mandy said with some uncertainty in her voice.

“Okay, let me know.” Emily said.

Emily watched Mandy walk away. “A minute sooner and that would have gone very differently.” Anna said with a laugh.

Emily laughed at Anna’s observation. Emily had noticed the family bathroom at the other end of the food court. She looked at Anna and said, “Do you want to wear it for a while?”

“I would love to.” Anna said.

Emily grabbed her shopping bag and took Anna’s hand. She led them into the family bathroom. Emily unzipped her skirt and hung it up on one of the hooks. Anna looked at her friend and seeing the harness in place got her excited. She watched as Emily undid the straps, her pubic mound coming into view. She watched the vibrator coated in Emily’s cum slide out of Emily’s pussy.

Anna got on her knees in front of Emily and put the vibrator in her mouth. She was careful not to let it touch her teeth in case it started up. When the vibrator was clean she moved in closer and gave Emily’s pussy a quick lick. Emily moaned and rotated her hips to give Anna better access. Anna moved in tighter and grabbed Emily’s ass pulling her face tight to Emily’s pussy. Emily’s pussy tasted amazing. Her continued wetness for such a long time made her taste better than usual. Anna focused on Emily’s clit. She knew Emily had lots of internal orgasms but who didn’t love a good clitoral orgasm? She continued to lick Emily’s clit. She felt Emily grab the back of her head holding her tight as her orgasm hit. Anna kept licking until Emily pushed her way.

“Holy fuck that was incredible!” Emily said. She continued, “Thank you very much! I hope to return the favour at some point.”

“I look forward to it.” Anna said.

The harness was still around Emily’s knees. It stayed where it was because Emily had spread her legs as far as the harness would let her to give access to her pussy to Anna. Emily moved her legs together. Anna started to lower the harness, the vibrator happily buzzing away. They both wondered when it started vibrating. Emily stepped out of the harness and Anna got off of her knees. They worked with the buzzing vibrator getting Anna to step into the harness. They got to the point where they were going to have to insert a running vibrator but it stopped. Emily parted Anna’s pussy lips with one hand while guiding the vibrator in with the other. When the vibrator was half way in Emily moved her thumb to Anna’s clit. She played with Anna’s clit for a few seconds before pushing the vibrator all the way in. They got the harness secured and lowered Anna’s skirt. Her skirt came to mid-thigh. She would have to be a bit more careful than Emily.

When they excited the bathroom the food court had filled up a lot. The lunch crowd starts a bit early here. They were walking around the mall when the vibrator started up again. Anna jumped when it sprang to life. She grabbed Emily’s hand and squeezed. Emily smiled knowing what her friend was feeling. They made their way into a furniture store. They were sitting on a very comfortable couch when a sales associate approached them.

“Are you ladies looking for anything in particular?” the sales person asked.

“No we are just relaxing and enjoying this comfortable couch.” Emily said with a smile.

“Let me know if you have any questions.” The sales person added.

“Okay.” Emily responded.

They watched the sales person walk away. Anna jumped again and Emily knew that the vibrator had fired up again.

“Oh wow. It is vibrating and moving this time.” Anna said. “It seems to have a better range of motion than the previous model.”

“I know. It started doing that when I was talking to this guy about a laptop. It was all I could do to keep up the conversation.” Emily said with a big grin on her face.

Anna squirmed. Emily knew that Anna was close to cumming. She looked around and she couldn’t see anyone paying any attention to them.

“You are safe to cum here if you need to.” Emily said.

Anna laid her head back on the couch leaving her mouth open. Emily watched as small spasms ran through Anna. When Anna picked her head back up she looked at Emily with a shocked look on her face.

“Wow that was so intense!” Anna said.

“I gaziantep zenci escort thought the old toy was good but this one is much better.” Emily said.

Emily’s smart watch lit up with a text notification. She saw it was from Mandy.

“Mandy just texted me.” Emily said.

Mandy: If I share something with you do you promise to keep it quiet?

Emily showed her phone to Anna.

Emily: Absolutely

Mandy: Like I mean you really need to keep it to yourself.

This had piqued Emily’s curiosity.

Emily: I promise

Mandy: Will you be near a computer at 2:00?

Emily: I can be

Mandy: okay I am going to send you a link

Emily: K

Emily and Anna watched the link show up in her messages.

“Holy shit your cousin is a cam model!” Anna said.

“I had no idea.” Emily said. She asked Anna, “Do you want to come back to my place?”

“I wouldn’t miss it!” Anna responded.

They walked out to Emily’s car. Anna had taken an Uber to get to the mall. Driving back to Emily’s house the vibrator started again. This time Anna allowed herself to scream when she came. She really enjoyed being able to let loose.

Back at Emily’s house Anna decided that she would keep the vibrator in while they got ready for the cam show. Emily got her new laptop up and running. She emailed herself the link to the webcam site. She wasn’t sure how she felt knowing that she was about to see her cousin online.

At 2:00 Emily clicked on the link. She saw that there were four live feeds. She looked and was shocked to see her aunt in one of the feeds.

“That’s my aunt!” Emily exclaimed.

“GTFO!” Anna shouted. She added, “It seems you have a dirty family.”

“I had no idea.” Emily said.

They watched as the two women started their show. They put on a great show. The way that they removed each other’s clothing was very sexy and taboo. They didn’t actually seem to touch each other but they both ended up naked. They watched as Mandy moved one of the cameras closer to her mother’s pussy. Mandy licked a pink vibrator and inserted it into her mother’s pussy. Emily watched as her aunt spread her pussy for her daughter to insert the vibrator.

Anna and Emily watched as Maria came. The camera was close enough that they could see her pussy pulse around the vibrator.

Anna had her hand on her breast and she was pushing on her own toy as it fired up. Emily lifted up her skirt when Anna came and started playing with her own pussy. She came at nearly the same time that Mandy did on screen.

On the screen they watched Mandy type into her phone. Emily’s phone lit up.

Mandy: You watching?

Emily: I just watched you type that.

Mandy: Did you enjoy the show?

Emily: TBH I did. Felt wrong but I liked it.

Mandy: I know what you mean and I am glad you liked it.

Emily: Did Auntie Maria know that you invited me?

Mandy: Yes, we make those kinds of decisions together.

Mandy: Would you be willing to take pictures of us? We have a Fans site as well.

Emily: Yes, I could take pictures for you guys.

Mandy: Excellent. We will figure out the details later.

Emily: Sounds good.

“That was wild.” Anna said.

“You’re telling me?” Emily responded. Emily continued, “She’s my mother’s sister. I grew up with Mandy and her sister.”

“Does she look like your mother?” Anna asked.

“No they have different fathers so they don’t really look alike” Emily said.

“The vibrator hasn’t gone off in a while.” Anna said.

Emily grabbed her phone and opened the app. The five hours she had set had passed. “I set it to run for five hours and those five hour are up.”

“Ah, okay. I will remove it then.” Anna said.

“Let me help.” Emily said.

Anna lifted her skirt up and Emily started to undo the straps on the harness. She watched as the vibrator started to come loose. She pulled the vibrator out of her friend’s pussy. It was coated in Anna’s pussy juices. Emily said, “Looks like you enjoyed yourself.” Before licking the vibrator clean. Emily had Anna step out of the harness. She took it to the kitchen and put it in the sink. She went back to Anna who was standing in a daze.

“Naked time?” Emily asked?

“Yes!” Anna said.

When they were both naked they moved into the bedroom. Emily opened her toy chest and the double dildo was lying right at the top. She grabbed it and moved over to the bed.

“I want to use this but I want to taste you first.” Emily said.

“Okay.” Anna said with a happy smile.

Anna got on the bed and lay down on her back. She spread her legs for her friend. Emily crawled on the bed and spread Anna’s pussy. She licked her pussy from top to bottom. Her tongue even ventured down and she licked Anna’s asshole. Emily grabbed the double ended dildo. She slowly started to slide it into Anna’s wet hole. Emily changed positions and lined the dildo up with her own snatch and slid down on it. When they were touching they started moving their hips. This caused their clits to bump from time to time.

They were both so worked up that it didn’t take long for them to both cum. Emily came first; she was so horny she squirted on her friend. Anna brought some of the squirt that landed on her up to her mouth and started cumming when she tasted her friend’s cum. They separated and caught the dildo before it landed on the bed. Anna turned it around and they cleaned each other’s cum off of the dildo.

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