Emmy’s New Kinks Ch. 08


Chapter 8

As I went to answer the door I knew I was going to forgive Nick. I was so angry yesterday that my feelings this morning surprised me. Just before Jill’s call the anger was gone, but I was still ready to break up with Nick. Huh. Jill hadn’t really said much relating to Nick, it had mostly been about me. I stopped in my tracks when the realization hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Seems like at each new crossroads I was reluctant or unhappy until I got horny. Once my arousal was intense enough it seemed I was ready to do anything or forgive for anything. Fucking me in the ass while looking at my sister? Forgiven. Having me suck off the pizza guy? Forgiven. Getting fucked by a tailor? Forgiven. The doorbell rang again breaking my reverie.

I scurried to the door and opened it. Nick stood there looking worried. He had dark circles under his eyes from where he obviously hadn’t slept. In short he looked a mess. We stared at each other for what stretched into a minute. Suddenly I reached out, grabbed him by the belt and pulled him inside.

I probably set some world record for getting his penis out and into my mouth. He seemed confused.

“Emmy! Wha- Is everything okay?” he asked as I brought him quickly to a full erection. I pulled him out briefly.

“Shut up and enjoy this. You’d better not run off anywhere before fucking me. I can’t take another day with just my fingers,” I said hurriedly before I took his cock back into my mouth as deep as I could. Jill could take a cock deep in the throat, but I gagged far before that happened. I would need to remember to ask her for tips. I was trying to get Nick to cum as quickly as possible, but he had other plans and pulled me off him and to my feet.

I was surprised when he turned and close the front door. It seemed in addition to be willing to forgive anything when aroused, I also forgot about propriety! He didn’t give me much time recover and picked me up and carried me to my room. I hadn’t planned on going out today so I was just wearing a thin cotton t-shirt, no bra, a pair of gym shorts, and cotton panties. None of this stayed on as he quickly stripped me and laid me on my back. His clothes joined mine on the floor and he joined me on the bed. I groaned as he slipped into me. Surprisingly he didn’t start hammering away as I wanted so I wiggled my hips at him.

“I’m so sorry Emmy. I don’t know what I was thinking. I just got this idea in my head, and- everything else you seemed so reluctant about but ended up liking. I guess I hoped this would work the same way, but obviously I was wrong. I know I can’t ma-“

“You weren’t,” I whispered as he tried to explain. We were both grinding our hips slowly as we talked.

“-ke this…” he trailed off as he looked at me, “What do you mean?” He was trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice, but I picked up on it and pulled him in for a deep kiss. We let our tongues play for a few minute before I broke away.

“I was really mad yeah… I just- well honestly I think my reaction was pretty justified all things considered. But now? Yeah, I did some thinking overnight and, well, I like it…” I was smiling up at him as he started to take harder strokes, but still pretty slow. It felt good. We’d been so caught up with all this new sex we hadn’t properly made love in a while and it turns out this was exactly what I needed. I moaned a bit, then decided to tease him a bit. “I sent in verification videos last night…”

“You did? Oh Emmy!” he kissed me fiercely and we didn’t talk anymore. The sex was intense. Not just physically but emotionally. It wasn’t about the orgasms, although I managed three, it was about joining together. Afterwards we cuddled without speaking and fell asleep for several hours. That night was much of the same. Neither of us wanted to leave bed so we ordered a pizza again. And yes, I did end up paying for the pizza naked, but there was no repeat of the previous ‘tip.’

After pizza and another love making session Nick and I talked a bit more about why I had come to this decision.

“I- well. It just kind of happened… I was really aroused and ended up watching some porn and… You see how into things can get and then I talked with Jill some…” I was hesitant to explain about Jill. I loved Nick, but some things just needed to stay between sisters.

“Hmmm, well I will need to thank Jill for setting such a good example next time we see her,” he said laughingly.

“Actually, funnily enough, Jill didn’t know about those pictures being on the internet at all.”

“Oh! I just figured with your stories…”

“I did too. She was pretty furious and still is. At least with her you can’t really recognize her face,” I teased as I poked him in the ribs. He laughed and squirmed away.

“So this porn you were watching…” Nick began, a smirk on his face.

“I- Th-that’s personal Nick!” I said. I could feel myself blushing furiously but this only seemed to make him push harder.

“You weren’t getting off to yourself were brazzers you?”

“What?! No! I mean, well… Seeing the response to my pictures really turned me on, but no… It, well you mentioned Sasha Grey….”

“What’d you think of her?” he asked eagerly. I had to laugh at his curiosity.

“Well, she is very sexy. Most of her straight stuff I couldn’t take. Way too much choking on penises. I did find a video I liked though.”

“What was it?”

“Hmm. Well I’ll let you choose. You can have me tell you about it, we can watch the video, or we can watch me watch the video.”

“Well, I’ll have to think about that,” he said as he stroked his chin, causing me to giggle. “I’ll take B and C.”

“What! That wasn’t one of the options. I only have the one laptop!”

“Watch and learn newb,” Nick said as he climbed off the bed. He went over to my little flat screen TV and began disconnecting things. He pulled my desk over towards the bed, placed the TV down and my laptop next to it. He went to the DVD player and took an HDMI cable out and plugged it into the TV and my laptop. He fumbled about and soon my laptop was controlling the TV.

“Oh! Good thinking!” I went to the laptop and showed him the webcam file and then the video I had downloaded with Sasha Grey. He started them up, but I quickly paused them and told him to give me a minute alone. He went to the bathroom and I quickly skipped around the webcam video until I was pretty sure it was at the point where I started the porno.

Nick returned and we settled down with him spooning me from behind. On the left I was lightly fingering myself, on the right Sasha and some other girl were doing an interview. Things heated up pretty quickly when Nick realized this was a bondage flick.

“Oh wow Emmy! Kinky!” Nick exclaimed. When the video started he slid his cock into my wet pussy and I moaned. Sasha’s screams filled our ears, competing with my own moans. The dominant girl affixed clothes pins to Sasha’s tits and I gasped as Nick pinched mine hard and pulled on them.

“Oh fuck Nick. Yessss,” I cried as I writhed in his grasp.

“You like that? You like a little pain, slut?” Nick whispered into my ear. My eyes never left watching Sasha as she was whipped. I didn’t know if Nick was watching me in real life, me in the video, or Sasha, but I didn’t care as long as he kept fucking me and pulling my nipples.

“I bet you’d like to be whipped like that wouldn’t you?” Nick whispered.

“Yesss,” I moaned.

“Where do you want me to whip you?” he asked.

“Oh! I don’t kn-AH!” I was interrupted as he pulled particularly hard on my nipples.

“I asked you where you wanted me to whip you.”

“M-My ass,” I whispered. I was close to cumming and holding still looking into Sasha’s eyes.

“She’s taking it on her stomach, tits, and pussy. Would you want that?”

“Oh god… Fuck me! Yes. Fuck Nick FUCK FUCK AAAGGHGHHH!” I came hard with him tweaking my nipples. And ground against him. My pussy twitched, but Nick kept fucking me through my orgasm. As I came down he stopped pulling on my nipples, for which I was grateful. They get pretty sensitive for a few minutes after I orgasm.

His pumping didn’t stop at all. Neither did his teasing. “Well Emmy, looks like we have another shopping trip to take.”

He kissed my neck gently and I laughed at him, “I’ll go shopping with you wherever you buy bondage stuff but only if you buy me some bras! I feel like all my bras don’t fit my new clothing at all!”

“That sounds fair to me. Now shush, I’m trying to follow the story!” He laughed so I knew he was joking. The scene was changing and there was another few minutes of setting the scene. This was the anal scene (and my squirting all over my laptop) and I was nervous at how he would react.

The scene progressed and soon Sasha was being spanked hard on her ass and her cheeks were glowing red.

“You like being spanked don’t you?” Nick asked, breaking the past ten minutes of just watching without talking.

“What? Why do you ask that?” I don’t know why I was lying. I looooved when he spanked me! Plus, I’d just admitted I wanted to be whipped like Sasha.

“It’s just that whenever you’re reluctant to do something a hard smack on the ass gets you complying really quick!”

“Fine! Yes I like it! Ilike when you just take me and make me do what you want!”

“Hmm, well that sounds like a pretty good deal for me! Damn Emmy, I am so lucky to have ended up with you!” Nick thrust into me hard then pulled out. Confused I moaned and started to turn but he stopped me.

“Watch Sasha, reach back, and pull your ass apart.” I turned to the TV and saw that Sasha was taking the dildo in her ass and on the other screen I was getting my vibrator wet. In real life I was panting as Nick used his fingers to spread my wetness over and then in my ass. I don’t know if he knew what I was about to do in the video but I knew what he was about to do to me. I reached back and held my butt apart cuckold porno for him.

With uncanny timing I felt pressure on my back door just as I started to work the dildo to me on the screen. Nick saw the same thing.

“Wow Emmy! What a dirty little slut you are fucking yourself in the ass!” I could only grunt as I felt the head slip inside me. Unlike the first time we’d done anal this time didn’t hurt at all. Nick sensed my pleasure and quickly worked himself in until I felt his pubic hair against my ass.

“Fuck my ass Nick! God yes! Oh fuck, oh fuck. Watch your little slut make herself squirt!” I felt my orgasm building and was shocked! Nothing was even touching my pussy! “Oh god Nick, you’re going to make me cum!”

Nick picked his pace up and my orgasm crashed over me. On the screen I could see fluid shoot out of my pussy towards the camera. He thrust deeply into me then held still and I knew he was filling my ass with cum. We rode out our orgasms then he turned me face so we could kiss.

“Damn Emmy. I didn’t even know girls could cum just from anal.”

“I didn’t either,” I said as I breathed heavily.

“And wow! You squirted all over!”

“Hahaha, yeah! That scared the crap out of me last night.”

“What? You squirted then too? Look at the bed honey,” he told me. I looked down and wow! It looked like someone had peed the bed. I hoped this didn’t become a regular thing because it made for an awful lot of laundry.

Nick’s cock softened and we separated and headed for the shower. He hopped out first and I cleaned up. When I joined him he had an interesting setup. He’s taken an ottoman from downstairs and tied around each of it’s legs were belts. Oddly he wasn’t in the room and I turned to find him just as he burst out of Jill’s room.

I couldn’t help but giggle as he ran towards me with his penis flopping around, but that turned to a gasp as he swept me up and threw me over the ottoman. I tried struggling but it was useless. I’m pretty strong for such a tiny girl thanks to four years of sports in high school, but Nick had a ton of weight on me and lifted weights fairly regularly.

I gasped as he secured me down with the belts around my wrists and just behind my knees. For some reason the thought of asking him to stop hadn’t occurred to me. He slapped my ass hard and I gasped. His face came into view.

“The safeword is red. If your mouth is full shake your head side to side and go ‘nuh huh huh’ or snap your fingers. Do you understand?” he asked me. I nodded my head, but that wasn’t good enough for him. “Say it outloud.”

“I understand,” I said and he quickly grabbed my chin and forced my mouth open. In his other hand he had a pair of dirty panties and he stuffed them in my mouth before standing. I heard rustling behind me then a loud bang that would have made me jump if I wasn’t tied down. Nick had dropped his laptop right in front of me. The screen was cracked and it was obviously water damaged. He stood over it and looked angry. I’d forgotten I’d trashed his laptop in my anger.

“You broke my laptop,” Nick stated calmly. He seemed to be waiting for a response, so I tried to say sorry, but all that came out was muffled noises.

“Hmh smosm,” I said. I hoped he would find it funny, but he didn’t even crack a smile.

“You’re sorry? That doesn’t fix my laptop does it? Replace all my data?” Unsure of what he wanted I shook my head.

“Don’t you think someone who does something wrong deserves punishment?”

I saw where this was going. Nervously I nodded my head.

“Don’t you think you deserve punishment?”

I stared at him, unsure of what he was going to do. Before we got into any bondage stuff I just assumed we would discuss things ahead of time. I guess he had other things in mind.

“Answer me Emmy.”

I nodded.

“Good, we’re in agreement then,” Nick said before disappearing from my field of view then returned with my laptop. He set it up and turned the webcam on then resized the window so I could only see my own face and not what was going on around me. He moved out of frame and I heard more things being moved around, but I couldn’t tell what.

Suddenly it got quite. I squirmed in anticipation, but the silence just dragged on. I thought maybe he left the room and tried to turn to look when SMACK.

“HHmmmMhhHm!” I yelled into my panties. Fuck that hurt. Nick didn’t wait for me to recover and started alternating cheeks, spanking me hard. He stopped and his hand rested on my burning ass.

“Look at yourself,” he ordered. I looked up into the webcam. My hair was disheveled and my cheeks were flushed. I looked like a girl who was getting a hard fucking. “Do you think you’re wet?”

“Uh uh,” I said then shook my head. He smiled at my answer.

“A good girl wouldn’t be wet,” he says as his hand slides lower. “A naughty girl might like her punishment though.” I moaned as his hand found my pussy and slid easily in. “Looks like someone’s a little czech porno slut and likes her punishment a bit too much. Maybe we need something a little bit tougher.”

He slipped his fingers from my wet hole and the room went silent. My butt burned, but the hottest part of me was my pussy. I wish he hadn’t pulled his fingers out because I would probably be bucking in an orgasm now.

The silence was broken by something swishing quickly through the air. CRACK. Whatever it was slapped down across my ass and fucking hurt!

“MMMMGGHGHHH” I yelled into my panties and I felt tears spring to my eyes. Fuck that hurt. He left whatever it was trailing over my ass and moved it around. I quickly realized it was a leather belt.

“That one hurt didn’t it?”

I nodded my head up and down fiercely so he would get the point.

“Hmmm, well I think we can do better. And I’m not the one tied down dripping onto the furniture,” he said. With that the belt left me my ass. I tensed myself and decided I wasn’t going to scream this time. My ability to withstand pain was a lot lower than I wanted though, and then the belt slapped across my ass I again screamed into the gag. Nick didn’t talk or give me any time to recover and quickly gave me another hard belt across the ass. He laid the belt across my back.

My nostrils flared repeatedly as I sucked air in. My ass stung and sweat and tears dripped down my face. I heard the click’s of Nick’s camera behind me and knew he was taking pictures of my red ass. He spread my pussy with his fingers and got pictures of what I am sure was a veritable waterfall.

When he stuck his cock in me I nearly came right there. The only time I’d been this turned on before was when Edward took me in the red dress in front of Nick. Nick seemed to sense how close I was and just held himself in deep.

“Hmmm. I think only good girls deserve to get fucked in their cunt,” he mused. I shivered when he said cunt. “I’m not so sure you’re deserving. I think maybe you deserve it in the ass. Don’t you agree?”

I shook my head side to side fiercely and tried to beg him just to fuck me. “Mmhhnnmm mhmmm mmgg!”

He ignored my pleas and slowly pulled out. He placed the head of his cock at my ass and applied a bit of pressure. He’d cum in my ass just a bit ago, so I wasn’t too worried, but I wanted him to at least use a finger first.

Nick wasn’t so thoughtful though and just leaned forward and pushed his entire cock into my ass and started fucking me hard right away. The ottoman shook with the force of his thrusts and he drove the air out of my lungs. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t in my pussy, I was going to cum soon and cum hard. He seemed to sense this and his pace quickened, trying to match my arousal level.

I felt spit hang down my face and I looked at the laptop. My makeup was runny from the sweat and tears. My hair obscured much of my face, but something about my face just screamed the need to cum. I lowered my head and gave into pleasure, but he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up.

The hair pulling is what did it. I came hard, screaming into the panties as he fucked my ass hard. He rode my orgasm as wave after wave shot through me. I felt my empty pussy spasming, searching for a hard cock to milk but finding nothing. My sensitive nipples drug across the rough fabric of the ottoman and heightened my orgasm.

I must have passed out because I woke up early the next morning. Nick had left a note for me on the nightstand espousing his love and apologizing for leaving. He had promised to help a friend move and would call me later. I sighed and checked the clock. It was only 6:30 in the morning so I just collapsed into bed.

It was well after noon when I woke. I stretched and sat up naked in bed. The sheets had been knocked off me at some point but I didn’t care. Nick had thoughtfully closed the door on his way out, although no one was home. I felt refreshed and decided it was high time I stop celebrating the end of school and get some exercise.

I got up and marveled at the mess we’d made. The ottoman still had belts around it and there was a visible stain from where I’d leaked all over it. Shit, I’d need to work on that later today. My parents were due home tomorrow and I had a lot of cleaning to do. Sighing I opened my door and headed to the bathroom. I was halfway there when my dad stepped out in front of me speaking.

“Oh hey honey you’re awa-,” he started before freezing as he caught sight of my naked form. I stopped like a startled deer, realizing I had just seriously fucked up. The day Nick and I had spent fucking after fighting I’d just simply forgotten. It wasn’t Friday, it was Saturday. My parents were home and I was standing naked six feet from my dad with ruined makeup, my trimmed bush, and dried cum all over my ass.

I had to move. “Hi!” I yelled out as I ran past him down the hall to the bathroom and locked it safely behind me. Shit shit shit. Why did I run this way? My room was a mess! I had to get back there and clean up. But I also needed to clean myself up. I couldn’t decide what was worse so I took the stalling tactic and hopped in the shower. When I was done I hopped out and left the water running, hoping to make a dash to my room without being seen.

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