Emptying Thomas Ch. 05


Diane had developed an online shopping addiction. Most people would assume that she had a giant closet packed with clothes or shoes, maybe a mass of decorative garbage from etsy. Not so with Diane. In the past six months since she started pegging her husband full time, Diane had become addicted to buying sex toys.

They had dozens of dildoes in all shapes, styles, and sizes (as long as that size was big). This was one of the things she loved most about her cocks, she got to pick whichever one she was in the mood for. It wasn’t like with a man who was stuck with whatever biology he was born with. In her case, she had a multitude of cocks. The thought made her feel powerful, her cock was whatever she wanted it to be. If she wanted to feel like a macho porn star, she had a realistic black one molded after her favorite porn star. If she wanted to feel feminine, she had dildoes designed by lesbians that were perfect at delivering pleasure but didn’t feel masculine or phallic at all. If she wanted to be a tentacle monster, she had those as well. She even had one cock that lit up and made Light Sabre noises when she moved it around, that particular roleplay largely revolved around the light side really giving it to Thomas’ dark side and had mostly devolved into laughter and bad jokes.

After trying a few different harness styles, she had finally come across a tomboy brief that looked and felt a lot like normal underwear. It even had an internal pouch that held her clit vibe in place so she could cum whenever she fucked. She had bought a dozen of the harnesses; she wore them all the time, they replaced her normal panties. Some nights, she would slide a big dildo into her harness and rub it along her husband Thomas’ ass while she spooned him. They wouldn’t even have sex on those occasions, they both just felt more comfortable sometimes when she sported a big, hard dick.

Along with her dildo collection she also had a nice array of packers. She swore that a few of her patients or colleagues at the hospital noticed her bulge, but the nice loose scrubs for the most part kept her crotch out of focus. If anyone had suspected, no one cared to ask. She even felt a few whiffs of jealousy. Diane just felt so confident when she wore a cock. If she ever doubted herself, she would reach down and adjust it slightly, a reminder that she was a true dominant.

She thought a lot about how she saw herself during that time. After six months in chastity, her husband for all intents and purposes was a cock-less hole that she ruled over in every way. She on the other hand nearly always had a cock on. For most folks this would have made them feel much more masculine. Diane was different though. She loved being a woman, she loved that that was part of her identity. In her mind, there was no tension between the idea that she was a woman and that she had a massive cock. It seemed natural to her. Gender was interesting in today’s society; in her mind everyone should be allowed to play with it however they wanted to. More than anything she felt herself sexually dominant, and in that regard her opinion was that gender shouldn’t play a role. Dominants dominate and submissives submit, it doesn’t matter what biology they sport.

Thomas loved the dildoes, but perhaps his favorite part of their burgeoning sex toy collection was the buttplugs. Different shapes, different sizes, textures and materials. Some vibrated, others inflated, some had remotes, a couple had rimming beads. Since their initial pegging experience six months ago, Diane had gradually trained his butthole, it now spent far more time stretched around a toy than it did without. His routine was the same every day: after his coffee he would give himself a thorough anal douching and then take a shower. He would then bend over the bed and Diane would select whichever buttplug she wanted in that day, shove it in and send him on his way. Most nights she should remove the plug before bed. When they fucked, she would usually plug him back up afterwards, always with a bigger plug though to keep his hole extra loose. On one particularly sadistic outing she had kept him plugged for 72 straight hours. It took his sphincter a few hours to close after that one, he had loved every second of the experience.

The plugs brought him so much mental peace. If his work ever gave him anxiety, he would squeeze his butthole a few times to reassure himself that Diane was there, inside him, guiding him along. It became almost a nervous tic, the way that some people fidget with their hands he would fidget with his butthole, gently suckling the plug around in his butt. He would feel his sphincter tighten then loosen around the neck of the toy. He would feel a soft, gentle caress on his prostate; he felt full, content.

He was experiencing other changes as well. His cock had been locked in its cage for nearly six straight months. Diane removed the cage for him to wash once every three days but after a minute or two of washing in cold water he went straight back to being locked up. In the beginning he felt his cock sometimes istanbul seks hikayeleri try to get erect, he felt it struggle against the cage. The cage won though, his little dick never came close to victory. His tiny cock had never been much to begin with, just four inches when full erect. He estimated that he his cock had been less than a one-inch nub for its entire time locked up. This didn’t bother him in the slightest. He had long-since realized that his cock wasn’t ever going to give him true pleasure. Thomas would prefer a big buttplug stretching his ass to a hardon every time. The cage just made it easier for his brain, he was never confused on where his sexual pleasure was coming from, his butt was his only sex organ.

His balls, on the other hand, had grown significantly. The drugs Diane had gotten for him had turned his semen production onto overdrive. His prostate was constantly swollen, his balls made gigantic loads of cum. Most of this cum was milked from his ass by Diane’s beautiful cocks at their regular fuckings, but between the plugs and his mass production he was leaking most of the time. He even had needed to buy special underwear, ones that kept his cage in place, kept his balls tight to his body and absorbed the fluid that periodically leaked out of his pathetic nub. Diane called it his ‘discharge’. The thong style slid tightly up his ass crack, hugging the base of whatever plug he wore. While at home, these panties were usually the only thing that he wore. Occasionally he would need to put on a shirt for a video call, but he quickly became more comfortable with as few clothes on as possible.

He loved the duality of his situation. On the one hand, his cock was a useless ornament locked inside a cage. On the other hand, it was the faucet that leaked out the loads that Diane fucked from him. His cock just fulfilled a function, it didn’t exist for any kind of pleasure. In his everyday performance, he was masculine and loved it. Not the beat-your-chest alpha bro you see at the gym or brokering stock, but the classic, reliable guy next door. He squared that perfectly in his own mind with being a total anal-only-slut. His cock was not his manliness, and his manliness didn’t come from his cock.

Going out in public the first few times felt very strange. A few months in, they decided that it was finally time to face the world as their true selves, so Diane took Thomas out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Beneath her dress, Diane wore her harness and a meaty 8.5” Mr. Limpy packer. Under his pants, Thomas could feel his cage compressed in his special underpants, a good sized remote-control buttplug occupied his ass. The battery could last for more than two hours and Diane kept it humming until the battery ran out of juice.

At first, each of them was paranoid that the entire world would find out, that they would judge them as freaks and chase them from the restaurant. The truth was that no one cared to notice. If someone had seen a little bulge in Diane’s dress, they would just assume that the fabric was wrinkled in a weird way. If someone saw a bulge in Thomas’ pants, they would probably just (incorrectly) assume that he was pretty well endowed. The truth was that everyone was pretty focused on their own lives, not paying much attention to the normal looking couple in the corner booth. Their dinner had been a nice, normal date. The kind of thing that any couple would love, provided that that couple really loved anal. It ended with a mid-night quickie, they fell asleep with Diane spooning her husband, the tip of her cock nestled ever so slightly inside her husband’s butthole, physically linking them together as they slept.

They truly had settled into a very happy life. Friends, family, rewarding careers, and an electrifying sex life. It was everything that Diane always knew she wanted and everything that Thomas had discovered was what he needed.

Diane spent weeks hinting to Thomas that she was going to do something extra special for the 6-month anniversary of Thomas’ locking. To that end, he was not surprised at all when his wife told him that he would need to expand his daily routine today. First, he would need to give himself a very very thorough enema. Between the regular douching and some changes to his diet they had never had a real problem with his cleanliness. Today, however, Diane was planning on going much deeper inside him than she ever had before and wanted him totally cleared out.

Second, Diane had done everything she could to build his sexual tension as much as possible. She didn’t fuck his butt for a full-week before their special date. The cum buildup was very impressive, he would be able to fill a jug fully of his sissy-milk. For a few days leading up to it, she didn’t even let him take a plug in his ass. Thomas knew that this was what his wife wanted so he acquiesced easily, but his anus was very lonely without a constant companion. Diane said aloud that this was to “tighten” him up a bit. They both knew that it was really to make him desperate; at this point his sphincter would never be tight ever again.

When the day finally arrived, Thomas woke up early to clean himself. He prepared the enema bag, inserted and inflated the bardex-style nozzle, and let the flow in. This was the first thing he had in his ass in days and almost instantly a small stream began to flow from his cage. The gentle flow of water and the inflation of the nozzle on either side of his sphincter was enough to start driving him wild. He did his best to calm the sensations, he was saving himself for Diane. For about an hour this was his ritual. He got the water in, expelled it, then repeated. By the end he was pretty sure that his insides could have passed a restaurant inspection. He felt very empty. No food inside him, no cocks or plugs. Just an empty butt waiting for whatever Diane had in store.

When he was done, he emerged from the bathroom to find suitcases on the bed. He glanced over at their shelves of sex toys and saw that many of them were missing. Evidently, they were going somewhere and Diane wanted to be prepared. At that exact moment, his wife confidently walked into the room. She was naked except for her harness. Strapped in place was a floppy 9 incher with big full balls underneath. The flesh tone matched her skin perfectly. This was a common dildo for her to wear around the house. She liked how it flopped and bounced while she walked, how she had to spread her legs wide whenever she sat down to accommodate its giant presence. She liked how Thomas fixated on it when he thought she wasn’t looking.

She walked up to him and took his tiny, caged dicklet in one hand and her massive cock in the other. “Do you ever regret giving up this” she jiggled his cage “for this?” she wagged the cock.

“Not for a second my love.” The answer was instantaneous and sincere. “Now where are we going? I’m really in the dark on this one.”

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprised now would it!” She let go of his cage but kept her other hand on her own cock, stroking it ever so slightly. He knew that she was doing this just to get a rise out of him. He salivated with anticipation; for most men their sexual arousal may send a signal to their cocks to get hard, for Thomas he just felt his butthole clenching and unclenching, his flaccid little member continuing its deep sleep.

They got dressed, loaded up the car and Diane kicked it to life. She backed out of their driveway and sped off into the cool-autumn morning. After about 90 minutes of driving along country roads she started to slow and eventually pulled off the road into a parking lot. She told him to stay in the car and walked into the one building in sight. Thomas was dying with impatience. His panties were wet with leaked cum, his anus was empty, and he had no idea where they were. He sat patiently, doing his best to take in the splendor of the autumn foliage but mostly thinking about his butt.

After a few minutes Diane returned, turned the car back on, and directed it down a very small path. After several minutes of driving they came across a single cabin. “TA DAH!” She grinned from ear to ear. Thomas didn’t know what he was looking at. “What is”.. where?.. why?” His confusion kept him from asking complete questions.

“We’re going glamping! We have this nice little luxury cabin all to ourselves for the next five days. In fact, I don’t think that there is another soul within a mile of this here location. Perfect for when a certain little buttslut is screaming his head off.” It finally dawned on Thomas what this all was. For the next five days there was going to be nothing but anal. No work, no distractions, no neighbors. He didn’t even get cell service. It would be a 100% anal experience. “Best of all, the owner of this place is, shall we say, a friend in the community so he was able to hook us up with some very special amenities. C’mon, let’s check it out!”

She practically jumped from the car and raced towards the door. Thomas decided that their bags were safe in the car and followed. Inside he was amazed at what he saw. In one corner, a medical examiners chair with stirrups. In another area a saw horse. He saw some sort of box with a big oval cut out of the side and two small holes at the bottom, he suspected that that one was for sticking his ass and feet out while he was locked inside. His gaze finally fell on a swing that hung from the beamed ceiling. Everything was spotless and disinfected. It was a perverts paradise.

“There are a lot of things I’m going to do to your butt here, Thomas. First things first though, get out of those clothes.” He was naked in an instant. She pushed him towards the swing, finally pushing him backwards into its waiting straps. Before he knew what was happening, she started to fasten restraints around his hands and ankles. He was locked in place, legs up, arms stretched, and full anal access for Diane. She took a moment to look at his anus. A few months ago, it was so taut and pristine. It didn’t look too different now, his balloon knot always tightened itself eventually after their play sessions. The difference came when she gently touched one finger to his anus. The ever so delicate sensation caused it to start opening and loosening. He wasn’t gaping, but she could tell that this sphincter would accommodate a lot very quickly. “Don’t go anywhere, I need to go grab some tools.” She laughed at her own joke, Thomas whimpered when the finger went away. It wasn’t much, but he would do anything for just the slightest anal stimulation right now.

A few minutes passed and Diane returned with one of their bags. She put it out of his line of sight and started rooting around. Finally, she seemed to find everything she was looking for. He heard unfamiliar sounds and tried to crane his neck to take a look. Suddenly he was aware that she was behind him. He felt a gag being put in his mouth, it was cock shaped and a few inches long, depressing his tongue in place. She fastened straps behind his head, locking the gag in place. He felt something on his left hand. He took hold of it, it felt like a smooth rock.

Diane walked in front of him so he could finally see what she was up to. Her hands and arms were garbed in elbow-length, black gloves. She wore a thigh-length, shiny, black, PVC apron, it tented around the cock she had strapped on underneath. “What do you think?”

He garbled something in response, his mouth totally occupied by his cock-gag. “Good, I was hoping that that would be your only response. Today I’m really going to use your hole and I don’t want any distractions out of that mouth of yours. I have not blindfolded you yet, but I will in a moment, I just wanted you to get a look at what I was wearing. Oh, and that paperweight in your hand, drop it if you need to stop for any reason. You’re going to be a bound, gagged, fuckhole, but I still want to know if anything is wrong. Do you agree to this?” Thomas nodded emphatically. He gripped the rock tightly; he didn’t want to give any impression that he was uncomfortable.

With that Diane disappeared behind him again. He heard her hefting a toy and returned. She dropped what had to be the largest sex toy he had ever seen on his abdomen. It was fairly thin, but from his position it seemed like it was more than 40 inches long. From the bronze color he immediately recognized it as a square-peg toy. “This is why I had you clean yourself so well, I’m going to snake your colon. This little guy is 52 inches tip to base. It’s going to worm it’s way far up inside you, farther than I’ve ever been before.”

She wanted the gravity of this toy to sink in. She laid the base down by his cage and balls and unwound its length entirely. By the time it was straightened out it nearly reached his neck. She lowered her voice to a sensual, raspy whisper. “If you feel something in your throat, that’s me coming up through your ass. I’m going to get this so far inside you that I’ll be bashing its tip against the dong in you’re gagging on right now.” With that she produced a blindfold out of nowhere, secured it behind his head and plunged him into darkness. He felt something at his cage. For a moment he thought that she may be releasing him. Without sight he could not be sure what was happening to his little weenie, but he was sure that Diane had some kind of plan.

Thomas was in a predicament. He was bound, gagged, blindfolding and about to take a snake up his ass. It was a wonderful scenario. His cock oozed its little cummies out in anticipation. In no time flat he started to feel something knocking at his sphincter door. The toy quickly won that battle, its lubed tip quickly overpowering his loose anus. It was not a battle he was trying to win; in fact he welcomed the invader into him. He wanted it to conquer his insides. For the first time in a few days, he felt at ease with the world. He was stretched, he was bound, he belonged to Diane and her toys.

The pronounced tip of the snake was a good feature. He would feel exactly how far the dildo was reaching into his butt. It passed his prostate, he felt it plow forward and the length of the cock slither along his swollen p-spot. His leaky cock became a faucet. After a week without cumming it took a mere 30 seconds for him to start releasing his milky fluid en masse. Normally at this time he would start to feel his cummies start to drip all over him. When they played in doggy style he needed to lay a towel down, not for any ass-juices but to catch the ungodly loads that his wife fucked out of his ass. On his back he should be soaked, his pubic hair a sticky mess of white cum, his balls drenched in their own fluid. He felt none of that and truly wondered what Diane had done to his cage.

At this point he could tell that the snake was about 7 inches inside of him. He felt fairly full. Doing the math, he nearly fainted when he realized that he had another 45 inches to go. ‘At least it’s thin’ he thought to himself. ‘Scratch that. I’d take a thick one too.’ He felt the dildo stop briefly. Diane was probably waiting, double-checking that she was clear to go deeper. His head nodded slightly. It wasn’t a conscious gesture; it was an animalistic need at this point. His head rolled back, his entire body relaxed.

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