Enema and anal play loving g/f…


In my early years, from aged 17 or so I got really involved with a very nice young lady who at the time was only 15 and after a few weeks of very heavy petting for both of us ie; fingering, sucking & licking each other etc etc I reached around her and rubbed her puckered and very hairy tiny little rosebud and she screamed, went rigid and fainted.
I thought I had hurt her in some way but when she came too she asked me ‘What happened?’ and I said ‘I touched your rosebud you screamed, went rigid and fainted through a huge cum’ and she just said ‘Wow, that has never happened before’ and I said ‘Well you are only fifteen and I bet no boy has ever touched your butt hole before’.
‘That is true’ she said, and asked me ‘Would you like to do that to me again?’ and I said ‘Of course I would’ so we got onto my bed and I told her ‘Get on to your hands and knees with your legs spread wide apart’, then I got behind her and started to lick her hairy little arse hole and she did the same as before, screamed went rigid and fainted.
When she came too again I said ‘Now we know exactly what turns you on and that is, you have an over sensitive arse hole’ and she asked me ‘Is that a good thing? and I told her ‘It was for me and would be even better if you trust me enough to use your arse hole in our sex play’ and she said ‘After the reaction I got from you playing with my arse hole then the answer is yes’.
I asked her ‘Could you spend the week-end with me at my house as my mum is at her sisters so we have the house to ourselves?’ and she jumped of the bed and kissed me and said ‘Yes, I will just tell my mum I am staying with my friend for the week-end’ and then she asked me ‘What should I pack for the stay?’ and I told her ‘Come as you are ( she was wearing a very short, very thin and extremely light summery micro mini dress) except for your underwear because you won’t be wearing any from now on whether you are with me or not, and later on before you leave my flat to catch your bus, put your pants & bra back on and when you are then standing at my bin outside, take them off again and put them in the bin, and remember to lift your skirt at the back so that you are ALWAYS sitting bare arsed on the bus and always only ever wear your high heeled slip on sandals too’.
Carol went home to tell her mum about her stay over at her friends house and came back to my house about an hour later and the first thing she said was ‘I am REALLY bursting for the toilet’ and I asked her if it was a


and she said ‘Both’ and I said ‘Good, but keep it in until I tell you to go’ and she looked at me with a little smile and asked me ‘Is this part of our arse hole play time?’ and I said ‘Of course’, then she bent her knees to bend down to pick her bag up off the floor and I told her ‘Drop it’ then I showed her how to bend for my benefit which Sex hikayeleri was with her legs straight and then bend over from the waist and she did and I could see the hair in her butt crack sticking out like a bush.
I grabbed a handful of her arse hole hair and pulled her very slowly backwards to the mirror so that she could see her arse the same way I saw it and she asked me ‘Do you like my arse being so hairy?’ and I said ‘Yes it is lovely because it is your hairy arse’ and she laughed and said ‘Well if you love it then I love it too, although I am glad you love it as I did not want to shave down there anyway and now I look very like my mum who is very hairy all over but especially down there too’.
When she said that I told her ‘For as long as we are together you will never be shaving any hair off from anywhere on your body’ then I took her straight to bed before she had time to empty her bowels and soon she was filthy because I was shagging her arse when she was really needing to have a piss and a shit and the sex was all the more powerful…
After about 6 months of my playing with her arse hole, we had got to the stage where we were having anal sex all the time, and I was fisting her arse a lot and she said ‘I love the feeling I get when you shoot your cum up my arse and then shove your fist right up my arse too and then move it around with all your cum up there too’ and I told her ‘I could make those feelings even stronger’ and she did not even ask me how but just said ‘Ok go for it’ and the next morning we went to a sex aid supply store as we were shopping for an enema kit.
The store we chose was a good few miles from where we lived so that we could enjoy each others company without having to keep looking to see if anyone knew us, the guy in the store was very helpful and showed us as many bags, pipes and nozzles we wanted to look at and asked us ‘Who is the stuff for?’ and Carol said ‘It’s for me’ and the guy didn’t bat an eyelid and just asked ‘What size of nozzle would you like’ and Carol bent over, with her back to the guy to pick up her bag and piped up ‘The biggest one you have’ and she laughed and the guy laughed too and made up a bag full of toys for us and we left the store…
When we got back home and we were getting out of the car I said to Carol, ‘STRIP OFF’ and she took off her dress right there and then and walked really slowly across the car park and in to the house and straight to the toilet and waited for me to bring the enema bag and all the other stuff and when I got to the toilet she was bent double over the bath and said ‘Go for it now I am so horny and I really need you to shove that huge nozzle up my arse and fill my bowels with ice cold water’ and I set up the 2 quart enema bag with cold water, shoved that big nozzle up her arse hole and turned the water on, Sikiş hikayeleri quite fast to start with and when the bag was half empty slowed the flow down and as this was happening I looked at her belly which was so swollen she looked about three months pregnant.
Eventually the bag was empty and I said to her ‘Well that’s it, you have half a gallon of water up inside your bowels’ and she said ‘Fill the bag again, please’ so I took the bag down and filled it again, hung it back up again and let the flow start fast at the start and slowed it down when the bag was half empty and when the bag was empty again she looked as if she was six months pregnant, Carol told me to fill the bag once more, and when it was empty for the third time she really looked as if she was about to give birth and asked me ‘Do you have a butt plug, because I want to keep this 6 quarts of ice cold water in my bowels for as long as I can’ and I said ‘I have one but the last woman to use it was my mum and her arse hole is a lot bigger than yours’ and she said ‘Try it anyway, please’ so I went and got the butt plug from my mum’s dressing table drawer and went to the the toilet and asked Carol ‘Do you want to see the size of the plug which I am going to shove up your arse?’ and she said ‘No just do it’ so I told her ‘Clench your bum hole to keep as much water in you as you can until I get the nozzle out and the butt plug in your bum’ and I slowly pulled the nozzle out and replaced it right away with the butt plug and just as I got the plug fully in to her bum she screamed, went rigid and fainted.
When she came too AGAIN she was lying on her back on the bed (where I had put her when she passed out) and couldn’t see me sitting at the foot of the bed, because of her swollen belly and asked me ‘Are you there’ and I stood up and said ‘Where else would I be and can I just say you look amazing lying there and looking very pregnant, shall we go for some lunch?’ and Carol just said ‘If you don’t mind being seen with me when I am like this then I don’t mind being seen with you when I am like this but will I be able to walk being as full of water as I am?
‘Let’s try’ I said and helped her to her feet, ‘Oh my god I look enormous, let me see if I can even walk like this’ and she did walk, well waddle really but she could move under her own power.
I said ‘That’s good that you can move ok it’s not easy but you can do it, lets go for lunch’ and she tried to bend down to pick her dress up off the floor but couldn’t because of her huge belly so she had to squat down and of course she did so facing me this time so that I could see all of the base of that enormous butt plug sticking out just an inch from her hairy arse hole and then she tried her dress on but it would not go over her huge bump so I said ‘I guess we will be going shopping for a suitable Erotik hikaye dress for you then, just put my jacket on until we get the dress’
Now my jacket was long on me but I am at least a foot taller than Carol so when she put my jacket on it barely reached her thighs, in fact I got down on my hands and knees so that I could see her straight on as it were and I could see her pubic hair hanging down and said ‘You are perfect, let’s go’ and off we went to a maternity store a few miles away to get Carol a suitable dress.
In the store we asked an assistant for help and she showed us a few dresses and Carol took them into the changing room and came out and showed each dress on her, and eventually we chose a really short summery, extremely thin cheese cloth type of material dress which had a single magnetic clasp to fasten it with a 3″ wrap over at the front which just covered the bump but still showed plenty of her very sexy body and a lot of her untanned, almost Alabaster like flesh.
Carol told the girl ‘I will take this one and keep it on’ and the girl asked her ‘How long before you have your baby? and Carol told her she wasn’t pregnant and that she was swollen because she had 6 quarts of freezing water in her bowels which was being held in by a huge butt plug and then turned to face away from the girl and bent over at the waist to show the girl her butt plug.
The girl seemed to be in a daze and just asked, ‘Do you want a bag to carry your old dress home in?’ and Carol said ‘No thanks I didn’t have a dress on when I came in, but thank you’ and we left the store and went for a coffee.
Carol said ‘I hope I don’t leak when I sit down’ and I said ‘It’s ok I have wet wipes to clean the seat before you sit down but make sure you lift the back of your dress up as you sit and then your bare arse will be on the seat’
After we finished our coffee we got up from our seat and we both saw a little pool of dirty water on Carol’s seat, which I wiped off, then we headed for home.
When we got home Carol said ‘I am so horny again and I have had at least a dozen small cum’s since we left the house but I am needing a proper long hard cum and as soon as possible’ so I led her to the toilet and told her ‘Stand in the bath and bend over as far as you can for me’ she did and I stood behind her and told her ‘Clench your bum again and as I pull the plug out I will replace it as fast as I can with my prick’ and as soon as I pulled the plug out she started to spray water everywhere and I shoved my rock-solid prick up her arse as hard as I could and about fifteen minutes later we both came as hard as we ever have, we did end up with shitty water everywhere in the bathroom but that shag was among the truly great shags of ALL time for us…
Not too bad when you know we are still doing the same stuff and are now both in our 60’s and still going strong, yes life is good and Carol can now take much more than 8 quarts (equal to more than two whole gallons) of ice cold water up her arse, but that is another story…

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