Enslaved Chapter 18


Enslaved Chapter 18A short while after, having performed the service required of her, Melissa was taken away… again on the collar and chain, and by Miss Judith. Quentin knew well the bare cell she would be taken to, with its two plank beds and shackles, to wait the time she would be required for some other duty.it was the cell which Julia also occupied.Waddling across the cabin, Quentin poured himself a long brandy and soda, then seated himself on the edge of the bed.Julia remained precisely where she had always been, waiting tensely.“Mmmm… I enjoyed that,” said Quentin, sipping his drink. “Melissa is a girl who knows how to use her arse.”He felt very buoyant. Not in the least tired. Those ‘boosters’ were really miraculous. His immediate lust had been slaked and he could look upon Julia a little more dispassionately. And perhaps have a different kind of fun.He wondered how the girl felt at what she had just witnessed. Though he might be the last thing she wanted, it must have been galling, in a way, to have built oneself up with such agonising effort to submit… only to be told you were not wanted! In fact, that another woman was preferred.“You remember what I said just now?” he asked.“Yes… M-Master…” nodded Julia. Her voice sounded dry.“It means,” went on Quentin, “that I shall be changing that chain about your waist from silver to gold. I expect you’ll be glad about that.”“Yes, Master,” agreed Julia, shuddering convulsively.Quentin smiled indulgently, continuing to sip his brandy. He felt very, very good. What a thing it was to have complete power of a young woman!“Have you anything to say to me, Julia?” he enquired. “I don’t mean the formal things a slave has to say. But anything else? I shan’t punish you for insolence, or anything like that. Just be frank, Julia.”He saw the girl’s cheek twitch. it was a nervous tic she seemed to have acquired since coming aboard the ‘Paradise’. He realised it indicated some special emotion she felt or effort of control she had to make. Maybe being told he wouldn’t punish her for being ‘insolent’ had something to dowith it. Or possibly the very fact that she had been given permission to say something more than the mere formalities or servitude.“Y-yes, Master… I… I have…” said Julia, after Julia, after quite a prolonged silence.“Go ahead then,” smiled Quentin.“I… I realise I am now your s-slave, Mater,” said Julia, in that same dry hesitant voice, “and… and… I will do anything you ask of me… anything… I have been trained to it…”“I know that,” nodded Quentin, “So?”Julia’s once haughty features crumpled, tears burst out of her eyes. “But… M-Master…” she sobbed, “f-for… mmmff… p-pity sake… mmmfff… mmmff… take me off this… ddreadful ship…!” The desperation in Julia’s voice transferred itself to her body. Suddenly she flung herself forward, clasping Quentin’s ankles, grovelling before him as she kissed his feet. “I… beg you, Master! Ooooh… I beg you… I implore you, Master… take me anywhere… mmfff… mmff… keep me anywhere… but. mmmfff… but not on this a-awful ship…”Quentin made no comment about Julia altering her posture without permission. It was simply Heaven to have her down there, kissing his feet and begging so frantically. He just let her go on doing it. It seemed impossible this was the same Julia Chant he had once known.“Cruising the Pacific doesn’t take your fancy then, Julia?” he remarked with heavy irony.Julia raised a tear-stained face. “Master… I b-beseech You… you don’t know what they d-do to me… what they mmake me d-do… for God’s sake t-take me away…!”“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what they do to you,” said Quentin. “It was outlined to me… and demonstrated to me… when I first visited the ‘Paradise’. Also, I have heard some DVDs they made of you. Kneel up again slave. I think I’ll refresh my memory with one or two of them.”Breasts heaving with her sobs, Julia forced herself back into her original submissive posture. Oh how could this monster disregard her pleas? Everything had been done to her that he had wanted. She had been broken. Could he not see that she was at the end of her tether? And now she was going to have to re-live some of her own sufferings! Agonies of mind and body that were of his making!Quentin pressed down the switch of the cassette-holder on the bedside table.Recording of Julia Chant (said a woman’s flat voice) aged 22, property of Q.O., made in the Punishment Room during early weeks of training. (High-pitched whimpering sounds of terror followed by Miss Judith’s voice) “Julia on Report, Ma’am!”(Madame Vesta’s voice) “I know about this matter, of course, Miss Judith”.“Yes, Ma’am…”“A serious offence of course. Most serious. But we must make allowances for Julia’s inexperience.”“I suppose so, Ma’am.”(A babbling scream from Julia, then Madame Vesta speaks again) “You will receive eighteen strokes of the cane, slave (Louder and more terrible screams)… and while you are getting them, I want you to remember one thing! If ever you are guilty of disobedience nevşehir escort of that nature again, you will getthirty six!”Quentin’s eyes were fixed on Julia’s face… watching the play of emotions passing over them… seeing her mouth quiver and her cheek twitch as memories so terrible flooded back. He switched off the DVD.“What was that disobedience, Julia?” he asked.The lovely breasts heaved with even deeper sobs. “I.. I think mmmfff… mmfff.. M-Master… I wouldn’t kneel… and… and sh-show myself… mfff… to a gentleman… it… it was on the deck…”Quentin smiled understandingly. “Well, you do it right away when you’re told to now, don’t you?”“Y-Yer… ess… Master…” choked Julia.Quentin pressed the switch of the DVD-player again.(The sound of Julia babbling, begging and screaming even more loudly. Madame Vesta’s voice comes over the noise)“Ahmed… bring up the whipping pillory. Jason… you will put this disobedient wretch into it! … You. Miss Judith, will administer the punishment. Use a four-foot-six, mediumweight rod.”“Yes, Ma’am…”(The sudden sounds of violent movements, gasps and shrieks)“Hey… come back, my beauty…!”“Get her, Jason…!”“Sure thing, Ma’am…”(Scampering feet, cries and shouts. Julia is heard above all) “No… oh… no… no… NO… OOO… No… OOO!”“Got you my pretty one!”(A hand slapping flesh) “NO.. OOO.. NO.. OOO!”“You will receive six extra strokes for resistance, slave.”(Julia’s awful shrieks and pleas continue… and there is much clanking and banging as the whipping pillory is moved into position and she is fastened into it. The high-pitched sound of a rod being swished is heard) “Alright, Miss Judith… begin please…!”(The sound of the swishing rod again, but louder and more vicious this time… followed by the sound of it biting into flesh. An agonised, gasping scream for Julia. A five second interval… and the sounds are repeated. Julia’s awful screams grow more ear-splitting as the caning proceeds. After some dozen strokes, Julia’s vocal cords break down under the strain. As each stroke now falls, piping, croaking and rattling sounds come from her throat… and a noise that is something like the hissing sound made by a steam train).Quentin switched off the DVD-player after twenty fourth stroke had fallen. Julia’s eyes were closed and she was swaying a little form side to side. For a moment, Quentin though she would faint and, but for the stimulant injection she would have received before being sent to him, no doubt she would have done.“So you see, Julia,” he said. “I do know what they do to you here. I have some other tapes, would you like to hear those, too?”Julia opened her tear-filled eyes. The anguish in them was indescribable.Quentin was not moved by the sight; he simply enjoyed it.“H-Have… mercy, Master” whispered Julia, “please… please… no…”“Perhaps a little later,” said Quentin. “There really are some most entertaining ones. Like when you were made to suck Ahmed’s cock for the first time. Miss Judith gave you a pretty sore backside before you could make yourself do it, eh? Still, you’ve done it plenty of times since, I’ve no doubt.”“Yes, Master…”“Jason’s too?”“Yes, Master…”“But not mine yet.”“No, Master… but… but I would be honoured to…”“Naturally,” replied Quentin with the blandness of a man in full control and who also had been recently well satisfied.“Now, Julia, you were saying something about my taking you off this ship…”“Yes… ooohh… yes, Master… please… ooohhh… please take me off it!”“That presents certain difficulties, Julia. In the first place, you would try to escape…”“NO… OOO! Master… I swear I wouldn’t I S-SWEAR IT! I’d sat… I’d be your slave… I do anything… anything…”“You keep on saying that,” smiled Quentin indulgently. “But it presents problems.”Julia was trembling violently in her agitation. The fact that Quentin was actually considering her request was something quite incredible to her. Once more she flung herself forward and grovelled she clasped and kissed his feet.“Master… please… lock me up….. chain me… do anything you wish… but OOOHHH… for mercy’s sake… TAKE ME WITH YOU!”Quentin was smiling as he looked down at the prostrate, naked figure before him… What a body it was! And this was Julia Chant… actually begging him to lock her up somewhere and do whatever he liked with her! Quite… oh quite… remarkable. Music to his ears; balm to his soul. Oh how low were the mighty fallen!“Kneel up, Julia” he said. “I can’t go on overlooking these undisciplined actions of yours.”“I… I… agh… I beg pardon, Master…” Julia returned to her kneeling position, breasts thrusting fulsomely.“There is another problem, Julia,” said Quentin suavely. “You see… I’m engaged to get married. My future wife may not approve of you. After all, you’d have to serve her too.”A stunned expression transformed Julia’s features. She suddenly looked even more defeated.“Y-You’re f-future w-wife…?” she stammered.“That’s right,” said Quentin niğde escort coolly. “She knows all about you of course. But she’d want to come and inspect you. To see if she thinks you’re worthy to be my slave. And hers…”Julia gulped and shuddered, head drooping. “Master,” she said in a low semi-controlled voice, “I would be honoured to serve any wife of yours…”“Naturally,” answered Quentin briskly. “The point is, does she want you to serve her, Julia? That’s the problem.”Oh how matter-of-fact he was! As if he were at some board meeting discussing a client’s likes and dislikes.“M-Master… you asked me to… to speak… and, again I beg you to take me with you… as your slave… oohh Master…”“I shall consider the matter, Julia. And discuss it with my fiancee,” said Quentin perfunctorily.“Thank you, Master,” said Julia with cringing humility. “And… how soon will I know?”Quentin’s face hardened. “Don’t ask me stupid questions, girl,” he snapped. “In fact, I withdraw permission for you to ask any more questions. You will learn whether you stay on this ship or come with me when I decide you will learn. Is that understood?”“Y-Yes… Master,” whispered Julia abjectly. Yet there was a minuscule of hope in her heart. Incredible as it may seem, she now considered it preferable to serve Quentin Osman (and his future wife) than to stay on the ‘Paradise’ under the iron discipline of Madame Vesta and her aides. Well, perhaps she was right about that. But how could she besure? Naturally, she could not!It was that, at the moment, anything seemed preferable to staying for an indefinite period aboard that Hell-ship!“Stand up, slave!” ordered Quentin.Julia rose, long-limbed and curvaceous, black hair falling richly to her shoulders, but the Mound of Venus fleshly smooth. A thrusting provocative mound. Quentin got up off the bed and begun to rub his hand over the body he owned. Breasts, back, buttocks, thighs… and that succulent mound.His fingers played and delved. His… all his!“I expect you’d like a fuck,” said Quentin. “As I said earlier, it’s been a long time.”“Yes, Master,” answered Julia tremulously. She pressed herself close to the flabby body, determining in her mind to please this brute to the limit of her capabilities. That was it might help to ensure he took her with him.“Oh not me, girl,” said Quentin casually. “I told you, I don’t fancy you all that much these days. So I’m going to arrange to have Ahmed and Jason come up here… and fuck you. One after the other. While I watch.”The wretched Julia’s features dissolved once more. Tears flowed, her head drooped. “Ooohhh… no… oooo…” she sobbed.“What do you mean Oh… no…?” demanded Quentin, in sudden seeming anger.“M-Master… I… I…”“You should be glad… an honoured… to have those two black heavy-weights on the job.”“I am… I am… M-Master!” Julia had realised the error of her initial protest and was quickly trying to make amends. “I want… to be f-fucked by them… both of them… I… I’d love it!”Quentin gripped Julia by her hair. “Slave,” he said, “you made a slip didn’t you? I know. Your first reactions at the news were your real ones…”“No… NO… Master!”Quentin slapped the girl’s face. Left and right… left and right. Stinging, head-jerking slaps. “Don’t lie to me, you bitch!”“No… I swear…”Slappp… slappp… slaappp… slapppp!“Please… please… M-Master…”“Julia… you know a slave does not lie to her Master.”“I.. I know, Master…”“And what if she does?”“She is punished, Master. Deservedly…”“And you lied to me, Julia.”“P-Plee… eease… Master…”“Yes… or… no… Julia?”“Master… I didn’t mean…”A stinging slap on Julia’s bottom… and then another.“Yes or no, Julia?”“Yes… Master… I suppose… a little… yes, Master…”“Uh-uh. And what happens to a slave who lies, Julia?”“She… she is p-punished, Master.”“So now you will be punished by me, Julia. For the very first time. By me personally, that is. But not, I am sure, for the last time.”Julia’s throat worked; she was trembling violently. She had always known and dreaded this moment. Now it had come. Quentin was about to thrash her.“Master… if I deserve your punishment…”“If? You do deserve it!”“Yes… Master…” agreed Julia. “And… and… I will accept your punishment… and. th-thank you… f-for correcting me…”Quentin went to the drawer of the dressing table and opened it. There within were a multitude of minor corrective instruments… straps, tawses, canes, riding switches and so on. He took out a fairly lightweight cane with a hooked handle.That would be adequate to start with, he told himself.Running the smooth wood through his figures and flexing the cane lovingly, Quentin turned back to Julia. It was a most beautiful moment. One which, not so many months before, he could never imagined possible in his wildest dreams. Nor, naturally, could Julia.Julia went down with the speed and precision of a guardsman on parade. Her palms flat, her nose to the carpet, her bottom thrust up to the maximum.Quentin surveyed escort bayan it with relish. How often it had been made to squirm on his account… now he would see it for himself! “Excellent…” he breathed, tapping the lush flesh with the tip of the cane and seeing it quiver delectably.“And now, Julia, I have some news for you,” went on Quentin. “If you do not maintain this posture while I punish you, I will later on have you taken down to the Punishment Room and properly caned by Miss Judith. Is that quite clear?”“Yes… Master…” answered Julia in a muffled voice.She was actually biting into the pile of the carpet. Quentin saw her hands clawing white… and the quick contraction of the nates in dread anticipation.Delicious…“I am giving you a dozen, slave… I think that will suffice on this occasion…”With sadistic delight, Quentin laid on the first stroke, right across the centre of the curvaceous, upthrusting bottom before him. It was not a stroke which had all his strength… but a good, hard, wristy cut all the same.Ssswwweee… eeepppttt!A slim, twin-tracked weal curved across the flesh and Julia’s bottom jerked back and forth, at the same time making a series of tight, little squirming movements. All the same, Julia took the stroke well, biting deeper into the carpet and making only a gasping-grunting sound. Her bottom remained fully thrust up. Quentin gave her another.Ssswweee… eeepppttt!The result was similar… with perhaps the squirming a little more urgent.Again…Ssswwweee… eeepppttt!And still no more than a gasping grunt from Julia as her bottom twisted this way and that… yet all the time presented.Quentin found himself wishing he’d taken a heavier cane… or a riding switch.He hadn’t realised that Julia had become so hardened. Could not have imagined it. He wanted to have her yelling and begging for mercy. Still…Ssswwweee… eeepppttt!“Agh… oww…”That was better. He’d put more beef into that one and Julia had obviously felt it. What a joy it was to make her beautiful bottom squirm so uncontrollably!Ssswwweee… eeepppttt!“Oowww… aagghhh…”Even better! A louder gasp and an even more convulsive series of squirms. Perhaps she was losing control…Ssswweee… eeepppttt!The sixth stroke, cutting into the lush overhang, had Julia squirming right over to one side as her mouth gaped with her breathless gasps.“Keep your bottom up, my girl!” rasped Quentin, “Are you forgetting what I promised you?”“M-Mer… mer… ceee… M-Master…” choked Julia.Her hands and nails clawed more savagely; her teeth renewed their grip on the pile of the carpet.Quentin laid on the final six strokes in fairly quick succession and, although Julia’s hindquarters and writhed frenziedly, and although her gasps became agonised yelps, she somehow managed to keep her bottom thrust up high throughout. It was a remarkable effort of will and fortitude.But then, of course, she had plenty of incentive…With shoulders heaving, with breath rasping, Julia remained kneeling on the floor in the same humiliating posture. Quentin examined the criss-crossing weals – a bright pinkish red… with the very greatest satisfaction. This was his Julia’s bottom he had striped. Even in that moment, it still scarcely seemed possible.“Anything to say, slave?”“Th-Thank… you… mmff… ugh… ugh… for ccorrecting… m-me… Master…”“If you ever lie to me again, Julia, I shall be far more severe.”“Yes… M-Master… I would deserve it, Master…”Quentin grinned. There was true submission for you! He strolled over and replaced the cane in the drawer. It had been a relatively mild punishment compared with most aboard the ‘Paradise’ but Quentin rather doubted if any man had had greater pleasure in giving one!“Stand up, Julia.”Julia got to her feet. Her lips were trembling, her cheeks twitching. No one was more aware than her just how much pleasure Quentin Osman had got from caning her. She fought down the bitter fury in her heart. She could not indulge in it…That way the greatest dangers lay…She had to accept… had to submit…This man was her Master… she his slave…And was it not now her prime object to please him to the utmost and somehow induce him to take her off the ‘Paradise’?In Quentin’s hand she suddenly saw a slim golden chain… and two small keys. In a matter of moments, the silver chain had been removed from her waist and the golden one substituted.The key turned in the tiny padlock.“There,” said Quentin with a little guffaw, “no one can say I am not a generous man. I’m giving you away even before I’ve had you myself! What a jolly decent fellow I am!”He walked across the room and poured himself another long brandy whilst Julia fingered the golden chain, a look of despairing misery on her lovely face. No one could be more aware than her of what it meant.From that moment on, she was the plaything of anyone!Anyone!Quentin lifted the telephone. “I think we’ll have Ahmed and Jason up here!” he said. “My dear girl… you must be simply aching to feel a piece of solid black meat!”His mind went back to former days.How Julia had hated blacks! How they had repelled her! To have them near her was bad enough… but if they touched her…Well, he reckoned, it was doubtful if she had changed much. If at all. Mark you… that would not be the impression she would have to give!

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