Episode 1 – Mom, I Want to Make Love to My Sister


My eyes were still closed but I could tell it was morning from the sound of birds chirping outside my window, when I felt her fingers trace across the skin of my bare upper body. She tapped and slid her nervous fingers down my sides as though trying to decide whether to wake me or…“Hey,” I turned around on the bed, to face my older sister, “What’s happening with you, what’re you doing?”This was now the second time she had done something like this. The first time it was her fingers though my hair, while I had slept at night.At twenty-five, Ellen was older than me by a good seven years. We had been close throughout our childhood, though she had drifted away from my suburban life over the past few years, having taken a job in the city where she had met the love of her life.“I’m sorry, Josh,” she said gingerly, looking away from my eyes and performing a nervous brushing away of her mouse brown hair from across her face, “I just couldn’t stop thinking about… you know, what I saw. About you and mom…”“Ellen!” I was alarmed. I had hoped she was too drunk to realize what she had seen two nights prior, when upon returning from a reunion party of suburban friends, she had drifted into my mother’s bedroom late at night.“You mustn’t speak about that Ellen,” I implored to her good sense, “I’m sorry you had to see that. You’ve been away at the big city for these past few years. It’s difficult for you to stumble across us like that and understand it all of a sudden.”She had sat down on the bed by my side, legs extended, her back rested against the headboard of the bed. Presumably, she too had just gotten up from bed from the look of her slightly dishevelled hair, and the fact that she was still dressed in her night pyjamas. Yet judging from the dark circles underneath her eyes, it did not seem like she had managed much sleep. She simply stared ahead of her now, with an expression of uncertainty on her face.She sat like that for a bit as though trying to figure out how to express what she felt. It was then that I had the sense to subdue my concerns regarding my own privacy, and realize that Ellen, ever since she had been back, was perhaps the slightest bit transformed. To be honest, I was no longer sure if the subtle change in her was due to some events in her life in the city, or whether it was born out of her finding me in bed, making love to our mom, the first night she was back home for the holidays.She seemed less certain about things now, an aspect of her I had myself scarcely seen, since to me she had always been my much older and confident big sister. I was tempted to attribute the change to her break-up but she had insisted to my mother and I that it was her who had initiated ending the relationship and that too not because of any express fault on the part of her boyfriend. They were just not compatible, she had said.“I do realize, Josh,” she said weighing her words carefully, “that I understand nothing. Do you get that?”“What?”“Do you realize I understand nothing about what I saw?”“Oh,” I said, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. I had hoped to avoid this conversation entirely. Forever. Yet here we were.“Yes, I do,” I replied quietly.“Then, will you fault me for trying to understand a little bit?” she said.“I’d really rather not talk about it, Ellen.”“I see,” she said, with a tinge of sadness, “I understand.”A kaçak iddaa few moments passed in silence.“Would you talk to me about it,” she spoke again, “if I were to… you know… express favourable views on the situation…”“Oh?”“It was so weird…”“I can understand that.”“And almost repulsive to see.”“Repulsive…”“I couldn’t get the visual out of my mind that night, lying drunk on the bed, and I… I touched myself, Josh. A lot.”“Ellen, you don’t need to…”“When I woke up I decided whatever I did I did because I was drunk.”“Yes, that’s it. You were drunk.”“I was. But the feeling stayed, even the next day. It’s almost like I was… jealous as well as excited.”“Jealous of… me?”“Of you both. For sharing something I felt left out of. I don’t know why, I know it’s stupid…”“But you don’t feel… attracted to mom?”“Will you tell me what you like about her when you… you know think of her like that?”“Really Ellen, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t think you’d understand anyway…”“You’re wrong. I do,” she said defiantly all of a sudden. There was a quiet flare in her tired eyes.“I understand it. It feels rather intimate, doesn’t it, Josh? To be with mom in bed, without clothes… her comforting you, touching your naked body, attending to your pleasure points, making everything just so easy and free of any stress. And on top of it, it’s so very wrong!”“What are you doing?”“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?”“What?”“What you like about her, physically?”I had never seen Ellen like this. Although to be fair, she had probably never seen me that way she did now either.“I mean,” I wondered how to explain it, “You remember how we used to say she was the most beautiful woman in the world, growing up… it’s kind of that, but in a… slightly different way now.”“I know what you mean,” she said quietly, “Mom really is a very pretty woman, isn’t she?”“She is.”“You’re not bad either.”“Huh?” I was a bit taken aback by this.“Never mind.”I could not tell if she was blushing or simply being angry with herself for something. I did not know what to say. Should I be complementing her back? Because she was decidedly a very beautiful young woman in her own right. This small new nose ring she sported nowadays made her even more cute somehow.The colour that had risen to her cheeks now suited her very nicely, I thought.“Thanks, Ellen, and you’re not bad either… I mean you’ve grown more mature and… beautiful since you used to live here…” This was probably a painfully awkward thing to say, but when I looked at her I saw a friendly smile flicker across her eyes.“I mean,” she said, “I can see how mom might be… you know… attracted to the idea of being with you.”“Oh!” I searched mind for possible things to say, wondering feverishly about how I myself felt about whatever was happening, “Can you Ellen?”“I…” she looked up to meet my eyes, her hand resting affectionately on my chest, “I can, Josh. I think. I don’t know how it got this way, but does it repulse you?”Nothing could be far from repulsion than the sensation I could feel on my skin where she touched me. Ellen was the kind of woman who had been intensely sexually desirable all through college and her later professional life, and this was something she knew well. She had learnt how to smell desire in men towards her, very easily. Perhaps now, even in her brother.I suppose this gave kaçak bahis her the confidence to put one arm around my shoulder and begin caressing my side with the other.“So it doesn’t repulse you so much,” she said, “Does it, little brother?”“Don’t call me that, Ellen.”“I know it’s crazy Josh, but would you like to do to me, what you do to mom when no one is around?”“Ellen!” I did not know what to do with the emotions she was sending through my mind and body now. I wondered if all the naivety was an act or genuine, but it made her seem all the more desirable suddenly.“Mom could be walking in through that door any moment,” I tried to appeal to her senses again.“And if she does, she’ll see you and me in bed together. It’ll be something she’ll never forget, maybe she will even touch herself thinking about us later…”“What’s gotten into you, Ellen!”But she only smiled looking at me. She could hear the fake-ness in my voice where I had hoped it would be convincing enough. She made a welcoming gesture with her eyes and I slid my hands under her peach pyjama top.It really is quite impossible to describe the sharp, glorious sensation that serenaded my senses soon as I touched her skin beneath her shirt and held her delicate frame in my hands, after years of secretly longing for just that. Her face close to mine expressed how much she enjoyed having me give in. Looking at me like that she made me feel so excited, that I found myself undoing the buttons on her pyjama shirt.Buttons undone, I shamelessly let me gaze caress across her nakedness where the shirt had parted to reveal the lovely smooth skin of her chest, the gentle swell of her full breasts, the curvature of her beautiful stomach down to where the elastic of her pyjama pants dug into her underbelly.“Take it off,” she whispered, “it’ll make me feel so comfortable…”I peeled the shirt off her, watching as though in slow motion as the fabric flicked across her hard nipples to reveal her incredibly hot body. Just the sight of her slender, curving waist sent all the energy in my body rushing to my groin. It was the most delicate of moments: having Ellen sitting beside me like that, entirely topless, her beautiful naked body oozing sexual desire… for me.When we kissed my lips quivered with nervousness. But she clamped down firmly with her lips on mine, and I first relaxed and then felt my lust grow for her. Basking in the warm embrace of her forthright and affectionate kiss, I could feel my older sister regaining the confidence and leadership with which she had treated me all my life. Ellen was naked and hungry for sex. And she wanted it now.I could not help glancing at the soft mound of her perky breasts, my cock stiffening further as I did so. Seeing the lust in my eyes, she had the bedsheet off me in no time. I must have groaned when she tugged at my boxers, for she gave me a wicked, quizzical look. Again, I did not know what to say, so I simply nodded. Smiling she pulled the elastic down across my lower belly, deliberately flicking my erect cock with it on the way. It stood up to attention.Seeing Ellen’s expression as she eyed it gave me butterflies in the pit of my stomach.“That… that’s impressive Josh,” she said to me. My sister looked brazenly delicious now sitting above me with her breasts swaying in the daylight from the window; and yet there was illegal bahis this icky, shameful sensation in the familiarity I shared with her for all those years of growing up together. For the longest time her body, however pretty, had been anything but of sexual interest to me. In my mind, Ellen’s body had not had a sexual identity at all for most of my life knowing her. And so after it suddenly did, and especially now that I had her in front of me, it evoked in me all the more fervent and tender emotions towards her.The familiar curve of her waist, the pretty folds of her navel, her lovely shoulders, all appealed to me in a way that felt raw and shameful. She took my cock, now dripping with pre-cum from desire, peeled the foreskin back and patted my moist, sticky and sensitive pink shaft against her stomach and navel. I felt a motion in my groin and a generous amount of precum trickled out and smeared themselves across her tummy.“Eww… that’s sooo gross,” she mewed in a voice I had never heard before.“Cut it out Ellen,” I protested weakly.“But your cock is dripping and so gross on my tummy, Josh,” she said again, a delicious lilt in her voice lending a sharp edge to the sensuality of the moment, “smearing your sex juices on me… that’s so naughty of you.”“This is so weird Ellen, why are you doing this?”“Is it, Josh? You know, I heard what you said to mom, that night,” she said, her voice sounding the slightest bit husky suddenly.“What?”“Don’t you remember?”“I’ve noticed how you look at your sister,” said mom, as I sat in her lap and sucked on one of her breasts, “You want to get naked with her don’t you, Josh? Have her bare breasts brush against your body.”“Yes, mom,” I said, entirely intoxicated with sexual desire. “You’d like to make love to her if you could?”“Oh mom, I’d love to fuck Ellen… I know it will never happen, but it makes me so hot thinking about it!”Even after everything that had transpired in the past few minutes, I felt stunned into silence all over anew.“It’s alright,” she said, “I liked what you said about me… it kept me awake all night, as I told you. I didn’t get much sleep tonight either.”The damage was done. Ellen knew, and there was no way to take it back. Given everything that had happened, more than panicky, it made me feel free. Ellen knew and she was okay with it.“So, I guess I better do something to you Ellen,” I said to her, “So that you might finally rest satisfied?”“Please Josh,” she said as shamelessly as me, “Would you fix me up, I need it so.”We kissed again, gentler this time, almost lovingly. The tender intimacy of the moment made me feel weak with pleasure. How was this happening to me? I could not imagine how anyone could be more desirable, more lovable than Ellen was right now, sitting topless in my arms.“What is it?” I asked her, seeing her glance towards the door a second time within a few seconds, “You’re hoping mom would walk in, aren’t you?”“How do you think she’ll take it if she did?” A look of uncertainty flickered across her beautiful face.“She heard what I said I wanted to do to you, remember? How do you think she will take it?”She smiled nervously at me.“Come closer to me Ellen,” I said, putting my arms around her smooth back. She moved in closer, straddling me with her legs, as I bent closer upon her bosom.“Hee hee…” Ellen giggled, “Are you sniffing my body? It tickles.”I looked up, having breathed in her aroma, and smiled. She giggled again and planted a peck on my nose. Thus encouraged, I lent in and closed my lips around one of her soft mounds.

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