Episode 120 – Rachael & Molly’s Dirty Wee


Episode 120 – Rachael & Molly’s Dirty WeeSaturday MorningRachael and Molly have been at sixth-form college for a week now, when Molly’s mum Justine gets the call to spend the weekend on her knees submitting to Sam, her new Dom.Rachael and Molly are mostly studying different subjects now, so have swapped touching each other up in class for sending nude selfies and planning their next sexual encounters.Rachael arrived early on Saturday morning, Justine opened the front door in just a bathrobe: “Hi love – Molly’s just getting dressed – go right up”She only managed to ascend the first two steps of the stairs, feeling a hot breath on her bare lower back. Rachael stopped as Justine kissed her, just above the waistband of her tight shorts, then lower to grip a chunk of buttock between teeth.Molly appeared at the top of the stairs in just her underwear: *Mother – what on earth are you doing to my girlfriend?”Quick as a flash, Rachael unzipped her shorts, stepping out of them to leave a confused Justine with a mouthful of warm fabric, watching the delicious teen scamper up the stairs on all fours.Justine was close behind, snapping at those raised bare buttocks joggling like a pair of playful puppies. At the top of the stairs Rachael crashed into Molly, pinning her to the wall; face at crotch level breathing in her lover’s unmistakable sexual scent.All their scant clothing slipped away as Justine continued to eat out Rachael’s backside, whose tongue was deeply embedded between Molly’s pussy lips.Then a very naked man stepped out of Molly’s bedroom to reclaim his conquest.Still on their knees, Rachael and Justine both made a grab for his sticky cock, play fighting to get the biggest mouthful, while he fingered a very amused Molly.”Mikey” exclaimed Justine “why are you fucking my daughter?””And sleeping with my girlfriend” mumbled Rachael, still trying to get all of his cock into her mouth.The four of them were never going to fit on Molly’s single bed, so rolled into Justine’s room to continue their feast, only to find another naked man sprawled out on the bed, propped up one one elbow.”Sam” exclaimed Molly “what are you doing here?””Come here pet – I think you need to learn some more respect”, taking the girl across his knee and slapping her bare thighs and arse.Mikey took this as his cue to start slapping Rachael, assisted by Justine holding her legs apart.The play fighting quickly turned into a full-on orgy, Sam and Mikey taking turns to fuck every available female bodily entrance and exit, finally both cumming deep inside Justine. After all the cock, the two teens resumed their lesbian relationship by pulling on shiny red and blue tights, tearing open the crotches and inserting a handy strapless strap-on dildo.Rachael fucked Molly cuntaly, then they swapped over and Molly fucked Rachael anally, all the while being assisted by a softening erection or a dripping cunt to lick clean.Sam insisted the girls kept their ruined tights on for another fuck session kneeling in the shower, while Mikey ‘helped’ Justine cook them all breakfast downstairs.Eating breakfast in the nude was a new experience for them all – Molly sat on Sam’s lap, feeding him toast and marmalade. Rachael sat astride Mikey, dribbling fried egg onto her tits, which he licked off – then fucked him.Justine, slipped on her collar handing the leash to her Dom: “so you two – I’m off with these two men today – what’s your plans?””Thought we’d cruise the gay bars in Southampton” replied Molly “can we have our collars now?””Red for my gorgeous redhead” said Sam, placing it around Molly’s throat.”and blue for my lovely brunette – perhaps you could dye these pubes to match” added Mikey, tightening hers.”You were joking about cruising the gay bars?””Yes of course mum – we’re just going shopping, then meeting up with Annie and sassy – they’re taking us to a really cool BDSM club – so they can fuck our brains out”.Mikey stopped playing with Rachael’s breasts as she bounced up and down on his erection “I thought you had to be 21 to get into her nightclub”.”Yes, love you do – but they have afternoon introductory sessions for younger girls – most of the more serious rooms are locked- just the basic bondage equipment is available”.Molly yelped as Sam bit her neck “it’s OK, mum we won’t get smashed -they only serve non-alcoholic drinks”.Justine “just be careful playing with Anna Dominatrix – she’ll eat you alive”.Molly and Rachael shivered, nipples hardening “yes – that’s the plan. She said just buy some cheap dresses to get sarıyer escort in – something short and shiny to match our collars – then most of the dancing is in the nude for us subs”.SouthamptonAfter an uneventful train ride the girls went in search of the charity shops to buy their single-use dresses.Rachael paid a whole pound for a very tight blue satin knee-length number with a slash up to her hip, that would be easily extended all the way up to her bust. Molly encouraged her to keep it on as they made their way up the street.By the third charity shop, Molly was convinced they were never going to find her a suitably erotic red dress for the club. Then they spotted the rail of tiny red leotards – of course they were from the dance studio next door.Suddenly a crowd of a dozen or more young dancers burst in, laughing, slapping bottoms – released from the strict practice session – mums and older sisters waiting outside the shop.They pounced upon the leotard rail – trying to find their correct sizes. The changing room rapidly overflowed with half-naked girls pulling on the skimpy dance outfits while the other shoppers tried to carry on as if this were perfectly normal behaviour.One pretty young girl, blonde hair piled on top of her head, spotting Molly and Rachael in the pet equipment area trying to attach dog leashes to their collars and bounded over.“Hi I’m Mandy” she giggled “are you two really subs? Are you going to the Club this afternoon? My sister loved it, but had to stop going” pointing to a heavily pregnant teenager wearing a collar, peering through the window.“Hi Mandy – yes we are – but keep your voice down – those old ladies are looking at us”.“I’ve got her old red dance outfit here – the older girls get to wear a micro-skirt and tights instead of these shapeless leotards – they should fit you,” said Mandy, looking Molly up and down “why don’t you just slip them on here – nobody’s going to notice”.Molly reluctantly pulled off her shoes and jeans, glad she had waxed yesterday, to pull on the tiny red skirt. Rachael covered the c***d’s eyes, but not before she quipped “my sister is a redhead too – but hers comes out of a bottle – I can’t tell with your hairless pussy”.“Cheeky minx” said Molly, giving the girl a light slap “of course it’s my own colour – just look at these freckles”. “OK – no need to get violent – I only asked. There’s a sort of bolero top too – are you going to flash your tits and try that on too?”Rachael was forced to hold Mandy’s arms behind her back to stop her touching hardening nipples, while Molly pulled the tee-shirt over her head and fastened the red top in place, filling it nicely.“You both look hot” said the little sub “good luck at the club”, then skipped off to join her friends still squabbling over the leotards.Molly got dressed again and paid for the outfit, waving goodbye to Mandy, then snogging her big, pregnant sister outside: “good luck you two – don’t forget the protection”.Rachael was about to explain they were both on the pill and only playing with lesbians, but Molly dragged her away.Anna DominatrixDressed in their rather revealing red and blue outfits, collars and leashes, Annie met them at the door to the club; “it’s OK – these babes are with me”.The female security guard still wanted to give them the standard intimate cavity search, but knew better than to argue.Annie kissed them both lightly, then walked them into the brightly-lit club – one dog leash in each hand.Nothing had prepared Molly and Rachael for the scene of absolute sexual deviancy that met their gaze – everywhere they looked there were mostly-naked young girls being physically and sexually abused by older women in black leather with whips, floggers and strap-on dildos.Annie introduced them to her PA and cat-loving, clubbing friend, sassy, who took Rachael off to a slightly darker corner to play, while Annie cupped Molly’s sex as they danced – her tongue invading Molly’s mouth.The red bolero top lasted about 30 seconds before Annie ripped it open letting Molly’s breasts spill out: “Oh nice – I’m going to enjoy tying up these beauties – you can keep the skirt on. On your knees baby girl – this pussy is not going to suck itself”.Annie thrust her hips forward into Molly’s face, holding her in place with the dog leash.The overheated leather-covered crotch tasted funny – Molly tried undoing the full-length zip in Annie’s shorts but her hands were slapped away: “I said – suck it bitch – not undress me – there’s plenty of time esenyurt escort for that later.”Molly managed to catch a brief glimpse of Rachael, now dancing naked with sassy at the bar, before her face was dragged back to satisfy her MistressAfter ten minutes of vigorous sucking “Can we get a drink now – this is thirsty work” .“Of course, Moll – you’d better get those clothes off – it would be a shame to get them all wet”Molly still couldn’t believe Annie was going to piss on her, even when they retired to the ladies room and she was allowed to open that zip.She’d swallowed loads of cum before, but was amazed just how hot a mouthful of pee was when it hit the back of her throat and streamed out all down her body.Still in shock, Molly found herself obeying commands to bend over and take a truly massive dildo up the arse without any lubrication – she screamed – nobody had ever treated her that badly.At last Annie released her arms allowing Molly to at least touch her own sadly neglected pussy, only now understanding the full implications of submission.They rejoined Rachael and sassy at the bar for cocktails – Rach was already on her third, seemingly very happy cumming to order, playing with a purple vibrator.“Hi Moll – you look dreadful – what happened to you?”“Don’t ask – just get me a drink – then I need a good fuck”, looking daggers at Annie “in my cunt – like normal people do”.Sassy moved in: “OK, babe – on that table – face up if you prefer – this feeldoe should bring you off pretty fast. Then Rach here can sit on your pretty face while Mistress Anna whips you both”‘Oh dear’ thought Molly ‘there’s no way I’m going to cum like this – I don’t like pain’, before violently climaxing around the artificial cock.Then her face was drenched again – this time by Rachael’s squirt as she came too in the highly charged sexual atmosphere, surrounded by so many young girls submitting to older women.“That enough to drink, slut?” demanded Annie.“Yes Mistress” replied Molly – knowing that was the only correct answer.“OK – now on your knees – sassy bind up her tits – just like I taught you – make sure the rope is really tight – we don’t want them slipping out. When you’ve done that don’t forget the nipple clamps – thread the chain through the ring on her collar”.Annie checked on the sub’s state of arousal – the dripping cunt even before sassy applied the electric wand and battery-driven Hitachi was a good sign.“How often do you masturbate you dirty girl?” zapp on each breast then each buttock “count for me you little slut – and remember no cumming until she tells you to”.“Yes Mistress”.“OK Rachael you come with me – we’re going to have some fun – I’ve heard you don’t really like little girls – remember Mandy from the charity shop – they’re in the creche where I’m going to humiliate you naked in front of all her friends”.With Mistress gone, sassy got much rougher with Molly, causing her real pain between the legs, biting the fleshy bits at the tops of her thighs.Then they danced, really close, sassy twisting the fat anal plug with the red fox tail to keep Molly moving.Molly first felt the bare breasts pressing into her back and the trickle of cold, soapy water trickling down her legs.She half turned, now seeing the overweight female security guard from the front door. Huge, floppy boobs encased in a black leather harness bra and in her hands the largest syringe Molly had ever seen.”Two litres be enough?” sassy asked.”Yeah for a start – then we can finish the rectal examination”.Molly hated the idea of an enema, especially from this woman, but the nozzle now replaced the safety of her butt plug and the water began to flow.”You might want to lie down” said sassy, pulling Molly face-down onto a table top “this can get quite messy” “Yes Mistress” was all Molly could manage as her guts filled with three litres of cold soapy water, then her mouth filled with the butt plug.The CrecheRachael had a really bad feeling about the dozen young dancers sitting cross-legged on the creche carpet. The bright red dance leotards stretched tightly across their smooth crotches, aided no doubt by a light fingering that stopped as soon as Anna Dominatrix appeared, leading Rach by the collar.“Your first task is to guess which of these young beauties is still a virgin”.Rachael scanned their smiling faces, trying to avert her eyes from their budding breasts and damp crotches. She randomly picked out the three youngest, most innocent looking girls – patting them gently avrupa yakası escort on the shoulder.“OK – now inspect them”.One by one the girls climbed up on the table, pulling the crotch of their leotard aside, holding their pussy lips open for Rachael to search for an intact hymen.When Annie saw that Rach was struggling, she handed her a thin torch: “you can fuck them with it too if you like”.“Yes Mistress”, then “This one isn’t” and “not this one either”. Rachael gradually checked through every one of the young girls, growing more surprised at not finding a single virgin until the very last one.Looking up, she recognised the cheeky grin of Mandy, smiling back at her: “bet you didn’t expect that – after Dad got my sister pregnant, he only fucks my arse – he’s saving my pussy until High School”.Annie pushed Rachael forward: “I want you take it now – go on – she’s ready – just use the torch – I promise she won’t scream”.Sunday morningMolly woke first, trying to find her phone to check the time, surprised that she and Rachael were bound together in a steel cage.”Rach – wake up – where are we?”She had only the vaguest memory of being driven away from the club in a black BMW X2, only to be abused for another two hours before being dumped down here in the cold, dark basement.It all came flooding back when Annie appeared, dressed in black leather, announcing that today they were going to star in their very own lesbian porn video.”So, sluts you have one hour to come up with a story – sassy will help with the filming and I’ll supply the discipline,”.The video is set in Annie’s back garden, Molly and Rachael are reclining on sun loungers in the warm September sun. Molly is wearing her red collar, dancers bolero top and micro-skirt, pulled down to her hips to avoid showing too much of her bare arse and entire cuntal area. For the video, Molly is known simply as Red, while Rachael has shortened her blue satin dress to crotch level and is now called Blue.Red stops laughing at a 1960s nude magazine when Blue scrunches up her fingers and inserts an entire fist into her arse.”Very nice – now try the other one cuntally”.”No screamed Redred, trying to clamp her legs together – we never agreed this”.”It’s your fantasy – anything is possible”.Annie slapped Red until her thighs parted to allow Blue’s other hand, filling her completely.”OK bitch – now it’s your turn”.Red grabbed hold of Blue’s tits and twisted hard, quickly followed by a rabbit vibrator to the clit, forcing Blue to withdraw her arm from Red’s arse.Sassy just kept filming the porno, zooming in for the revealing cuntal shots.”Thought you might like to use these” said Annie handing over a pair of leather and steel straps suspended from a chastity belt “you fit them around the thighs like garters”.Now it was Blue’s turn to moan as Annie tightened the straps, then fitted the expanding rods between them to hold her legs apart.”I’ve not used these before, but they looked hot in the videos – much more intimate than normal leg spreaders between the ankles, don’t you think?”Red turned the rabbit vibrator up to full speed, making Blue cream.”Come on you two” demanded sassy “at least look like you’re being dominated. I need to capture real pain and pleasure – preferably more pain”.”Perhaps they need some more little dancers to deflower – I’m sure there must still be one or two virgins left”.”Certainly not” replied Rachael, coming out of character “that was a disgusting thing you had me do to those lovely innocent young girls, but I shouldn’t mind being tied up again – that gets me very wet”.”OK, for this last scene I want you to explore each others erogenous zones – but obviously no hands – I want you to imagine they’re tied behind your backs. We’re going to monitor your climaxes with these nipple clamps which deliver an occasional mild electric shock and these slowly oscillating butt plugs”.Blue was all over Red – licking her ears, kissing her neck, rubbing her own breasts across her friend’s, a knee between the thighs to hold them apart.Red took a different tribbing approach – sliding her wet cunt over Blue’s knees and feet, then up her closed thighs to capture hip bones and finally elbows, armpits and mouth.Nobody actually cares who came first or for how long the girls were blissed out – Annie had the porn video of her two latest teenage conquests ready to upload onto xhamster.Reality CheckAll the named characters are real, except for the young dancer Mandy – it’s so hard to find a 10 year old virgin in Hampshire.Annie and sassy do go girl hunting at the weekends – so if you know a teenager in need of discipline – get in touch.My design for the wireless nipple clamps is based upon the AirPod, with the speaker cone replaced by a ring of inward facing miniature spikes holding the nipple erect, vibrating to the music.

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