Erik’s Inheritance Ch. 04


Erik woke up in his own bed, in his apartment. He could see sunlight through his grey curtains. Tossing to one side he tried to go back to sleep but he slowly started remembering the night, and gave up. When he sat up, cold pain ran down his head, like ice water being poured through his spine.

Hangover? He barely drank, didn’t he? He recalled the night and thought about it. He didn’t remember getting drunk, just a couple of drinks. Most of the night was still in his mind, he even remembered the cab ride home.

Ignoring the pain, he stood up, and went to shower. A half hour later he was dressed and wondering what to eat for breakfast. Checking his phone for the time, 8:42 am, he saw a text message had come in from Amber.

Amber: Good morning!

The time at the office supply store with her had been fun. He never experienced that kind of spontaneous action and was pretty curious where this relationship would go. Not that he wanted a relationship in normal terms, especially at the moment with his new business, but getting laid was always good.

Erik: Good morning to you too!

Setting his phone down, Erik decided on microwaved oatmeal. His phone buzzed but he continued making his oatmeal. Once it was spinning in his microwave, he checked it, exchanging a few messages with her.

Amber: Whatcha up too?

Erik: Breakfast, then hydration.

Amber: hydration? You spend time in a sauna?

Erik: unexpected drinking. Didn’t think I’d have a hangover from just a few drinks.

Amber: I don’t drink much either. Do you have any plans today?

Erik stopped before replying. He had a vague feeling of his day being occupied but he couldn’t recall actual plan details. He double checked his phone for the day of the week, Friday. His normal work schedule went from Sunday through Thursday, so he was free and clear to start his weekend.

He remembered his black leather binder full of papers and the new tote he had with even more information. He was pretty sure that was still im his truck. It was time to deal with that.

He let out a breath, having made the decision to do something. Erik set his phone down and began to eat his oatmeal after sending Amber a message.

Erik: I have this vague impression of being busy today and I am tonight for sure.

Her reply was immediate. She had to have been staring at her phone, waiting for his message.

Amber: What do you have planned for today and tonight? I was wondering if you’d want to meet up for round two…

Erik looked at his phone screen, stunned at her forwardness. He held a mouthful of oatmeal and forgot about chewing it for a few seconds.

He asked himself if he wanted a round two with her when he was able to think again. It sounded like a good idea in his head so he told her so.

Erik: That sounds good to me. What time?

Amber: Anytime, I’m not busy now.

Erik: Now is good. Do you want to come to my place?

Amber: Sure!

Erik sent her his address and resumed eating. He decided to eat a second bowl since he was going to be burning extra calories in a little while and when he was done, he cleaned his bowl.

Once he fetched the binder and tote from his truck, Erik started ruffling through it at his two person kitchen table, trying to make heads or tails of the papers. Before he could get far though, a knock sounded at his door.

Answering it, he found Amber waiting outside, her blond hair down around her shoulders, dangling earrings flashing beneath her locks,”Come on in,” he said, stepping to the side. She smiled, reached up on her tiptoes, and kissed him with closed lips. When she settled down on her heels, she went inside.

He watched her take in his apartment. The couch, a black leather hand-me-down, slouched against one wall, opposite a tiered TV stand with glass shelves. A flat screen perched on it and a video game console hid beneath, on a shelf. Next to the TV stand was his bedroom door and she paused, peering into it.

Erik took this time too appreciate what she was wearing. Black leggings clung to her thighs like a second skin. There was a stripe cut out in the middle of each leg where he could see skin, but string laced across the slit in a style similar to a corset. A drab green, oversized tunic style shirt was draped across her torso and down her backside to cover her butt.

She turned around and gave him a knowing look with a slight curve of her red lips, one cheek dimpling. Amber shifted her weight and popped a hip out, letting the opposite shoulder droop, then she let her small hand bag slide down onto the coffee table.

Erik thought about waiting. He was tempted to make small talk or try to be friendly. Then a thought occurred to him; she came here to get fucked. Not to talk or see his apartment or watch TV. She came to his apartment with the soul intention of lust filled sex.

Behind her was a wall with nothing on it. In five steps he crossed the room, picked her liseli porno up, and pinned her to it, her back making a thud. Her legs lifted and wrapped around his waist. He felt her thighs tighten as her ankles locked.

He smashed his lips against hers and she moaned when his hands squeezed her ass. Amber had a muscled derriere and thick thighs that gripped his middle. He felt her fingers and palms at the back of his head, pulling him tightly to her.

Erik moved his hands up over her hips, feeling her curves, making sure each finger was pressed into her skin.

He pulled her off of the wall, carrying her with hands placed under her ass, and went through the door to his bedroom. Light bathed the room in sunlight from the one large window with grey curtains pulled to the sides. Erik collapsed onto his bed, the blankets ruffling around them and she let out a muffled squeal when she fell.

Erik didn’t waste any time and went directly into stripping her down. His hands pushed at the bottom of her shirt while he slid down her body. Amber crossed her arms and peeled the green material over her head, tossing it to one side. A black bra pushed her breasts together and forward on her chest. Erik crawled up and buried his face in her cleavage while fumbling with her leggings waistband. Amber’s hands joined his and a moment later her leggings were on the floor next to her shirt.

Erik paused, looking over her bare body. Her pale calves and thighs lay spread, her breasts presented to him as if on a platter for him to devour and her smile, a small quirk of her lips, invited him to do so. Appreciating her beauty and his luck only took a moment, but he saw her raise her chin as if to say, I did all of this for you.

Once he was sure she felt appropriately appreciated, Erik wrapped his arms under her legs and drug her to the edge of the bed. He laid her legs wide and knelt on his carpet, placing his face just above her legs. Amber propped herself up and looked at him, biting her lip as she anticipated what he would do next.Wetting his lips, Erik leaned down and began to kiss her legs.

He started at her knees, working one side then the other, kissing the joints on the inside then traveling his lips up a few inches then down one. He worked in diagonal lines, his mouth going up and over her thighs to the outside, then back tracking down to the inside and deep into the covers to get to back. He made sure to leave wet kisses behind to cool on her skin, but not to drool.

Amber moaned and wriggled as his lips touched certain spots, sensitive areas where her nerves were focused. He applied his tongue to her skin in a couple of spots, his teeth in others. He used the edge of his tongue to cut a trail up the inside of one leg then his teeth to lightly bite the same trail up the other. She panted, her chest rapidly rising and falling in fast breaths when her was done with the last nibble. Not giving her respite, Erik took hold of her other thigh, high up near the cleft where her leg met her hip, planted his open mouth and with a mouthful of flesh, sucked on her thigh. It forced her to exhale sharply and buck her hips up in erratic motions. He released her finally and looked up at her.

Her eyes were sharp and bright, and she still bit her lower lip, but Erik thought he saw a bit of frustration in her features. He tried to keep the smile off of his face but he knew he hadn’t been fully successful.

Staring straight into her eyes, Erik lowered his mouth to her vulva, and with deliberate motions, firmly pressed his mouth to her labia. His lips encircled the upper half of her and he pushed the flat of his tongue to the folds of her sensuality. He knew it mashed all of her sensitivities together but that was the effect he wanted. Her head bobbed upwards and her eyes rolled up. A strangled sound came from her as she rode the edge of orgasm.

He drug the flat of his tongue up and down, keeping pressure on her, looking for the exact spot to tease on her pussy. Paying close attention to her moans, Erik then used the tip of his tongue to travel the deepest valleys of her, circling around the button of her clit, pressing up against the hood of her frenulum. Erik continued for long moments like this on every fold of her labia that elicited a response, exploring her and enjoying her pleasure.

Amber’s hips writhed and pushed at him. Her fingers pulled on his head, urging him to press more firmly in certain areas. At one point she crossed her ankles on his back and, took his head in both hands and ground her clit against his lips while he had been plunging his tongue into her wonderous cave.

Amber had begun screaming and cumming, her depths tightening in muscle spasms on his tongue, liquid pleasure coating his lips and cheeks as she spilled out. The orgasms began with one wave but after that ebbed and flowed like a vicious tide. He felt them wash up to the shore of his efforts, each cresting, then washing out to nothingness. They mobil porno crashed into her, pummeling her, explosions of ecstasy fuzzing her mind nerves. Her skin crawled with an electrifying intensity that she felt start in her spine and travel outwards, through her ribs and arms to zap her fingertips. Her body contorted and she felt spasms rock her back and forth.

She finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted, and Erik took a break, still kneeling in the floor. He recognized the full worth of her panting, sweaty physique sweeping over his bed. Her contours seemed painted on in sweeps of a brush, her yellow hair splayed out around her.

Erik gave her time to recover. He knew that she likely wasn’t finished no matter how hard she panted, but she would need her breath in order to continue. He intended to make sure she remembered his name. He tried not to let his face assume the arrogant smirk he suspected was present.

Erik kept his eyes on Amber while starting to undress. She didn’t seem to notice until his belt buckle clinked while he undid it. Then a salacious smile spread her cheeks.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked.

Working her legs back and forth, Amber arched her back and stretched her hands over her head. “Oh yes, I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard.”

A shadow moved across Erik’s window and he realized that they had been exposed the whole time. Stepping closer to it, his naked form unashamedly bared to whomever peeked in, he caught a glance of a woman walking down the stairs in a slate grey pencil skirt and white blouse walking quickly away. She turned down the stairs, but looked up at Erik and grinned when their eyes met. She waived when she hit the landing and turned to go down the next flight of stairs disappearing from view.

Amber asked, “Anyone important?”

“Just an admirer I think, or someone scandalized by our activities,” he answered.

She laughed and sat up, moving to the edge of the bed behind him. She reached out and took hold of his cock, stroking it. He was still facing the window and decided that he didn’t want anyone to watch anymore than they already had so he dropped the blinds with a pull of a string. Turning around he found Amber looking up at him with a hunger in her eyes.

Erik just watched, looking down at her as she lifted his throbbing member by the base and slipped it into her mouth. Using both hands on his backside, Amber encouraged him to fuck her mouth. He did so, but gentlemanly as about halfway into her mouth, he felt her throat. It didn’t open up. He discarded the desire with a mental shrug and wove his hands into her hair, utilizing her offering of oral pleasure.

A couple of minutes later his cock was thoroughly soaked with her saliva. He reached down, grabbed her ankles and hinged her onto her back. His elbows locked behind her knees, Erik took advantage of his heightened position and folded her knees to her shoulders. He listened and felt for resistance but she only grinned at him, expectant. Once into position, he descended into her again.

She closed her eyes and emitted a sound part groan, part sigh. Her pussy squeezed around his shaft, gripping him. He could feel his balls pressed against her and when he began thrusting, he heard the heavy smack of his hips colliding into hers.

Like a hammer with well aimed blows, Erik pounded into her folded body, driving his point into her depths. She first threw her arms back and pulled the covers around her body, moaning as she began cumming in waves again. He could feel the heat of her soak his scrotum and the cleft of his thighs. Her pussy squeezed and tightened around his steel hard shaft over and over again. He could feel the exhilarating forces of sex bathe him in endorphins. Erik pressed on, steadily driving his cock into her.

When he picked up speed, Amber’s back arched and her legs squeezed, trying to force him out. The slamming smack of his loins never relented, her screams of wondrous pleasure echoing encouragement in his ears. As she continued to cum, more of her burst outwards, coating his lower abdomen and dripping from his testicles. Still, he continued. His own seed began to build, a small pressure deep inside of him that pressed upwards from within.

Erik released what was left of his restraint and doubled his efforts on top of Amber. He became enraptured by her voice as she moaned and screamed. It no longer seemed a wave lapped up to her shores, but a tempest of angry pleasure roared out of her flesh, soaking her senses in electricity that sizzled up and down every nerve and synapses.

Sweat beaded and ran down his forehead, dripping from his chin onto her chest. His grip was slick with it and his arms held beads clinging to his skin. He was starting to grow breathless but he did not want to finish. He let up, slowing himself to a rolling gentle motion.

Amber didn’t look at him. Her face was turned to the side and her eyes were half closed. Her chest rose and öğrenci porno fell with heavy breathing, her sternum inflating as she sucked air.

Erik couldn’t help but smile to himself knowing she had never expected him to put forth such an effort for her. A beacon of pride bubbled in him, glad to have captured her attention in such a way. Erik felt good giving someone sexual satisfaction, especially if he managed to exceed expectations.

The eye of the storm passed and Erik began assaulting Amber’s over stimulated senses. He gave himself permission to yell with his thrusts, giving voice to the thunder that crackled in their nerve endings.

Amber screamed in rapture, exalting his body with fountains of wetness that soaked the bed beneath them. Her hands reached up and clawed at his arms, her mouth forming and around the words ‘oh fuck’ over and over again before arching backwards to press up against his cock and hips.

The storm finally called forth the full force of his orgasm. It grew from the small pressure in his balls to the familiar euphoria. Throwing all of his efforts into the final sprint, Erik roared. He erupted, the veins in his arms and neck bulging as his body strained to contain his soul. Muscles spasms forced his seed to fountain into the Amber’s soaking wet slit, his molten seed filling her pussy and covering her insides.

Amber’s orgasms peaked as well, her entire body going red as she contorted against him, crunching her body close to his and hanging onto his neck and shoulders. She squeezed herself with every muscle in her body, her eyes snapping open while she clung to life. She screamed in abandon. When the tsunami finally passed over her, she collapsed limply to the bed, desperate to fill her lungs with air. Erik pulled out and fell next to her.

When he came to, Erik found Amber stirring on the bed next to him. Wetness coated the sheet under him and he immediately wanted to sit up. He couldn’t bring himself to move at first, his limbs felt like lead, numb and heavy. Amber didn’t appear to be doing any better, but she pulled her feet up then extended her legs with a wince, working her hips.

After a moment, he sat up and looked at her. “You okay?” he asked.

She rubbed her pelvis and nodded, “Oh yeah. Wow.”

Erik smiled, that beacon of pride lighting up again. “I’m glad you came over.”

“Me too but fuck,” she replied. She sat up too, the cringe apparent on her face, “I don’t think I’ve ever been done like that before.”

He grinned at her, “Thank you,” he said, letting the arrogance give his voice some humor.

She chuckled at him. “Mind if I shower? I’ve kinda got,” she gestured downwards.

“Not at all, towels are under the sink but if you’re cool with it, I’ll join you. I seem to have splashed everywhere.” Erik said.

She laughed at that, nodding agreement. “I haven’t done that in a long time and never that much.” Amber shivered with a tickled look on her face, “Thank you.”

Erik stood and pulled her up. “My pleasure.”

Ambeling to the shower they climbed in and took a long time to clean up, letting the steam build on the mirror from the hot water. They didn’t speak much, other than to wash each other’s backs, which Erik hadn’t had in a while. It was nice. She used his bar soap on her skin without a word but avoided getting her hair wet. He made a mental note to get some decent female shampoo for her or whomever would become his guest in the future. He got out before she did and fetched her a towel.

“Are you hungry? Can I offer you some breakfast?” Erik said, wrapping his towel around his waist.

“Amazing orgasms and brunch? Yes please!” Amber replied enthusiastically. She wrapped her own towel around her body, the bottom hem barely covering her bottom curve.

Erik went and got dressed then rummaged around his kitchen for something they could both eat. He found some blueberry bagels as she sat down at one of his two chairs.

“Bagel?” he said holding up the bag of six. It hadn’t been opened yet.

“Yeah! Got butter and cinnamon sugar?” She looked natural in just a towel hugging her body.

Erik handed her a homemade mixture of cinnamon sugar then the butter from the fridge and started putting a bagel in the toaster. While waiting for the bagel, he set plates out then waited. When it popped, he gave it to her on a small plate then put his own in. He learned against the counter and lost himself to thought.

“What has you trapped in your head?” Amber asked then took a bite of her bagel. It was half gone already.

He laughed a single time, and asked her a question instead, “Do you want the short version or the long one?”

“Short one,” she replied around a cheek full of bagel.

“My uncle died and left me a bunch of money and a strip club.”

Amber’s eyes bulged at his words. “Shit, what are you going to do with it?”

“I want to run it, but it’s a shit hole kind of place. I want something nice. Upscale kind of. Different even.” His vision for the place, for the future, was broken.

He could do this. He knew he could. He just had to see the end goal. Once he established that, he could build the steps necessary to make it happen and then execute. He just needed a plan.

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