Erotic Essay 2: Find Favourite Feature, Fetish


Erotic Essay 2: Find Favourite Feature, FetishEROTIC ESSAY 2: FOR FINDING FAVOURITE FEATURES & FETISHES OF READERS’ CHOICESI FIND FINDING by SEARCH, Even I try find back certain Story, I Wrote Myself, NOT EASY Here.I FOUND FINDING a Single STORY, rare only one, with Unusual Feet FETISH Particularly HARD.I only remember HER NAME But Not Sure if I Use In that Story Lost From my Sight. She Tried. I APPLY ALL TRICKS & TIPS I know. She ‘Dresses’: ‘Short Sexy Skirt’ ‘Net Nylons’ ‘High Heels’.I TAKE An HOUR @ Each SERIOUS SEARCH. TOOK ME THREE TO SUCCEED & And Send Her. I SUFFER SIMILAR SETBACKS SEARCHING for Certain Galleries of PHOTOS. Vintage VIDEOS.I IMPROVE @ Every Time I TRY. I LIKE to SHARE my NEW KNOWLEDGE NOW Here To YOU All. I QUOTE my First Two Verses in First Installment in this Series titled ‘EROTIC ESSAY’ For You!:”EROTIC ESSAY 1: TEACH Dear Readers To TRACE Top TALES & Sexiest STORIES @ Hot ‘HAMMY’ I TEACH dear readers TO TRACE Tastiest Tales & Sexiest Stories To Their TASTE bakırköy escort of ‘Dirty’ Demands.I tell them the TAGS I Use in Superior Search Strategies Available @ this Sexy Site, Too Full of Fakes.I tell them the TRICKS I USE, to Meet my Match, or to Find back a Few in my ‘Sea’ (1K) in this ‘Ocean’.I teach to Advise All Interested & In My Interest: As an Ambitious Writer I Feed @ Feedback & ‘Likes’! I TEACH my Rear Deaders in General by TIPS. I Employ EXAMPLES from My Own Experiences here. I TELL THEM what I Learned from my Reads. In Search for Content Matching my Minimum Demands. I tell them the TOP TIPS also Useful for Looking for PHOTOS or VIDEOS. To special SEXY Situations.I teach to TEASE Dear Readers For Further EROTIC EXPLORATION. In Uploads in Images & in Words.”EROTIC ESSAY 2: CONTINUATION OF QUOTATION SECOND LENGTHY CITATION Of Rest COMMENTI CONTINUE to QUOTE #2 From My Long Comment Originally @ Story I Particularly Like. Main Reason:”I beşiktaş escort RECOGNISE almost ALL ASPECTS I WaNT IN MY OWN WRITING: ‘Wording’ ‘Style’ ‘Tease Readers’.”I COPY First Part of my Comment. EDIT IT only, to Look Like Letter to the Author Type-Set IN ITALICS.I DO The Same In Next Verses. Edited Again As A Second Letter To The ‘Talent Too Tough To Improve.’ “BEST BY NUMBERS of STORIES & in READERSHIP & of COMMENTS of ‘Tongues’: LANGUAGESBest in Numbers: My Two Profiles Rank TOP Often: Podium in Dutch Stories #2 & 3: Twice 100+.Best in READS, Especially English. Average 15+K Petdyke top-10 @ 432 Poet-PETER #34 @ 234.Best Estimated Minimum ONE MILLION of Reads. In Ten Years! 100s Stories Deleted. Not By Me!Best in COMMENTS Numbers – I Use Six Sexy Languages I Love. In Which I Wrote Each Dozen(s).Find French Letters ‘Confessions’ @ Our ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’- Dozens!Find German: ‘Frohliches Ficken’, ‘Geiles Geniessen’. beylikdüzü escort Dozen+ I quit. As ‘Germs’ Do Tough @ Me.Find Few Dozens in Posh Polish, after a ‘Dirty Dozen’ for “Playboy Polska”: I Include My Photos! Find First Dozens, Sexy Sequels in Limburgian. An Official Language @ Wikipedia. Not Yet Here.For THEMES & TAGS USEFUL To You: ‘Erotic Education’ ‘Love Letter’ ‘Seduction’ & ‘Submissive’.For TRUE TALES: My Former Femmes & FOXY Fantasies ‘Louisa’ ‘Marina’ ‘Kate’ ‘Petra’ & ‘Sanne’.For Some More: ‘ATTRACTIVE’ ‘Alessandra’ ‘Anna’ ‘Ann(e)’. ‘HOT’: ‘Helen(a)’ & ‘SEXY’ ‘Sara(h)’.Four: ‘AWESOME’ ‘Aisha’ ‘Ariel’ ‘SEDUCTION’ ‘Sara’ ‘VIRGIN’ ‘Veronica ‘Vicky’ ‘SM’ ‘Stella Maris’.” ——————————————————————————————————————————————-DEAR READER PLEASE PRAISE. Express Erotic Essay Estimate. INVITE MORE: ‘Like’& ‘Comment’.Dear Reader I ‘TAG’ ‘Fetish’, ‘Humor’,’Taboo’. My FETISH Number Dozens. HUMOR As I Also Amuse. Dear Reader Do Read COMMENTS @ EROTIC ESSAYS. FIRST FEW will by Me: ‘Erotic Elaborations’.Dear reader I will Explain & Explore more on TABOO in THIRD ONE. Food for further Erotic Essays?COPYRIGHT @ Prof. PETER POET @ His ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’ D.D. 2/12/2020

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