Erotic story of a combination with a young woman o


Erotic story of a combination with a young woman oI am in a province with Lan, so it is natural to eat together in class. I also sat in a row when I was in class. This is a big classroom. We are sitting in the last row. Because there are computer classes, there are two computers on each row. It is natural to separate the people in the front and rear. Because the distance is too far, if you lie on the table, even the teacher on the podium will not see what we are doing. I and Lan often whisper below.In the first week, everyone knows each other, sends new books, and sets up several study groups. Because of the new environment, everyone is very excited, and there are some impulsive and curious words. In addition to learning, I seem to want to happen something in these three months.Finally introduce myself, I am an old man. Let’s start the story of this winter.I thought it would be very easy for three months, maybe there are some tourist programs. I didn’t expect the course to be very compact. Marxist class, computer class, professional class, audio-visual class, and literature class. The literature class is the favorite of everyone. Because the teacher basically reads according to the textbook, and keeps homework according to the review questions on the textbook. The textbook has answers. The most interesting thing is that the teacher of the literature class named Huang does not know who is the person, and the local accent is particularly heavy. Anyway, every time he goes down for 2 hours, if I don’t look at the book, I can’t understand a word. So every time you take a literature class, it is equal to a relaxing class. It is impossible to skip classes. We are all organized people. No one wants to leave a stain record in the study file. Take it to the original unit, afraid that you can’t eat it.When I first took a literature class, everyone felt very curious. After all, I have been working for many years. Generally speaking, politics is professional. But when Mr. Huang opened his mouth, everyone started listening very patiently. In the second half of the day, they basically slept and slept, talked and read novels. I really can’t understand the sentence, I want to see Lan’s reaction, look up at her, she also looks at me, the two will smile.If you have nothing to do, find something to do. I am not very familiar with Lan. I wrote on a piece of white paper and handed it to her. She replied and handed it to me. The two were quiet on the surface, but they kept passing the paper in private. These things have been done before, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy now.The communication at the beginning was very simple. “I want to sleep.” “Me too, I don’t understand.” “What do you guys do at night?” balçova escort “Chat, play poker. It’s boring. You guys.” “We too. There is also mutual exchange of wages for each unit.” The bonus situation.” Probably the second week, the exchange is like this. “It seems that you are the most beautiful in the class.” “Hey, I am the eldest sister.” “The rest are old ladies.” Her face was a bit red, and the paper that was handed to me was drawn with a twist. Zhang smiled. A little girl, her mouth curled up and laughed.In the winter, the interior is heated and the heat is uncomfortable. It’s surprisingly cold outside. I am not used to heating. Always feel dry, always drink water. The automatic water dispenser is in our back corner. I always ran to pour water. The desks and chairs are fixed, and it is very difficult to get up, especially when you are in class, the action is not too big. So when I got up, my body often touched Lan’s hand. Once I accidentally knocked her pencil off, I quickly said sorry. But her hand has not been retracted. Later, I will not touch it, and I will deliberately touch it.In the literature class, paper is still passed down and slowly developed into other classes. The words on the note are getting more and more sloppy. “What do you want to do, think about your husband.” “I don’t want to.” “That is to think of Teacher Liu.” Teacher Xiao Liu is in computer class, very handsome, we often open his jokes in private. “I miss you. I hate it.” “I am by your side, thinking about it.” The note passed, her hand came to pick up, my hand did not retract, and I followed her hand. She pulled back hard, and I pressed very tightly. Struggling for a while, she won’t move. Another piece of paper came from the other hand. “The others saw it. Don’t make trouble.” “The hand is placed under the table.” I let go of my hand and she took the handle away. First, I ignored me. After a while, I didn’t know whether it was intentional or not. I really put my hand down.I looked around nervously, and the people next to me slept on the table. So bold, and put his hand down, pretending to relax and stretch his body, his hand extended and touched her hand. She did not back down. So I held her hand. When I took it, I felt her hand was hot, as if she was sweating. Very soft, just touching it, my heart is like a touch of electricity. She seems to be a little excited. I feel a little trembling in my body. I didn’t move at first, then I used my fingers to gently stroke in her palm, and she bent her fingers to rub my palm. It feels so comfortable.I became the most active classmate in the class. This is the evaluation of our class teacher Lao Shen. Because no matter the wind and snow, escort balçova no matter the morning faint, I am the earliest in the class, the latest person to go. The heart is tied, it really sinks into it. But Lan seems to have no effect at all. Come here, let’s go and don’t stop. It also doesn’t seem to care about my feelings, and our hands are often held together in the classroom.Soon I was not satisfied with the happiness of the two hands, and the opportunity just helped me. Because the training class basically has no activity arrangements at night. The students proposed to go to the classroom to study at night. The class teacher Lao Shen said, you want to go online. The classmates tacitly laughed. The computer in this classroom was originally available on the Internet, but it needed to change the interface of the server in the computer room. Lao Shen said, I will help you talk about it. Three months is also a bit boring. The next night, the classroom became a big Internet cafe.In the evening, Lan Yi came in, did not open the computer, it was straight * near me to see me online. It turned out that she has never been online. She just took a shower and her hair gave off a faint scent. This is the first time we sat together at night, under the dim light, people are more likely to get lost. Our hands are naturally intertwined in the dark.Because at night, because there are not many people in the classroom, we are empty next to us. My courage is also big, and I loosened my hand and let go of my palm, gently sticking it on her lap. She pretended not to, and put her hand on my palm. Through the clothes, I can still feel her body temperature and sensuality. My palms are creeping like ants, and the back and forth are rubbing. The soft feeling, plus the fragrance of her body, and her nervous breathing and heartbeat, really Good stimulation. I really want to kiss her back, but this environment, and our relationship, really do not dare. The most worried is that she is afraid that she can not accept and turn against her enemies. In the immediate future, I want to stop, I can’t stop, I can’t get it, but I just can’t get it. This kind of mood also makes one’s heart boiling and contradictory.With the light-off time coming, there are fewer and fewer people in the classroom. I know that the happy time tonight is coming to an end. It’s really a daring, suddenly, my hand is a little harder, slipping to her. The thigh root, she had not had time to respond, I went straight between her legs and went. She rushed to stop, but only stuck to my palm, trying to remove my hand, which is of course in vain. To be honest, there is no more happiness than the thighs through the clothes. However, balçova escort bayan the kind of satisfaction that invades the opposite sex and the private territory, and she did not have much resistance or just pretending to resist but actually accepted the attitude, so that my spirit has been greatly satisfied.Therefore, although it is separated by clothes, I imagine the softness and moistness there, imagine the warmth and longing of it, imagine the gallop and happiness there. The next day, Lan seems to be somewhat unhappy. I have never seen it since I entered the classroom. I. I was very scared inside, afraid that she was angry because she touched her yesterday. So she returned to her old business and gave her a pass. I wrote on the note: Sorry. After she saw it for a long time, she didn’t reply. My heart jumped to the eyes of the blind man, thinking that this time was finished.After a long time, she handed back the note saying: Why do you want to be like me. gosh. It’s really angry for this. I replied: I can’t control it, I can’t help myself. She took a note and glanced at it, and immediately glanced at the podium. Fortunately, the teacher did not pay attention. She handed the note: no more in the future! ! ! I replied: obey, but give me a handle. She replied: Look at your performance. My heart immediately felt as sweet as honey, knowing that she would not be angry with me. After a while, pretending to touch her hand unintentionally, some avoidance and pursuit, the hands are entangled.The next night, we went online in the classroom every day. She also gradually trained me as a net fan from a net blind. She is not interested in news sports, etc., I will let her go to some forums to see the novels and stories of c***dren and c***dren. Among them, there are a lot of posts on the couple’s **, which often makes her look red and hot. I remembered that there was no progress between me and her for a long time. That night, I finally couldn’t help but started to make up my mind.Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. Or those who have intrigues. Oh, the opportunity is coming again. Lan wants to watch a movie. However, because there is no software installed, I can’t see it. Let her download and install her again. I had no choice but to help her. She sat in the chair, I stood up, reached to her right, holding the mouse and painting on the screen. There was heating in the classroom, and the students usually took off their coats when they came in, only wearing sweaters or sweaters. Lan is a red sweater, I laughed at her like a new wife. She was white at me. However, when my hand came out, although the body was a little away from her, the arm just touched her chest when it was moving, soft and quite. She didn’t leave me far because of this, but pretended to be closer to seeing the computer, and almost squatted on my arm. When the mouse is not moving, the arm and her chest are so close. As soon as I moved, I felt a soft touch.Let my palm not leave for a long time.

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