Katie pressed the bottom of her beer bottle to her eyes. The cold glass felt so good on her puffy eyes. Inhaling deeply, she raised the glass to her lips and took a deep pull. She spilled some beer on herself as she was jostled by her friends as they erupted in animated laughter. She smiled in spite of it, and tuned in to their lively conversation. The discussion du jour was how someone like Perez Hilton ever came to the conclusion that he was in any position to criticize people for a living. Lots of material there, and Katie giggled a few times over their wit combined with such an easy target. She felt happy to be out drinking with friends. There was something safe and unchanging about the ritual to go out and drink with friends that eased her current state of mind, which was: “Fucking men!”

Katie raised an eyebrow as she realized that she meant it both ways. It had been too long since she had been fucked, and the reason was because, Fuck men, Damnit! She was tired of the feeling of being wrung through an old fashioned washer, as some sadistic bastard cranked the drum and she was squeezed through, sobbing and desperate. Yet, she still wanted to fuck. Her pussy throbbed when her thoughts paused on the subject of good cock. Her crystal blue eyes appraised her friends gathered around the table.

Perhaps she could target a friend, knowing she wouldn’t get hurt. Friends wouldn’t turn you inside out. Friends wouldn’t steal your soul. A friendly neighborhood fuck bunny. Her eyes paused on Paul. Paul. Tall, sweet. self- effacing. Pretty hazel eyes. Nice smile. Way too shy. She needed someone more brazen.

Her eyes settle on the loud one next to Paul. Dan. Swarthy, rowdy, dark, good looking. Not very tall. Too much to prove all the time. She needed someone more confident.

She rubbed a kink in her neck absently and moved on to Wesley. Fair, dashing, sophisticated, beautiful. She closed her eyes, imagining fucking Wesley. Wesley. Too refined, too cold. She needed someone with more passion.

Her eyes flicked right and lingered on Josh. She could imagine fucking Josh, but Josh had a girlfriend- and she was one of her closest friends. Who happened to be lovely and glowing and laughing right next to him. She smiled slightly at the ease of their relationship. Josh was leaned back on the lounge couch, grinning, chipping in every now and then, and Heather, who was leaned close to him, was much more animated in the conversation, yet they both look completely connected to each other. Josh absently traced the length of her spine with his fingertips as she leaned half way across his lap and conversed animatedly. Josh had a black celtic tattoo on his arm that peeked out from under his t-shirt and it rippled across his bicep muscle as his hand traveled up and down her back.

Katie shifted in her chair slightly as she realized she has become aroused by watching them, and was chewing off the inky dark polish on her fingernails as her chin rested in her hand. She extracted her finger and drained her beer.

“Anyone want another- I am going up for one.” She held up her empty beer bottle and nodded as three waved their empties in the air.

She made her way through the crowd and stood in line to order drinks. She stretched her back and pressed her shoulder blades toward one another. She felt like her entire body needed to uncoil. A familiar cloudy anger descended on her as she thought about needing to uncoil. She knew who could unfurl her, and it just so happened to be that she hated him. He could make her uncoil like a cobra. The unfortunate part is that he would also pin that cobra down and leave once the belly was exposed in complete vulnerability. Not someone to try to get involved with.

She tried in the past to be that cool chick that showed up just to fuck him – because his cock was truly magnificent – and then leave immediately after because the rest of him can fucking suck one. She just couldn’t pull it off. She ended up melting into a freaking puddle next to him as she became lulled by his warmth, enticed by his intimacy, drawn in by his danger.

She kept telling herself, “Get the fuck up Katie! You came, you conquered, now get up and leave!”

But his seductive liquid brown eyes were gazing into her, hypnotizing her. His strong etiler otele gelen escort hand was tracing the outline of her face, his thumb passing over the curve of her cheek and the sweep of her eyelash and then down to the soft pout of her pink lip. She even opened her mouth for his thumb, curling her tongue under it, drawing it further in and watching as his eyes darkened in desire. As ever, she responded to him quickly, and his warm, wet mouth replaced his thumb and they were doing it again.

She barely had time to catch her breath, resting her cheek on his broad chest, hearing his heart beat slow and regulate before he was rising to shower, to dismiss her ………… again. She actually growled out loud in feral frustration as he beat her to the punch. She thrashed around in his sheets in a tantrum and then shoved them all to the floor to get up and dressed. Impulsively, she shoved a vase off the bureau as she turned to leave. It hit the ground with a satisfying crash. Good, because, she really did hate him that night.

Katie snapped back to the present as the bartender leaned forward, hands flat on the bar. “Hey, pretty girl — what you do want to drink?” Katie flushed, apologized, and ordered the round of beers.

Ooh, now she was all riled up and flooded with heat, thinking of that night, thinking of HIM. It was so interchangeable, her lust and her anger. The tension in her had escalated and that need to uncoil throbbed in her marrow.

Several men made passes at her while she waited for the round. Not only was she stunning, with peaches and cream skin, long chestnut hair, and startling blue eyes, but she was certain the thoughts in her head were coursing through her bloodstream and emitting through her pores like hissing steam. They could sense a weak one in the herd. She paid and took the drinks gratefully.

She wound her way back through the crowd to their area. She felt a shadow flutter through her, and feeling vaguely uncomfortable, she glanced around the club, trying to see what might be causing the unsettling feeling. Her stomach lurched suddenly as she saw him, way across the club. His smile could probably be seen from outer space it was so freaking brilliant. Holding a beer casually in his hand, he was leaning in to listen to a girl with long tawny hair. She pressed toward him to continue to speak flirtatiously, and she clasped his broad bicep in her acrylic nailed fingers as he leaned back slightly to say something, nodding and smiling to her.

Katie felt a burning anger shoot through her body at the fake nails dug into his arm. His eyes belied his lack of interest as they skimmed over the top of her head and around the room. Suddenly, his eyes locked to Katie’s. She sucked in her breath audibly and closed her eyes, a fraction longer than she should, and then smiled brightly as she set down the beers she brought over.

“I just got all head- achy standing in line…I don’t know what it is, but I am going to take off.. you know, ibuprofen, bed…” She smiled at the good natured protests her friends groaned out.

“I know, I know, I suck. I will make it up to you guys, I promise.”

Katie headed out the door, pulling her jacket on as she grappled with the front doors. She knew she looked a fool, but she had to get out of there, right now. She reached her car, fumbling with the keys, heart careening in her chest. She stiffened as she smelled him behind her suddenly – like sex and rain. Her entire body shuddered in arousal at that smell. She felt his hand close gently over her own, guiding the key to the lock, and inserting it slowly and smoothly. This time, it was her pussy that spasmed at the suggestive key in the lock.

Katie nodded a dim Thank you, cheeks burning, and leaned her head against the car window.

“Katie…” He turned her to face him. His hands encircled her arms as he gazed down into her face. He kissed her softly, full firm lips pressed to hers, his warm and talented tongue flickering across her own. His hands lifted and squeeze her arms, and one hand slid into her jacket to cup a full breast that ached in the palm of his hand. He exhaled a soft groan into her mouth, feeling her breast harden and swell for him.

She turned her etiler rus escort face away. “Please don’t do this…”

He turned her face back to him, closing his mouth over hers to kiss her again. She could feel every molecule in her body strain for him. He drew her closer, cradling her against his broad chest, hands sliding down her back to cup her round derriere. He pulled her away from the car door and opened it behind her. She stood still, heart thudding in her ribcage.

“No. I am not doing this with you, not now, not anymore… not ever.”

He kissed her again, passionate and hot, and she melted into his kryptonite kiss. He pushed into her, moving them both into the car and slid her across the bench seat, laying his weight on top of her. He felt so good, pressing into her, touching her, kissing her, owning her. She was engulfed with desire and was quickly passing the point of no return. He kissed her more urgently now, as if he could sense her reluctance ready to burst, like a dizzy 16 year old’s cherry. His hand worked its way in between them to her skirt, pulling the material up until he was free to nudge his hand in between her legs. He pushed her panties aside and was met with her slippery wet heat. He sighed humidly in pleasure, mouth open against hers. She could feel his hard cock bulge and twitch against her thigh in eager response to her wetness. She kissed him urgently, fumbling her hand to his jeans, freeing his cock from its restraints, and it sprung forward, thwacking her leg with its heavy weight.

“Fuck me” she sighed into his mouth. He drew back and looked into her lust filled eyes. Her blue eyes were wide and dilated and her heavy lashes swept down over her cheek. He tugged her panties down over her hips and thighs. She moved to accommodate him, pulling a pinned leg up at the knee to allow more room. He sat back, his thick and hard cock thrust enormously straight up. He stroked his hand across the length of it thoughtfully, gazing down at Katie who was glistening, open, waiting, wanting. He sat back and in one smooth motion, had Katie flipped over onto his lap. He squarely slapped her bare ass three times, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

Katie yelped in surprise and pain and struggled to escape his lap. The slaps were loud and solid, and her eyes stung with thick tears. He cupped her ass and rubbed the roundness of her cheek, holding the fiery pain in his hand, and soothing the welt that was emerging into the palm of his hand. He leaned down and pressed his cheek to hers as she squirmed violently under him again. He rubbed her ass cheek, grasping it firmly in his hand and pulling the flesh away, exposing her pink, wet pussy. His finger slid along her wet folds. She gasped and squirmed again.

He turned his strong jaw to her ear. “Katie….” He barely rubbed his finger up and down her outer folds. “Last time we saw each other, you did something that made me very angry.”

Katie again thrashed in his lap and he pressed his other hand firmly into her back, pinning her still. He slapped her ass again, in the same place, across the angry red welt. She cried out and buried her face in her arm, hiding the tear streaks across her cheek.

“You broke my vase — it was an heirloom…….. did you know that?”

He rubbed the globe of her behind firmly. He pressed his weight down, heavy across her and murmured against her shiny dark hair. “It wouldn’t be right if I let you get away unpunished, pretty Katie….”

He ran his thumb along the length of the angry welt. She winced and squeezed her eyes shut, caught between remorse for breaking something special like a childish brat and anger at his unhurried arrogance and control. His thumb followed the length of the welt, tracing the line back in between her legs. He sunk his thumb in between her folds, pressing, until he slid inside her. He dragged his thumb up and out and his index finger sunk slowly inside her. He wriggled it gently inside, massaging her silky walls. She arched her back involuntarily as he pushed two fingers in and out of her. He thrust his fingers slowly; sliding them all the way out to trace and outline her lips and finger paint her own liquid across her smooth inner thighs. Her anger ebbed as electric waves of pleasure circuited etiler türbanlı escort through her body, sending mini shock waves to her erect nipples that are rubbing into the rough fabric of the car seat. She was left only with naked, blind, consuming desire. Katie mewed like a kitten, bucking back into his hand, desperate for more.

“What’s wrong, Katie…” He teased, “Do you want this?”

He plunged deeper with his index and middle finger, and brushed her clit with his thumb. Katie moaned and mewled, only briefly gritting her teeth at his arrogance, and at his knowing exactly what he did to her. She thrashed under him in sudden defiance. He pressed his hand on her back down firmly, reminding her she is pinned. He circled her pleasure button with his thumb, gliding across the top, and firmly circling around it. She felt everything inside her tense and tighten, so saturated and wet and ready to cascade down in complete surrender to him. And then he stopped abruptly. Her anger erupted where her desire hovered on the edge and met like a wave crashing into newly erupted lava. The hot hiss of steam engulfed both wave and lava, both she and he, and Katie managed to squirm her way upright and lashed a full forced slap across his face, spots of flushed red desire and anger standing out brightly on her cheeks. Her nose stung with the threat of unshed tears. He was caught off guard at the sudden stinging slap across his face and he let her go in surprise.

She lunged for the door handle, but he deftly caught her, and turned her toward him, grasping her thighs and pulling her brutally hard toward him, a thigh on either side of his undone pants and still enormously erect cock. He clasped her wrists over her head with one hand and pushed her sweater up over her breasts, gazing in heated desire at the skin he uncovered and rubbed the swell of her breasts. She bucked and thrashed, but he only paused to take his time controlling the situation, and owning her. He rasped his thumb over her sensitive nipple and her body spasmed in response. She continued to thrash, but she was now thrashing into his hands as they caressed the roundness and rubbed her raw and aching nipples.

He pressed against her slowly, releasing her hands and positioned the head of his swollen cock at her entrance, pinning her by the shoulders. He sank into her slowly and she could feel every centimeter of his throbbing erection as it parted her soft folds. She panted at the fullness, at the insatiable longing to feel him open her further. He thrust back and forth, his thick cock expanding in her tight pussy, forcing her to take him in further with each mighty thrust. The force of his pounding finally sank him to the hilt and she squeezed her eyes tight against the contrasting pleasure and pain from her body.

Forward and back, he pumped in and out of her. His shadowed eyes fixed on her soft and beautiful face. The raw sexuality hissed between them like steam, running in sheets of condensation and sweat over the windows and their skin. Humid, steamy and thrusting, the car rocked with the wild abandon of their mutual need. It wasn’t long before they arrived at the edge of overwhelming pleasure, the precipice wild and high, the drop cruelly pleasurable.

He came first, clutching her tight, and groaning into her mouth. She climaxed milliseconds after, his release plunging him so wild and so deep that she convulsed in spasms of pleasure at whatever secret place his cock had imbedded into. Her orgasm shot through her, beginning at her core and base of her spine and shooting out lightning bolts of pleasure to all her extremities.

She had never felt so completed, so rightly at one with the universe as in that solitary second, every time, right before he climaxed. The seconds before his cock begins to wilt and draw away from the depths of her. She wished that she could press pause there. She could allow the feeling of being complete to spread through her entire being slowly, relishing the deliciousness of him needing her, of him occupying every part of her.

She sighed as her thoughs shifted back to the present, where it no longer was that coveted second. She stroked the back of his neck as he lay still, catching his breath. She could feel his cock shrinking, and him getting ready to withdraw. A deep ache passed through her, a familiar mourning for the loss. She filled in the empty space with the moments prior, with the intense exaltation of pleasure. She squeezed her eyes shut, believing that someday, that feeling she craved will come at a much lower cost. There was never only one place to find what we were looking for.

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