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Subject: Euphoria: Nate’s Untold Story – Chapter 1 Euphoria is back on HBO and it got me so excited that I decided to move forward with this story I’ve been sitting on for at least a year. ———————————————————————— Disclaimer: This story is a gay fantasy; no part of it is based in fact and none of the characters are intended to resemble real persons. This story contains sex between a teenager and adults. If you are underage or do not want to read about such matters, you should leave this webpage at once. Euphoria, and all the characters mentioned within, are trademarks of A24, Home Box Office (HBO), Little Lamb, and The Reasonable Bunch. This is not a true representation of the characters featured from Euphoria. ———————————————————————— Please donate to Nifty. This site is a treasure that requires some funds to remain operational. ———————————————————————— This is now my second story; tips and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you to the fans the encouraged me to continue writing. Titus hoo ———————————————————————– Chapter 1: Nate Jacobs crashed onto the bed in the ratty motel he and Maddy would use as a rendezvous point following Nate’s arrest and suspension from school. In a fit of rage, Nate had grabbed Maddy, leaving a bruise on her neck. A teacher at school saw the marks and reported this to the principal, who later notified the police. The once-popular and powerful Nate Jacobs was currently ostracized from his friends, suspended from school, and in need of some affection. Despite their issues, his girlfriend also missed him; thus, the two would secretly meet at a motel in the bad part of town. The pair always ran hot and cold, with either extreme arguments or extreme romance. But this night was like a winter freeze as the two could be heard arguing from through their neighbor’s wall. Two hours after arriving, Maddy stormed out of the room, leaving Nate so angry he could almost cry. This would usually be the point at which Nate would also leave. Truthfully, he didn’t want to spend a second longer than necessary in that motel. Just as he was putting on his hoodie, he heard a knock on the door. Gus Howard dawned in a flannel shirt and worn-out jeans, heard the entire argument followed by Maddy’s grand exit. Gus decided to be a good neighbor and offer the guy a beer. Who knows, maybe he could be a customer as well. “Hey, I um, heard you and your girl arguing,” Gus was a bit taken aback upon seeing Nate. He did not expect such a normal-looking teenager to be causing drama in such an establishment. bursa yabancı escort Handing Nate a cold beer, Gus let Nate know that he was all too familiar with those types of lovers’ quarrels. He and his ex-wife had the same type of issues. “Trust me man, it’s fun playing with fire, but those types of women can send you over the edge…” Nate typically wouldn’t have opened up to a stranger, but the cold beer and stressful week wore down his defenses. He felt isolated and angry. Nate couldn’t confide in his friends, not that they’d even take his calls right now, nor his weak mother, his failure of a brother, or his domineering father. Gus seemed like a generally nice guy. While Nate didn’t go into too many details, it did feel good to talk to a stranger about his problems. After their beers, both men went their separate ways. —————————————————————————- As usual, every couple of nights were filled with Nate and Maddy either having calm or explosive hookups in that motel room. Gus and Nate would give each other a brief nob of acknowledgment the few times they’d run into each other in passing. Nate always secured the same room on the second floor. But one night, Maddy refused to even meet at their little love nest, since Nate was acting like an asshole all day via passive-aggressive text messages. Nate had already secured the room for a few hours and bought her favorite pizza for the two of them to share. Having spent the day alone in his bedroom, Nate wasn’t in the mood to be alone that night in the motel. This time, it was Nate knocking on Gus’s door. “It’s open!” Nate slowly opened the door into the room. Where clothes and fast food bags were thrown about. All the lights we off minus the muted TV and light illuminating from under the closed bathroom door. `You’re early,” said a naked Gus, as he swung open the bathroom door, fresh from a shower. “Oh, shit!’ he said, not expecting to see Nate in his doorway. Nate quickly turned around in disgust. He was extremely uncomfortable being around naked men. “Sorry, a girl of mine is coming over later. I thought it was her,” lied Gus. “No big deal,” said Nate with his backed turned. “I just had some pizza. Maddy isn’t coming over today. She’s acting like a bitch.” “I thought it was unnaturally quiet this evening,” joked Gus, “I’ll be right over!” Nate knew that Gus wasn’t going to refuse his offer as the two ended up in Nate’s room devouring the pizza. What he briefly saw of Gus’s naked body showed a guy that could use a warm meal. Once again, the unlikely pair were enjoying each other’s company as they ate pizza and watched Sports Center on low volume. Nate bursa sınırsız escort noticed a person passing by the window of his 2nd story room. His curtains were open, and he saw the man pass by his window again, waiving at Gus. “Oh shit, that’s my friend! Hold on.” Gus quickly got up to answer the door. Kyle stepped into the room, not waiting for an invitation before flashing Nate a smile and brief nod. Turning his attention back to Gus, he asked the father of two to step outside onto the balcony for a moment. Not liking the additional company, and done with his pizza, Nate decide now was as good of a time as any to get his things and head home. Back on the balcony, Kyle lit a cigarette before turning to Gus who quickly gave him a small wad of cash from his day’s work. “That one of your Johns or is he buying?” Gus stated that he’s just a friend he’s seen around. Gus thanks Nate for the pizza before heading back to his room with Kyle. Nate throws out the box before hopping into his truck. From the second-story window, Kyle watches the raven-haired teen get into his nice truck, before closing the blinds. Back in the room, Gus is already feeling the excitement of anticipation for his next hit. Since the night he decided to drive home drunk, resulting in a major car accident, his life had been a downward spiral of opioid addictions. As the drugs consumed him he withdrew from his family. He only wishes he could have spent the night having pizza with his daughters, both of whom should be around Nate’s age. But it’s way too late for the what-ifs. Seeing the disappointment in their eyes was too hard to handle so he ended up abandoning his family. Right now, Gus had to push the idea of his daughters out of his head as he assumed the position to give Kyle his daily blowjob. Despite being heterosexual, Gus long ago learned to use his once handsome looks to feed his drug habit. First via girlfriends, then when they got tired of his freeloading, he accepted offers from guys. Kyle offered him a bed in his motel room if he’d turn some tricks and connect him with people interesting in buying drugs. Eventually, he’ll toss Gus out, but for the time being, he’s been a pretty good fuck and willing to take any customers Kyle sends his way. Grabbing a fist full of Gus’ hair, Kyle smashed his face against his growing bulge. “You want it bitch?’ “Yes sir, I want it!” “Pull it out and get to sucking. You have two guys coming over for a threesome and I don’t want to keep them waiting.” Gus groaned at the thought of another threesome. One guy is easy to handle, two guys can get a little rough. Gus pulled out the growing uncut cock from the confines of Kyle’s briefs, instantly görükle escort getting a whiff of body odor. “Haha, I stink. Had to move so much crap from this little house with no AC. I didn’t even shower yesterday, so that’s two days of man funk for your slutty mouth.” Gus wanted to throw up, but he was long past the point of rejecting whomever’s cock Kyle ordered him to service. It was either this or sleeping in the streets. Gus took Kyle’s putrid ball sack into his mouth giving them a much-needed cleaning as Kyle’s cock leaked loads of pre-cum into Gus’ chestnut hair. “Look at me, Mr. Family Man. I like my bitches to give me eye contact, so I know you’re enjoying it.” Gus continued sucking on the balls before moving back towards Kyle’s swollen cock head. Tasting the salty mixture of sweat and pre-cum, Kyle resigned himself to his fate as he swallowed the swollen cock down his well-used throat. All the while, he was praying that this encounter would end with just a simple blowjob. Almost as if reading his mind, Kyle reached down into Gus’s pants. Kyle couldn’t reach his rosebud, so he ordered Gus to remove his pants and turn around. Glancing at the window, Gus was worried that Nate may walk by on his way out the door. Kyle didn’t give a shit about having sex with an audience, but he had some other plans in mind with the teenager next door. Clearly, the kid had some money based on his preppy look and expensive truck. Kyle went over to close the curtains and lock the door before retiring his attention to Gus’s well-used hole. Gus’ please for mercy as Kyle rammed his unloved cock into his hole went unanswered. From time to time, this is how Kyle liked to fuck, nice and rough. Gus could usually take it but he knew there was much more in store of him later that evening when his clients arrive. Anyone passing the room would have heard lots of skin slapping and moaning from the room. Nate was oblivious since he had put his AirPods in to listen to some of Yazee’s new album as he packed up his stuff. In the next room, Kyle gave off a massive moan as he bit into Gus’ shoulder, leaving the helpless guy with another fresh load. Gus blushed as he felt the fresh load of cum leaking out of his hole as Kyle got dressed. Thinking twice, he held up a hit for drug-crazed Gus to salvage over. Before he could get his piece, a teary-eyed Gus was forced to complete his final humiliation of cleaning off the fuck juices from Kyle’s cock. Once satisfied, Kyle got dressed, tossing the hit on the bed. He wasn’t even out the door before Gus was getting ready for his next dose. “Don’t forget to shower. Those two will be here in 20 minutes and it’s a double fucking type of night. I did you a favor by stretching out your cunt, what of you say?” Gus measly thanked his tormentor for lubing and stretching his hole. “When I get back, I want you to tell me about that preppy neighbor of yours. The one with the nice truck.” ———————————————————————– To be continued….

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