Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 05


Ah, another glorious morning! Awakened by a magnificently naked and beautiful blonde gently washing your privates with a warm cloth; a guy could get used to this.

Britt smiled at me as I stretched and yawned. “Good morning lover,” she said, holding my cock as she ran the warm washcloth over my balls. “We fell asleep this morning and I woke up and we were glued together. Mr. Trojan was still where he was supposed to be, but we were a pretty gooey mess.”

I must have had a slightly stricken look of panic on my face. “Don’t worry, I started back on birth control and I picked up a ‘morning-after’ pill too. I’ll take that just in case.”

Britt dried me with a towel and then crawled up for a kiss. Snuggling up, she threw her leg across me, rubbing against my awakening member, “But I’ll tell you what Buster, after what I felt when you came inside me with the condom on, there is no f-ing way I can wait to feel you blast the inside of my pussy.” My dick jumped against her leg, eliciting a giggle.


Yesterday afternoon and evening was another special day for me and evidently Britt also. We got to know each other better over some excellent Chinese food and we talked briefly about the photo shoot we were going to do for my friend John’s store down by the beach. Britt and her roommates Gina and Kate met with John and picked up the clothes he wanted to feature in the ad. We planned to do the shoot this afternoon and evening here at my home/studio. Britt also offered to pick up something to grill for dinner.

Early this morning Britt took it upon herself to thank me for what was evidently the tongue-riding of her life. After last night’s dinner we sat on the couch and drank our tea and had our fortune cookies. My teasing led to her force feeding me her succulent pussy. I was innocently sitting on the couch when she dropped her tight little cut-off shorts and stood up on the couch, straddling me. I was confronted with a scantily clad pussy, smooth, ripe and ready for the taking. What option did I have? Between my tongue, lips and fingers, Britt’s dam gave way. Her sweet juices cascaded down my arm and over my chin and onto my chest, soaking my shirt.

I’d heard of women squirting and seen clips on the internet of women shooting fire-hose volumes across the room, but I suspected that most of those were contrived. Now I still haven’t seen the real thing, as I was planted face-first, directly in the line of fire. I can however confirm the velocity and quantity of this particular event, and it was spectacular.

Britt was completely spent afterwards, but I managed to get us cleaned up and between the sheets. In the wee hours of the morning, my nubile playmate, now fully recovered, somehow managed to slip a condom on me and stirred me from my slumber by gliding up and down my cock, reverse cowgirl style. Proclaiming that she was going to ‘fuck me good’; Britt rode me hard until I let loose a load that tested the capacity of the rubber.

In the afterglow, still joined, Britt’s emotions bubbled to the surface, proclaiming a feeling of such well-being that it worried her. I have to admit that I felt pretty damn good about how the last few days had turned out. But Britt was confused about her emotions and the only thing I could think to do was to just shut-up, be supportive and let whatever happens, happen.


I would have been content to just lay there the remainder of the day, running my hand up and down her bare back, but a quick glance at the clock changed my mind. “Crap, is that really the time? I’m supposed to meet a painter on a job at seven!”

I bounded out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom.

“What, no quickie?” she yelled as I jumped into the shower.

I half expected Britt to join me, but I was allowed to get in and get out, then dress real quick, ready to head out the door. I could smell coffee as I was getting dressed and as I turned the corner, following the aroma, I was met with a sight that would carry me through the day. Perched on the edge of the island, legs crossed and naked as a jay; Britt had my travel mug in one hand and a paper bag in the other.

“I thought you might need a little help getting out the door, so I made your coffee and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to get you started,” she said, holding them out for me.

I took her offering and just as quickly set it aside. “You don’t know how tempting it is to just lay you back, spread your legs and screw you silly right here,” giving her a kiss and a little butt squeeze.

“Good, I’ll put that on the list. Now get your ass out of here and get to work. I’ll get cleaned up and lock up for you.”

I grabbed my breakfast and ran for the truck. I looked back at the front door to see her standing there like a nudist June Cleaver, waving good-bye to her man. “I’ll call you later and maybe we can get together for lunch,” I yelled out the driver-side window. Britt blew me a kiss before stepping back inside.


I made it to the job at the same time as the painter. I showed him what I needed done, and he pointed Bahçeşehir escort out the jelly drip on my shirt. I sat in my truck, trying to get the stain out with an old rag when my Blackberry chimed that I had a text message.

‘Left and locked. I’ll get deli for lunch. Call when and where. XXXXX’

A picture of her sitting naked on my kitchen island this morning flashed through my brain. “I’m a lucky man,” I muttered to myself, “Damn grape jelly.”

The rest of the morning went smoothly and I texted Britt to meet me at the bayside park at the end of Grand Ave. for lunch. I was sitting on one of the benches facing the parking lot so I could keep an eye out for her when I saw her SUV enter the lot and pull into a parking spot. I couldn’t see her until she came around the front of the car, and when she did, I sat there staring, with the dopiest grin imaginable. Britt was wearing the shortest, tightest and brightest orange shorts known to man. On top, barely, was a cropped, low-cut wife-beater that was at least three sizes too small. I swear I watched her nipples harden with each step she took toward me. To complete the look, she somehow managed to walk across the grass wearing a pair of black platform high-heel sandals that must have had 5″ spikes.

To say she drew a few looks was an understatement. Only the fact that she would be considered overdressed for the beach, and that it was a weekday, did we avoid any testosterone driven riots. Stopping in front of me she did a slow turn, “Well, whatta ya think?”

“I think you’re damn lucky we’re out in public, or you might never get lunch.”

“Good, I’m glad you like it,” sitting in my lap for a kiss and a little grind.Britt stayed seated as she unpacked our lunch. We fed each other as we talked.

“I’m sorry I kind of lost it this morning, crying and all,” she said. Continuing, “It’s hard to explain how I felt at that moment without getting all gushy and just blurting out ‘I love you’ or something like that.”

Continuing, “When I first saw you a month ago, I knew that we would have something special. I don’t know how, and I really don’t know what, but I just knew. And I also knew that if I didn’t act on it, I would regret it forever.”

She stopped and paused to look for my reaction. I mulled it around in my head a bit; wanting to make sure that I said the right thing as she patiently awaited a response.

“I know that there is something special between us too. I don’t think I have ever been this comfortable with someone so soon after meeting them. I think all things happen for a reason, and timing is everything. I don’t have anyone special in my life right now and I’m doing what I like to do for a living and get to pursue a dream in my spare time. Then you fall into my lap, like heaven sent, and it feels like it was preordained. That being said, my instincts tell me to just enjoy the ride and see where it leads us.”

Britt broke into a smile and kissed me hard. “Thank you, “she said, kissing me again.

“For…? “I asked.

“For being you and for being exactly who I thought you would be, “another kiss. We had a couple more bites to eat, quietly watching the seagulls circling, hoping for a handout. “Other than when I first saw you, I haven’t had any other visions or revelations in my life. We are on the same wavelength I think when it comes to just taking life a day at a time and see where it carries us.”

Britt paused long enough to take a sip of water; “When Gina and I came here to go to school, I wasn’t nervous because I came with a friend. I had one boyfriend in high school and we both went our separate ways after graduation, so I came here to concentrate on school. Gina had a boyfriend too, but their breakup wasn’t quite as clean. He was real possessive and didn’t want her to leave. He got abusive at the end and it really messed her up. So, being her best friend and her roommate, I’ve kind of been her crutch.”

Britt paused again and just sort of stared out at the bay. She was fidgeting, like she was uncomfortable, and if she kept squirming around on my lap, she wasn’t going to be the only one feeling a little discomfort.

“So…..when we were kids, Gina and I did that whole exploring thing together, ya know?”

I raised an eyebrow and tilted my head like a spaniel trying to figure out what my master had just said.

Britt poked me in the ribs, laughing; “you know, when we wondered what it would be like to really be kissed, we practiced on each other and when we got older and started to get those feelings…well, you know.”

Britt’s blush was profound on her fair skin and I couldn’t help but prod a little; “so you two played doctor?”

“Yeah, well we did the regular physical exam thing when we were younger, but when we were in high school we graduated to massage therapy and gynecology.” Britt’s blush now deepened a couple shades and my discomfort poked her in the butt, breaking the tension that hung in the air.

Britt giggled as she kissed me again, while teasing her little buddy with her orange, silk clad ass. She pulled back and Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan gave me that questioning look that asked; ‘so do you want me to go on?’ Our little buddy said ‘Yes!’

Taking another sip of water and a deep breath, “so….that kinda explains why I haven’t bothered with birth control up until now.”

The extended pause told me that if I wanted to know anything else, I was going to have to ask the question. A big gulp of water, the pause…..”So…you two are, uh, lovers? “I asked in as innocent a way as I could muster.

Smiling, relieved that it was out there, Britt replied, “I do love her, as a friend, but we aren’t like a lesbian couple or anything. We just enjoy getting each other off.” More discomfort, more giggling and wiggling.

“See, “she continued, “Gina isn’t very trusting of guys right now, but I think time and staying busy with classes has helped a lot. When we aren’t in class, then we’re with each other; just Gina and I, and, well, Kate sometimes.”

More discomfort, “so Kate sometimes…..?”

More smiling and wiggling; she was enjoying my discomfort. “Yeah, Kate’s a different story. She led a very, and I mean very sheltered childhood. Her mom is from the Philippines and her dad, although she loved him, never played much of a role as a father, more a provider. It was a big deal to let her come to school here and it’s only because they knew Gina and her mom that it happened at all. So Gina feels some responsibility for Kate; and the fact that Kate has never had a boyfriend,…..well, it just sorta happened.”

We had somehow gotten through the sandwiches and threw a couple pieces of bread crust to the persistent gulls. We walked with our arms around each others waist. Britt was now as tall as me with the 5″ assist and I was quite impressed that she never faltered and the shoes made her legs look just that much better.

“So anyway, “she continued, “then you came along and the girls have been tolerating my romantic ramblings for the last month or two. They even had a wager that I would never have the nerve to talk to you.”

I hugged her tighter, “Well, I guess you won that bet this weekend. Can I ask what the wager was?”

Britt turned her head and nibbled at my ear, whispering, “You can ask, but I won’t tell.”

Speaking in a horrible German accent, I said, “We have ways of making you talk!” as I slid my hand over her butt, between her legs and lifted her a couple inches, straight up.

Britt squealed and looked around to make sure no one was watching us. She spun and kissed me, driving her tongue into my mouth; her legs wrapped around me as she tried to spur me with her stilettos.

Conscious of where we were, I set her back on her feet. Eye to eye, hers now a few shades darker, she kissed me softly and whispered, “I do love you.”

Unafraid to answer, I kissed her back and said, “I love you too.”

We slowly strolled back to the car and talked about this evenings shoot. I had her in stitches as I tried to slip my hand under the waistband of her counterfeit Hooters shorts; the things were just too damn tight.

Somewhat hidden by the other cars, I leaned her against hers and we made out like a couple high-schoolers. I put her in her car and kissed her once more through the open window. “Thanks for lunch, and the shorts, and the history lesson, “I said.

“Thank you, “she answered; “We’ll see you later. I think it’ll be fish and maybe some asparagus. I’ll also pick up some pineapple for dessert, “she said with a wink. “Love you, “as she pulled out of the lot.


Well that lunch interlude gave me a lot to think about for the rest of the afternoon. I was going to meet and shoot pictures of two girls I have never met, in skimpy, surely sexist, swimwear. Britt, my fabulous sex-kitten was bringing her two roommates,, both of whom had questionable feelings for the opposite sex. I could only imagine what Britt had told them of our adventures over the last few days, and I wasn’t sure whether I would be viewed as friend or foe.

I snuck out of work a little early and raced home to clean up. My heart fluttered a bit when I found that Britt had made the bed, straightened up the living room and cleaned the kitchen. Shaking my head, wondering how I had been this lucky, I stripped out of my work clothes and took a quick shower. It was plenty warm out in the warehouse, so I just slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. My plans of cleaning house thwarted, I grabbed a beer and went upstairs to the studio. I checked my batteries and then pulled out the couple of backgrounds I thought I would use and put them up. All set with that, I sat at the computer and deleted most of my email.

The girls had still not arrived so I took the time to edit and file some of the shots I had taken over the weekend of Britt. She had surprised me with this little collection of strings and fabric scraps that someone had the nerve to sell as a bikini. All I can say is ‘God Bless them’. Leaving a little to the imagination has always been sexier to me than just full-on Escort Bahçeşehir naked, and this little outfit proved the point. Now, granted, it didn’t take much imagination, but it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

As I sat there cropping, enlarging, etc., I remembered Britt mentioning that her roommates had matching swimsuits. Even having never seen the girls, Britt’s earlier description of them was enough to conjure an image in my head, both heads.

As I stared at Britt’s luscious butt on my 24″ monitor, considering taking matters into my own hand, Britt’s SUV rolled in, followed by a little Japanese car of some kind. I haven’t been able to tell most cars apart since I was in high school. I minimized Photoshop and stood and waved at them as they got out of the cars.

Britt had changed out of her Hooters outfit, but still had on a pair of very short, shorts and a cropped t-shirt. The 5″ spikes had been chucked for a pair of sandals. The first one out of the other car I assumed was Gina. A tall, willowy raven haired beauty; she also had on a pair of shorts and a #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. t-shirt. To top it off, so to speak, she had on a sexy pair of heels that made her look seven feet tall. She gave me a smile and a little wave. Not to be outdone, Kate exited the passenger side wearing a little floral sundress that just covered her butt and her lustrous black hair hung loose, longer than the dress. A nice amount of cleavage showed, even though her breasts were previously advertised as quite petite. She was dressed for comfort and wore a pair of flip flops on her tiny feet.

Britt yelled up at me and I looked down to see her smiling back. “I’ll put the food inside. Do you want to come down and give the girls a hand with the clothes?”

“Yes dear, “I answered. That got a laugh out of all three as I headed down the stairs. Gina, Kate and I introduced ourselves to each other and I was surprised that I got a hug from both of them. I guess I shouldn’t have been as they are friends of Britt’s, but given their past experience with guys, or lack there-of, I wasn’t sure what to expect. About this time, Britt flew out the door and wrapped herself around me, kissing furiously.

“Get a room! “The girls yelled. Their voices bounced throughout the warehouse and they both stood in awe when they heard it, taking in their surroundings.

Britt stood beside me, her right hand in my back pocket, “Pretty cool huh? It’s just like I described it; “as she swept her free hand in an arc.

Both Gina and Kate nodded in agreement and then Kate said, “Yeah, but you didn’t tell us that George was this cute.”

I looked at Britt and asked, “Well, what all did she say about me?”

All three broke into giggles and Britt blushed for the second time today. “C’mon girls, lets grab the clothes, the studio is upstairs.”

“Yes dear, “the girls mimicked, followed by more giggling and attempted tickling. I elected to just steer clear.

“Does anyone want anything to drink?” I asked. “I’ll bring it up to you.”

“I think water will be fine for now,” Britt answered. “We’ll have something stronger with dinner.”

The girls grabbed bags and hangers and headed upstairs while I went in for the water. The girls had the clothes piled on the bed and were checking things out when I topped the stairs. My first sight was all three of them bent over the short wall, looking down into the warehouse. Britt’s now familiar butt cheeks showed nicely, along with her taut thighs and shapely calves. Next to her Gina stood with her seemingly endless long legs. Her profile showed off her generous breasts. On the other side of Britt, Kate stood on her tip-toes, straining to look down over the wall. Half of her caramel colored butt cheeks peeked out of under her dress, not a bit of panty in sight. Britt heard my approach and looked over her shoulder. She caught me taking in the sights and just smiled, sending a little air-kiss.

I cleared my throat as I got to the top of the stairs. “Okay girls, it’s time to get to work. Let see what we’ve got to work with.” They all giggled and whispered as they went over to the bed where they had dumped the clothes. The girls laid out the shorts and tops in one area, the swimwear and cover-ups in another and there were a few little dresses, emphasis on little.

“Let’s start with the dresses first, then the casual wear and then the swimwear,” I said.

Britt took the lead with the girls. “Okay ladies; let’s show my man how sexy we can look for a night on the town.” More giggling and whispering ensued as they took their dresses behind a modesty screen I had set up in one corner of the bedroom area.

I messed with the camera and lights as laughter and clothes came flying out of behind the screen. My back was to them when I heard Britt clear her throat. I turned and was momentarily stunned. There before me stood three stunning examples of feminine perfection. They all wore some version of ‘The Little Black Dress’ and high heels. The dresses were all short, about mid thigh and they were tight in all the right places. A synchronized pirouette showcased a mouth watering variety of feminine profiles. Britt was perfection, as far as I was concerned and I’ll freely admit to being biased. That said, as a true connoisseur of the female form, I can and did admire the amplitude, both top and bottom of Gina’s fine form and the more svelte stature of Kate’s body.

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