Excuse Me Miss…

This is a side story I wrote could be something more or just a one time coupling, I’ll take your input once you’ve read it.

Edited by HJF


It had been another typical Friday evening on the train for Jeremy and he was glad to see the week at last come to an end, not to mention he was looking forward to meeting with his buddies once this infernal train finally reached his stop.

“Only six stops to go,” he reminded himself as both time and the train seemed to crawl along. The train was better than driving from his far suburb to the city and back each day. He knew it was far faster too, but still some days that hour seemed so much longer, and this was one of them.

He looked longingly up at the full seats on the upper deck from the lower deck seat he had begrudgingly taken. He usually rode up there mostly because it, surprisingly to most he was sure, allowed him more space than the lower deck benches did. Jeremy was a very tall guy and cramming himself into a lower deck seat for an hour was not his idea of fun, nor was it adding to his mood.

He continued looking longingly up at those seats as the train slowed to a halt again, driving his knees into the bench in front of him. As he silently cursed it he saw commotion above as young woman scrambled to leave the train, her stop seemingly having snuck up on her. Jeremy smiled; he knew why she was in such a rush. He had noticed her napping a bit in her seat he suspected if not for the jolt of the train she would have missed her stop completely.

The door opened and passengers filed out. Jeremy looked back at the upper row as it recovered from the commotion to see how many others had gotten off up there and whether he should ponder heading up. No luck, but it was then he spotted it; right where the young lady had been sitting was clipped a monthly pass. A pass he remembered seeing her put there.

Having once lost one of those before he sprang to action and pulled it off the clip. He flipped it over hoping it had a name and number so the conductor could get it back to her. No luck, so, seeing the passengers still filing out, he made a flash decision and quickly made his way toward the exit. Pushing through the vestibule door and down the stairs to the platform he frantically searched for the woman.

Now ordinarily this would have been extremely reckless as finding one person in the crowd that got off at this stop would have been near on impossible except that, though he tried not to admit it, he had been admiring this particular passenger since the train had left Chicago. That was how he knew she had placed the pass on the clip and it was also why he was sure he could find her in this crowd.

The biggest thing working in his favor was height, both his, being nearly seven feet tall it made it easy to find people, and hers, as he was sure she had to be close to if not taller than six feet herself. It did not take long before he found the mane of light brown hair hovering above the crowd. He made his way towards her, hoping to reach her before she reached her car.

His hopes of getting back onto the train were long gone after he had seen the crowd and had heard the chimes that signaled the doors were closing. As the crowd reached the parking lot it fanned out and Jeremy was able to speed up, but unfortunately so had his quarry. Both had long legs and he could tell she was in a hurry. Still, slowed by the crowd Jeremy watched her get farther away and just hoped he didn’t lose her, otherwise this gesture would not only be incredibly stupid, but incredibly useless as well.

He was pleased to see that she walked past the parking lot and kept walking toward some nearby apartment buildings.

“A walker,” he thought to himself. Fortune, it seemed, had smiled on him. She was still moving quickly, but knowing he had more time Jeremy waited to clear the crowd before putting on speed to catch up to her. As he quickened his pursuit of her a small part of his brain acknowledged that this might make the woman nervous if she were paying attention. After all he was a strange man, this certainly was not his stop, and now he seemed to be deliberately following her, which he was of course. Not for any sinister reason, but she had no way of knowing that. This was where being a big guy worked against him; in a lot of cases it kept him out of fights he didn’t want, but it also made him unnecessarily scary to strangers.

“You take the good with the bad,” he thought. He reminded himself of every time his size put him in a bad spot, as it did with surprising frequency. However, his query was no five-foot-nothing-ninety-pound gymnast. She was definitely over six feet tall and was definitely not overly thin. She wasn’t overweight either, but she had a happy medium working. She was a big girl and he could tell she could take care of herself.

Still afraid of losing her he sped up, but tried not to look too creepy.

“Yeah, like I know how to not be creepy,” he thought to himself and he was deep şişli üniversiteli escort into an inner discussion of how he could not be creepy when the woman, to his extreme surprise, turned to face him.

“What do you want?!” she asked in frustration, as lost in his thoughts he had not noticed she had slowed and he had nearly caught up to her. “It’s obviously not to rob or rape me or something or you would have done it already! And please don’t tell me you live around here because you don’t, I know my neighbors and you ain’t one buddy. You’ve been following me since the train and don’t think I didn’t catch you looking at me on the train. I admit it was flattering, but this is getting creepy. I’ve had a hell of a day, an even worse week, and things don’t look much better for the next few,” she said, looking extremely irritated.

Jeremy digested the information and gathering his thoughts, held up her train pass and said, “You, ah, left this on the train. Sorry to bother you it looks like you’ve had a rough week. It’s just I’ve misplaced one of those myself and I know what a hassle they can be to replace. So here,” He handed her the pass and said, “I’ll be heading back to the station now as, you’re right, this wasn’t my stop, I’m another five or six down the line depending on the train.”

“Well that was mighty stupid of you,” she said bluntly before he could finish and Jeremy just shrugged and went to make his way back to the station when she grabbed his hand, “I’m sorry,” she said in a much kinder tone. “That was rude of me, thank you very much, that was really nice of you. It really has been a rough week. It’s funny; you spend enough time getting dirt kicked in your face you almost forget what kindness is.” She then seemed to take him in. Afterwards she seemed to get an idea and smiled. “You got any plans tonight?”

“Not really, and if I did, my now several hour commute wiped any hope of getting to them. Why do you ask?”

“Sorry about that,” she said, very sincerely and looking a bit remorseful, before answering his question, “Well, because I’d like to take you to dinner, to say thanks I mean,” she said, adding the last part a little too quickly, and held up the pass to show why. She then added, “There’s this nice new place I’ve been dying to try, but I’ve never had the time or anyone to go with.”

He smiled, “That’d be nice, thanks.” He then asked, “This is going to sound odd but do you mind if we stop by your place first if it’s nearby? I really don’t want to take my work bag into a restaurant if I can help it, especially if it’s a nice place,” Jeremy said pointing to the bag he had somehow remembered to grab before sprinting off the train.

“Actually that sounds like a good idea. I want to change a bit too, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, but I think you look fine as you are,” he said, commenting on the skirt and short sleeve top she wore.

She gave an eye roll that clearly said a sarcastic ‘men’ and said, “You’re sweet but these are my work clothes. I need to get in something a bit more comfortable. They walked the short distance to her building but she stopped him at her door.

“Wait here, I wasn’t expecting anyone. I just want to straighten up.” Jeremy went to protest but the door had already closed.

He waited a few minutes before the door opened and she said, “Come on in, um…what was your name?” she asked bashfully, seemingly realizing she had just admitted a man whose name she did not know into her apartment

Jeremy smiled, “Jeremy, nice to meet you and you are?” he said, holding out his hand.

“Alicia,” she replied with a smile while shaking his hand. “Well, make yourself at home Jeremy. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

As Jeremy looked around the recently straightened apartment he was glad to find it not overly girly, there were several feminine touches for sure and it was clear a girl lived here, but not obviously so. He was really starting to like this girl, despite only just meeting her. Sure, their first exchange was rather tense, but that could hardly be helped given the circumstances, and he felt thus far their meeting had gone rather well. He certainly preferred having dinner with her than his usual Friday with his friends that usually involved going out for a movie or watching one at an apartment.

Thinking about his friends reminded him they still expected him to be out with them tonight. He sent them a quick message saying something came up and he couldn’t make it and that he would explain later. He knew they would understand. Not that he expected anything other than dinner, but still dinner with what he at least considered a pretty girl was preferable to the usual, even if it only went that far. The way things were going though, even in his limited experience, he was ready for anything. He wondered if this would be a night to remember, all because of a forgotten train pass.

He was smiling at that thought when Alicia at last emerged, wearing taksim anal yapan escort a causal light blue dress with her previously tied up hair hanging loose at her shoulders. The effect was magnificent

“Wow,” he said out loud before he could help himself. She smiled.

“Thanks, you ready to go?” she asked. He nodded and she led the way out of the apartment.

When they were outside he asked, “So where to?”

“It’s downtown, a block from the station, I figure we’d walk. It’s a nice evening after all.”

“Fine with me.” They walked in silence for a bit before he asked her about work, which she was not prone to talking about, so he asked her how long she had lived in the area.

It turned out she was new to the area entirely and had only been there a few months. She had uprooted for a job in the city earlier that year. She found she really liked the area she lived in, though. When they got to the restaurant, which was relatively upscale, not so much that they were under dressed, but enough that his usual Friday jeans and a polo shirt would have looked out of place. Fortunately he had needed to present something today so he had worn khakis and a dress shirt.

While they waited for a table she asked him about how long he had lived in the area and his job. He explained he had lived there his whole life, and explained his job in computers for a big company in the city. She seemed fairly impressed with at least the latter.

When they were seated Alicia immediately ordered some wine and an appetizer.

He smiled and she must have noticed because she said, “What?”

“Nothing, just interesting is all.”

“Oh and how is that,” she asked suspiciously.

“Well, either it has been a really tough week or you’re trying to get me drunk.”

She giggled, “Well, a bit of both I admit, but mostly the former. I’m also trying to run up the tab as revenge.” Jeremy looked at her confused and she added, “I’m going to use my boss’s card, I’ll explain later. That’s why the appetizer, well that and word is this place is good, but painfully slow and I’m starving.”

“Hey, I have no problems with it, it just says a lot about you, none of it negative in my book by the way.”

“Like what?”

“You know what you want, you’re confident, and a bit devious. All very sexy, plus I now know without a doubt you’re not one of those women that eats like a bird, also very appealing as I hate people like that. I understand it, but I hate it at the same time, you know?”

“Oh I know,” Alicia said relieved, “my boss that’s treating us to this meal is so like that. Skinny as a rail and she won’t eat a thing. I’m a big girl, always have been. I make no excuses for it, I don’t go over board either mind you and I try to watch my weight, but I need to eat when it’s time to eat.”

“Yeah, I get that.” Then after a pause he added ,”but now you have to tell me about work after taking a shot at your boss, the revenge dinner, and the wine.”

Alicia begrudgingly launched into the story about how she had moved with promise of promotion in a few months, a promotion which had been pushed back. Then this week she had learned that she wasn’t getting what she was promised and that a new guy, who Alicia had no doubt had earned his spot with his head under the boss’s skirt, was getting it instead. So she had uprooted her whole life, moved away from her family, and spent six months being treated like an intern all for a position she would never get.

“And what’s worse,” she said several minutes, the appetizer, and a glass of wine later, “Is that my effing perfect cousin is marrying my ex-boyfriend and I have no date and now no promotion to wave in their faces. I mean, how am I supposed to show my face at that thing now?”

Jeremy suddenly understood why she was so upset when he had first met her.

“Well, you seem like a good person so I suspect things will work out. Right now just take solace in the fact that you’re enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant you’ve wanted to try, and that you’re getting revenge by slapping your rich slut of a boss with the bill.”

She smiled, and reaching across the table to take his hand she said, “Not to mention I have very nice company to share all of that with. Thank you for being so understanding. I’ve been quite bitchy tonight and I’m sorry.”

“Not at all, like you said you’ve had a few rough weeks. Now other than your so called perfect cousin, who’s far from it in my book if she can date your ex like that.”

“I know right? Thank you for saying that. No one in my family seems to understand why I’m so upset about it, but then again Jane has always gotten everything she wants, even my own parents sided with her,” Alicia said interrupting, then apologizing.

Jeremy paused before saying, “That’s okay. I, uh, was going to ask about your family, but now I’m not sure I want to.”

“No that’s okay, even if we’re having a small disagreement right now taksim bdsm escort I still love them. They’ll come around eventually. Frankly Jane and Joe deserve each other. She is a self-centered bitch only concerned with status and money, and he’s a rich pompous cheating asshole, they should get along just fine. I’m more angry that I fell for his lines is all. I just wish I had something to shove in their faces. I had hoped for a date, but that wasn’t likely as I had no time so the promotion was my next best thing and now that’s gone. Anyway, you asked about my family.”

Alicia explained she was a middle child with a brother that was married with two kids and a younger sister who was also married with one child and pregnant with her second. Both her parents were alive and lived in Colorado with the rest of her family. She said they all thought she was crazy to move from the mountain air, but Alicia decided she loved it out here. When asked if she felt pressure because of her siblings she said yes, but noted she was always more career driven, but she did want kids. She also pointed out she was only 26 and still had time before she had to worry about kids and stuff.

When asked about his family he told her about his two younger siblings; one, a brother just married, the other, a sister still in college. He told her flat-out pressure for grandkids was heavy on all of them but especially him and his brother. He then noted that like her he had plenty of time and wanted the right girl first, which his parents understood, or at least seemed to.

The dinner was very nice as was the wine they had drunk. As dinner wrapped he and Alicia walked back to her place, both to enjoy the air and so he could retrieve his bag. This time though they walked hand in hand. As he heard the click of her heeled shoes on the sidewalk he said,

“You know, I was surprised when you said ‘more comfortable’ that it involved heeled shoes.”

“True, but it was a nice place and let’s face it, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to wear them without feeling huge and unladylike. That’s nice at work when I need the power and confidence, but on a date? It just ruins it for me. It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re staring over your date’s head, no matter how sexy the shoes or your clothes. At least that’s my opinion.”

He stopped her and pulled her to him in a light embrace and looking down into her light blue eyes that matched her dress he asked, “How about now Alicia, do you feel sexy and ladylike?”

“Absolutely,” she purred and before he could think what he was doing he raised her chin, lowered his lips, and kissed her lightly.

“Good, because you are a very beautiful and sexy lady and you should feel that way as much as possible in my opinion.”

She gave no response and just stood there dazed for a moment and he let her go. After that they silently walked the rest of the way to her door. They still held hands, though, which he took as a good sign. She was silent until he reached her apartment and he had grabbed his bag and was about to say goodbye when she asked for him to wait.

“You…you really think I’m beautiful?”

“Of course, you yourself said I was staring at you on the train, why else would I be doing that? Or chase after someone I barely know? I mean I’m a nice guy, and I’d like to think I would do that for anyone, but let’s be honest that decision wasn’t all made with my logical brain. Other brains were at work on that decision.”

She giggled, knowing exactly what he was talking about. Then she smiled her devious smile and said, “In that case I need to ask you another favor and I think you’ll like it.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well as I’ve mentioned I have a wedding soon and I want to wow people with my dress, kind of my silent revenge to my ex you know…” Jeremy shook his head in disbelief marveling at things women, or people in general really, would do after a bad break-up to impress their ex. He then nodded his understanding. “So I asked several of my friends to help me pick out an outfit that’s girl approved but I don’t need girl sexy, I need guy sexy. I bought a few nice dresses to show off for the girls, but now I can’t decide which is sexiest, I need a guy’s opinion. Will you help?”

Jeremy smiled, “Of course it would be my honor to aid you in your quest, dear lady,” he said in his most chivalrous tone.

She laughed then clapped her hands in excitement and hugged him before awkwardly stepping back and saying, “Right, so take a seat on the couch. I’ll be right out with the first option.”

The parade of several dresses then started. She showed off several of them while the wine followed for both parties. However, in both of their opinions she saved the best for last. It was a dress the same color as the one she wore to dinner, but fancier, much more low cut, and very form-fitting. It displayed Alicia’s ample tits and generous curves off in such a way there was no doubt that it was the best.

“But can I dance in it?” Alicia asked, turning on music and clearly under the influence of the wine, but then again so was Jeremy.

“I don’t know, let’s find out,” he said standing up, “May I have this dance?” he asked.

She of course accepted and for the second time he felt her beautiful body pressed against his. It was also clear certain parts of him were pressed against her.

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