Subject: Exploring 2 His mom opens the door as she has done a million times “Niko is still sleeping” she says and goes back to the kitchen. He basically grew up there, he feels totally at home. He walks up the wooden stairs and goes straight to his room. He opens the door slowly and gets in trying not to wake him up yet. The room is half dark, smelling like sleep – together with old clothes, opened sodas and (for sure) dried cum napkins thrown somewhere. Niko is laying on the bed with his face buried in the pillow and his ass covered in an ugly pair of underwear. “Third undressed guy I see in less than an hour today, I’m a saint…!” He looks at his buddy laying on the bed. Ah.. Niko… He has come to terms that he is and probably always will be in love with him to some level and that nothing real will ever happen. In his mind he has found a perfect balance of love where it’s ok to want him but still be his buddy. Isn’t he supposed to be heartbroken? Well he isn’t, in a way he will always have a big part of him. Without taking his shoes off he jumps on the bed and lands lying next to him. “Goodmorning, wake up wake up wake up” “Fuck off” “It’s 13.00 wake up” “Fuck off.” “Dude its 13.00 wake up” His face is a few cms aways from Niko’s. He sees him opening one green eye and looking at him. “Damn I overslept wtf. What are we doing today?” “Let’s go swimming, I saw online people gaziantep travesti are hanging out there everyday (Robert!) We might see people from school (Robert!!) Missed those bastards (Robert!) “Ok give me 10 mins” He stands up and stretches in front of him with his eyes half closed. Perfection. blondish messed up hard. soft but strong body. Hairy chest with a treasure trail that leads down to the handful of his bulge. Ah his bulge..! Hungs great today in these boxer briefs hehe He is not graced with a semi or a morning wood tent today but in some ways the way that his bulge is swelling is probably even better. “Don’t be late” “I won’t”, he says and walks off getting into his own private bathroom – italian restaurant money… His ass is not so great but that bulge… “Damn… why am I so horny these days… It’s a torture”. He needs to have sex, it’s time. He is 18, he is starting college in 2 months, he has waited enough… The sooner the better. His experiences so far have been hot but kind of peculiar and far too limited. Over the years and as he had slowly started to discover his sexuality he had developed a unique skill to get his friends to jerk off with him on porn. He still has the reputation of a porn maniac “The guy is obsessed with pussy..!” (if only they knew…). The first one was of course Niko. He actually started it. gaziantep masaj salonları He has a super young uncle who was a gamer and they would hang out all the time at his place, even sleep there on weekends. He used to give them his laptop when he went to bed – for obvious reasons, as it is now obvious.. Cool guy! He was too much of a chicken to use the laptop for anything other than games. It was Nico who told him one day “check this out” and got into a porn site. They have talked about jerking off before and they have seen each other naked but that was something new. He was too shy to start things -his gay “guilt” was there hidden- but Niko was too horny. After checking out porn videos for an hour, Niko started saying “as a joke” that his dick is bigger that the guys on the video and “as a joke” took it out and hid it again, then “as a joke” took it out and showed how hard he is, then dared him to show his and said lets jerk off for fun “I’ve never done it with a real porn video”. The First time was the most difficult. Those first years he was doing it a lot with Niko and a cousin of his and last years of highschool when he got his own laptop (which was rare) he discovered how easy was to persuade guys to jerk off with him if it involved a girl in omegle or an other video chat stripping for them. He had become a master. gaziantep escort bayan He was still doing it sometimes with Niko and a few cousins, and had done it with quite a few friends from school and guys he knew. If someone was home he would often propose to go on a video chatroom and check out some chicks. “This guy is obsessed with pussy..!”. In a few years they will be surprised with the knews of him being gay, but he doesnt care, difficult times ask for new ways. It’s ok. Last few months he had only done it with Niko anyway, no one will remember. “You fucking asshole!!!!”, he hears his voice from the bathroom “you fucking asshole!!!! It’s only 9.30!!” He sees the door open wide and Niko storming out, jumping on him and throwing him on the bed! “Why the fuck did you wake me up at 9.30 on a Sunday?!” He is laughing, feeling his body holding him in place “hmmm thats the most sex ill get for a while…” “eheheh I woke up and I was bored…. sorry!! hehe Comeon lets go have breakfast and go out” “You fucker, just stay in bed and play with your dick like a normal person, you perv, you maniac! hahah” “Who says i didn’t, I was jerking for an hour” he says trying to escape putting his palm on Niko’s face “Don’t you smell it? heheh” Niko jumps away screaming “aaa gross… you maniac!” he runs to the bathroom “I’m off in 5 minutes, put on some swimming trunks from the drawer and go downstairs to make us breakfast” As Niko disappears he takes his jeans off and looks at his dick almost fully hard after all the action and a bit shiny. He strokes it 4-5 times and leaves it “You have to wait a few hours, buddy, I’m sorry…”. He puts on a pair of green neon swimming trunks and goes downstairs to get some breakfast ready.

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