Eyes in the Mirror


I hated rush hour traffic. Moving along the highway like a turtle. There wasn’t really anything to do but stare at the people in the other cars. Sometimes I came up with stupid little stories about what they must be like. Or, if there’s a particularly hot chick in the car next to me, I’ll fantasize about what I’d do to her. But the most interesting people are the ones directly in front of me. The ones that you can only see their eyes in the rear or side mirrors. For instance, right now I was behind a girl driving one of those small SUV’s. In the rear view mirror, I was only able to see her eyes. I could tell when she was looking back in my direction. The side view gave me a little more information. She had blond hair that was pulled back in a pony tail. And her face was very cute.

I let my mind wander about what she’d be like. Maybe a little wild. Bet she’d be dynamite in the sack. Of course all my daydreams were like that, but at least it kept my mind off the fact I was practically sitting still. Maybe traffic would come to a complete stop and we’d all get out of our cars to have a huge street party. I’d get to meet my mystery girl and we’d hit it off. Before traffic would start moving again, we’d wind up in the backseat of my car and go at it like a couple wild rabbits.

Suddenly traffic started to move faster and then it opened up. I looked over my shoulder, pulled into the next lane and hit the gas. I pulled up even with the mystery girl and looked over. She was really cute, but I couldn’t see anything below her shoulders. She looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and took off. Time to get home and have some dinner. Then off to meet my buddies for some drinks.

At my exit, I pulled off and headed home. I had decided that I really didn’t want to cook, so I pulled into a fast food joint to grab a quick bite. I ws walking towards the door when I saw a familiar car pull into the lot. It was my mystery girl from the highway. Was she following me? Nah, there was no way she was close enough to see where I went. I shook it off as coincidence and went inside.

It was dinnertime, so the lines were long, but I wasn’t in any rush. I was actually curious if she’d come in. The door on the oppisite side opened and in walked mystery. Why not give her a name and that seemed like a fun one. She was looking at the menu and actually stopped a few feet away. I had a good chance to check her out. She was about 5’6 with blond hair. Her pony tail hung down to her shoulder blades. She was dressed nicely in a silk-like blouse and skirt that came to her knees. The top couple of buttons were open and from my angle, I could almost get a view of some side boob. I’d say she was probably a B cup, maybe even a C. She had on small heels that gave good definition to her calves and her ass looked great. I studied her for a while as the line moved forward.

Mystery had finally decided on what she was getting and started to look around. She stopped when she saw me looking at her. “Don’t I know you?” She was going through her brain trying to figure it out.

“Maybe. I was in the car behind you on the highway.”

“That’s it. I was checking you out in my mirror.” Her eyes got narrow for a moment. “You’re not stalking me are you?”

“I could ask you the same thing. I actually got here first.” She gave a little laugh.

“That’s true. You did pass me. So, you live around here, or just stopping for a bite to eat?”

“I live about five minutes from here. What about you?”

“The same. Just up the road in those new apartments.” It was getting hard to hear her with all the kids running around.

“Hey, I know this is probably a little weird, but would you like to go someplace quieter?”

She looked around and saw all the families with their kids. “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

“How about the Chili’s right up the road?”

“OK, I’ll meet you there. I’m parked on that side, where are you?”

I pointed the other way. “I’ll meet you in front of the Chili’s in like five minutes.”

“OK” We headed out in opposite directions. Five minutes later I was standing in front of Chili’s waiting for Mystery. “Boo.” I turned and saw that it was her. “I guess I parked on the wrong side again. Let’s go eat, I’m starving.”

We walked in and got a table for two. The waitress took our drink order, beers for each of us, then headed to the bar to place the order. “So, I guess I should start by asking your name. I’ve been calling you Mystery in my head.”

“Mystery? I like that. Maybe you can just keep calling me that. And I can call you, hmm, how about Blue Eyes? Because that’s what I noticed about you in my mirror.” I laughed at that.

“You were checking me out while sitting in traffic?”

“Sure, what else is there to do? I see all these people on calls or surfing the net and it makes me crazy. I just like to watch.”

“Me too. It’s fun making up stories about the people I see.”

“Oh, stories, huh? What did you come up with about me?” I blushed because I wasn’t sure Alanya Fetiş Escort I shouldn’t make something up.

“Well, it’s probably not something we should talk about right now.” How lame was that?

“Oh, were you getting naughty thoughts?”

I chuckled. Why not? “Well, I imagined that traffic had come to a halt and everyone got out of their cars. We’d meet and start to talk and laugh. Then we wound up in the backseat of my car.”

“Oh, the backseat. You see, I had us in the back of my car, the rear seats were down. But the backseat works too.”

That is not what I expected. The waitress returned with our beer. She took a big gulp. “Oh, that’s good. Why is it that beer is so much better after a long day of work?”

“Beats me, but I have to agree. What do you do?”

“I’m a math teacher for fifth and sixth graders. What about you?”

“Network engineer. I work on routers and computers”

“That’s not what I would have guessed. You don’t look like a computer nerd.”

“Well thanks. I appreciate that, I guess.”

She chuckled. “Sorry, that’s not what I mean. I just picture computer guys with thick glasses, messy hair and shoddy clothes. You’re none of that.”

“Gotcha. There are still a lot of them, but I only do this as a job. When I’m not working, I don’t spend much time on the computer. I have to say though, if you were my math teacher, I probably would have failed.”

“Oh? Not a good student?”

“No, I was. But I’d be staring at you and probably wouldn’t hear a single thing you said.”

She blushed. “Thanks. Be right back.”

She headed towards the bathroom. The waitress came back to take our order. “We’re not ready yet. Can you give us a few more minutes?” “Sure, just let me know when you’re ready.”

Mystery came back to the table and we looked at the menu. When we were ready, I called the waitress back and we placed our order.

“I need one more minute. I just have to make a call.”

“Sure” As she walked away, I checked out her ass. With the skirt it was hard to tell, but it seemed to be perfect. She came back a few minutes later and I got to check her out some more. I was guessing, but I would bet everything in my wallet that she had a killer body. It was just something about the way she held herself.

“Sorry about that, but I had to check in with my friends. I called a couple of them to tell what I was doing. It’s something we all do when going on dates with new guys. Kind of to protect each other. And just so you know, I took down your licence plate number and gave it to my roommate.”

“That’s fine. You can’t be too safe. And you don’t even know my name yet.”

“So, what is your name? I’m Debbie.”

“Jeff.” And I held out my hand to her. She reached out and we shook hands. “Nice to meet you Debbie.”

“Same here Jeff. I think I liked Mystery better though. Blue eyes wasn’t as good.” We laughed at that and the waitress came back with our dinners. After we’d finished eating, Debbie asked “So, tell me more about our backseat romp.” She had a devilish smile on her face. We’d each ordered another beer and were just hanging out now.

Since in my head I hadn’t gotten very far, I decided to make something up. “Traffic was at a complete standstill and people were getting out of their cars. We got out and started talking. we were standing next to mine and I reached out, took you in my arms and we started to kiss. The kissing moved quickly into groping and soon we had our hands all over each other. I had just moved to cup your breast when we noticed people were staring, so we climbed into the back seat. I sat on the seat and you climbed onto my lap. You were wearing a short skirt which rode up your thighs. We started to kiss and grope some more and soon I had your shirt and bra off and you had undone my shorts. We were rushing because we didn’t know how much time we had. You reached down under your skirt and pulled your panties off. We got back to the kissing and you grabbed my dick while I played with your pussy. When we were both ready, you lifted yourself up, moved my dick into position and slid down the entire length. Then we’d fuck like horny rabbits till we both had the biggest orgasms of our lives. We quickly got dressed just before traffic to start move and we went our seperate ways.”

“Wow, that was pretty good. Not sure I like the driving away after part, but it does make the story hotter. Want to hear my version?”

“Sure” I was already hard. And I could see her breathing a little faster. She finished off her beer and I ordered two more. After the waitress brought them, Debbie went on with her story. “So it starts the same as yours. We found out that the highway was shut down and we’d be stuck for hours because of some big accident. And there was no place to go. We were talking and you made a move. I let you pull me in close and we started to kiss. You started to get all handsy, so I slowed you down. I pulled back, but you pulled me in again. This time things started Alanya Gecelik Escort to get hot and when your hands roamed up my body, I let them. I had my body pressed against you and I could feel your hard dick pressing against my stomach. You had unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on my blouse and your hand was inside squeezing my tits. Your other hand was on my ass, pulling me against you. I felt my pussy start to get wet. You tried to pull my skirt up, but I made you stop. Then I took your hand and pulled you into the back of my car. I had to move the seats and my ass was sticking out. I felt you fingers move under my skirt and make contact with my pussy. I knew you’d feel how hot and wet I’d become and I let out a little moan. Finally everything was ready, so we climbed into the back and pulled it closed. You were all over me now and soon had my top and bra off and my panties down around my ankles. I kicked them off, then got you undressed. When I pulled your pants down, your cock sprung free and smacked me in the cheek. We laughed about that, then I leaned over and took it into my mouth. It wasn’t long before I was sucking you off and you shot a load into my mouth.”

“Now it was my turn and you push me onto my back. You kiss your way down my body till you are between my legs. I was already on the edge from giving you a blow job and when I felt your tongue on my clit I went into high gear. You were doing a great job and when you slid a couple of fingers inside me, I had a small orgasm. But you kept going and didn’t let me come down, so I had a second and a third one. But they were all small ones. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled you up. Your dick lined itself right up with my pussy and you slid into me in one stroke. We were both already heated up and we fucked hard and fast. Then I rolled you over and rode you to a mind blowing orgasm. As soon as I felt mine start, you thrust up and came, shooting your hot semen into me. Then I collapsed onto your chest and we caught our breath. I invited you back to my place where we continued all night long.”

She was flushed and I’m sure I was too. My dick was hard enough to crack diamonds. She had leaned forward while telling me the story and I could see down her blouse. Her breasts were rising and falling with her breath and she was just staring at me. “Your place or mine?” She kept staring at me and her breathing slowed. She sat back ending the show I had been watching.

“Just because I told you my fantasy doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.” She was smiling while she said that though.

“Mine or yours?” I asked again.

“Do you live alone?” “Yes”

“Is your place clean or disgusting?” “Clean”

“Yours. I have a roommate.” I called for the check and we were out the door. “Leave your car here. I’ll drive you back here to get it.”

We got into my car and drove off to my house. We were both quiet during the ride and I could feel the tension building. My dick was still hard. “Do you think the reality is going to match the fantasy?” I asked.

“No, but I’m willing to try.” I looked over and she had a nasty grin on her face. “Are you as turned on as me?”

“Probably more” I said.

I pulled into my driveway and we ran to the front door. No sooner were we inside then we were locked together in a hot, sexy kiss. Our tongues met and my hands roamed around to her tits. They felt incredible and I was soon opening her blouse and pulling it off. Her hands were busy too and she lifted my shirt over my head. Then she was undoing my pants and had them around my ankles in no time. I got her bra off at the same time. While I stepped out of my pants, she pulled her skirt down. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I grinned at that and she said “I got myself so worked up in the car I pulled them off and played with myself. I had to stop before I got to far though, otherwise I may have crashed.”

We were both naked now and checking each other out. I was right about her body. It was perfect. Her tits were about the size of large grapefruits and just as firm with large nipples that were already sticking out like thimbles. Her stomach was flat and her abs were defined. Her mound was shaved except for a small patch just above her clit. Her body was magnificent with the large tits and flair of her hips. I didn’t waste anymore time and picker her up. She wraped her legs around my hips and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy. Our lips were locked as I carried her into the bedroom.

I dropped her onto the bed and pulled her to the edge. I started kissing those magnificent tits while my dick rubbed her hot, wet slit. But I didn’t enter her. Instead I kissed my way down her body till I was between her legs. She smelled musky, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Her juices were running out of her pussy and I could see her thighs were glistening. I planted a kiss right on her clit which made her sit up and moan. I kissed all around her pussy while her hips started to hump my face. Then I was back to her clit, licking Alanya Genç Escort small circles around the sensitive nub. Her humping got more frenzied and I slid two fingers into her soaking hole. “Oh, that feels so good. Keep going. Suck my pussy, that’s it. Suck it more. Oh shit that feels good.” She went on and on about how good it felt. I looked up her body and she was playing with her nipples, giving them little twists and pinches.

I twisted my two finger and curled them up to find her rough spot. Between my licking her clit and fingering her pussy, she’d had enough and came all over my face. Her juices flooded out of her pussy and she screamed. Her back arched up and then her body spasmed. I kept up my licking and fingering and she kept coming. More and more nectar poured out of her pussy till she reached down and pulled me up.

“Oh shit that was amazing. Now it’s my turn.” She pulled me onto the bed and we kissed some more. Her hand was wrapped around my dick. She followed my lead and kissed her way down my body. She didn’t quite spend as much time on my nipples as I had on hers. Her hand was still wrapped around my dick and was slowly stroking it. She got between my legs and gave the head a few licks. “Hmmm, sweet. I’m going to like this.” Then she got busy. Her mouth was terrific. Hot and wet. She did something with her tongue that was driving me crazy. She’d get me close and then squeeze my cock at the base and slow down. She did this several more times, then took her mouth off of me and licked my entire cock from base to head and back down. Then I was back inside her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down while pressing her tongue along the vein. I was right on the edge and this time up she ran her teeth lightly up the entire length. “That’s it, I’m coming. Here it comes.” I grunted and started to shoot into her mouth. It was intense and I felt like I’d shot a gallon before finally stopping. She swallowed most of it, with only a little leaking out of the corner of her mouth. She cleaned me up, then moved back up my body. “Wow that was a lot. I wasn’t sure I’d handle it all.”

She rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom to rinse her mouth. I was able to check out her ass. I was right. Her ass had the perfect heart shape and the cheeks were well toned. She got into bed with me and snuggled close. We kissed some more, but with a lot less urgency. “So, I guess that ends round one. And I have to say, you exceeded my expectations. What you did to my clit with your tongue was fantastic.”

“You were just as good. When you ran your teeth lightly up my cock I just lost control.”

We were still giving each other kisses. I was feeling really good. I knew it wouldn’t be long before round two, but after that orgasm, I was OK with waiting. She was lying with her head on my shoulder and seemed as content as I was at the moment.

“Do you always pick up girls on the highway?” she asked.

“No, and you. Meet a lot of guys while stuck in traffic?”

“You’d be the first. But if they are all as good as you, then maybe I should start trying.” We both chuckled at that. “I’m not usually like this. Jumping into bed with some guy I just met. I guess I’ve been real bitchy lately because all my friends told me to go get laid when I told them about you.”

“What’s made you bitchy?”

“It’s been a while. I broke up with my last boyfriend a few months ago and have been dry ever since. Add the start of school to that and it’s been really stressful. I’m feeling pretty good now though.”

“Good, me too.”

“You’ve been bitchy?”

“No” I chuckled. “I’m feeling pretty good myself.” Her hand was playing with the hair on my chest and she worked her way back down. It didn’t take much before I started to recover and she noticed.

“Looks like someone is ready for the next round.” I tilted her chin back and we kissed. It was nice and sweet, but when her hand wrapped around my dick I moved things along a little faster. I wanted to be in her, but she had other ideas. Instead of rolling onto her back, she brought her leg over me and straddled my lower body. She reached between her legs, grabbed my dick and aimed it at her wet hole. “Uh, you’re bigger than I’m used to. Let’s just go slow.” And slow she did. She was in control and would slide down a little, pause, gyrate her hips, then move down a little more. She did this until our pelvic bones touched, then she sat there still. Her eyes were glowing and her breathing was heavy. “I can’t believe I took all of you. But holy shit does it feel good. Just give me a moment to get used to you?” She moved her hips little by little till she was satisfied. Before she started to move though I asked “Are you protected?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill, plus it’s a safe time of the month.” That was all I needed to hear. It was good enough for her as well as she started to move her hips up and down. She grunted with each down push and moaned with each upward motion. Pretty soon she had a good rhythm going. Her tits were bouncing up and down, so I reached out to play with them. I remembered what she did to herself earlier, so I lightly tweaked her nipples. “Oh yeah. Just a little harder, but I like that.” I pinched a little harder and she threw back her head and grunted. “I love having my nips pinched like that. It sends shocks straight to my pussy.”

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