F whores 1

F whores 1PAINTING THE PICTURE,6 yrs ago my life changed when i met my girlfriend faith. She was 18 at the time and i was 20. For the last 6 yrs we’ve had a wonderful relationship and an even better sex life. 3 months after getting togther i realised i’d got togther with a girl from the sluttiest family around.Alot of the stories involve my mother in law fiona, she’d of been 39 when it all began. She’s around 5″6 short dark hair, not the most amazing looking but shes got massive 38Etitties and a full round arse that she loves to tease men with showing off as much cleavage, leg and arse as possible. I started fucking fiona 3 months into my relationship and since then i’ve lived out my wildest fantasies with this MILF whore. I been dogging canlı kaçak iddaa with her and watched her fucked in all holes by strangers, i’ve gangbanged her with my mates, and random blokes. I’ve caught her fucking other men in her house. We’ve been out togther looking to pick up men for fiona to suck and fuck, i watched her take on her first black cocks. And all of these stories i will share on here.My girlfriend features in a few stories as i only know about a few of her cheating adventures. With a mum like hers shes ever likley to act the way she does. I know shes fucked a load of blokes from work and i had the pleasure of witnessing it a couple of times. Shes every bit as keen to be crammed full of cock as her whore of a canlı kaçak bahis mother as you’ll find out in the stories.Then comes alice, the youngest daughter/sister. When i first met them she’d of been 16. Over the yrs shes grown into a very fuckable peice of ass. Lovely pert tittes and a sexy size 10 figure that she shows off with fitting clothes. Problem is from the age of 17 shes been a lesbian, or so she says!, before she got her girlfriend she’d been fucked by boys and even at the young age of 16 lost her anal cheery, so she was definately willing to try cock. It took me until she was 20 to sample the fine peice of pussy she had to offer and since then i’ve tried to fuck it as much as possible. Normally when her girlfriend bahis siteleri canlı is well out the way. Her mum has even got alice into some spunk filled adventures aswell and i’m sure alice loves cock more than pussy again.Last but not least we have their cousin Sian. Sian is 26 same age as mum and is an ice queen of a woman. Shes also my mates bird of 4 yrs and we all knock around in a close group. Out of the group she is the most miserable and hard to get on with, but for me this just makes her more fuckable. She acts like shes above others around and that she has such high morals, but shes the same as her cousins when offered some cock she turns into a fucking whore. And when she looked down her nose and disrespected a bloke in the pub, the slut was soon made to show respect to him and his mates. She got banged to shit in the boozer and i loved it.All the encounters i have had i will shortly be sharing with you. I just wanna say thanks for having such a filthy set of in-laws.

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