Factory Blues


Working in the factory can kinda get to you after a while. If you like the workers, you hate the management, and if you like the management, you generally hate the workers. At least it all works as a weird unifying sense of order; no matter what, you can polarize yourself with one group or another and you’ll never run out of things to talk about at the break table. I’d been at this particular job for about 3 months and I was starting to feel comfortable enough to bitch with my fellow factory drones about how much we hated the place, and I was getting to know some of them quite well.

The one I took an immediate liking to was Deb. She was a widower, she had a couple of kids, most of them older than me, and she had a kick-ass attitude from years of working in the Army. All that time in the military gave her a hell of a sense of humor and a lean little body that betrayed her 48 years of age. She always wore baggy clothes, but when she stretched and yawned, her former sex-kitten side showed through, as well as her trim body.

I’d been put with Deb for training on a few occasions, diversifying my experience in the hole that would be my job. She always made the time go faster, and we had a nice, easy going friendship forming, thanks largely to our collectively filthy minds. We had limits, we only teased and taunted, but as time went on in her department, the conversation got deliciously dirtier and we became more and more comfortable with each other’s manner.

After a week or so of working side-by-side with the 5’2″ lead, she started putting us in places where we would be forced to have contact with each other; tighter working spaces, more people around us so we had to squeeze closer together, and so on. We started rubbing on each other to get around to different areas, and there was nothing subtle about it. We were quiet about it so as to not attract attention, but we both knew what we were doing, and we both seemed to like it. It wasn’t until the next week though that things really started to pick up.

She handed me a box of parts, no big deal, not a heavy box, but I reached around to the side closest to her and grabbed the sides of the box, lifting it from her. I made a special point to drag my knuckles across her chest, finding her nipples hard, but hiding under the thick fabric of her sweatshirt. She bit her lip and her eyes closed for a second before she took a deep breath. The incident passed and nothing else happened that night.

The following day, a Wednesday, we did the same thing. She handed me a box, I took it, and I managed a little nipple play at the same time. She leaned forward this time, and when the box was put away she looked up into my eyes and stared at me, a glazed over twinkling dancing in each of her deep chocolate pools.

“Goddamn it do I want you,” she said quietly. We were hidden from the view of the rest of her department, squeezed into the storage racks where no one but she or I had been going for the last few days. I felt my lips curl into a smile and I felt my dick rise in my pants.

“Prove it,” I said firmly, my own eyes starting to glaze in lust. She grabbed on to my shirt and tried to pull me down to her level, her tongue wetting her lips. I stayed firm and shook my head slowly. “Your panties. I want you to give me your panties,” I said softly, bending down and sucking on the smooth flesh of her neck. She tasted like strawberries, and I found myself needing to explore more, my cock and tongue both thirsting for pussy.

Deb, much to my surprise nodded and started to back out of the storage area. I grabbed her and she turned to face me. My lips again found her neck, my breath slowly waltzing up her neck to her ear. I bit down gently on her lobe and flicked the sensitive skin rapidly with my tongue.

“Here. Now,” I said quietly. Her eyes made a silent protest for a mere second and then she nodded, pushing me back into the storage rack, her hands on my shoulder and on my cock, mauling it through the coarse fabric of my jeans. After we were backed almost completely into the back of the storage area, she stepped back a few feet and slowly started to sway to unheard music. Her hands slowly unbuttoned her fly, pulling each side of it, separating the zipper slowly and quietly in the dim light. Her hips were slowly bucking against the air as she swayed, and the more I saw, the harder I got. My mouth had gone dry and my heart was pounding.

As she pulled the fly open the whole way, she turned around, her ass shaking deliciously in front of me. She kept the same motions going and she slowly peeled the denim down her rounded cheeks, exposing the top of her short panties, and a considerable expanse of ass. She stopped there and bent over, spreading her feet out as wide as her shoulders. She slowly untied her work boot with one hand while her other was teasing up and down the material of her jeans along her inner thighs and pussy, her fingernails audibly scratching along the thicker hem.

As soon as one boot was off, she moved şişli rus escort slowly to the other, her hands slowly switching positions. This time she had more pussy play, squeezing the crotch of her pants, working the tight hem into a camel toe as her other nimble fingers worked her other boot laces undone.

With that done she turned around again, her hips moving to the beat in her mind as she stepped out of her boots. Her hands went to her hips again, and I watched as they pushed down, removing her panties and her jeans slowly. Her thick brown beaver came into view slowly, each silken hair almost springing up as the elastic of her underwear rubbed down her body. With her pussy exposed to the open air of the factory, she shivered a little and paused in her disrobing to hold her slit open with one hand and softly play with her clit with the other. She twitched a little bit, her breath drawing in sharply with each movement across her sensitive nub, and her eyes closed. She kept playing with herself for what felt like an eternity, my own dick pulsing in my pants, yearning to plunge into the creature before me.

Deb took a step forward, almost falling, her lower lip between her teeth as her moans were stifled. Her eyes drifted lazily open and she released her lower lip, licking it seductively. The exodus of her pants continued and she turned around, placing a hand on each thigh and pushing her jeans down her legs, her glistening pink core coming into view, her lips distending, framed nicely by her auburn thatch. Material pooled at her ankles and she stepped out of it, turning around, leaving her left foot in the puddle of fabric. She kicked her small black panties to me and then returned to her place, her nicely rounded ass sticking out toward me, and the fabric was drug back up her legs, her ass and cunt gently swaying with her hips until they were covered again with the faded, stained material.

“How was that?” she asked breathlessly, her heart making her shirt hop on her chest. I only looked down at my cock, as did she, and we both noticed the small wet spot of pre-cum that had started to soak through my pant leg. She shivered as her eyes locked on their target, her gaze making my dick throb thickly against the concealing denim.

“Perfect,” I said, stepping forward and placing my hands on her flaring hips. Her kids had left her with a sensuous body, and 40 years before she’d have had the perfect figure for any pin-up girl; it made me hate the fact that she always wore baggy clothes, but I understood that she might tire of the attention.

Her hand snaked to my cock and started rubbing it through my jeans, her other hand going to my fly.

“I want this inside me. I need it so bad, it’s been so long,” she purred, biting my nipple through my t-shirt.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as her little hand found my rod. “I want to fuck you so bad, so hard. I want to hear you scream,” I almost growled, leaning down and biting her ear as she fished my dick out of my pants. Her body trembled in pleasure and she looked at me and smiled as my throbbing meat was finally free and in her hand. I looked down and her eyes were the size of saucers, slowly looking at my rod in her hand, noticing that her fingers and thumb could barely squeeze around its circumference.

“Holy shit!” she said breathlessly.

“Want it in you?” I said, almost teasing her. She shook her head, surprising me.

“This thing isn’t going to fit in my cunt,” she breathed, her husky, hot breath tickling my skin. My fingers traced up her thigh, the tips barely raking through the downy bush before finding the wet, pink folds of her pussy. The heat and the wetness hit me at the same time her light scent hit my nose. I felt my tongue lick my lips right before I let out a little laugh.

“Maybe we need to loosen her up,” I said quietly and plunged two fingers into her slippery walls. Her hand crushed around my cock and it throbbed heavily in her hand and her breath sucked in between her teeth. I started probing her slowly, my digits wiggling within her walls, swimming in her passion and basking her heat. Deb started to moan, leaned forward and bit my bicep through my shirt, stifling the sound as it turned into a low growl.

“Oh fucking hell, stop teasing,” she panted. I laughed lightly and she started stroking my dick, her small hands running methodically up and down the thickly veined shaft. My curling fingers started pumping in and out of her pussy, pulling her wetness down into my cupped hand. A third finger joined the first two and together, they twined and wriggled into her crushing vice. She screamed into my shirt as they slowly strummed and rolled against her g-spot and her hands picked up to a fevered pitch.

“I think she’s good and warmed up,” I said, leaning down to her ear to let my breath crash against her awakened flesh. I watched as a wave of goose bumps quaked across her lightly tanned skin and disappeared, leaving the small hairs on the back of her neck şişli türbanlı escort still standing. She groaned against my arm and almost fell forward, her knees losing strength to the power of my fingers. “How about you, Deb, what do you think?” I asked, my breath cascading again down the skin just behind her ear. She almost fell this time, only her jacking hands on my dick and my hand up her snatch supported her. My fingers spread wide inside her pink cavern to hold her up and she gasped, her breath catching in her throat for a heartbeat. My meaty palm crushed against her small, tender clit, and her legs started quaking.

“Yes! Ready!” she panted heavily. She stood up shakily, leaning against my body for support, her hands still flying furiously on my meat. My own knees were starting to get weak as her mind returned to her enough to softly round and stroke the head on every pass. I started pumping my fingers in and out of her, spreading them, twisting them, twitching them inside her, feeling every inch of her needful sex on every pass, from her gaping, drooling opening to the round bump of her cervix. Her breath started coming to her in heaving moans and my dick started to twitch in her hands, my own breath coming in ragged gasps.

“Get this big fucker in me!” Deb demanded between breaths. Her eyes shot up to mine and her brow was covered in sweat while her brown eyes were consumed with lust. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and put both my hands around her small waist. She lifted off the ground, and she guided my prick against her body as her flesh drug against mine. The fleshy crown of my shaft moved like a heat-seeking serpent, dragging through her plush curls, basking in the heat of her sex before teasing along her silken pussy lips and drinking their passion. I felt the nub of her clit just before feeling the engulfing heat of her soaking inferno wrap around the tip of the head of my dick. I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine. We both licked our lips, our hearts thundering in our chests, our pulses pounding each other’s sex like a rabid drummer.

“Keep looking,” she whispered hoarsely. I slowly lowered her onto my shaft, her wet pussy stretching around my meat as she slowly encompassed it, inch by devilishly slow inch. My body erupted in electric shivers, and I could only imagine what hers was doing, her mouth open wide in a silent scream, her velvet walls trying to crush my invading member, but stretching to accommodate it at the same time. My own knees started going weak, but my eyes stayed locked onto Deb’s, losing focus as my world became her deep, lust hazed, brown eyes. Sound faded from existence except for the thundering in my ears. I couldn’t feel any of my body except for my cock burying in her exquisitely tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yes!” she panted, the sound bringing my ears back to reality. I drew in a deep breath and her pussy started fluttering on my dick, writing from her depths to her opening, crushing, massaging, and begging my cock to cum in her walls. Our eyes still remained locked, even as the electricity shot from my groin up and down my spine, making my toes tingle and ball up in my steel toed boots. “Cum in my cunt, I want to feel you explode!” she begged, her eyes blinking slowly.

“Not there yet, you tight little twat,” I grunted, letting my arms down a little, another inch of my meat plunging slowly into her splitting pussy. She trembled in my hands, the feeling on my twitching dick was heaven, the soft cooing erupting from her throat was a chorus of angels. I felt my head rest against her deepest recesses and her pussy clamped down on my dick. She bolted forward, her teeth sinking into my shoulder and she screamed, the fabric of my shirt muffling the sound. I rocked her gently, not letting her slip down any farther and she kept screaming and screaming, her hot cum rolling off my balls with every motion.

I stopped her body and she shakily came back to reality, her body trying to double over, my dick still lodged in her pussy. She rocked back and forth with the convulsions of her orgasm, bringing me dangerously close to blowing my load in her depths. She rocked back and still more of my dick pushed into her, making her bite her bottom lip to try to not scream.

“Holy shit!” she panted out. “How much of that fucker is left!” I laughed a little and I slid my hands up her back, pulling her shirt up with it. She bent in my hands, forcing my dick almost parallel with my body, both of us shuddering and moaning. We looked down at the thick pole of meat splitting her beaver and saw that there was still three inches to go. “Oh fuck! I told you it wouldn’t fit!” she hissed, her abs still quaking with micro orgasms.

“I said it would,” I said, my voice sounding devilish in my own ears. Her eyes shot to mine and they were wide.

“You’ll tear me with that big fucker! Don’t you even…ooooooh….” she started to say, getting cut off by me pulling her slowly off my cock. şişli ucuz escort Her head rocked back and her arms shot behind her, grabbing onto the steel rack and bracing herself. “You fuckin’ bastard!” she said, sucking the words back in as the rim of my mushroom stretched her opening. I pulled out until the tip of my head was barely touching her sex, bobbing with the thundering pulse rocketing through it.

“Watch,” I demanded. Her eyes flashed open and she blinked to clear them before her gaze traveled down her body to the thatch of brown fur and my 9 inch rod, glistening with her juices. Slowly, it disappeared again into her pussy, easier this time. It sank in only marginally further, both of us moaning and panting at the filling her cunt was receiving. I pushed a little harder and she pushed against me, another half of and inch forcing its way into her womb. I let it sit there for a few moments, her pussy contracting quickly against my meat as another orgasm threatened to rip through her.

Again, I pulled out, Deb’s smooth inner walls working my pulsing dick as it again came all the way out, the head rising and falling against her open pussy, the tip just barely bobbing against her clit. Both of us shuddered a little heavier and I pushed forward, harder and faster this time until I bottomed out, gaining another half an inch.

Deb’s pussy clamped down on my dick again, harder this time, and a small rush of pussy juice shot along the sides of my cock, spraying against her spread thighs. Her head rocked back and she clamped her mouth shut to avoid screaming loud enough for the whole factory to come running. I slid slowly out of her, her juice squirting out with my retreating cock. When my head grazed her g-spot, I pistoned along it, letting the ridge of my head tickle most sensitive flesh. Deb convulsed in my arms, using every bit of strength she had to keep her mouth shut as she screamed and screamed against her tight lips. She was still managing to keep her grip on the metal rack, though I had no idea how.

After ten short strokes, I back completely out, and Deb’s cunt squirted cum all over her thighs and all over me, soaking into my work clothes. I laughed at it lightly, the humor letting me regain some of my strength and staving off my own building orgasm for a few more seconds.

“Oh fuck, not again, you’re splitting me a….” she panted, regaining some semblance of anything other than orgasmic bliss before my rod impaled her again. I stopped about half way in and her eyes opened dreamily, tears forming at their corners. “Why?” she begged, her voice trailing off.

“You stopped watching,” I panted out. Her eyes dreamily drifted down to our cum-covered crotches and I backed out, pulling out farther than I had intended, and almost two inches of space separated her stretched pussy from my raging cock before I slammed back home, all but the last inch of my meat spearing her.

Deb came again. Her orgasms were writhing through her like draconic tsunamis, one cascading into another and another. Her pussy was going crazy on my cock, trying to crush it constantly now, making it even harder to move in her velvet vice. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she mewed continuously.

“I think that’s it,” I said, my brain drowning in electric fog. My knees were quaking and my arms were shaking as we tried to push more of me into her.

“Bullshit!” she hissed between moans. Deb wrapped her legs around my waist and started rocking her hips up and down for all she was worth, squeezing us closer and tighter together. I started pistoning my hips for all I was worth, and it wasn’t long before I felt her thatch of brown pubes mingle with my own, and after a few more seconds, I felt the lips of her wet snatch riding against the root of my dick.

She stopped moving and we both found each other’s eyes, our gaze burning with lust.

“Now cum, you big bastard. Drown my pussy in cum! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Deb moaned, her hips starting to rock hard on my cock again. I started pistoning in and out of her pussy, hitting rock bottom each time, stretching her to the maximum. Every time we collided, she almost cried out and I had to try harder and harder to not whitewash her walls.

I managed to hold out until her next orgasm crashed through her body. Her cunt tried to swallow my cock deeper, and it got an eruption of jizz for its effort. Shot after shot of hot spunk boiled into her stretched pink hole, frothing out between her meat and mine in a milky film. Her pussy erupted a second later, pushing more and more of our juice out of her.

Time stopped. I couldn’t feel or hear anything. All I knew was my dick in her pussy and the conflagration of sexual energy exploding between us. I felt her slide down my body, my dick having gone limp somewhere during the time lapse. My eyes opened and my vision was bleary, but I saw Deb leaning against the rack, our thick cream pie oozing in pulses from her pounded pussy, running down her thighs and literally dripping from the fur around her sex.

We both sighed simultaneously and laughed. I pulled up my pants and she slid hers up her legs, the rivers of cum on our skin soaking through the fabric in an instant. I looked down and shrugged, my dark jeans masking most of the stains. Deb wasn’t so lucky, but she shrugged and looked down.

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