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Peter Griffin was relaxing at home. His daughter Meg had gone out to the mall to do some shopping and his wife Lois had gone to town to do the same. Since like most men he was no fan of shopping he’d decided to stay and relax by watching some of his old porn videos on their new 60 inch flat screen TV. His wife had been gone about 3 hours before she returned home. Lois was wearing a short black skirt and short white cotton top that showed off her well endowed breasts. To go with this she wore white high heels and black stockings plus a matching white silk push up bra as if she needed any help with her tits and white silk thong set with attached suspenders. She came in carrying a black leather bag. Peter looked curiously at it since she hadn’t left with it and it seemed to contain something. She set it down and came over to him where he was sat on the sofa.

“Hey babe” he said turning towards her as she approached.

“Hi honey” she said sexily leaning down to give him a lingering kiss. “Did you miss me?”

“I missed this fine arse of yours” he said to her slapping it as she stepped past him to sit down next to her husband.

Lois gave a smile as he slapped her firm arse demonstrating her lust for a good spanking. She leaned forwards and kissed him again harder and longer.

“So where have you been?

And what’s in the bag?” he said looking at the bag on the floor.

“I visited a small shop on the other side of town tucked away down a side road” She said standing up and stepping to the bag.

“I got some things I thought me and Meg could enjoy when you’re away” she said.

She bent over without bending her knees so that her short black skirt retreated up her arse to show her wet white silk thong as she opened the bag. He was very curious now as to what was in her new bag although he was sure it was something sexy. Porn for them to watch perhaps though he thought that wasn’t something that would interest his daughter little did he know. Lois started laying the items on the table and he saw that she’d been to a sex shop. She had a variety of bondage gear and sex toys. When she put the last of them on the table she dropped down next to him.

“So what do you think Peter?” she said with a cheeky smile.

He quickly surveyed the items and noticed she’d really gone to town and bought a lot of things. She had a blindfold, handcuffs, leg spreader bar, black riding crop, 6¨ and 12¨ vibrators, a 18¨ strap-on, buttplug, adjustable nipple clamps, two 12¨ dildos, a black leather studded dog collar & leash and a ballgag. He was shocked that his wife would risk buying these herself.

“They’re all very interesting but isn’t this rather risky? What if the shop owner tells anyone?” He said looking her in the face. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss.

“Don’t worry they know me. I bought my first vibrator there when I was 18¨ she said running her hand up her husbands thigh.

“not that I’ve bought that many” she added.

“Well you have now and what makes you think Meg will enjoy this? her husband answered back.

“Well I’m not sure I’ve not tried some of these things myself before. So we need to do a test” she said standing up.

“What kinda test?” Peter said pretty much predicting what his wife would say. She picked up the ballgag and pulled it between her hands.

“This is new to me. How about you strap this on me and do what ever you feel like doing to me?

“It’s not like I can complain is it?” she said smiling seductively.

“You sure?” he said still a little wary of where this might lead.

“Look I’m telling you to strap this on me and take advantage of me. Don’t argue” she said smiling sexily as she put her legs on the table in turn to slide her stockings off.

“I wonder what you’re going to do to me” she said in a sultry tone as she stripped.

She untied her top from around her waist and shrugged it off. She kicked off her heels and then slid the zipper down on her skirt. She let it drop to the floor leaving her just in her white bra and her wet white silk thong. She was facing away from her husband so he leaned forwards and gave a quick flick of his fingers. Her bra fell loosely from her shoulders. She pulled it off and threw it to him.

“You’ve had too much practice at that I think” she said giving him a wink.

She wiggled her hips and pulled her thong down letting it drop from her thighs to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned to face her husband in her full naked glory her neatly trimmed pubic hair glistening with moisture. He inhaled deeply the fragrance of her pussy the smell mixing with her juice soaked silk panties.

“Time for some fun” she said grabbing the ballgag from the table and throwing it to him.

Peter stood up and pulled his boxer shorts off his long thick throbbing cock which was already hard from his wifes little strip show.

“Well I think on your hands and knees first would be best. I’m sure you’re just using this as an excuse for a morning anal session Lois” he said taking hold of the ballgag with a smile.

She lowered herself onto her knees and then dropped forwards onto her hands.

“How rude. I’d never consider doing anything like this before” she said with a giggle and a lick of her lips.

Peter stood over her with the ballgag still getting his mind around what he was about to do with his wife.

“You sure this is gonna fit? It looks like more than you can get in your mouth” he said looking at the ballgag.

“Well you’ll just have to make it fit wont you” she said.

She obediently opened her mouth as he slid the gag down pulling it against her teeth. He pulled it back hard to get it right into her open mouth. Lois snorted as her husband pulled it hard up against her teeth stretching her jaw to the limit to get it into her mouth. She gave a squeal of pain as her jaw was pushed beyond its natural limit to let the ballgag lodge behind her teeth holding her jaw in this unnatural position as she breathed loudly through her nose. He pulled it hard into her mouth solidly and then strapped it tightly behind her head. She looked round at him strapped in the ballgag and utterly unable to protest. She sunk her back and settled on her knees on the floor ready for some hot action.

Peter grabbed her hips and pulled them to himself and smiled to himself at the way she was displaying her dripping wet pussy peeking out from between the top of her thighs and her anus exposed for what ever he desire. She felt so vulnerable even worse than if her legs where spread wide. Peter slapped her ass hard with the palm of his hand also slapping her wet cunt, Lois felt her body shake in pain. ” Yes more i like that she said”.

Then gripping his long rock hard cock with one hand he massaged his wifes tight white arsehole with the other before pushing his cock hard into her tight dry arsehole. She didn’t have the chance to open her arsehole as he forced his thick cock into her bursting her asshole open. She squealed loudly through the ballgag as he took a good grip on her hips and started fucking her hard with his hot cock. She moaned in pain as he pounded deep into her tight hole then slowly it turned to grunts of pleasure with every thrust. He was slamming hard against her arse causing her to be unstable on her hands and knees as she tried not to fall over whilst being slammed hard by her husband from behind. Suddenly she clenched hard and started mumbling something incoherently. Peter stopped forcing his thick cock in and out of her and withdrew. She pointed to the ballgag and mumbled some more.

“You want to say something hun?” he said.

She nodded vigorously. He reached behind her head and loosened the ballgag before pulling it down so it dangled around her neck.

“If you’re gonna ride me like a bitch use this” she said.

Reaching out and handing him the studded leather dog collar and leash. He asked no questions and took it from her. Peter put it round her neck and tightened it not too tight though. Then he got back behind her again and took hold of the leash.

“A HEM” she said looking round and making kisses with her red pouty lips.

“Oh sorry” he said giving her a hard Porno hikayeleri slap on the arse again before reaching forwards.

She smiled and turned her head away again and opened her mouth. He tightly strapped the ballgag back into her mouth again then taken hold of the leash tightly. She gave a grunt as he pulled back on the leash and then a squeal as he thrust his throbbing member back into her arsehole. He pulled back hard on the leash again with his right hand and held her hip with his left and started pounding her hard as hard as he could. She was grunting in pain and pleasure from the hard fucking her husband was giving her. He slammed against her incredible tight arse his balls slapping against the back of her dripping wet pussy lips.

He suddenly pulled back hard on the leash some more and she reared up onto her knees with the force. He let her back down then pulled hard again on the leash but the same thing happened. She just couldn’t stay down she was too light. Lois breathed hard through her nose as she grunted and moaned. Peter looked about and saw the silver handcuffs on the floor nearby. He kept humping his wife harder and harder as he grabbed hold of the cuffs. Now he saw that they were near the wall and a radiator. He let go of the leash and leaned forwards over his wife’s back. But before she had a chance to look round at why he’d slowed his hard thrusts he snapped her right wrist into one of the cuffs slung the chain round the pipe and latched the other cuff to her left wrist. She pulled at the bindings a couple of times but realized she was helpless.

Unable to speak and bound in a dog collar and leash she was vulnerable to be used anyway he wanted to. She was just relishing her predicament when she felt him slam hard against her again and the leash pulled tighter. Peter pulled back hard on the leash and started fucking her tight arsehole hard. She groaned in discomfort through the gag as he pulled her arms off the floor with the leash. The handcuff chain pulled tight against the radiator and her small body was pulled tight up at an angle the perfect angle for hard thrusts into her perfect tight rear. As he started slamming hard into her she gave a squeal of pain with every thrust as he drove deeper and deeper into her tight hole. After a few more of these thrusts her squeals were those of more pain than pleasure. Although her body was pulled tight her body went rigid her buttocks clenched and she gave a loud scream through the gag.

Her eyes fluttered as she had her first hard orgasm making her juices start running down the inside of her thighs. Peter felt his wifes arsehole massage his hard pulsating cock and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He came hard into her tight arsehole with a grunt before slowing to a stop. He slowly lowered her back onto the floor with the leash and pulled out his semi – hard cock where she promptly slumped down onto the carpet breathing hard through her nose. Her husband leaned forward and undid the ballgag pulling it out of her mouth and tossing it aside. Lois gasped for air as he unlocked the handcuffs and took the dog collar off her throwing them back onto the table with the other toys she’d bought. Then he pulled her up and gave her a long tender kiss.

“So whatcha think of the ballgag?” she said brushing a hair out of her face.

“It feels weird having your mouth stuffed like that.” ” And when you’re chained up being taken from behind it gets you horny” she said with a smile looking up at him.

She stood up somewhat stiffly and rotated her hips a couple of times. She saw him looking at her.

“What I’d like is to be able to walk properly” she said licking her lips.

Her husband slapped her on her tight white arse. She smiled and walked over to the table.

“So you think Meg will like these things?” he said standing up himself.

“If she’s anything like me she will do!” Lois said pinching one of her hard nipples. He watched her as she bit her lip looking round uncertainly.

“Lois felt so dirty doing that but it got had gotten her really horny.” she said looking between her husband and the table of sex toys.

“Well I’d hope so since you bought the gear in the first place!” Peter said with a smile.

“You’re right hun I’ve been naughty and thoroughly enjoyed being bound and anally ravaged. I think I need a good hard spanking” she said in a sexy tone wiggling her hips and walking towards him. He took her hand and led her to the sofa where they sat down. Peter drew her down for a kiss then pulled his wife over his lap on her stomach. She leaned over and arched her back pushing her incredible sexy white butt into the air. He raised his hand and gave her pert white cheeks a good hard slap causing her to grunt in pleasure with a big smile. His hard cock was pushed against her left side.

“What would you like to try next dear?” he said laying another good hard slap on his wife’s white arse with a healthy slapping sound. Now he was spanking her at a steady pace causing groans of pleasure and pain from her.

“How about…you just…do whatever you want to me?” she breathed between slaps.

“You sure about that Lois?” he said stopping spanking her for a second.

“Please” she said looking at him with her puppy dog eyes.

“I’ll do whatever you want” she whined dropping down onto her knees. Before he could stop her she had leant forwards and started sucking his now rockhard cock.

“Please! I need this” she groaned through her mouthful looking up at him imploringly.

“OK you want it you can have it” he said.

He grabbed the handcuffs again as his wife pulled herself up into the doggy style position he snapped them between her wrists. Then he grabbed the blindfold and pulled it around her face pulling it into place so that she couldn’t see a thing. He reached over for the ballgag as well so she couldn’t start complaining. Lois was breathing heavily as her husband pulled it around her face and then with a sharp yank pulled it between her teeth. She grunted loudly as he strapped it tightly behind his wifes head.

Peter stood and steeped over her to the table and picked up the metal leg spreader bar. He then knelt down behind his wife and pushed her thighs as wide apart as he could. Lois wriggled a little bit as he pushed the spreader bar between her smooth soft white thighs and clamped it in place just above her knees pulling her fantastic white buttocks and pink cunt lips open.

Then he grabbed the studded black leather dog collar and leash and stood up. He leaned over and slid it round her small pretty neck and firmly fastened it before taking the leash and tying it to the radiator pipe that he had cuffed her to the first time round.

Now came some more extreme measures as he then took hold of one of the 12¨ dildos and ran it up the back of her wet stretched out pussy lips causing her to shiver in pleasure and anticipation. Peter ran it up and down once more then started to push it deep into her open wet cunt. She groaned as the head of the dildo went in followed by the first 6¨ but then things started getting resistant even though her cunt was wet and slippy. Her tight cunt wasn’t letting the dildo in without some persuasion. So he took a firm grip on the base of it and pushed hard on it as it went in deeper. Lois squealed in pleasure through the ballgag as the remaining 6¨ pushed up inside her to the very limits of her cunt which was now stretched with the 12¨ long and 5¨ thick fake black rubber cock deep up her wet tight cunt.

She moaned and grunted in her muffled manner as she got used to the size of the thick dildo. He took hold of her next little sex toy which was a pair of adjustable teethed nipple clamps. He knelt down next to her and looked under her petite frame. Her ripe breasts hung invitingly under her in her animal sex position her rock hard nipples hanging on the tips so he reached out. Peter felt each one in turn the firm warm flesh of her tits pushing against his hands before he slid them down and pinched each of her nipples causing her to groan in pleasure through her gag. He raised the nipple clamps up to her body and set them to minimal pressure and positioned them under their respective nipples. He then Sex hikayeleri pushed them up so the nose of the clamps touched her soft breasts and released them. The teeth of the clamps shut tightly onto her pinching her nipples hard. She screamed in pain loudly even through the ballgag she was wearing muffled the sound. She started to calm down sighing as she got used to the pain.

Her husband found the other 12¨ dildo and raised it to her arsehole. Lois was just realizing what she was getting herself into when she felt something pushing at her anus and assumed it was the buttplug. She released her sphincter to allow entry and felt it start to slide into her stretching her out and pulling at her dry arsehole. She realized all too late that it was the other 12¨ dildo and not the buttplug and when she felt the contours of the head slip past her sensitive sphincter. She clamped down hard to try and stop the intrusion but realized it was futile and would merely cause her more pain if she resisted. The shaft forced slowly into her completely unlubed arsehole and started stretching her hole out. She mumbled in discomfort as it stretched her dry ass hole open. The dildo reached a depth of 8¨ into her tight arse before it stopped. There was no way he was going to stop until all 12¨ was buried up her back passage so he pushed firmly on the dildo. There was still some resistance but then it started to slide again causing his wife to squeal loudly in pain. The dildo slid right into her leaving her grunting in pain as she tried to adapt to its size. She was now strapped into everything she could fit and grunting in pain from the thick dildo up her arse.

Peter knelt down next to her prone form running his hand over her back causing her to shiver. He slowly ran his hand over her fantastic bum squeezing the cheeks and tapping the backs of the two dildos inserted into both of her holes. He then drew his hand back and laid a firm slap on her white arse with a healthy sound leaving a bright red mark on her arse. She gave a squeal of pain through the gag rocking forwards on her hands and knees. Peter pinched each cheek hard in turn again causing his wife to squeal before steadying her with his left hand on her back and laying another hard slap on her firm white arse which was now glowing a bright red from his slaps. He then spanked her 5 times in quick succession causing her to squeal loudly in a pain – pleasure tone. Her white butt was now glowing red from the spanking but Lois was enjoying it. Her juices were running down the dildo and dripping onto the floor aswell as coating her pussy which gave it a healthy shine.

Her husband ran his fingers up the slick dildo and over her damp trim bush not having any problems locating her hard clit between her stretched out pussy lips. Peter ran his left hand under her and across her stomach to her clit taking hold of it and pulling his right hand out from under her. She moaned deeply in pleasure as he teased her clit not knowing what was coming next. He pinched her clit hard between his thumb and forefinger and laid a savagely hard slap on her rear. She screamed through the ballgag at the pain but he didn’t stop. Peter pinched her clit hard for about a minute and spanked her hard repeatedly leaving her bum red and sore as he released her letting her body sinking towards the floor from the pain saliva dripping from her chin as she drooled around the ballgag between her red lips. Lois started to slowly crawl away but Peter pulled against her leash which was binding her to the radiator.

“We’re not done yet bitch” he shouted at her pulling her back into the doggy position again.

She grumbled through her gag as he hauled her back into place then snorted hard through her nose as he pinched her arse. He untied the leash and stood up sporting a throbbing rock hard cock which he could do with relieving. Pulling on the leash Peter led his wife across the living room on all fours. She moved slowly since she was blindfolded until she reached the low table. He stepped behind her and leaned down and unlocked the cuff on her right wrist and then pulled both her arms behind her back and recuffed her. She was now even more helpless than before.

Her husband then lifted her up and laid her on her back on the low table on top of her arms. With her arms behind her back she couldn’t even attempt to remove any of the gear from herself even if she had wanted to and even if she had the guts to do so. Peter positioned her so her head was over the edge of the table with the leg spreader bar resting on the other end and he tied the leash to one leg of the table. She held her head up for a few moments then let it drop back. Then he reached down and undid the ballgag straps and gave a couple of sharp tugs to remove it from her mouth. She took some deep breaths once it had been removed then spoke up somewhat strained from having her mouth stretched open.

“Why did you take that off?” she said quietly looking around despite not being able to see anything for the blindfold around her eyes.

“You’ll see” he said kneeling down by her head his rock hard cock level with her head.

He reached up and ran his hands over her stomach and breasts pulling on the chain between the nipple clamps lightly. Running his fingers lightly over her skin and down her neck and then past the leather collar and then over her face flicking gently at her pouty lips causing her to smile.

“Can you make a guess what I’ve got in store for you next?” He asked in a low tone running his fingers over her breasts and stomach once more causing her breathing to increase.

“I…have no idea” she whispered pushing her hips up in a sexual motion.

Peter ran his fingers down her stomach to her stretched out pussy rubbing her clit quickly practically causing her to orgasm right there. Then taken her juices onto his fingers he rubbed them all over her pouty lips which she licked off without a thought.

Peter then ran his hands over the tops of her breasts and down over her shoulders. He then slid them off and took a grip on her head her mouth was now wide open as she gasped in pleasure. He pushed forwards pushing his thick pulsating cock into her wet mouth. Because of the angle of her head he slid easily right down into her throat. She breathed in hard through her nose which he felt on his balls because of the position he was in. Not waiting to listen to any of her mumbling Peter started thrusting his cock into her mouth. With the fact that he was damn horny from what he’d been doing to her and the fact she was totally bound and helpless. He held her head and thrusted hard as she breathed through her nose blowing warm air onto my hairy balls.

Despite the fact she was bound up and being effectively abused Lois started sucking on her husbands long thick hard cock as he face fucked her. There was an audible slurping as her husband withdrew and a slight groan as he pushed his hot hard cock back into her wet mouth. He soon started feel the pressure building up inside his balls and sped up his fucking. He fucked his wife’s warm wet mouth hard as he got to the brink he yanked out his thick cock from her mouth with a frustrated noise from his wife and jacked himself off hard. Peter aimed his thick long cock at his wife’s face and let go shooting ropes of hot white sticky cum onto her face. She gasped as her husbands hot white sticky cum shot onto her nose, cheeks and lips licking round for what her tongue could reach. Then he began to wipe his cock on her outstretched tongue as he stood up.

“Time to see what your limits really are bitch” he said walking round to the other end of the table.

Peter slid his hands over his wifes stomach touching the black rubber dildo that was stretching her tight wet pussy and then sliding his hands between her smooth legs. He took hold of the 12¨ dildo up her arsehole and pulled on it hard. She grunted loudly as it was slowly pulled from deep in side her rectum breathing hard as it slid out and arching her back as the head of the rubber dildo was pulled from deep with in her asshole and she gave a sigh of relief as it came out. She looked up to see it as it was pulled clear of her arsehole despite not being able to see through the blindfold.
Sikiş hikayeleri
Peter walked back round to her head watching her all the time as he knelt down and ran his left hand over her sticky face before sliding it underneath to support her. Lois’s moved her head up as her husband aimed the dildo at her with his other hand. She realized where it was going and shut her mouth. She was a tiny bit too late as he’d already pushed the dildo to her mouth with the tip just about holding her teeth open.

“You know where this has been” he said as she looked up at him pleadingly as he pushed on the dildo the head of it pushing her teeth apart and sliding to the back of her throat. About 5¨ was in her mouth but he wanted to see how much she could take.

“If you can’t take this all the way you’ll have to be punished” he told her as he pushed on the dildo and it started to push down her talented throat. She grunted and snorted in protest as it pushed into her reaching 8¨ as she gagged.

Then it stopped he pushed but no more would go in so either she was doing a good job resisting or she couldn’t take anymore. He tried again but no joy 8¨ was her limit 4¨ still protruded from her moist skilled lips. Peter withdrew the dildo from her throat and stood up. Lois gasped for air as her husband grabbed the ballgag. He positioned it over her open mouth and sharply pulled it in. She grunted loudly in shock as he pulled it tightly into place and strapped it back on her. Then he reached down and untied the leash from the table then lifted her off the table he sat her down on the sofa.

“You’ve got to be punished because you didn’t swallow your toy” he said and with that he flipped her over his knee.

Peter spanked her hard several times causing her to squeal with every slap on her tight smooth buttocks making her clench them on every stroke. He knew this would have closed her up again which is what he wanted to happen. Then he spread her butt cheeks with one hand to see her now tightly closed anus. He then took the 12¨ dildo and pushed it against her tight rear. Peter then patted her firmly on the arse with his left hand and drove the dildo into her with his right. She gave a guttural groan of pain as 6¨ of fake cock rammed into her arse against her will her body rocking forwards on her husbands lap. She squealed loudly as he rapidly unceremoniously forced the remaining 6¨ into her rear stretching her out once again. Peter once more raised his hand and laid 5 more very hard stinging slaps on her arse leaving her moaning in pain with a sore red butt as her asshole locked tightly onto the dildo.

He lifted her off his lap and put her down on the floor on her knees before pushing her forwards to what would be a doggy style position again. Except her hands were cuffed behind her back so she fell forwards onto her chest. Her clamped nipples pushed onto the carpet as she rested down on her chest her head facing to one side. Peter had to reach under her to adjust the nipple clamps which were set on the loosest setting. With a couple of quick turns he wound both clamps up to their full tightness clamping them hard onto her tortured nipples. She squealed loudly and then moaned deeply through the pain.

Taken hold of the leash he picked up the leather riding crop she’d bought and pulled hard on the leash pulling her back up off the ground onto her knees and then there was the ‘swish’ in the air and a hard cracking sound as he hit her across her arse with the riding crop. She screamed through her gag at the blazing pain and pulled at the leash. He laid 4 more across her arse with the whip in quick succession then let her drop to the floor. She sobbed quietly through her gag as she dropped to the floor rolling onto her side as the pain subsided. Her husband then reached out and picked up the 4¨ vibrator and turned it on. There was a healthy hum from it as he rolled her fully onto her back then ran it over her stomach. She tensed at it’s touch then moaned and relaxed as he ran it down into her damp pubic hair.

Teasing it up and down her stretched pussy lips around the dildo before sliding it across her clit slowly causing a long drawn out groan of pleasure from her. Being blindfolded meant her other senses were heightened. Peter then ran it back up her mound and onto her flat toned stomach leaving a trail of her juices as he ran it up to her breasts teasing along the bottom of them before pushing it onto her clamped nipples. The clamps vibrated causing shocks right into her hard nipples causing another groan from between her lips. He ran it over her breasts and onto the top of her chest and rubbed it firmly onto her toned body as she wriggled in pleasure with occasional groans. Sliding the vibrator onto her shoulders he then eased her body over onto her front and ran it down her shoulder blades then down her spine. Her back arched and she shivered as her buttocks clenched as she groaned when her husband slid the small vibrator to the cleft of her arse under her cuffed wrists.

Her toned butt cheeks were pushed apart by the massive dildo lodged in her back passage revealing her stretched anus. Peter ran the vibrator down between her arse holding it on the end of the dildo to make it vibrate inside her then slowly started rubbing over her firm rear with the vibrator. After going over every inch of her arse much to his wife Lois pleasure he ran it down the top of her pussy lips from behind and onto the dildo before rolling her over onto her back again. Rubbing it up and down the insides of her thighs then back up and round the dildo to her clit again. He rubbed in small firm circles with the vibrator on her clit which she loved. She started breathing heavily and her back arched up making it blatantly obvious she was about to cum which was his cue.

Peter quickly switched the vibrator off with his thumb and removed it from her hard clit. Lois whimpered in frustration as her hard clit sat unattended her pussy leaking juices not being allowed to orgasm. He picked up her unsatisfied form from the floor and hooked her over the arm of the sofa face into the cushions. She mumbled in discomfort as her husband roughly reached between her buttocks and pulled the dildo sharply from her arsehole.

She squealed as the head pulled back from her anus stretching it sharply. Stepping round and sitting by her head he unstrapped the ballgag and pulled on it hard to get it from behind her teeth which gripped it tightly due to her mouth being at full stretch. Peter quickly grabbed the dildo from his wifes arse and pushed it back into her mouth.

“Let’s try this again shall we dear?” He said and pushed. She mumbled and squealed something and struggled to pull way.

It sounded like “No!” though he wasn’t sure not that it mattered as he lifted his wifes head with the leash and pushed on it hard getting the dildo to 6¨ without any trouble. Lois realized she wasn’t going to get away from this test and relaxed. Her body settled over the arm of the sofa and her throat relaxed.

Peter got the dildo in a further 8¨ her previous best. Then he pushed and there was resistance but not as strong as the last time and the thick black dildo slid forwards slowly for another 2¨. Lois now had 10¨ of think fake cock down her throat but despite pushing her husband couldn’t get the remaining 2¨ into her mouth. So he pulled the dildo from her throat and grabbed the ballgag again. She gasped for breath as her husband stepped up behind her straddling her arse. His hard cock laid neatly between the cheeks of white arse as he pulled the ballgag in front of her face.

Peter yanked back hard on it pulling her head back as her teeth were forced apart. She grunted in pain as he yanked back hard on the leather straps to pull the gag home between her teeth and strapped it tightly behind her head. He then stood and took hold of the leash that was around her neck. Stepping past her he pulled back on it a signaling for his wife to get off the sofa arm. She wriggled to slide down onto the floor then walked on her knees as he led her across the room taken her to the radiator where he again tightly fastened her leash on the pipes. He then laid another couple of hard slaps on her arse which made her kneel up straight. Then he heard the distinct clinking of a key in the door, then the sound of it opening.

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Author is MICHAEL

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Carmen and Josh’s New Year’s Eve

2016 was rapidly approaching and people everywhere were watching the clock until the New Year, except for one couple who…

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