Family Sex Journal


On the way home from our threesome hookup last night with Chuck, our seventeen-year-old boy toy, my wife reflected on her changing desires.“I find it ironic how my appetites have changed since I was a seventeen-year-old,” my wife remarked, “Back then I was only interested in sex with older men. Now I crave teenagers like Chuck all the time.”“So do I,” I replied.My wife just turned forty, and she enjoys my bisexuality as much as I do. We manage to get together with young studs a couple of times a month for kinky threesomes. These studs aren’t always easy to find since they aren’t old enough to enter bars or sex clubs. And since our sixteen-year old daughter, Sherry, still lives at home, we must rent a motel room to carry on our entertainment.But since we both enjoy sex with young male studs, we go the extra mile to seek them out, even though it would be less complicated to hook up with either couples or older men. We don’t disclose our real names or where we live for obvious reasons. We communicate with these boys using special Gmail accounts and burner cell phones.The stud we are hooking up with presently, Chuck, was a real find. He is ruggedly handsome, just over six feet tall, moderately muscular and well hung. Most boys his age are afraid of sex with men, worrying that they will be branded as “gay” if word gets out. I doubt Chuck considers himself bisexual, but he enjoys fucking us both, and is very good at it. I think my wife’s encouragement early on helped him make the leap to allowing me to suck his cock and then fuck me. She’s always present when he and I enjoy each other, but I wouldn’t mind some one-on-one alone with him sometime, maybe in the future. I’m really queer for him.At our first get together with Chuck my wife taught him how to go down on her. He was a quick learner and performed beautifully. He’s also a heavy cummer and recovers quickly. Our sessions usually begin with three of us nude, and my wife and I switching back and forth sucking his cock. I continue to suck his cock as he goes down on her until he is ready to fuck her.He always starts by “short-dicking” her for a few moments before shoving his cock in all the way and really pounding her. If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching a young boy fuck your forty-year-old wife, you are missing out on a lot of fun.After he cums he pulls out and rolls over on his back next to her. Then it’s my turn to go back to work on his cock. I savor the taste şişli escort of his cum mixed with her cream, and it doesn’t take long for Chuck to get hard again. That’s when my wife will encourage him to fuck my ass-pussy like a girl.“You know you want it,” she will tell me, and she’s right.“Fuck his pussy!” she tells Chuck.Chuck pushes me face down on the bed and uses his knees to spread my legs apart. My wife grabs the bottle of Astroglide and squeezes a dollop on his cock, coating it liberally. He spreads my butt cheeks and I feel the head of his cock begin to penetrate, slowly at first, then deeper and more rapid. The next few minutes for me are heaven, and often I can cum in unison with him, as he pumps a big load of boy-cum in my ass.On the evening after our most recent session with Chuck we were relaxing downstairs after dinner. Sherry was upstairs getting ready for her date when we heard a car pull into our driveway. I looked out the window and experienced the surprise of my life. I watched as Chuck, our Chuck, emerged from the car and walked up our steps.“Oh my god,” I exclaimed to my wife, “It’s Chuck!”“What’s he doing here?” my wife asked in a panic, “He doesn’t know our names or where we live.”“He must be Sherry’s date,” I replied, “Let me handle this.”I opened the door for Chuck before he even had time to ring the doorbell. The look on his face was one of shock. He was speechless.“Hello Chuck,” I said, “Surprised? So are we. I’m guessing you are here for Sherry.”“You must be her dad,” he said, “I had no idea.”“Nor did we,” I told him, “Come on in and let’s just all three pretend we don’t know each other.”“Sherry, your friend is here,” my wife yelled up the stairs.“I’ll be right down,” she answered.“I’m really sorry,” Chuck told us, “would you like me to leave?”“No, no,” I told him, “let’s just all act normal. We’ll figure this out later.”Sherry came down the stairs with a big smile.“I see you’ve met my friend,” she said, “how do I look?”Dressed sexy in a short skirt and a top that emphasized her cleavage, she twirled around to give us a good look. Seamed stockings and heels completed her outfit.“You look very nice, darling,” I told her, “don’t you agree, Chuck?”“Oh yes,” Chuck replied.“Well, you kids have a good time,” my wife chimed in, “We’ll expect you home by two am.”We watched them walk down the steps and climb in Chuck’s car when I suddenly had an idea.“Let’s follow them,” I told my wife, “see where şişli escort bayan they end up.”I grabbed her hand and we got to our car as they were pulling away. Traffic was light and it was easy to keep up with them. We traveled about two miles, staying behind them several car lengths. We watched as they turned into a motel parking lot and we parked on the street opposite. We had a good view of the parking lot, the office and two floors of rooms.Chuck and Sherry had pulled into an empty space and sat there without getting out.“Wonder what they’re up to?” my wife asked.“We’ll find out soon I’m sure,” I replied.In a few minutes we saw another car pull in and park next to Chuck’s car. A man emerged and began speaking to Chuck and our daughter. Chuck and Sherry got out and the man shook Chuck’s hand. They stood there chatting for a minute, then headed for the stairs with Sherry next to the man and Chuck following behind.The man looked to be in his forty’s. He had his arm around Sherry and his hand on her butt. They climbed the stairs to the second level and used a key card to enter a room.“Wow!” my wife exclaimed, “she’s in there with Chuck and an older man. I never would have thought…”“Guess she takes after you,” I laughed, “a chip off the old block.”There was no point in hanging out there any longer, as we now knew the score. I turned the car around and we headed home.“I think we need to have a little heart-to-heart conversation with Sherry tomorrow,” my wife said.“I agree, but it’s kinda hot that she’s fucking Chuck and the other man right now, don’t you think?”“I’m not sure how I feel about sharing our lover with our own daughter,” she answered, “maybe I’m feeling a little jealous.”We stayed silent the rest of the way home, but I was turned on by the thought of what they were doing. I imagined the man and Chuck both using her at the same time. I reached for my wife’s leg and ran my hand up her dress.“Let’s have a little fun when we get home,” I told her, “then we can talk about how to handle things.”“I know what’s got you excited,” she replied, smiling, “you’re thinking about your daughter’s hot little pussy.”“You know me too well,” I answered.Arriving home, we quickly undressed and climbed into bed. I sensed that my wife was also turned on by the knowledge of what our daughter was up to.“Pretend I’m Sherry,” my wife whispered to me, “Oh fuck me daddy, fuck my hot little pussy.”I really let her have it, pounding mecidiyeköy escort her hard for two minutes before I unloaded my balls and she climaxed hard.“Goodness!” she said as I pulled out, “That really does it for you, doesn’t it?”“I guess it does it for both of us,” I told her.We both drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.We were up by eight, and Sherry was still sleeping. I looked in on her to make sure she was okay and joined my wife at the table. After much discussion we decided the best thing was to come clean with Sherry about our activities and our knowledge of what she was into.“Better she should hear it from us than accidently find out on her own,” I said, “and she needs to know that Chuck is our lover.”My wife agreed.“I’ve been thinking; maybe we can turn this into a win-win situation for all of us and have some extra fun for the two of us as well,” she said, “I know you’d like that.”An hour later Sherry came down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. She poured herself some juice and a bowl of cereal and joined us at the table.“Did you have fun last night, sweetie,” I asked.“Yes, Chuck’s a great guy,” she answered.“We know,” my wife said, “yes, he is a great guy.”Sherry stopped eating and looked up.“How could you possibly know?” she asked.“We might as well put all our cards on the table,” my wife replied, “you may not know this, but we are rather broad minded and adventuresome when it comes to sex, both for ourselves and also when it comes to you. We don’t want to interfere with your fun, and you’re old enough to decide what you want to do with your body.”“Your mom and I met Chuck a couple of months ago,” I told her, “We’ve been getting together with him for sex off and on since then.”Sherry was clearly taken aback. Finally, she spoke.“Both of you?” she asked.“Yes,” I answered, “as I said, we are both rather broadminded when it comes to sex.”Sherry put her spoon down.“All I can say is ‘Wow’,” she said.“Last night we followed you two to the motel where you met an older man. We saw the three of you enter a room,” I told her, “Nothing wrong with that, but it does complicate things since Chuck didn’t know we were your parents until he came to our house.”“When he arrived to pick you up, we instructed Chuck to pretend he didn’t know us,” my wife said, “we needed to figure things out.”Sherry was silent for a moment. Finally, she spoke.“Well, what have you figured out? The other guy was Chuck’s uncle, by the way.”“Since we all enjoy Chuck, you’re just going to have to share him with us,” I told her, “We don’t plan on giving him up.” “But what about his uncle? You don’t mind if I have sex with older men?” Sherry asked.

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