Fantasies Revisited Ch. 01


Fantasies Revisited – 1. The Study

With thanks to Jem, my editor ;o)


“Jenny Jones. Come in here.” The girl took a deep breath and opened the door of her headmasters study gingerly. She wanted to be defiant, as she would have been if this interview were with any of her form teachers, but Mr Wilson was different. She had always liked him and appreciated the support and advice he offered all his students. But she had also always suspected he had a soft spot for her. Something about the way his stern face softened when she talked to him and his deep voice became gentle and warm. Jenny had already admitted to her classmates that she had a huge crush on Mr Wilson and was therefore half embarrassed and half excited to be summoned to his office under these circumstances.

When she entered she saw him sitting at the usual place behind his desk. She pushed the door closed softly behind her and watched him. He was leaning back in his chair, his hands resting comfortably on the armrests as he stared at nothing, obviously mentally deciding what he would say during the coming interview. Jenny sighed, she hated to disappoint him but at least when she was in trouble she had all his attention.

Jenny walked towards Mr Wilson but hesitated when she reached the middle of the carpet. She stood straight and still, feet together. Quickly tugging her knee length blue skirt into a neater line with one hand and tucking in the front of her white cotton blouse with the other before clasping her hands in front of her and looking down at the floor submissively. She had tied back her usually unruly long hair in an attempt to look neat and studious but she wasn’t sure he would buy it. She risked a glance upwards to find him staring at her intently, his face was stern and he scowled slightly and then snapped, ”Come forward!” Immediately she stepped forward to stand directly in front of his desk, eyes cast down, waiting for what he might say next and how he would deal with the situation.

John Wilson leant forward, resting his elbows on his desk and steepleing his fingers as he watched the girl. There was no denying Jenny Jones was one of his favourites, and not only because her mother was rich and neglectful and tended to give the school enormous donations in lieu of taking any interest in her daughters life or education, nor was it because Jenny herself was very pretty and vivacious and clearly had a huge crush on him. No it was more than that. She was very bright and had courage and sensitivity and was powerfully independent in the face of her parents indifference … this combined with a tangible sexuality that she was becoming all too aware of. He had admitted to himself that he found these were very attractive qualities to him. In the girl.

John also knew Jenny had a real creative flair for music and acting which her teachers had tried hard to encourage, as had he, hoping to use drama as an outlet to curb her endless quest for adventure outside her studies. He also hoped that by exploring adult themes in her drama group it might limit her enthusiastic curiosity about relationships and her own desires. But Jenny was wild and was forever in trouble of one sort or another and he had always tried to protect her. This time though, she had gone too far.

Jenny had been before him in the past after she’d been found in compromising situations. Twice she had been found in bed with one of the girls in her dorm room. The first time, Jenny and her friend Katie were discovered giggling and cuddling on one of the beds in a four-bed dorm room. But there had been other girls in the room sleeping on this occasion. The second episode was more serious. The House Mistress had found Jenny and Katie alone in the room – both girls were naked and passionately kissing. There was also the night the caretaker had found Jenny with the young gardener. The young man had sworn they had done no more than kiss and smoke a joint, and John had chosen to believe the story and he’d merely fired the gardener and allowed Jenny’s Form Teachers to handle her punishment. This current situation was far more serious.

The day before Jenny had been found in the shower block of St Mathews Boys School at the opposite end of the village. She had been naked and under the shower as two boys from the 6th form stood against the wall watching her. She was obviously enjoying teasing them with her young body and allowing them to watch her fondle her breasts and ass under the hot soapy water. That would have been bad enough but as both boys had been found with their trousers round their ankles intently wanking off as they stared at her, her soft breathy voice encouraging them. This was not something that could be laughed off as a childish prank.

Against his will John had a sudden sharp image of Jenny naked and wet, her hands fondling her breasts, her long hair dark from the water and clinging to her shoulders and arms as she leant back against the tiles and spread her legs, smiling inviting as she sighed, etiler otele gelen escort “Want to play Sir?”… he shook his head sharply to clear it and tried to ignore the twitch in his cock at the thought. He’d been very reluctant to admit to himself that he desired this girl very much.

John had always been a dedicated educator and had never for a moment doubted his intentions with the young women in his charge. He had never felt anything but the most paternal affection for ‘his girls’ and so Jenny’s impact on him had shaken him. She had somehow gotten under his professional detachment, and his discipline. In the six months she had been at his school he had found himself imagining how her body would feel under him, how her mouth would feel … he shook his head again and swallowed as he turned to look at her.

Her skirt was a little big for her and was low on her waist but her white shirt was rather small and was pulled tight across her breasts, the buttons clearly under some strain. The long blonde hair she had tried to keep neatly tied back was coming loose from the band and soft tendrils curled around her face as her large expressive eyes glanced up at him nervously through her lashes.

John rose and leaned upon his desk to bark at the wild child who stood before him trying to look so innocent, “What did you think you were doing?” Jenny shrugged her shoulders. “Answer me”, he hissed, “Have you any idea how much trouble you have gotten us into? The headmaster of St Mathews wants to have all the parents involved down here, he wants you expelled and this school publicly reprimanded. Can you imagine what affect it will have if this is made public, if the parents of the other girls find out? Do you even care that you’ve not only damaged your own reputation beyond repair but brought the whole school down with you?”

Her eyes widened and she looked truly remorseful, but he knew her too well. “Oh don’t give me that look, it won’t wash. You have to stop this Jenny. You have to start thinking of consequences, not just for us as a school but for yourself. What if the situation had gotten out of hand? You were alone with two boys in an isolated place. Can you imagine the sort of things that might have happened to you?”

She put her hands behind her back, which had the effect of pushing her firm high breasts forward against the thin cotton of the blouse. John tried not to imagine her firm breasts wet and covered in warm soap bubbles. He failed.

She sighed, “I can handle Tom and Pete Sir, they’re dim and harmless and both nuts about me. I was just teasing them. We didn’t actually do anything.” She looked down at the floor and shrugged again, starting to sway slightly from side to side. “I like that they want me. Boys are so simple to control. I wouldn’t have done anything except let them watch me… they’re just kids.” With that last remark she pointedly looked up at John with a wicked little smile. He felt his cock twitch again and willed himself not to show any reaction in his face.

He looked at her for a few heartbeats, at the unrepentant sinner standing there looking so composed. Something shifted inside him. John came to a decision. He had to get through to her. Drastic action was required. “Well it’s not going to be brushed off as a prank this time, Jenny, you’re going to be punished the old fashioned way.”

He stepped out from behind the desk and moved purposefully to a tall wooden cabinet at the far corner of the room. As he walked behind her Jenny turned to see what he was doing. She gasped when he unlocked the doors, pulled them wide and extracted a long wooden cane.

“Sir!” She stammered, “You can’t be serious?!”

“Oh but I am Jenny. Talking doesn’t work with you, perhaps action will. And frankly it’s this or be expelled. I will tell Mr Gibbons from St Mathews that you were punished and will be confined to grounds for the rest of the year and I will do my best to make sure that’s the last we hear of this unfortunate episode.”

He returned to stand in front of her, looking down on her pretty, confused face as she stared up at him in shock. He raised an eyebrow and spoke more softly, “I assume you would rather a short sharp shock than to be sent home to your mother and her dinner parties and poodles and her new young husband? Was I wrong? The choice is yours of course. If you would rather I call your mother right now and have her come and get you, just say so.”

Even though Jenny hesitated John wasn’t worried. He knew enough of her relationships at home and of her character in general to know she would take her punishment and make the best of it. One of the other qualities he admired in her was that she didn’t balk when she was caught in wrong-doing, she never tried to wriggle out of things. She faced the consequences of her actions squarely.

She didn’t disappoint him this time either. As he looked at her, waiting for her reaction, a small smile began to play around her mouth until she looked him firmly in etiler rus escort the eyes. “Very well Sir.” She crossed to the side of his desk and placed her hands on the soft smooth wood, turning her head to look at him as she leant forward slightly. She held his eyes for a moment longer and he saw her smile again before she faced forward, spreading her feet and presenting her bottom to him.

Suddenly his hand holding the cane seemed sweaty and he swallowed rapidly. This wasn’t going quite as he’d expected. He was uncomfortably aware of her smooth thighs where the blue skirt had ridden up, the long tanned calves of her legs ending in white ankle socks and black lace up shoes. All the inappropriate thoughts he had been holding in for so long flashed through his mind. The meaning of smile she had given him was unmistakable. It was a smile of invitation.

John hesitated, taking deep breaths. His mind registered danger and he knew he should back out of this somehow. He should have Jenny’s Form Mistress Miss Wilkes do this. Or possibly he could rearrange to cane her himself another day, but in front of the school nurse as witness perhaps? He knew he needed to back out of this situation now, before it was too late and things got out of hand.

The atmosphere in the room had changed and he found it impossible to get images of Jenny naked and wet in the shower out of his mind. And now, with the sight of her bending over his desk, vulnerable and compliant……… he had to get out of this now before he did something he’d regret!! John cleared his throat, preparing to say something…anything…. to dispel the feeling that events were getting out of his control but, before he could find words, Jenny turned her head and looked questioningly at him, her big eyes wide and innocent, that impish smile flashing quickly.

“What’s the matter Sir? Am I not doing it right?… Oh!!! I understand, I should pull my skirt up?”

With that she reached behind her with both hands and eased her skirt slowly up over her hips to her waist, revealing a round firm bottom barely covered by very small white panties. The fabric had bunched tight between her cheeks and, before he could stop himself, Johns eyes lingered on the smooth swell of her buttocks. His fingers flexed and he had to clench them tightly round the cane to stop himself reaching out to touch her. He swallowed again. When he managed to look her in the face she held his gaze and licked her lips provocatively before turning her head and bending lower across the desk, shifting her weight in such a way as to make her ass sway invitingly from side to side. John felt his cock start to swell and it was at this moment he stopped thinking with what was between his ears!

He moved over to stand behind and to the right of the girl now bent over the big oak desk. He found the sight of her body stretched out before him incredibly sexy and before he could change his mind he raised the cane and brought it down sharply on her bottom. Jenny gasped and bucked slightly at the impact. To his surprise John found that the sound of the sharp gasp and the long thin pink mark that blossomed on the girl’s perfect round cheek made his cock rock hard. Feverishly he pulled his arm back and quickly sent blow after blow across her quivering ass. Jenny wriggled and whimpered under the blows and John could hear his own breathing grow ragged as he stared at the hot pink blush spreading over her delicious looking little bottom.

Suddenly he heard his own voice, heavy and slurred with lust, growl, “You’re a filthy little girl aren’t you Jenny? You need to be taught a lesson. I’m doing this for your own good. I want you to be a good girl and you have to learn to obey me. “ He brought the cane slicing swiftly through the air. “Tell me what you are, Jenny!”

Jenny moaned low in her throat gasping between blows “Yes Sir, I’m a dirty girl…… your dirty girl. I’m sorry Sir, I’ll be good from now on I swear. I’m bad and I deserve to be punished in any way you want. ”

John lowered the cane and tried to steady his breathing. He shook with excitement and he reached out with his free hand to stroke the pert young ass bare and waiting so close to him. The skin on either side of the bunched line of her panties was hot and tight, bright pink from the hard caning. He let his fingers run along the edge of one of her panty legs and grunted. His cock was straining against his trousers and he longed to stroke himself with his other hand.

Jenny sighed and turned to look at him, her face was flushed and her eyes glazed and teary. “Please Sir.. it hurts so much.” She wriggled her behind under his hand, pushing up against his strong fingers. John thought for a moment and crossed to the tall cabinet again where he rummaged around until he found some hand lotion that he had confiscated from Mary Simmons during chapel the Sunday before. He crossed back to Jenny and she heard him squeeze the tube onto his hand before he said sternly, “Pull your panties down”.

Jenny raised etiler türbanlı escort herself up from Johns desk and reached back with one hand to tug her panties over her bottom, pulling them down to her knees. John watched her and before she could lie back down across his desk he snapped, “Open your shirt.” Jenny obediently raised her hands and turned her body a little towards him as she unbuttoned. When the shirt was open John gazed at her round firm breasts, the nipples small, rosy and very hard. He began to rub the lotion into both hands as his eyes wandered from her lovely breasts down to her almost hairless pussy lips. He saw that her pussy was glistening with moisture and, as he looked down to her knees, he saw a big wet patch on the crotch of the little white panties. He groaned deep in his throat and pushed her back down across the desk again.

Jenny instantly spread her legs wider apart and lay flat across the top of the desk, the cool surface pressing against her nipples, teasing them. She stretched her arms out in front of her and laid her face down on the wood as she felt John move to stand directly behind her. John stopped for a moment to look at her sweet wet pussy framed so beautifully between the girl’s glowing ass cheeks and then stepped closer. Taking her bare ass in both hands John began to rub the cooling lotion into her skin. His eager slippery hands rubbed and kneaded the soft warm flesh as he looked down at her body stretched out in front of him. He was panting and murmured, “That’s my good little girl, you like that don’t you?”

John’s cock throbbed and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. The heat of her little ass was driving him crazy and his thumbs, slippery from the lotion, slid between her crack to rub over her tight puckered asshole. Jenny jumped slightly at his touch but didn’t protest and he felt a slight thrill. So she wasn’t that grown up after all!! That was a pleasure he would teach her about another time. Now, he merely slid the little finger of his right hand into her tight little asshole. Jenny gasped in shock and seemed about to say something but before she could he slid his left hand between her legs and roughly rubbed her pussy lips. Her protests became a low moan.

The young girl was drenched. John quickly thrust two fingers up into her hot, wet cunt, and began working his hands, back and front, finger fucking her in both holes. Jenny wriggled back against his hand, her narrow hips rhythmically moving back and forth against his thrusting fingers.

John heard his own voice again, raw, angry, almost unrecognisable with lust, “You filthy little whore! This is what you always wanted isn’t it? Say it you dirty bitch, tell me what you are?”

Jenny moaned loudly and pushed her increasingly dripping cunt harder onto his fingers, “Yes, oh yes please Sir.. this is what I want, what I’ve always wanted…. I love your fingers inside me.. I want to be your slut, I want you to use me, to fuck me in every way ……Oh please Sir, please, I need your hard cock inside me now!”

John pulled his fingers out of Jenny and stepped back. He yanked his trousers open and release his throbbing cock. He stroked his aching shaft a few times before positioned the swollen cockhead between her glistening pussy lips, rubbing it up and down until the tip of his eager cock was dripping wet. Jenny moaned again, trying to push her body back onto the cock that was teasing her. John reached forward and twisted his hand into her hair and pulled her head back sharply.

Jenny whimpered, as she heard John’s voice close to her ear, “Beg for it you little bitch!”

Jenny gasped and cried out, “Oh God yes.. please Sir, fuck me, fuck your whore!”

With a grunt of satisfaction John rammed his pulsing cock deep into her tight hot cunt and started to pump her hard and fast. He tightened his hold in her hair and slid his other hand under her roughly pawing her tits, squeezing a nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugging hard as he slammed his cock into her over and over.

Jenny wriggled and whimpered under him, keening softly “ Oh yes, yes, yes.. harder, fuck me Sir.. I want your cock to use me.. Oh God that’s so good… you feel so big, you fill me so much….. I’ve needed your cock for so long, I want to be fucked by you in every hole….. want to be your slut.”

As john stared down at his cock pumping in and out of her dripping pussy, so fresh and sparsely covered with soft, light hair, he felt his orgasm start to rise. Jenny’s legs began to shake and he knew she was about to topple over into her own climax, both of them lost in lust and so close to cumming.

Some small part of his brain that was still thinking screamed frantically “You can’t cum insider her!” Groaning he dragged his cock out of her pussy and swiftly pulled her off the desk by her hair. He shoved her onto her knees in front of him. She was shaking and looked so desperate and horny that he laughed out loud.

“Open up you filthy slut!” He ordered.

Jenny’s eyes were glazed. Panting, she tried to adjust to the change of pace but, before she could gain her composure, John roughly pulled on her hair. Jenny cried out, more in lust than pain, and John seized that opportunity to thrust his cock deep into her pretty little mouth. He groaned and laughed as Jenny gagged and fought to take his thick shaft into the back of her throat.

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