Fantasy Fest Fuck


Demetri and Jenna have never been to Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL. They just know it’s the Mardi Gras of Halloween. They didn’t plan on wearing much for the night. Both intend to get body painted; Jenna wears her skimpy bikini on the ride over, and Demetri wears a pair of swim shorts. When they arrive, they’re already a little drunk, and go to a restaurant to get a little something to eat. There, they notice a stage where girls are getting body painted.

Excited to get painted, after ordering some good, Jenna goes up on stage. The painter says, “Do you want to remove your top?”

“Yes,” Jenna says. She starts to untie her top. A few guys near the stage start talking about her. Jenna tries to keep her back to them as she removes her top, a little annoyed. The painter spray paints over her nipples and around her breasts so he can work on the rest of her freely. Some of the guys watch as Jenna turns around and gets painted over her breasts and back. Soon, it’s time for her bottoms. Jenna turns away again, but, still drunk, bends over a little more than expected. The guys near the stage get a clear view of her pussy. Realizing her mistake, Jenna stumbles as she moves her hand to cover up. In this moment, she accidentally brushes her clit in a way that causes her to let out a soft moan. Quickly, she gets up and tries to ignore the guys hollering as she’s painted.

Jenna returns to Demetri at the table, a little embarrassed. The guys stop making noises when they see she’s with someone, and the young couple go about their meal. Afterwards, Demetri goes up to get his chest and back painted. A few of the guys make some motions over to Jenna as Demetri is on stage. One goes over and starts talking to her. He’s clearly trying to hit on her. A little uncomfortable, Jenna starts putting on her bikini. The guy leaves, and when Demetri is done, Jenna’s bikini is back on. “I saw those guys were giving you some trouble.”

“It’s fine, can we just go?”

“Sure, I’ll leave some cash and we can go out into the street.” Demetri pays the bill and the two walk out. They see people in different costumes, most of them highly sexual, some barely wearing anything gay porno at all. “How are you feeling?”

“A little nervous after what happened. I could use a drink though.”

“It could help.” Demetri and Jenna stop at a bar and grab a few drinks. They then continue to walk around. As the night goes on, Jenna is feeling a little less nervous and starts untying her top. She gives it to Demetri to put in his backpack. Demetri looks at her and grins. She winks and then unties her bottoms as well. The alcohol has clearly had an effect on her, as she starts getting close to Demetri. She acts like she’s going to pull his shorts down, but they’re tied up. She reaches for the knot, but he moves her hands away, “You can’t do that here. Remember, we read ‘no sex’? We could get arrested, I’ve seen a few cops.” Jenna sighs and grabs Demetri’s butt as they continue to walk.

The parade starts, and the couple walks over to the sidewalk. As the parade is going by, Jenna starts feeling frisky. She taps Demetri on the shoulder. He looks over, and Jenna starts to sensually rub her breasts. A bulge starts forming in Demetri’s shorts, and Jenna reaches for it. He decides to let her have some fun since too many people are focused on the parade. Jenna starts to rub his dick over his shorts, and immediately feels it getting harder. Demetri grabs her butt, and she grabs his. Jenna starts to work her way into Demetri’s shorts, so he reaches down and starts to rub the back of her pussy. He then opens his backpack up and retrieves a small item.

Jenna starts to rub her boobs again to tease Demetri. He closes his bag and grabs her butt. She grabs his dick again as he nears her pussy. Suddenly, Jenna feels a shrill of vibrations, and her knees buckle as she tries to close her legs. She’s barely standing as her legs quiver with the vibration around her pussy. Demetri pulls her in closer to face him, and then sticks the vibrator right on her clit. Jenna’s body writhes against Demetri’s as she presses her mouth against his shoulder to try to keep herself from moaning.

Demetri leads Jenna past some people and a little into an alleyway. By this point, fetiş porno she can’t stop herself, the vibrations are driving her insane. She grabs Demetri’s dick through his swim shorts and unties them. She pulls out his dick and starts giving him a slutty, sloppy blowjob with slurps and gasps for air. A few people start to hear Jenna sucking Demetri’s dick and they start to watch. Demetri grabs a fistful of Jenna’s hair and lightly tugs on it, moving his hips a little in rhythm with her head. She grabs his ass to pull him in closer as she sucks hard on his dick.

Soon, Jenna pulls Demetri’s shorts all the way down and starts to nudge him to sit. He gets on the ground, and Jenna removes his swim shorts. She instantly buries his dick in her mouth, sucking it and getting it completely wet. She then lifts his dick up and lick his balls as she sucks on her fingers and starts to rub his taint. The sudden surge of sex and teasing in public makes Demetri hard like a rock. Jenna takes his dick out of her mouth, pushes him down, and climbs on top of him. At first, Jenna is squatting over Demetri’s dick, keeping her feet planted on the ground for leverage and balance as she bounces on him and grabs her tits. She begins to moan as Demetri grabs a hold of her hips and pulls her down onto him.

Jenna grinds her hips into Demetri’s pelvis as she rides him. She then leans over him, and begins riding at a different angle. A few more people have started watching the two go at it. One of the faces in the crowd is a cute, college-type of girl. Demetri looks at her and nods her over. He then pumps deeper into Jenna, causing her to uncontrollably moan as the crowd looks on. Demetri points to the backpack with his feet. The girl looks in the backpack and pulls out a small strapon. She puts it on.

The girl finds some lube in the backpack as well. She starts to kneel down behind Jenna as Demetri fucks her harder. Jenna can barely focus, and she starts biting Demetri’s shoulder. Her urge to cum is rapidly building. Suddenly, the girl enters Jenna from behind. The shock of something entering her ass, let alone who it is, causes her to shriek. hamile porno Everyone in the crowd of people now turn around. The girl and Demetri start to pump in and out of Jenna’s holes. She moans and whimpers, a mix of pain and pleasure.

Jenna’s pussy becomes so tight, it’s literally sucking on Demetri’s dick each time he retracts it. She’s creaming on his dick, covering his balls in her juices. Just then, her pussy starts to spasm and she moans loudly before collapsing on top of Demetri. The girl pulls out of Jenna and returns the toys to the back pack. Demetri hasn’t been satisfied yet. He stands Jenna up and grabs his backpack. Quickly, he puts a leash around her neck and walks her through the crowd and into the street. “You want to fuck at Fantasy Fest? Okay, I’ll give you a fuck you’ll never forget.”

Demetri grabs cuffs and ties Jenna’s hands together. He slips between her arms so she can’t escape. Then, he ties her ankles to his, forcing her to keep her legs spread as he does. Demetri sits down, placing Jenna in reverse cow girl. In the middle of the street, Demetri starts to fuck Jenna with everyone watching his dick pump in and out of her. A reporter in nothing but a skirt starts walking by. She aims the camera at the young couple, and puts the microphone close as Jenna moans. “Oh no, please–” but she keeps moaning.

A kinky chick in the crowd comes up to the two. She has in her hand a small toy. It turns out to be a powerful vibrator. She holds it against Jenna’s clit as Demetri continues to fuck her. Jenna begins to shriek, her moans replaced by high-pitch wails of pleasure, all while the cameraman keeps recording the two. Demetri can feel her vaginal walls push on his dick, and he pulls out. Jenna instantly squirts into the street. Barely unable to move, Jenna drunkenly gets up as Demetri props her up on her feet. He unties her hands and bends her over. The two fuck in doggy style for all to see.

Demetri quickly approaches orgasm. Jenna can feel his dick engorging with blood as it pumps in and out of her pussy. Demetri takes rest of the cuffs off of Jenna, turns her around, and lowers her to her knees. He begins to jack off and busts a nut all over Jenna’s breasts. He then grabs her head and makes her clean his dick off. After she does so, she simply sits there in a cum-induced daze. Everyone around the young couple starts cheering and hollering, thinking it was all a Fantasy Fest performance.

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