Fate, an unexpected ally (Chapter Two)


Chapter Two   Time ceased to be of any relevance and we eased into a languid rhythm of intense eroticism. I slid my hands under the hem of her negligee and I gasped with delight when my fingers encountered the ultra-thin straps of her thong. I just had to look. With the utmost excitement of a child opening a gift, I lifted the hem above her waist and the sight of her gossamer thin panties only just covering her vulva was almost too much to bear. As it was, I held my breath for more than a few seconds while I burned that image into my brain. When I at last drew in a slow deep breath, the scent of her musk flowed over my olfactory glands and my head swam drunkenly with unbridled, undeniable lust. Her hands covered mine when I hooked my fingers in the band of her thong and eased them down. She lifted her hips and then her legs so that I could remove the thong completely. The garment was heavy with her dew when I tossed it aside and it landed wetly on the coffee table. Without waiting for me, she sat up and pulled the negligee over her head and her perfectly shaped breasts, size 34B as I would eventually find out, jiggled briefly as they fell free. Her nipples were puffed up with her own lust and her hooded eyes, wide and unblinking, looked down at my state of overdress. Once again, she pushed me back and I held her stare as she relieved me of my boxers. She drew her breath in sharply at my tumescence istanbul travesti and even I was amazed at just how completely erect I was. Thick blue veins stood out in sharp relief as my penis throbbed in time with my heartbeat and my glans seemed to shine, indicating just how much blood had surged into my manhood. We gazed in wonder at the secrets we had revealed to each other, daring neither to move nor speak lest we break the magical spell that held us in that increasingly hedonistic state.    A sudden jolt of understanding passed wordlessly between us and we became one entity, encapsulated in a shimmering aura of pure energy. Nothing else existed for us as we melted into each other, our bodies fitting perfectly, as though by design. Her flesh was my flesh, my flesh was hers. Our senses were honed to a knifes-edge and we shared every vibration, every twitch and every emotion. To help you understand, dear reader, think of your most intense sexual experience and multiply it by infinity. The English language has absolutely no words to adequately describe the raw emotion between us. We had peeled away every paradigm surrounding the core of our souls. We existed only for each other and every movement, every look and every touch was calculated and executed to perfection.   When my sex encountered hers for the first time, it was like petrol meeting fire. The incredibly istanbul travestileri erotic explosion of utter pleasure was beyond mere intensity yet still we didn’t begin having intercourse. Her inner labia kissed my shaft, lubricated perfectly by her secretions and our slowly gyrating hips assisted in maintaining the integrity of our intimate contact. Her fingernails dug deeply into the soft tissue of my shoulders as she bit her lip against the wave of blissful sensation which threatened to consume us. Her eyes had rolled back and showed only white and primal grunt matched primal grunt as we held onto each other during that exquisite initial bonding. We continued to ravish each other with everything we had, leaving no part unexplored.   The prelude to sex began when she pushed my head down between her widely spread legs. Her clitoris protruded prominently and most invitingly indeed and thus, I was powerless to do nought but engulf her sex with my gaping mouth and pleasure her with my tongue. Her climax was immediate and powerful. She held me down by locking the fingers of both hands behind my head and then pumped her pelvis up and down throughout the orgasm. When she finally let me go, I came up gasping for air but pleased beyond measure. Using my arms, I eased my body up over hers until I felt my penis touch her vaginal opening. It would have been travesti easy to just thrust up and penetrate her quickly but we were in no rush. I let her take control at that point and she grinned wickedly even as she shivered and shook with the ecstasy of the actual penetration she was dictating with gradual downward thrusts of her hips. When her pubic bone thudded wetly into mine, we remained motionless to savour the moment and only began the beautiful dance of incestuous copulation when we could resist no more. I drew back when she did, to the point of almost complete withdrawal and then we thrust forward together, thus setting the tempo for that and future couplings. The steady movement seemed to delay the tempestuous climax for both of us. I guess it’s because we were both so completely aroused and relaxed at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. I felt my own climax begin to surface several times and stopped moving to let the pleasure subside, continuing only when I was sufficiently de-sensitised. Eventually it became impossible to deny and with a deep growl, I let the orgasm push my senses into overload. My sister’s fingers dug deeply into each buttock when I tried to withdraw from her before I ejaculated and so I sent spurt after powerful spurt of hot semen into her cervix. Afterward, we lay glued together by sweat and sexual effluvia, trembling and twitching in the afterglow of tumultuous sex. Our combined musk hung heavily in the close confines of my tiny lounge and it is a smell we enjoy creating together to this very day.   “Mark, if you as much as THINK about doing this with another woman, I will emasculate you!”   “You don’t have to worry Sis, I’m all yours.

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