Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 15


Martin lay on top of his new girlfriend Vicky and fucked her before he went out to work for her father. He came and she thrust back on to him. They collapsed onto the bed together in exhaustion and pleasure. Martin sensed that this was what a relationship was supposed to be. At the same time 200 miles away his father Richard erupted his huge cock all over Sally’s pretty face. As usual he covered her with layer after layer of thick cum as the contents of his huge balls were emptied over his son’s ex girlfriend. His son’s wife was 8 months pregnant with Richard’s child so Sally was seeing more action than normal.

Richard smiled at Sally’s cum covered face and wandered how his plan was working. He had sent an employee with a special package to his son’s house with instructions not to deliver it until his son had left the house. Martin finally got ready for work and left. Vicky also worked and was getting ready to go out when the bell rang and a small package was hand delivered to her.

She thought about leaving it to open in the evening as she was late but it had her name on it and urgent on the label. She opened it and it was a video tape which said “Play it now, watch it alone!” written on the label.

It sounded like blackmail to her but she had done nothing wrong. She pressed play. She blinked at the picture before her. A huge tanned pair of tits were enclosed around a wide looking cock and an absolutely huge pair of balls. Vicky had never seen a porn film but she thought that this was what she was watching. The girl was incredibly pretty with long dark wavy hair. She did not know that it was her boyfriend’s wife or that the huge cock which slowly slid out of her mouth to reveal some incredible monster of a thick shining cock belonged to her boyfriend’s father. The camera widened its angle and Vicky recognised the similarity in looks between her boyfriend and this man although she had to admit the man in the video was in much better shape, looked very strong and had a healthy tan which Martin didn’t. The man in the video had a slight smile as he said:

“I am ready to cum.”

He proceeded to wank his huge cock between two hands and as he closed his eyes he came into the pretty girl’s face. One long hard continuous jet of cum streamed out of this huge cock. Kim was covered but what brought the words “Oh my God” softly out of Vicky’s mouth as she watched were the shots which flew past the sexy brunette and splattered into the wall feet away. He seemed to stop and to lie on the bed holding his huge thing in his hands. Vicky’s eyes were transfixed on it wandering what would happen next. Surely it would start to shrivel and go soft as Martin’s did. Instead he released it and it started shooting cum and he was aiming it at Kim’s lips. As hard as before, it coated her face and glued her eyes shut. A minute later he turned to the camera and asked both Kim and the recipient of the video:

“Can poker oyna my son do that?”

Both girls answered in unison – just as Richard had planned.

He proceeded to fuck Kim on the tape for 20 minutes – seeing that huge cock at work was enthralling and exciting for Vicky. Just as she was thinking that she could never see anything hotter then Richard lifted the phone off the side table and it was clear he had called his son – her boyfriend.

This was the acid test for Vicky – would she feel indignant that her boyfriend was being humiliated or would she feel turned on. Richard said into the phone whilst looking at the camera and driving his schlong deep, deep into Kim:

“I’ve fucked every girlfriend you have ever had, they have all dumped you for me. Your wife is being fucked by my tool right now. Any girlfriend you ever have will chose my cock over yours.” He smiled into the camera and started shooting cum directly into the lens – lots of cum.

Richard would have been pleased to know that the rewind button on the video got a working over during the next few days. Martin noticed a change in Vicky’s behaviour, she suddenly seemed intolerant of any of his failings.

The first time Martin had sex with her after she saw the video was the first time she had to fake an orgasm with him – her mind was full of images of a 15 inch throbbing monster exploding the contents of 2 huge balls into her or over her. She resented the little 4 inch thing that he drove into her when his wife was getting the monster cock she had seen on the video.

Martin’s mother Marjorie fell ill again and was back in hospital. Richard called Martin to tell him he should come to visit her. Martin agreed but was determined that his new life would not meet his old one. He arranged to turn up to the hospital when he had been told that his father would not be there. Vicky went with him, assuming that she would meet Richard at the hospital. They sat chatting for 2 hours with Marjorie who lacked energy and looked to Vicky like a downtrodden old woman. The thought was with her throughout the meeting that Richard needed her firm strong legs around his huge cock and not this old woman. She felt guilty having these thoughts whilst talking with this sickly woman but was more concerned that Richard wouldn’t want her compared to Kim with her incredible looks and massive tanned tits.

Marjorie asked Martin to go and get her a drink and then turned to Vicky:

“I bet you were a lovely girl when he met you but I can see it in your eyes, the length of your skirt – you want him to fuck you, my husband. You want to feel the difference between him and lovely Martin. Well there is quite a difference but I can see in your eyes that you know that already somehow. I will make excuses for you, if you leave now you will meet him at the hospital entrance. He called to say he would come in after all, I think he wants to canlı poker oyna fuck you in front of him. Well no, go and meet him and fuck him but Martin is rebuilding his life and he does not need to know about this. Martin must not find out, not this time – I can’t stop it but I can protect him. Tell me what it feels like to have it stuffed up you because he sure as hell will not stick it in me again – now go and get what you have come for – you are just like the rest.”

Vicky said nothing, she left. Marj told Martin Vicky would be back in an hour and that she had left them alone together to catch up.

Sure enough Vicky only had to wait 5 minutes before he arrived. He was walking past her briskly when she said:

“I got your video.”

“You must be Vicky” he said with an unflustered smile.

“You have an enormous dick and I am guessing you want to fuck me with it. That seemed to be the message from the video.”

“Who would you prefer to be fucked by, me or my son?”

Richard surveyed her. Whilst Kim had looks and a body that defied belief, she was so hot and Sally was, if possible, more pretty and had legs to die for but was less curvy, Vicky was the girl next door – very good looking with a fit firm body but would not stop traffic like the other 2. She appeared to Richard to be perfect wife material for Martin – the sex would be fantastic and living with her would be great too. One problem, him. He wanted to convert her from the girl next door into a cock crazed babe who lived to cheat on Martin with his big cock.

“Since the video all I think about is how big it looks fucking her, how much cum it produces, how hard you cum. I can’t believe you are related, his small cock frustrates me but it never used to. I think that I just need one good fucking from your cock. There I have said it – happy?”

“Once, you are joking right. You are addicted to my cock and you haven’t even touched it. You think you will walk back into Martin’s life once I have filled that gap in your life – literally!”

Vicky knew he was right, she had become obsessed with thinking about it and now in the middle of a hospital she felt like grabbing his groin and shouting fuck me with it.

“Where do we go?”

Richard walked to an office and opened the door – no-one was in and there was a lot of clutter and a single desk in the room.

“So glad you liked my little home movie Vicky, now prepare to be fucked like you have never been fucked before.”

Richard fished his cock out, Vicky could see the thick outline of it growing in his trousers as he pulled it out and it sprung to attention.

“I enjoy fucking gorgeous young women with this big thing. My son has very good taste but I sense his tiny cock doesn’t do the trick. Keep seeing him and fucking me behind his back and I’ll service you wherever and whenever you need it” he said letting his huge rod surge through his internet casino hands towards her.

“Admit it Vicky, it looks even bigger than on the video I sent you. You have seen how I can use it. Touch it, tell me how long Martin’s is compared with mine.”

She touched it as it bobbed in front of her eyes.

“Fuck, it is freaky, his stops here” she said putting her fingers over 3 to 4 inches of his cock which didn’t even cover the head of this monster.

The next 10 minutes saw her fighting to take it down her throat. Ten out of 10 for effort but she needed lessons from Sally or Kim on how to tackle this tackle. Her hands worshipped the remainder of his hard rod whilst he eased her out of her shirt and bra and fed it between her tits.

She was giggling and laughing and insulting Martin whilst she roamed her lips over it. She said that she would happily never see his son again if she could have him instead – he had only met her 15 minutes ago!

He suddenly flipped her over the desk and pressed himself against her – in pushed the head of his giant cock. Vicky shuddered and groaned. God she was tight. Gradually he eased 8 inches into her and she clung to his cock and her body shuddered in multiple orgasms. For 10 minutes he continued to let her sample his cock, gently stuck deep in her – she looked down and saw about 5 inches of incredibly thick cock sticking out of her stretched opening:

“Oh God – ten inches are in me! It feels… ohhh”

Richard had her where he wanted and he withdrew 5 or 6 inches followed by a hard sharp thrust forward. She felt unbelievable, he was fucking her remorselessly and her boyfriend’s father was causing her body to react in a way she had never sampled before. He was in her core and her body was feeling an intense pleasure and a sort of slight pain created by being filled beyond belief. She knew that she lived for this feeling from now on.

Soon hot thick cum was spurting into her. Her legs felt weak, she didn’t know how much cum had been drilled and pumped into her but she knew it was a lot.

Soon his hard dick was sliding back between her lips, God Richard was enjoying having his equipment sucked by this girl – Martin’s girl. He pulled out his mobile and calmly conducted a 10 minute conversation with Martin whilst his dick was deep into his girlfriend’s head.

“Can you pass the phone to your mum?” Richard asked Martin.

“Sure, Vicky and I do not want to see you so we are going when she is back.”

“I can understand that son – new life and all that.”

The first jet of cum rocketed down Vicky’s throat as he said that and he heard Marjorie’s voice on the phone.

“Hi Marjorie, take this Vicky, listen Marj…”

Marj felt sick as she could hear him grunt and Vicky’s gasps of surprise and encouragement as she was coated.

Vicky grabbed the phone and said:

“It’s huge, it is mine now, I’ll take good care of it Marjorie don’t worry.”

She hung up and pressed the cock between her tits and swallowed the final contents of his balls with an evil grin on her face which Richard had seen from Sally and Kim before.

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