Fertility Clinic


He arrived on time for his appointment. The fertility clinic was in a large office building on the ground floor. In the waiting room, there were several women waiting to be seen by the team of doctors. Some were accompanied by their partners, others were waiting alone.

He was a single man taking a seat in the waiting room. It was clear to everyone why he was here. He was supposed to produce a sample by masturbating into a jar in the small room with the magazines and DVDs.

After a short wait, a stern looking nurse called him and directed him towards one of the exam rooms. She followed him inside and closed the door behind them. Without any introduction, she began to set out the rules.

“Your wife and you have gone through the assessment and tests. She has been prepped and all we need now is your contribution. That is why you are here today.”

She looked at him without any smile, letting her eyes wander up and down his body.

“The protocol has changed slightly. Because of some of the bad press and litigation, I will supervise your extraction personally.”

He looked at her with surprise. It had been his expectation that there would be privacy.

“This is the vile that need to be filled up to this line.”

She pointed at a faint blue line that was printed on the glass.

“Most men do not have any trouble achieving this but others struggle. I hope you have followed our instructions and have Bostancı Escort drunk enough water?” she asked.

He nodded.

“And no intercourse with your wife in the last week?” she continued.

He nodded again.

“Also no masturbation to the point of orgasm?” she concluded.

Again, he confirmed.

“Well, then we should be successful. Hopefully …,” she said.

She handed him a bottle of lube and sat back in her chair. The clipboard was placed on her lap. He was standing a few feet away from her and her eyes keenly observed him over the rim of her glasses.

“Please begin now. I will measure the volume of your sample after you have ejaculated,” she said. “Please take off your clothes and start stimulating yourself.”

He undid his belt and took off his pants. He also took off his underwear and placed both items on the chair.

“Is there any … material?” he asked.

“Pornography? No, we have found that this is unnecessary and leads to worse results. Please begin. I am waiting,” she explained.

His cock was completely flaccid. He started touching it gently to get himself aroused.

The nurse was watching him across the room, monitoring his effort skeptically.

“You penis is very small. I hope that won’t be a problem for us. Well, right now you can’t even get it up,” she said. And then continued under her breath: “Well, your wife has been having Ümraniye Escort issues with that, I am sure…”

He dribbled some lube on his cock and started stroking it. With every stroke away from his body, he pulled and massaged his shaft hoping that it would stimulate an erection. He circled his fingers on the tip of his cock, feeling the well experienced sensitivity but not the rush of blood that would produce a hardon. He played images of porn before his inner eye but all he could visualize was his nurse closely monitoring his level of arousal.

He continued for a few minutes, getting more and more desperate. And the more concerned he became, the more he became aware of the nurse’s watchful eyes. She was like a drill sergeant giving orders to a new platoon.

“Please take your hands away. Let me see what we are dealing with,” she said.

“Oh, my goodness. You are not even fully hard. Your penis is barely halfway there. Do you always have problems developing erections? How embarrassing for you.”

He ignored her question and now frantically pulled and stroked his cock. He used more and more lube, hoping that it would help. He was sweating.

“Your cock looks very unimpressive. Come on, we don’t have much time. Put in some effort!”

He settled into a fast rhythm, now feeling that his cock was responding a little bit. The nurse noticed his now firmer erection and raised her eyebrows Kartal Escort as if to say: “Is that all?”

He tucked, rubbed and pulled until he could feel his climax approaching. So did his supervisor and handed him the glass container. He was relieved when he came and ejaculated several ropes of semen into the jar.

She measured the volume and turned to him.

“I am sorry but you failed. You did not produce enough volume. So keep going. You need to add to it by ejaculating again.”

“But I am so sensitive now,” he complained.

“That does not matter. Just use more lube. And hurry up before you completely shrivel up.”

She leaned back in her seat, folded her arms and waited.

He now attacked his cock with even more effort. The tip of his penis was stinging in pain, his shaft felt raw despite the lube and he was desperately trying to get himself hard again.

“You can do better than that. Get it up for me. Don’t you dare fail me. Then we will have to start all over again.”

He stroked and abused his cock. Grinding his teeth and sweating profusely, he managed a soft erection. He directly stimulated his most sensitive spot despite the pain and suddenly felt himself coming again.

“Finally, you are not such a loser. Your cock is weak and disappointing but at least there is some production,” she stated.

He dribbled a few more drops of semen into the jar and then collapsed onto a chair. He was completely spent, his cock soft and raw.

“This is barely enough but I doubt you can get it up again and produce more today. Please get dressed. We will inform you tomorrow about the quality of your sample,” the nurse said and walked out of the room.

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