Fertility Moon


Fertility MoonIn a jungle far away in time and distance was a group of people who lived a simple life. They planted seeds by the moon and they planted seed in their women also by the moon. The priests had long ago determined the best time for c***dren to emerge from their mothers was in the fifth moon. During the seventh moon, fertility grass was harvested, one stalk in the number of fingers on two hands leaving other nine stalks to fertilize the grass that helped sustain them. This grass had fine yellow pollen that was collected by the young girls of the shared land. The naked girls were old enough to know about the Fertility Goddess. They had heard stories of the annual festival of the Fertility Goddess. Most of the information was what their older siblings who were not yet parents had told them. No one of not yet of age to carry a c***d within her body knew any more than that.As the bare-breasted girls collect the one in ten, they joked about the pollen and laughed when it yellowed the brown flesh of one or more of the girls. The chorus of “Oh…she’s The One!” would go up from the tens of girls cutting the grass stalks. The stalks were laid in a pile in the center of the village. The acolytes of the Fertility Priests would gather up the stalks and hold them in cool dark places until it was the tenth moon.On the second week of the month of the Fertility Moon a dozen girls who had 18 summers were selected to go into the Goddess House at the edge of the village. A dozen body covers made of the woven yarn from the Virgin Milkweed Flower were made for the potential Goddess females to wear on the night of the selection.. It was rumored the covers were made by past Fertility Goddesses in a forbidden village somewhere in the trees far from the village. The twelve Goddess Candidates were told to follow the priest who led them along the path to the House made just for this purpose. Their ordinary covers were taken from them as they entered and each pulled the lighter than air white covers over their bodies. Here they were trained in how the Chosen One would behave on the night of the Fertility Moon. They were taught to question nothing and to be ready for anything. Their training went as it always does with the young priests discussing the duties of the Chosen One as well as the responsibilities of those not chosen. Each candidate was inspected closely by the priests to be sure their virginity was intact. After that was done the priests taught the candidates how to use mussel shells to pluck the curled hair that sprouted on the mounds of the girls of such an age.The girls soon learned to use the tender help of others who were in their situation. When the yoni was completely bare, exposing the split in the center of the sacred mounds, the girls took time to oil those mounds with the oil from the crushed nutmeat of the Black Tree in the center of the forest which had provided this oil for longer than anyone could remember. They knew they were not to find pleasure in the application of this oil, so most hid the emotions that filled them when then oil was administered by the slender fingers of other candidates.At the home of the Fertility Priests and their acolytes an hour away from the village, the young men had spent months expelling their seed into a thick stone jar that was kept in a cool place under ground and covered with damp banana leaves. Each would squat over the open jar and use a pumping motion on his lingam when the evening came to cause the seed to spurt down into the jar. This ritual seed spilling would happen each evening before vespers when the acolytes who were soon to be fathers in the village, but not yet with a mate worked to expel their seed. A mate was forbidden for acolytes until it was decided which would be priests and which would be parents. Of them, one of twenty was chosen to train to be a priest. The Seed Jar was full several days before the Fertility klasbahis güvenilirmi Moon.Each resident of the Goddess House felt the rising energy that came as the village men collected dead trees and branches for the fire while the women of the village who were still lactating squeezed the white fluid from their breasts for the making of the sacred foods to be cooked and eaten by all the fertile parents of the village on the night of the Great Seeding during the Fertility Moon Night.The center of the village, had long ago been constructed as an earthen amphitheater around the Place Where The Goddess Lay and where the Fire of Purity was to burn.Time passes as it will and the young women in the Goddess House were nervous because word was this was The Night. The crying had to be done before the priests arrived. Such display was not acceptable. They did not really know why they were crying, except they had been told the Chosen One would undergo a series of tests of endurance as She were taken to where The One would be fertilized in some still unknown ceremony that filled some with dread and others with outright fear.Soon they heard a rhythmic pounding sound that became louder as the priests moved closer to the Goddess House. Two young priests entered the room carrying their Lingam staffs. These staffs were at head level with each young priest and in the shape of the male seeding member that all men had. The Girls who would be Goddess were told to lean along the back wall of the circular room and when the signal came they were reminded they must drop their sacred covers from their bodies to their feet.When that was finished the pounding on the path continued and four young priests walked into the Goddess House with a large stone jar which carried the sacred unguent. They knew something about the jar and its contents, but not how the contents would be used. At last a triumvirate of the three oldest priests entered the room. They stood in the center of the room near the rock jar and one of the young priests clapped his hands. Instantly every girl of 18 summers undid the one place that held their sacred gowns. All fell to the earth and the young women were naked for the first time in their lives in front of men they did not know. They had only ever been naked as c***dren with just four summers. After that they were always clothed.The man who spoke was the Head Fertility Priest. He spoke to the naked girls, “The time has come. This is the night of the Fertility Moon. One of you will be chosen as the Fertility Goddess. Those not chosen will stay in this room until tomorrow when the ceremony has ended. If you share what you see tonight you will be banned from the village. If your act of disobedience is carries enough negative energy to the village, that person or persons will be sold as slaves to the Painted People. The girls all cringed at the idea of that and pressed their palms against their bare breasts as a pledge to hold the secrets of the Goddess House to the day they were no longer part of the Earth. At a signal from the Head Fertility Priest two young priests went to the first girl in the arc of girls at the back of the house. The young woman was brought forth to the triumvirate of priests. Some time was spent lifting her breasts and letting them drop, followed by pulling on her nipples to see how they might engorge. When that was done the Head Priest spoke words not understood by any of the girls in the House. Instantly four young priests lifted the candidate up so that her legs were open to the Head Priest. He would inspect the Sacred Slit into which the Sacred Seed would be deposited and from which the Goddess c***d would spring forth nine moons later.After she was inspected the girl was put on the floor to stand on the arc of the wall opposite the untested candidates. The three head priests conferred about the candidate just inspected. klasbahis yeni giriş Then the signal was given for the next candidate to be brought forward for inspection. When all twelve girls were inspected, the three priests conferred again and said words to the young priests. Immediately those two brought forth the two candidates who were most representative of the features required in a Fertility Goddess. All the non-chosen immediately put their white gowns on their bodies.Again the breasts of each were examined followed by the raising of the women for the final look and test of the Sacred Slit. The triumvirate spoke the strange language to the young priests. They moved to the girl who was the taller of the two. She flushed but didn’t make any outward signal other than that as she was told she was to be the Fertility Goddess. The other girl ran back to the arc of women across the room.The chosen one had been given the name Meris by her parents long ago. She kept this as her name for when she was to be in the Village of Past Goddesses. Tonight she was The Fertility Goddess.A young priest was sent from the house to tell the village the Goddess had been chosen. The other young priests lay the Fertility Goddess on a platform no one had noticed before. The lid was pulled away from the mouth of the jar of seed. Meris lay there trembling a little as she wondered what would happen next. She found out soon enough. The cool seed liquid was spread over her entire body from hair down to toes. I went to within a thumb width of the Sacred Slit. Only the special seed in the ceremony in front of the village was to be within touch of the place where the baby was planted.Her long black hair was covered in the seed, young priests raking with their fingers to spread the seed into a full covering of her hair. The coated hair was swirled into the circle of life that represented the full belly that would be evident several moons away from this night. Her eyelids were covered with the sacred seed, but then wiped away so her lashes would not stick in a closed position. She was to see all that happened on this night.When that was done four young priests lifted the uncoated under side of her body onto their shoulders and and went to the path outside the door. One young priest ran ahead to yell “The Fertility Goddess Comes!” There were village people, chosen to impart the sacred pollen on the body of the Goddess. Each person along intervals of the path had been given a specific place to slap the pollen on the Goddess.Meris knew about this, but was still startled when the first Pollen Slapper brought the pollen stalk hard enough to sting onto her head, thus causing the head of the Goddess to be yellow except where her eyes were cleared for her to see everything. The person spoke loudly and said, “I fill you with Seed.” She was taken ten more steps when the next person slapped her left arm and breast. He too said, “I fill you with Seed.” This continued for a few more times. The fourth person looked down at the Goddess and was surprised to discover his sister Meris lying there. He slapped the pollen stalk so hard it stung, as had the others, onto the belly. He smiled at her as he said, “I fill you with Seed.”Meris could hear the crackling of the fire now and saw the naked people in pairs waiting her arrival. She realized then that the married ones of the village were there not just to witness the impregnation of the Fertility Goddess but also to use the magic of the night and of the Goddess for the husband to plant the male seed inside of the yoni of each husband’s wife.The drumming that had been leading the march of the priests who carried the Goddess had ended. She was placed on a platform in front of the village people.The Head Fertility Priest spoke words to a young priest who translated the words into happy news of Fertility once again for the village. Meris looked klasbahis giriş out and saw the faces of all the people in the village. She knew them all and they looked at her in awe.The Head Fertility Priest Clapped his hands three times. From the shadows emerged the first of the Chosen Men who would implant his seed deep inside the yoni of the Fertility Goddess. The first man walked to his own drumbeat in a rhythmic march with no drums to lead his steps. His lingam was hard and glistened with the juices from the yoni of the most fertile of the women of the village. He walked up to the Goddess and addressed her in a voice loud enough for all to hear. “I am here to open your sacred receptacle where I will plant my seed. He marched forward. “Goddess, I fill you with seed.” Meris could see his face more than she could see his lingam. She felt it though when the hard member pierced her virgin yoni. He did not place his hands on her body, but rested them on the platform as he pushed himself inside the wetness of the Goddess. He made ten long strokes into the Woman who ensured the fertility of the village. His seed shot into her tight cavity with much force. He had not sexed another woman for over a month in preparation for this night.When he pulled away, his member was no long as proud as it had been. He walked to a dark place out of reach of the brightness of the fire. The next man emerged then. His lingam was much longer than that of the first, but more slim. His breasts shook as he made his heavy steps toward the Goddess. He addressed the Goddess and said, Goddess, I fill you with seed. His slender lingam more easily penetrated into the Sacred Receptacle and indeed pierced to the very deepest part of her yoni. He gave the Goddess perhaps fifteen strokes before his ejaculation filled her. He walked into the shadows. Meris noticed now that a man was standing next to her. She didn’t dare look at him.The last of the Chosen Men emerged from the shadows. Meris could see that his lingam was as thick as her wrist. She shuddered a bit then listened as the man said, Goddess, I fill you with seed. I have the key that opens you up for easier c***dbirth. With that he directed his thick member to the dripping Sacred Slit. She felt pain when it pushed into her, but she had the benefit of the seed spilled earlier to facilitate its passage into her yoni.When he had seeded the Goddess, he too pulled back and walked into the shadows. The man bent down over the Goddess. It was her brother again. He said quietly, “Goddess, the people of the village are here to make the c***dren who will come in nine months with your c***d. They are hoping to catch your eye as the men slide their lingam into the yoni of the wife with them. I am here to give you pleasure you might not have had with your experiences with the three Chosen Men.” With that her brother moved his hand to the yoni of his sister and with his fingers he manipulated the tender flesh there to cause his sister to have her pleasure without which no happy c***d could be born. She found the pleasure he offered more than ten times as she watched the men and women of the village working to implant the seed into the eggs that would bring the crop of c***dren who would be there when her c***d arrived. When the village fertilization had finally finished, the women of the village lined up on the path that lead to the platform on which the Fertility Goddess lay. Her brother told her then, “The women of the village will come forward, thank you and then place a finger inside your yoni to take some of the sacred seed to smear on the front doors of their homes. Meris smiled at each woman who walked naked toward her. She shared something with them in knowledge as they took from her something they considered sacred.When the last woman had taken the sacred fluid for bringing fertility and luck to the homes, the Fertility Goddess was carried by the four young priests back the mile or more to the Village of the Priests where she stayed for the nine months. The young priests applied unguents to the body of the Goddess. She remained naked for the entire nine months. At that time she gave birth to a healthy girl with black hair.This concludes this story.

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