Figuring It All Out

2 Cocks

I had just graduated college, not a week or so ago, and was alone in my apartment, getting ready to move on with my life – move to a big city, get a job, etc. But something wasn’t just quite right. Here I am alone. In my apartment. Now’s my chance. You see, I had been having no luck with girls my college career, so my only option was porn. And lots of it. I constantly masturbated to relieve that stress. The interesting thing was the fact that what really set me off was watching gay porn. There’s just something about the intimate connection between two guys who actually look like they want each other, rather than some random chick who looks bored to death from getting fucked. I knew about an app that helped find local guys around you and decided to try that. It istanbul escort was Memorial Day weekend and I knew the selection would have to be few with everyone gone. But I got lucky, I started to message this guy, maybe 25 and only a few miles away. He too had had just finished school, a master’s program, and had a job. We talked for what seemed like hours and I knew this was my chance but it was getting late on that Sunday evening. Luckily, the guy invited me over on Monday to his pool. I quickly accepted, logged off the app and probably had one of the best masturbating sessions that knowing thinking about what was to come. ***** The next day I got his address and went over to his house. It was a nice secluded house with istanbul escort bayan neighbors a few miles on each side. I arrived and he greeted me at the door. As I was getting out of my car, I was impressed. He was standing there about 5″9′, dirty blonde hair, and a decent body. It wasn’t toned, but it wasn’t fat – it was just right. He invited me around to his back yard to his pool. He could tell I was nervous. “This your first time?” he said. I answered and he chuckled and told me that it was cool. He made me a drink and we took our shirts off to lay out in the sun. We laid there for a few hours and even went swimming for a bit. It was getting closer to dinner time and he invited me inside to some dinner he had left Escort istanbul over from the previous night. We ate pretty fast, probably because we knew what we both wanted. As I was helping him clean the dishes off in the sink, he came from behind and put his hands on my shoulder. I stopped cleaning, and he turned me around. He went in for a kiss and I quickly returned the favor. Our mouths opening and tongues colliding as I got more comfortable. I knew instantly I wanted his body, but he knew they I had to take it slow. I moved my head to his ear and nibbled on his lobe moving down his neck kissing him softly. My hands where everywhere on his body, moving from his torso to his back to his sweet round ass.In an almost choreographed movement, we both took each others shirts off, throwing them on the kitchen floor. He stopped, pulled away and took my hand pulling me towards his bedroom. We entered his room and we stopped again at the foot of his bed. We took each other in our arms and started to kiss again. It was passionate, and it was something I knew I wanted.

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