Filling the Donut Hole


At 11:50 PM on a Wednesday night, Jenna emerged from the movie theater. The film was part of a Valentine’s series. The feature was a sultry French romance that left her horny and longing. Pulling her heavy coat tighter around her shoulders, Jenna resigned herself to being unable to do anything about it. Heading to her car, she felt a strong case of the munchies. Rather than practicing self-discipline, she figured she’d at least be able to satisfy this hunger. A quick web search revealed that Temptation Bakery was less than a mile away. Perfect. What is more enticing and decadent, than a couple of sugar-laden pastries before bed.

Temptation was a relatively new boutique bakery and coffee shop that was open 24/7. It had a growing following for its unique and delicious specialty doughnuts.

On the stormy February night, the shop was near empty. Jenna waited in line for the other two customers to order. She pondered the exotic selections. Then, her eyes wandered and she pondered the well built baker who was working the counter. “Jake” was emblazoned in black script on his apron. The store was warm with a comforting aroma of fresh baked dough. Jenna removed her coat and shook her hair loose.

When it was her turn, he gave her a warm smile and asked how her evening was going.

Jenna returned the welcoming smile with a radiant one of her own. She coquettishly replied, “It’s been good and will be even better once I satisfy my desire to get something warm inside me.”

The powder-dusted hulk joined the word play, “Then you’ve come to the right place. We take pride in our warm and creamy stuffing.” His eyes twinkled and scanned Jenna’s body.

The flirtatious desire in his deep green eyes whetted her appetite. She toyed with the purple bra strap revealed by her off-the-shoulder sweater. With an admiring and obvious tour of his muscled body, Jenna swept her hair behind her ear and asked, “So, Jake, what do you recommend as the house special for a ravenous girl?”

He glanced nikki bella says i do izle out the large glass window and saw the snowy street was devoid of people. It was unlikely there’d be many more customers tonight. Holding her gaze, Jake said, “I find the best treats are the ones that are hot and moist when they pop fresh from the oven. Would you like to come back to the kitchen to examine the merchandise?”

Getting seriously aroused, Jenna stood straighter to subtly push her chest forward and licked her lips salaciously. She extended her hand, “My name’s Jenna. I’d love a private tour to see what you have that is sweet and filling.”

He held her hand between both of his. It sent a thrill through her body. “Nice to meet you, Jenna. I think I’ve got just the treat that that will satisfy your hunger.” Releasing her hand, Jake pulled the apron off. He turned and shouted to a short baker sitting in an office with his feet propped on a table. “Carlos, I’m taking a break out back. Keep an eye on the counter.”

Carlos saw there was no one there save for the attractive redhead standing close to Jake. His eyes widened and he gave a jealous nod.

Jenna blushed at the lecherous thoughts she was certain were crossing Carlos’ mind. However, she was too excited by the prospect of satisfying her carnal needs to let it deter her.

Jake touched her arm to guide her toward the back. As Jenna crossed in front of him, her hand ‘inadvertently’ brushed his pants. Stepping through swinging doors, the embracing cocoon of fresh baking was even stronger. The scent relaxed her inhibitions.

He dimmed the harsh industrial lights and his strong hand in the small of Jenna’s back led her toward a large steel rack. Jake selected a filled donut and said, “This has my favorite cream filling.”

Taking a bite from the pastry, the still warm cream oozed into her mouth. The taste was divine. As divine as his flour dusted hand that moved down Jenna’s nolly izle behind and gave a squeeze through her skirt.

“There’s some cream on your chin.” Before Jenna could wipe it, Jake pulled her closer and licked it off with his tongue. The quickness of the gesture and his eager touch triggered an involuntary sizzle in her loins. She stared deeply into his want-filled eyes. Jenna tilted her head and gave him a passionate kiss.

Amidst a wave of roving kisses, the couple wrestled and pawed with an unexpected urgency. His shirt and her blouse were tugged and loosened. Heat rose. Eyes rolled. Moans emerged in response to pleasure and as encouraging communication. She was engulfed in his intoxicating vigor.

Jake’s large hands lifted Jenna onto the thick work counter. As they continued to hug tightly, Jenna’s excited breasts pressed against his firm chest. The baker placed a rich strawberry-filled donut in his mouth. Leaning forward, Jenna sunk her teeth into the delight and squeezed the gooey sweetness onto her tongue. They messily devoured the sugary pastry, then lapped at each other’s faces. Simultaneously, their hands roamed the contours of their squirming bodies and stimulated their flesh.

Jake apologized for the sugar that had dropped onto her taut bra. He gently dusted it off and then more firmly groped her tits. Jenna greedily pressed them into his palms and released the clasp. Both her blouse and bra slid from her shoulders. Once free, she moved her ass closer to the edge of the table while he pulled his shirt from his body.

Pushing her skirt up her thighs, Jake thrust his hips forward and ground against her underwear. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Jenna humped her hips in time with his movements. The glorious pressure heightened her electric excitement and moistened her lingerie. Between panting breaths, Jake lifted her easily and removed her underwear. His hands moved back up the inside of her thighs. In an increasingly dream-like fog, Jenna normal people izle untied his white baker’s pants and they dropped to the floor.

He didn’t wear any underwear so his engorged tool sprang forth like a divining rod. Eager for consummation, Jenna grabbed it and lay back on the wood table pulling him forward.

Jake rolled up and on top of her. His penis skimmed along the outside of her slick slit. Jenna spread her legs wide in invitation. He teased her with his tip massaging her fiery clit. His flashing tongue manipulated Jenna’s erect nipples adding to her sensory overload.

Gasping with desire, Jenna pleaded, “I can’t wait any longer. Please, please enter me now.”

He didn’t hesitate and obliged with a deliberate, slow push that filled her and lifted Jenna from the table. When he pulled back, she momentarily settled again. Foreplay was over and she involuntarily clutched him as if to merge their bodies. He entered again with greater force and pressed even deeper. Jenna’s breath was fast and erratic. Her vagina enveloped his girth. Jake’s perfectly placed weight on her clitoris was eye-rollingly ecstatic. She pressed upward to wring every possible delight from his onslaught. In rhythmic unison, they squirmed to maximize the fleshy contact.

Jake pumped. Jenna pressed. Her flowing juice lubricated his accelerating lunges. Eyes shut, her hair flailed in abandon. Blissfully lost in lust, Jenna was reduced to a mass of overloaded nerve endings.

She felt it coming and bit her lip while her face tightened in an anticipatory grin. As she peaked and exploded, waves of heat rippled Jenna’s nerves and flesh. They were as joined as two people could be. Yet, they were each lost in their own physical and mental rapture. Jake continued to seesaw in and out and the increasing speed and energy lengthened Jenna’s bursting orgasm. His body stiffened and their fluids conjoined in climax. Jenna sensed he had penetrated her further than any other man.

Amid the pungent air and cooking utensils, they collapsed in the ideal culmination of intimate congress. A private post-coital reverie blanketed them for long minutes.

When Jake withdrew, Jenna was messy, slightly embarrassed, completely happy and fully satiated. It was the best cream filling she’d ever experienced.

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