You and I have been chatting online for months now and have been dying to hook up in person. The talking has been so hot and erotic that both of us have been so turned on, the anticipation has been building up and we are dying to meet in person.

I slip into the bathroom of my office before I leave to freshen up, I remove my black lace thong and tuck it in my purse and I smooth down my skirt and adjust my blouse, opening up an extra button to accentuate my ample cleavage. I spray some heady perfume all over and fluff out my hair and redo my pink lipstick and head out front to meet you.

I see the car immediately and I walk towards it, as I am walking my tits are bouncing and my nipples are getting harder and harder the closer I get to you. I go to the driver’s side and you have rolled down the window and I lean in and we kiss passionately. As I lean forward to kiss you, you look down my blouse and groan, you can see my pink lace bra and see how it pushes my tits up so they are overflowing out of the bra. You run your finger over my hard nipple and I close my eyes and let out a low growl…I have been waiting for you to touch me for so long that I lean into your hands so my whole tit is in your warm hands.

I quickly stand up and come around to the passenger side and get in the car, as I slide into the seat my skirt rides up slightly and you get a good look at my creamy thighs, you put your hand on my thigh and slide it up the hem of the skirt until you feel the wetness between my legs. I slide forward and spread my legs so you can fully feel how wet you have made me.

I not dead yet izle lean back in the seat and let you caress my pussy, I have been starved for your touch and your fingers feel so good inside me. I reach over and touch the bulge in your pants, you moan and I start to rub your already hard cock. I pull down your zipper and reach inside and feel your hot cock in my hands. I lean over and kiss the tip of your cock, sliding my tongue all over the head, you harden in my mouth and wrap your fingers in my hair and pull my mouth closer to your body.

I sit up and wipe my mouth and tell you that we need to go someplace more private so we can taste each other the way we have been dying to. You drive to the closest motel that you can and run in and pay for a room. You come back to the car and take my hand and squeeze it and give me a look like you want to devour me!!

You practically drag me to the room and you throw open the door, you grab me and pull me close to your body and start to kiss me so deeply that I am breathless. I wrap my arms around your neck and I kiss you back with as much passion as you have shown me. You push me farther into the room while still kissing me and your close the door with your leg.

You push me backwards until I am in front of the bed and you pull up my skirt so it is above my ass and my shaved pussy is fully visible. You sit me down on the bed and kneel between my legs which you have spread wide so my glistening pink lips and completely exposed. I lie back on the bed surrendering myself to your expert touch. obi wan kenobi izle You spread the lips and run your tongue along my entire pussy, your hot wet tongue feels so good on my pussy and I begin to moan immediately you stop at my swollen clit and circle it with the tip of your tongue, you slide two fingers inside me with ease and start finger fucking me. I bring my legs up and spread them as far as I can so every inch of my pussy is exposed for you. You lap at my pussy while your fingers warm me up for your cock. You increase the sucking of my clit and the movement of your fingers and I cum screaming loudly as each spasm rocks my entire body.

I crawl up to the pillows and lie on them exhausted but I know the fun has only just begun…you remove your clothes and crawl up onto the bed beside me. You start to kiss me again and I can taste the sweet juice of my pussy on your tongue and I can’t get enough. You undo the buttons of my blouse and throw it onto the floor. You start to pinch my nipples through the lacy fabric and you can see my nipples become hard with each flick of your finger. You lift each breast up and release it from the fabric so my fabulous breasts are exposed, you bend down and start to suck on them, biting then sucking then until I am squirming.

I roll you onto your back and straddle your hips, you can feel the heat coming off my pussy the minute I sit on you and your cock jumps every time our skin touches…it is driving you wild. You want to grab my hips and slide me onto your throbbing cock so bad you can taste it…I ölüm zamanı izle want to drive you crazy a while longer!!

I run my fingernails through your chest hair, flicking each nipple as I pass it, your nipples come to life just as mine had for you and I lean forward and start to lick each nipple tenderly, then I bit them and you moan, your hands on my hips trying to guide your cock into my wetness. I continue to play with your nipples and start to kiss my way down to your cock.

I start to nibble at the head and you somehow grow even more in my mouth. I start to stroke the shaft and squeeze a little harder each time I get to the base, I slide my hands underneath and take your balls into my hands and take the full length of your cock into my mouth. I tighten my mouth around your cock and start to suck faster and faster.

You grab my shoulders and guide me up and I straddle you again only this time you make sure you get what you want and you guide your rock hard cock deep into my waiting pussy. I sit up and put all my weight down on you and start to rock my hips slowly at first and then faster and faster. I have my hands on your chest and am rubbing your nipples through the mass of chest hair. You reach up and put your hands on my bouncing breasts and start to massage them as I ride your cock.

My head is thrown back and my orgasm is so close, I look down at you and can see that you are close too. I reach down and put my fingers on y swollen clit and start to rub in time to my gyrating hips. I spread my hips as wide as I can and ride you harder and harder, you move your hips to meet each thrust of mine and cum harder than I have ever cum in my life. You cum seconds later and shoot your hot cum deep into me filling me up pleasantly.

You gently roll me off of you and pull me close and nuzzle my ear…we fall asleep still attached oblivious to the outside world…

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