Finally Happens Ch. 02


I would highly suggest reading Part One before this as it introduces that characters…but if you’re like me you probably just want to skip to the good stuff 😉 Happy reading.


His eyes pierced my thoughts. I could feel him inside me still. I was ever aware of the feelings in my body. Every time his image flashed in my mind a tingle went through my body. I had been on the brink of orgasm for days now with no relief. I didn’t want to waste it, I wanted to cum with his cock buried deep inside me.

The phone rang outside my office and my secretary popped her head in the door, ‘it’s Peyton on line three.’

‘Thanks Evelyn, could you close the door for me please.’

With the door closed I picked up the phone and he spoke before I could say a word. ‘How are you feeling Anna? And I want details.’

He knew what this was doing to me and he loved it, we both loved it. ‘I’m feeling good Peyton. You know I am. I can’t wait for you to get back into town baby. I want to be with you again, my body is begging for you.’

My hand found its way to my breasts as he whispered through the phone. My nipples were hard and sensitive to the touch. I knew that any attention that my body received would bring me to orgasmic bliss so I stopped myself.

His voice was echoing through my head, telling me all the ways he wanted to ravage me body the next time he saw me.

‘Peyton baby, I’m so wet right now, my cunt is throbbing for release and you’re the only one who can do it for me. When are you coming back?’

‘Tonight actually, that’s why I’m calling. The seminar ended early and I wanted to see you. I just hope you didn’t have any plans.’

‘Consider them cancelled. So what have you got up your sleeve?’

‘That, Anna, is a surprise but I want you to be dressed for a night on the town.’

We finalized out plans and being that I was far too excited I left work early to get ready for my evening. The anticipation was almost too much: I could feel my pussy getting wet with every though and it took all the will power in me not to touch my aching clit.

At 8 o’clock I was ready. My long blonde hair was up and my make-up was perfect. I decided to wear my short black cocktail dress: it hugged my beautiful curves. I had taken care to trim my soft pussy hairs, the soft folds of skin made me even more excited. I wore my black lace panties with a matching garter belt and silky black stockings that rested on my thighs.

I felt like a ball of sexual energy. I looked in the mirror aware of every curve of my body and making sure I looked perfect for him. The doorbell rang and I ran to greet my lover.

He was dressed in my favourite suit: navy jacket with tan pants, a royal blue shirt and tie. He came inside and placed a deep kiss on my lips. He massaged my tongue with his. His hands lowered from my shoulders, down my back and up again.

I moaned deep in my throat and he broke the kiss. Winking he smiled and said, ‘we can’t have you cumming before we even go out. I’ve got plans for you.’

I would have fucked him all night in the front hall if only he would have wanted to. I was under his spell and he knew it. He knew I would do whatever he asked of me. I trusted him like nobody else.

I took my coat and left the house with him. The night air was cold on my legs and it felt good. Sitting in his car I was silent, just thinking about the night to come and the release I would soon have. My hand moved to his thigh and caressed it. My mind raced with thoughts of our last time together and all the things I hadn’t thought to do then that I was going to do tonight. But I put those thoughts taksim grup yapan escort aside for the time being. He pulled in to the parking lot and we walked to the restaurant he had decided on. We sat in the corner booth of the full restaurant; he sat close to me and kissed the base of my neck, and inhaled deeply: I wore his favourite scent. He whispered into my ear, ‘you look incredible tonight, but tell me about what I can’t see.’

I blushed and looked away laughing softly. He turned my head back and looked into my eyes. Something came over me, I was so hot for him: I needed him. ‘I’d rather show you.’ I kissed his lips and got up from the table. I walked into the washroom, pulled off my panties and put them in my purse. I straightened my dress back over my hips and smiled at my reflection.

Our drinks were on the table when I returned and Peyton was giving the waiter his order. Sitting back down in the booth I moved in close to him and opened my purse. Just as he asked what I wanted for dinner I placed my lace panties in his hand. He just stared at me with a grin on his face. I simply smiled, gave the waiter my order and turned to Peyton. He kissed me and smiled at me again. ‘Now that I like! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got under that dress.’

He slid his hand up my thigh and under my dress, stopping at the top pf my stocking for a moment and continuing up to my pussy lips. I spread my thighs to give him better access. I had no idea if he was planning to make me cum in the middle of this expensive and busy restaurant but I was so ready for it that I wasn’t sure I cared where I was.

He ran his finger up and down my pussy lips: teasing me. I began to breathe heavily when he pushed his fingers past my lips and to my silky folds. Grinning, because now he knew how wet I’d been since he left, just waiting to see him again.

Our food came and we ate quickly. When we were finished he asked, ‘ready for dessert?’ I nodded slowly, looking at his incredible body. I couldn’t wait to get that suit off him so I could have him inside of me again.

We paid the bill and got back into the car. While he drove to his apartment I started to rub the growing bulge in his pants. He groaned as I unzipped his pants and removed his cock from its confinement. I leaned down and took him in my mouth: bobbing my head up and down on his hard-on. He stopped me as he parked the car, put himself away and we walked to the door.

When the door shut behind us I was on my knees in front of him. ‘I’ve been looking forward to this.’ Taking his cock into my mouth again I looked up into his eyes. I pushed his cock back into my throat until my lips were wrapped around the base.

Looking up at him again I moaned while I took his cock from my mouth, my hands caressing his shaft. My mouth went to his balls; I took one into my mouth and gently sucked on it while my hand stroked him. My tongue flicked his sensitive flesh as he moaned.

He breathing quickened while I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock. Bobbing my head on his cock I moaned. I took his cock deep and slowly sucked and lightly skimmed my teeth along his shaft and over his swollen head.

‘I love your cock Peyton. I want you to cum for me baby.’

‘Just keep going Anna, it won’t be long now.’

I took him back into my wet mouth and went full tilt until he shot deep into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and moaned with appreciation.

His cock was still hard when it popped out of my mouth. Smiling up at him I turned and slowly crawled on hands and knees into the living room. He followed me, walking taksim masöz escort slowly. My dress had risen while I was sucking his cock so he was watching my bare ass and exposed cunt moving from side to side as I moved to a waiting chair.

He turned on the stereo and sat across from me; his shirt and jacket beside him on the couch, his pants were still at the door. I got up and unzipped my black dress and slowly pushed it down my body to the rhythm of the music. Over my 36c breasts, tight flat belly and down past my wet pussy. I pushed it down my legs and kicked it toward him.

I was dancing for him in a black garter belt, silk stockings and heels and he loved it. He motioned for me to come closer and he said, ‘I want to watch you come. Go sit down over there so I can watch you.’

With a devilish grin on my face I walked backward and sat back on the chair. My hands started to move over my body. The silky skin was warm to the touch. My nipples were hard and sensitive to the cool air of the room. My hand quickly moved to my aching mound, teasing my already wet and pouting lips.

My fingers moved in circles around my sensitive nub. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum but I wanted Peyton to have a good show so I tried to hold off as long as possible. I teased my little nub for what seemed like a lifetime, all the while looking across the room at Peyton. He sat there watching me, slowly stroking his hard cock. I couldn’t take it any longer; I had to cum for him.

My moans became louder and my breathing erratic. He sat there calmly watching my fingers dance over my clit and my hips thrusting against an invisible cock until I came hard. My pussy was still aching for Peyton’s cock.

‘Come here Anna.’ I stood up. ‘No Anna, I want to see you crawl to me.’ I got down on my knees and crawled to him. He got up and walked into the dining room and sat down. I started to take his cock in my mouth again but he stopped me. He stood up and lifted me on to the table; his cock was instantly inside me as he laid me down on the cool wood.

He stood before me, ramming his cock into my hot pussy. I moaned loudly with each thrust as he fucked me on the kitchen table. He stopped and went into the kitchen while I groaned for more. He returned with a bottle of crème de menthe and removed the cap. He slowly poured the liquid on my smooth skin, it formed small pools on the base of my neck, belly and above my hot mound. When he put the bottle down his lips quickly found my now minty skin.

He licked slowly down my body, making sure he got every drop off me. As his tongue and mouth moved down my body I felt chills form in the lines he travelled. From the base of my neck to my breasts, across to each nipple and down again. Sipping the sweet alcohol from my body as if I were fine crystal.

I moaned gratefully when he reached my pussy. His tongue lapped at my wet cunt, pushing tingles up my spine and through my body. My head thrown back in an impending orgasm; instead he stopped when I was almost there.

‘Not yet Anna, not yet.’

I groaned in disapproval but I knew it would only be better the longer I waited. When my breathing finally started to slow he smiled down at me and leaned in to suck on my hard nipples again. It felt so good that I wanted to cum again but I stopped myself: I needed to wait until he wanted me to cum.

I looked up at his tall, lean body as I lay on the table. His hard cock stood waiting for more attention. I wanted it in me again, to feel its thickness in my tight cunt. I wanted to cum with him inside me so he could feel my hot wet pussy walls close tighter taksim otele gelen escort around him.

He spoke softly to me, ‘are you ready for your surprise Anna?’ All I could do was nod; the thoughts going through my brain were leaving my speechless. With a sly grin he continued, ‘close your eyes then cutie.’ I closed my eyes and moments later I had a blindfold over my eyes and a mouth next to my ear whispering that I couldn’t peek and asking if I was ready. Nodding again, Peyton took my wrist and put something around it, minutes later my other wrist and both ankles had straps on them. It felt like nylon rope or thin leather straps that now held my ankles to the table legs. The ones around my wrists were pulled above my head and attached to a leg on the other end of the table.

I was bound and blindfolded, lying on a cold table wanting Peyton to touch me. And then I felt it, a wonderful soft tickle of attention on my left nipple. It traced a path over my body sending an electricity through me, I lay as still as I could while he moved the feather over my milky white skin.

He whispered again, his voice forceful, ‘do you want it Anna? Do you want it baby? Tell me how much you want it.’

It took everything in me to regain my voice, but when it did come back it felt like it would never go away again. I could feel him smiling as he kissed my body. The words came over me in waves as I told him what I wanted him to do with me.

‘Oh Peyton I want you, I want you inside me. Fuck my tight cunt. I want you to fuck it so hard. I want you to make me cum so I can squeeze your cock so tight. Make me cum Peyton.’ With that he removed the blindfold and moved around the table. I was watching his hard cock and telling him all the things I wanted him to do. His cock was slowly pushing into my pussy and it took my breath away. With every slow thrust I begged for more, I wanted to feel the tip of his cock at the back of my cunt.

Every request was met with a deeper thrust of his cock; I was losing myself in the pleasure of it. I was resisting the urge to cum. I was trying to meet each thrust but my restraints made it difficult to move.

‘This feels so good Peyton. I wanna cum for you. Make me cum Peyton.’

He just smiled and pushed into my wanton sex again and again. ‘Don’t cum yet baby. You gotta wait for it. It’ll be so much better if you wait.’

‘Mmmm, whatever you say Peyton. I’ll do whatever you want baby. I trust you Pey, do what you want. I want you in control.’ I moaned.

He was fucking me harder now, trying to push me to an orgasm just to make me stop it, to make me wait. I lay strapped to that table for hours while he fucked me, the tip of his cock hitting my cervix felt so good. I was so close to cumming so many times but I couldn’t do it. I kept trying to move my hips up to get him in further but I still could barely move.

I could feel another orgasm building in me when Peyton groaned, ‘cum for me Anna. I know you want to baby. Cum for me.’ This time my orgasm continued to build and build. I wasn’t even cumming yet and I wanted to scream because it felt so good. Peyton shifted and suddenly he was hitting my g-spot full force. I was stifling screams and trying to bring myself off faster. I squeezed my pussy around Peyton’s hard, thick cock and I was cumming; purrring loudly as gushes of liquid came pouring from me in an exhausting orgasm. And then Peyton was cumming too: emptying himself into me. I decided then how I would thank him for my surprise as he untied me from the table and helped me to bed.

The next morning I woke up beside him. Smiling at his sleeping face I moved down under the covers. Kissing down his incredible body until I could smell the intoxicating scent of our bodies together. I took his soft member into my hand and began to lightly flick the top with my tongue. I heard small sleepy groans and moans but no sign that he was waking yet. I took him into my mouth and felt him grow hard as he started to wake up…

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