Subject: Finding Life – 2 Thanks for reading my stories. Please send comments and questions ail. These are a collection of real life events. Names and locations have been changed to protect individual identities of those involved. Remember that Nifty needs our support to continue to offer stories like these for free. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks, Levi! Finding Life Chapter 2 Alex’s massage table I stand outside a second story apartment building, looking at the eclectic decorations: a stone Buddha, a moon wind chime and a metal poster sign of Annette Funicello cartoon saying “This is where the boys are!”. It is just turning 9:00 PM, my scheduled time, I knock on the apartment door. “Just a minute!” I hear a male voice on the other side of the door say. The door opens shortly and Alex is standing there is an Army t-shirt and jean shorts. Alex is 5’10” tall, he has dark chocolate brown hair that is thinning on top where he keeps it short and spiky. He has lightly tanned skin and a wide smile that off-sets his bright green eyes. He has a medium frame and tries to stay pretty healthy. “Right on time!” He greets me, “Come on in.” With a gesture he leads me in to his apartment. I head towards the bedroom he uses for his massages. I have been coming to Alex for deep tissue massages for every four or five weeks now for almost a year and a half. I looked him up online, trying to find a male provider that did in home studio work and preferably gay. Alex hit all of those check boxes. On top of that he is very discreet and flexible hours – all a bonus for me. He was the first male massage therapist I had ever had. The first time I saw him, I was nervous and it was evident. I got to his then rented room as his friends house. I got undressed and face down on the table. Alex did his best to get me to relax some as he went through his “clinical” massage and stretching routine for a first timer. By the time I flipped over, I was not hardly relaxed enough to even have more than a semi-hard on – not that I was not turned on, more that I was too anxious. Alex finished my massage without anything that was towards the sensual realm other than not using any draping. I reflected on that first time as I got undressed. I pulled my t-shirt off as I was toeing off my shoes. I slide my shoes under the chair in the corner and placed my folded shirt on the seat. I pulled down the waist of my athletic shorts, tossing them on top of the shirt. I am left standing in my trunk style underwear that I use when I work out. Alex comes in as I stand in my tight skivvies. He glances over at me. I stand about 5’7″, dark brown hair is cut short with a part on my head, my warm brown eyes are twinkling in the low light. I have light scattering of body hair, trimmed patch of pubes currently covered by the trunks and a smooth ass hole. With a smile I pull off the trunks freeing my soft cock, place them with the rest of my clothes and hop on the table. I hear Alex pull his shirt off and unbutton his jean shorts. I guess from previous visits that he is wearing some tight boxer briefs, constraining his long and thick cock. I can see through the face hole on the table his bare feet and toned legs as he comes up to the top of the massage table. He picks up the warmed massage oil and slicks up his hands. I smell the faint scent of lavender and cedar, a custom combination he uses for me. Placing his strong hands on my back he strokes down my body. “I love how soft your kocaeli escort skin always is,” Alex comments as he strokes, “I can not believe how keep it that way.” I laugh, “lotion, lotion, & lotion – I keep it everywhere. That and drinking lots of water.” I tell him as he works my back. His stokes are fluid and strong. He finds a spot of tight muscles along my shoulder blade, rubbing in a small controlled circle he adds pressure. “That is not too deep?” He inquires as the pressure increases. “You know I have a very high pain tolerance.” I answer, he continues rubbing. “It feels great. Keep it up.” I sigh. Alex’s hands start to knead my back and shoulders as they start to loosen up. I start to feel deeper relaxed as he starts the long strokes from my shoulders down to my hips and butt. I sigh further as his fingers caress my ass, every so often as flick closer to my crack. He localizes his strokes to focus just on my hips and ass now, fingers trailing deeper and deeper into my ass crack. I moan lightly at his ministrations and my back arches slightly opening up the crack to his explorations. My tight rosebud quivers as he traces a finger around it. My hips wiggle slightly as I try to get him better access to my wanting hole. I feel his hands spread my cheeks opening and feel a warm and moist breath as my hole flickers in anticipation. I feel his velvety tongue start by tracing the almost hairless ring around my pucker. My back arches higher and my hips leave the table as he dives in and starts to eat my ass. Moaning and trashing a bit I whimper as his tongue attacks my pucker. Teasingly he uses his finger to circle my hole, rub against my taint and then down to stroke my hanging balls. His lips and tongue still as slobbering up my pucker as his hand grab and tease my balls, he pulls my hardening cock to point down between my legs. A light trace of his fingers cause me to moan more and twitch in anticipation. Alex leans his head back and gives my big ass cheek a gentle slap. His finger tracing up and down my cock, flows back up and starts to stroke my legs. He works both legs kneading and rubbing them out. Every so often he allows his stroke to get close and either touch my ass or my cock. My cock is fully hard to it’s 6 inches and is leaking pre-cum from Alex actions. Continuing down my legs Alex reaches my feet. “Oh my god, your feet are softer than my hands.” He exclaims and laughs. I know that feet are one of his turn-ons. I wiggle a toe lightly as he strokes my feet. Suddenly I feel a wet tongue and lips start to play with and suck on my toes. Flicking and sucking each toe and then trying to fit all of the toes in his mouth he sucks them. All the while my cock continues to drip drop after drop of pre-cum onto the table. Alex finishes up his foot play and dries them with a towel from under the table. He puts more oil on his hands and he kneads and stretches them a little bit more. “Flip over now!” Alex commands is a soft firm voice. As I flip, my raging hard on slaps my stomach and leaves a trail of pre-cum drips from the table to my body. I look over to see Alex bending down to remove his boxer briefs. His mostly hardened 10 inch cock juts out from his body, his cut head showing some of his pre-cum coming from his piss slit. My eyes travel up from his dripping cock up to his tight chest with a little hair around his upper chest and nipples, trailing back down to his bushy crotch. I allow my body to relax down into the table as I await Alex kocaeli escort bayan to come closer. He steps around to the head of the table. He strokes his had from my neck and shoulders down to by belly. His hands brush near my throbbing cock, but just bump it aside. As I feel heat next to my head and face as Alex steps closer and does a long stroke down my body. Alex’s huge cock is sitting right next to me on the table, it taps the side of my cheek when he wiggles his hips a bit. I chuckle and he continues on. Alex turns his body and starts to move down the side of the table, his cock slides over my shoulder and then down my arm. He stops right before his prick reaches my hand. He reaches down and picks up my arm, letting his cock bounce down when he lifts up my arm, it hits my hip. Alex works my arm and stretches it, working out a knot up by my shoulder. He works down to my hand, paying attention to spreading and stretching my fingers. He lowers my arm and places my hand directly on his cock. I give it a squeeze and try to move it closer to him to play with his balls, but Alex moves up and around. He is trailing his cock back up my body, taps my cheeks on both sides and then slides down to the other arm. Again he stops his prick just short of my hand. He works this arm and hand like the first side. Finishing up, he places my hand on his balls this time. I gently squeeze them, playing with both balls then one at time. Alex stands there for a few minutes working on my lower belly and hips, brushing my turgid member to and fro when his hands encountered it. Finally he moves further down the table, trailing his leaking cock down my hip towards my foot. He bends down and sucks in my big toe for a moment, swishing his tongue around it. He sucks off to the tip and grips my foot and ankle. He moves my leg through some stretches, lifting it high and returning it, then bending the knee and pressing it up my body towards my arm pit. Alex then proceeds to the other leg to duplicate the stretches. Every now and again, he brushes his hand by inner thigh or along my cock and balls. Finished with the stretching he grabs both ankles and pulls – stretching out my legs and back. He sets down my legs, but has spread them to the edges of both sides of the table. This leaves my junk hanging down towards my ass as my cock is sticking up close pointing towards my belly button. Alex moves and takes his hands up the inside of my leg. He reaches my crotch and one and grabs my balls and the other snakes up to grip my cock. While kneading my balls he leans over and points my upright member toward his lips. Alex lets them close over my pole and settle just under my corona – tongue lapping up my pre-cum. He then lowers his lips further using his hand to stabilize my twitching cock as he goes all the way down to the base. He closes his lips tightly and starts to bob slowly up and down. His hand fondling my balls works down and starts to play with my taint, brushing my hole in a regular fashion. While he is working my cock, he slicks up his hands with some of the oil. I feel an oily finger start to circle around my hole. The sensation of the blow job and the attention to my hole make my hips flex and my pucker wink. I feel the wet finger enter my chute, it starts to explore and stretch out my ass lips. I feel a second finger enter and they go deeper – pressing against my p-nut. I moan and feel my cock pulse in Alex’s mouth as he works the fingers in and out. I feel pressure starting izmit escort at the base of my balls, as they churn with his actions. I lift my hands and hold his head and I thrust deep down his throat – releasing four volleys of cum directly into his belly. He stills his hands deep in by hole and wiggles his fingers as I shoot. I relax my hands from his head and he pulls off my sensitive cock. He leans up and places his lips on mine – we share my load while our tongues wrestle. I have move my hands to his cock while we are kissing. I grab his large member and start to jerk it. Alex’s cock extends to his full size. His hand is still in my ass starts to move in circles and pushes in and out. He continues to stretch my hole, loosing it up. We break our kiss, he moves on to the table between my spread legs. He takes the oil and slicks up his hard member. Sliding my legs up his chest and resting my feet over his shoulders – he pulls my hips closer to his – lining up his tool with my open pucker. His slick head rests just at the first ring, I feel the wet heat closing in. He lifts up my hips and slides his closer to me, making his cock inch forward. He takes his time pressing his hips in and pulling mine towards him – that large cock moving slowly and slowly forward. He bottoms out and I fill his bush press against my stretched ass. He rests there letting me acclimate to his enormous prick that is buried half way to my stomach. Sweat breaks out on my brow as I become accustomed to the invader. The pain starts to subside and I pulse my ass muscles to give Alex the go ahead. He begins to pull back and push in is small regular thrusts – each time going further back. His speed increases as he gets closer to being almost all the way out and then he shoves hard back in. He starts his quick pounding, pressing my legs higher making my ass lips grip him tighter. His breath starts to get more ragged and his thrusting more intense as he gets closer to a climax. His hard pounding is putting great force on my prostate, building me up for a second climax as well. He move a hand down my thigh and grabs my cock to start jerking it. His grip on my hard cock and his forceful pounding push me over the edge. I start shooting five, six, no seven volleys of cum. It splatters over my head and then moving down my face, over my chest and then down to my trimmed bush. The involuntary twitching of my ass muscles send Alex over his point. His face goes blank as he pushes out four strokes and then grinds in as far as he can to bury his seed in my waiting chute. He collapses into me, letting my legs slide around his body. His ten inch cock still partly buried in my ass. I squeeze my ass muscles and he giggles. We kiss as he slide his tool out of my hole which is now gaping from the brutal fuck I just had. I turn on my side as I pull us in a close hug. I kiss his face and his neck. We hold on to each other on the massage table while we come back to reality. A nice glow settles over both of us. Alex lets go and slips over the edge to grab a towel. He has me lay on my back as he rubs and cleans the oil and cum off of my body, paying attention to my cock and ass. I sit up and hop off the table as well, while he is drying himself off. I reach over for a last hug. “God I needed that.” I say. He grips me back, “Me, too.” I start to get dressed from my pile of clothes in the chair. Alex just slides on his jean shorts. I know he will hop in a shower when I leave. I lean over when I am dressed, “How about next time we just skip the massage and go straight to playing?” Alex leans against the table, “I think I will like that.” He ushers me towards the door, giving me a chaste kiss just as we arrive. “See you soon!”

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