Fingered by a perfect stranger


Fingered by a perfect strangerThat afternoon was my free day from office and then I went on shopping.When I was paying for my last purchase, my phone rang and it was Victor. He invited me to pay a visit at his office: He was running against the clock and had no time to get lunch; so he asked me if I could get some fast food.After being just fifteen minutes with Victor, I walked away to the elevator. The office was in the fifth floor of a tall skysc****r. When I got inside the elevator, there were just four business men there. I had my purse on my shoulder and my shopping bags in my right hand. I was happy with my purchases and was heading home for the day. As the elevator descended, it stopped every few floors and more people entered.Suddenly the doors were opened and a group of people crushed in and then the elevator was completely full. I wasn’t quite squished, but some movements made me slip back a step into the corner. I bumped into the man behind me just briefly and pulled forward as quickly as I could. But now there were just inches between us. When the elevator doors closed and it started to move I swayed backwards a little. I felt a hand from behind me touching my right hip very gently… I didn’t move away and he didn’t pull his hand back.We stopped again two floors down and a woman got on. Everyone in front of me moved just a bit, but now I was squished and had nowhere to go. I was downright up against this man and his hand continued to steady me. The elevator doors closed and we continued our descent. I felt awkward and knew I was pressed into this stranger behind me and tried my best to just pull any part of me forward.Seconds passed and I felt him begin to get hard against my lower back. I did not move. I just pretended not to notice. Then he actually pressed into me just a little bit more. I was shocked, but still pretended not to notice. But, now was beginning to get turned on by his arousal. I smiled to myself and I just leaned back kırklareli escort the slightest bit pressing my bottom into him. No one would know it had been deliberate, not even the stranger behind me. I was wearing a knee length skirt made of light cotton. It flared out loosely. I felt this stranger’s left hand slid up the back of my left leg ever so lightly moving my skirt up too. I froze, but I still just stood there. I felt his finger walking the fabric up inch by inch until his hand touched my bare thigh. I nervously looked to the right, but no one noticed anything. We were isolated in that corner. I was totally aroused at the idea of something so strange could be happening in such a crowd of people.I felt his hand slid up and across my thigh until it came to rest across the middle of my bottom. I was wearing a thong so his hand was practically flat on my bare skin. I gasped in surprise and his right hand pressed firmly into my hip to hold me in place. No one was looking at me. He pulled harder on the back of my thong and I could feel it pull deeply into my nether lips. I was completely enthralled and my left hand reached back and pressed against the side of his thigh. This complete stranger whose face I could not even picture was fondling my ass and making me wet. I could feel his erection prominently pressed against me, my skirt was exposing most of my bottom and he had his hand hooked in my panties.The elevator came to a halt, the doors open and people began to file out as a crowd waited to enter. I was panicking. He firmly slid his right arm up from my hip and around the side of my waist, let go of my panties, and let my skirt fall in one quick motion. I was so relieved. However, as I stepped forward he stepped right behind me as though we were a couple exiting together. I still had not even seen his face and yet I allowed him to walk me out the doors and to the left. He casually directed us across the lobby kırşehir escort and I could see we were nearing the restrooms. There was the men’s room to the left and with no pause, he steered me straight to that door. I reached for the handle and opened the door.There was a toilet and a large counter with a sink. He closed the door behind us and I turned the lock. He quickly turned me to face him and pulled my bags out of my hand letting them drop to the floor. I finally looked up at this stranger’s face and was pleased to find he was an attractive man in his late thirties. He was wearing an elegant well cut dark grey suit. He unbuttoned his jacket and laid it on the counter.Then he swiftly dropped to his knees in front of me. He lifted my skirt and tucked it to my waist. I opened my feet to keep the balance. His face was directly in front of my spread legs with nothing but my thong between us. He looked straight up at me and smiled. Then he opened his mouth and slid his tongue out just a bit. I could see silver ball piercing through the top and my body shuttered with the anticipation of what was to come. He pulled my thong loose and to the side with one hand and I felt his warm mouth press against me. His other hand slid between my legs and stroked my opening.I flushed all over. He pushed a finger deep inside me and at the same time his tongue slid between my lips. My legs went weak; but his free hand was pressed against my stomach holding me to the wall. I reached into his hair with my free hand and moaned aloud in delight. His finger caressed inside me moving in deep and then almost out while his tongue worked my clit. I was panting heavily and practically dripping down below. I could feel myself on the verge of orgasm. It was building quickly. Right then he tugged gently on my little bundle of nerves and I quivered as a wave of spasms tightened around his finger. I came with the hardest orgasm I have ever had. escort bayan He kept his finger inside me until I stopped shaking.I slowly started to return to my senses and could stand on my own. My fingers still gripped his hair tightly and I released my grasp. My breathing was gradually returning to normal. He pulled his finger out of me smoothly and put it in his mouth. I looked down at him and he stared into my eyes as he sucked my juices off and pulled his finger out of his mouth with a grin. I could feel the air on the fluid between my legs and knew I was still quite wet. He leaned in again and licked across my pussy lips swallowing all…Then he stood up leaned in and slanted his mouth across mine and kissed me. I parted my lips and could taste myself on his tongue as he pressed in.He pulled back and smiled again. I reached for his belt buckle; but then he pulled my hand out. I started to speak, but his finger came up and touched my lips to silence me. He did not speak a single word…He just picked up his jacket, turned and stepped across the door, leaving me there speechless…I looked in the mirror; besides the flush in my cheeks, I looked normal. Then I looked at my watch. It was just half an hour since I had been with Victor in his office. My loving husband came to my mind and then I felt a bit mortified; but my body still wanted more.Perhaps I could climb up the elevator until my husband’s office and try to convince Victor to fuck me on his desk, as some times we had done…Then my phone rang and it was Victor; he was asking me if I could come back to wait for here until early evening and then we could go for some dinner outside. The idea sounded good to me and then I went back in the elevator to the last floor.Victor was signing some documents and another man was there with him.I could not believe my eyes when I saw he was the same attractive man who had fingered me in the men’s room. He smiled and shook my hand when my loving Victor introduced me to him. Then he just left.I watched his nice ass swaying as he walked down the hallway and then commented to my husband this was a very handsome man and he would have a nice dick for sure…But then Victor laughed loudly and said:“You don’t have to worry about it, honey… He is gay!!…”

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