Finishing School Ch. 06


Friday Night

When Mara’s bed lowered into the workroom, the observers were not surprised to see Mr. Attenbourough with Mara on the bed. It was their job, after all, to know everything that happened with a student. He remained with her until the sedative she had taken took full effect. Then he gently slid his arm out from under her head and entered the observation room.

Due to Mara’s exponential growth during the week, her chastity devices would need to be altered, and her breast and vagina measurements needed to be taken again. Since she was already naked, the Molding Machine was positioned first over her breasts. As the Machine did its work, the observers noticed that Mara was responding strongly to the stimulation, even in her sleep. The supplements that were administered each night through the needle built into her chastity band, would need to be adjusted. Once her breasts were finished, the measurements were compared to the last time. Mara’s breasts had grown significantly, and her areolas were slightly larger than before, and her nipples were slightly longer as well.

After the Machine was cleaned, it was moved below her waist and turned on. A thin tendril entered her ass hole first, and once it was a large as it could go, another tendril pushed into her slit. Her vagina was deeper than before, and also considerably tighter. This time, the Machine also pushed against her entire bottom, molding itself tightly like a pair of panties. This was to ensure her Chastity belt would be a perfect gaziantep bayan escort fit. Her outer labia lips were slightly larger, and her clit had increased in length, peeking out from behind the clitoral hood, which had not had grown much at all.

When the Machine was finished, it was removed and a new Chastity Belt and Band were shaped to her exact size. After they checked to make sure everything fit, they locked it all into place. All of the sensors were in working order, and the observers waited while Mr. Attenbourough climbed back onto the bed before sending it back up.



For the first time all week, I woke naturally with no vibrations of any sort. I lay in bed with my eyes closed for a while, and then I realized there was someone else in bed with me.

I sat up abruptly, and looked over to see Mr. Attenbourough smiling at me, “Did you sleep well? I know I did.”

I blushed and looked down at my lap, only to find that I was once again wearing metal underwear.

“Your new chastity belt should fit much better now, as should your chastity band. Since you won’t be getting any more growth hormones, this will be your final set, so they outfitted you with a thong-style belt. Which means you can wear any style of panties you like.”

I studied the chastity belt to confirm what he was saying, it was shaped to me perfectly, with a thin strip around my hips, a triangular shape covering my gaziantep bayan escort ilanları pubic area that ended in another thin strip that went between my ass cheeks and connected to the band around my hips. “Why do I even have to wear a chastity belt anyway? And what’s with the bra?” I asked petulantly.

He wrapped his arms around me in a hug, and responded, “It’s the Academy’s policy, it helps ensure you receive the best finishing education while you are here with minimal distractions. And it allows for the Instructors to teach you everything you need to know about pleasure, without having to touch you until you’re ready.” He let go and reached for his phone on the nightstand, “If you would like, I can demonstrate for you.”

I hesitantly nodded and he smiled at me again. He pushed a button on his phone screen, and the intruder inside me came to life. This time, instead of simply vibrating, it seemed to move inside of me, pulsating in a way that had me trembling with desire. I looked up at him to see his reaction and noticed he was looking at his phone again. And then the band confining my breasts started moving as well, it felt like my boobs were being kneaded by strong hands. I gasped and he chuckled softly. Then something started gently teasing my clitoris, swirling it around and around. I tried to stay quiet, but a moan escaped, and I glanced at him in embarrassment. He was staring at me intently, and I noticed gaziantep bayan escort reklamları the bulge growing in his pants.

I bit my lip to try and keep another moan from escaping and he smiled knowingly, “It’s alright love, you can let it out. This is just for you, no need to try and keep quiet on my account.”

I nodded and stopped biting my lip. I was soon gasping and moaning and as I finally went over the edge, I cried out at the intense pleasure. I collapsed onto the pillows as the chastity devices stopped pleasuring me and I rode the waves of my orgasm until it faded. When I sat up again, I noticed that he was gone, and there was a note on my nightstand.

If you find yourself in need of a release, let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help.


I left Mara’s room just as she was reaching her climax. When she started moaning, I could barely control myself, and I had to leave before I made a rash decision. I waited outside her door until I heard her cum, and then I turned off her chastity devices. She was one of the sexiest students to ever come to this academy, and as far as we had been able to find, she was still a virgin. Ms. Verian had made it clear that no one was to deflower her until the Headmaster said so.

If Mara always reacted so strongly to pleasure as she had today, her maidenhood was at risk. She was probably the most expressive student to ever come to the Academy. The look on her face as she was pleasured, was enough to make any man hard. And the noises she made! My dick was straining painfully against the front of my trousers within seconds.

Leaving Mara behind, I walked briskly to the nearest classroom. Locking the door behind me, I released my full erection. Imagining Mara’s luscious lips wrapped around me, I started pumping my throbbing cock. I was soon reaching my own climax. And I grunted with the release.

It was going to be a long year.

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