First BBC Experience


First BBC ExperienceBottom seeking top at XXXXX ApartmentsThat was the title, plain and simple, straight forward and to the point. I needed dick, I had been craving it for months toying myself weekly, lusting for a fat cock to pound my hole and make me cum. So I posted an ad, the content was simple, it had my stats, what I was looking for, and the caveat of no face picture required.This last bit was the hook, most men where I live want anonymity due to homosexual acts being frowned upon.Of course I received about 20 replies, weeded out many for not showing a pic of their cock (the important bits lol) and those who sent replies like “still looking” and nothing else. I replied to two guys, one a well muscled white guy who could host, and the other a black guy who was quite thin, hung 9 inches, and quite thick. I received a reply about from the black dude almost immediately “I need to use that ass, it looks so good, get this BBC!” attached was another picture of his huge cock, hard and güvenilir bahis rampant, challenging me to take it in. I sent him my address, stripped down and waited, he knocked on my door in less than 10 minutes, he told me he lived in the complex with a family member. I invited him in, he sat in my computer chair and pulled out his cock, it was impressive, the biggest I had seen in person, an actual 9 inch cock, about 2 and a half inches across, with a thick purple head that was leaking a bit of pre-cum.I knelt down in front of him, wrapped my hand around his thick meat, stroking slowly. “Suck that dick.” he said, I licked the shaft up and down, ran my tongue across the tip of his prick tasting his cum. Slowly, I inserted the tip into my mouth, sucking him in about half way, I tugged the rest of his shaft while I sucked his huge cock. He moaned, relaxed into the chair, and told me “You’re such a good cock sucker, ugh yeah, suck that dick bitch.” I kept at it, tasting and swallowing türkçe bahis every drop him that leaked out, then he told me to get up.I stood, he spun me around, looked at my ass and said “mmm that’s a nice white booty” he rubbed my ass up and down, spreading my cheeks and rubbing my hole. He grabbed my hips and pulled me into his lap, I started grinding my ass on his cock, he rubbed my body up and down, caressing my chest and moaning with pleasure. “You ready for this dick?” he asked, I got on all fours, handed him a condom and my bottle of lube. He covered my ass in lube, rubbing it all over my cheeks, then slapped my ass before rubbing more lube into my waiting hole. Then he put his cock onto my ass, it stretched from my hole up to my lower back, I could feel him throbbing and he wasn’t even fucking me yet! He slipped on the condom, lubed his cock up, slapped my ass with his hung meat then pressed the head of his cock against my ass.He didn’t take me slow and steady, he slipped güvenilir bahis siteleri into me quickly and to the hilt. Oh he filled me up, slipping deep inside me pressing my prostate with his massive dick. I called out, “Oh god!” “Oh fuck!” he was pumping my ass hard and deep, his balls slapping against mine, then he leaned forward and wrapped his arm under my arm in a half nelson. He was heaving into me while pulling me into him, I was screaming with pleasure, “Shut up!” he rasped into my ear, I was being used for his pleasure and I loved it. Every time I moaned, he told me to shut up as he continued to thrust into me. He reached around my waist and started stroking my cock in rhythm with his thrusts, he stroked me until I came, I almost passed out it felt so good. “Im going to nut inside you.” he grunted into my ear as he began pounding me with long full strokes, working my ass like no one before. “Oh fuck! Aaaaaah!” he was finished, I had done my job pleasing his huge cock. When he pulled his cum filled condom off I licked his shaft clean, sucking the last few drops of cum from him.He got up and quickly wiped himself off and left, I never heard back from him and still think of his massive cock to this day.

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