First Bi Experience


First Bi ExperienceThere used to be a nice and very comfortable porn theater in Buena Park, CA. I went there many time with lady friends and also by myself. The theater was clean, the seats were comfortable and the clientele were respectful, never pushy.As is the case in porn theaters most of the attendees were male with a few couples on occasion and no lone females. Everyone who attended were there to be sexually stimulated by the high quality porn which the theater featured and to play. I, along with the other lone males enjoyed getting a stiff cock and masturbating, delaying the climax as long as possible and then shooting a wonderful load. Often a guy or two would move, sit next to another and jack each other off.One evening after dinner I was feeling very horny and went to the theater for some fun. There were several men in attendance but no couples. Most of the guys were sitting alone and I could tell by the motion of their arms that they were jacking off as they watched the movies. I took a seat off the side aisle in the back row. I noticed that there was a man sitting by himself in the corner and so I sat in the middle of the row with a couple of seats between us. There was always the chance that a cop in plain clothes might be in attendance so if the guys were masturbating they would quickly stop when someone walked in and sat near them. I could not tell whether or not this man had been pulling on his peter.I sat down and began to enjoy a very hot movie. It was not long before I had a raging hardon which begged for relief. pendik escort I began to rub my prick with my fingers though my pants slowly and delightfully. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the other guy had unzipped his pants and was stroking his cock in full view. I unzipped my pants and put my fingers inside to play with my stiff member. The man looked over and smiled I nodded and smiled back. By this time I had my hand around my dick and set it free from my pants as I slowly and gently stroked it. The excitement of the hot movie and seeing the guy jacking off was taking me to a very fast orgasm which I did not want so soon. My cock was dripping precum which was lubing my palm as I stroked.The guy in the corner whispered something about the seat being uncomfortable sand would I mind if he moved over next to me. I told him that would not be a problem and to come on over. He moved over and immediately took his cock in hand and began stroking as was I. He whispered “sure feels good, doesn’t it?” I said, “yes it sure does!”. Soon I felt his leg tightly against mine and there we sat jacking our cocks. He said “You have a very nice cock” and I returned the compliment. Then he whispered “would it be alright for me to touch it” I was a little nervous at his entreaty but very excited and answered “yes”. He took my cock in his hand and began to stroke it I reached for his prick which was about 8 inches, thick and wet with precum. I told him to slow down because I didn’t want to cum yet. He kağıthane escort told me that he was from Texas and in town on business. He was delighted that he had found this adult theater on his way to his hotel. Then he said “It is a little public here. Would you be interested in coming to my hotel where we could have the privacy of my room and finish the fun?”. I had never had sex with a man and didn’t want to. I had jacked off with guys at adult theaters but nothing more. I was in a quandary. My fear of the unknown and reluctance to have sex with another man was being counterbalanced by the excitement of the movie and mutual masturbation. My throbbing cock made the decision and I followed him to his hotel.His room was spacious and very comfortable and featured a king sized bed. He told me to make myself at home and disappeared into the bathroom. I noticed that he had several sex magazines which I began to look through. The pictures of big pricks and women fucking and sucking them caused my cock to rise once again. I began to stroke it through my clothes. The bathroom door opened and my new friend stepped out wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He was well-built with a hairy chest and a tanned body. His hard cock was pressing outward in his shorts. He invited me to use the bathroom if I needed. I declined and removed my clothes. He took off his shorts and we stood there looking at our hard cocks. We got up on the bed. He said, “I see you found the magazines. maltepe escort I’m sorry I don’t have any vids to share. Lets look at the pictures together.” It was not long before we were jacking each other off. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock and I told him “no”. He said he had sucked a few times and really enjoyed it and would it be alright for him to suck my cock. By this time all I wanted was to shoot a big load of jizz so i said, “yes, go ahead”. He said, “you do not have to suck mine but would you like to try it?” I said “OK, lets try it” He suggested that we get on our sides in a 69 position which we did. Suddenly I had an eight inch thick cock right near my face.I felt his warm, wet mouth surround my cock as I opened my mouth to admit his cock. We both began to bob our heads back and forth faster and faster as e raced toward big Os. He was cupping my balls and his tongue was working in circles around the sensitive part of my cock. I felt my balls tighten ad knew i had reached the point of no return. His cock seemed to grow in my mouth. That did it and I shot spurt after lovely spurt into his mouth as he kept sucking. He was now furiously thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, he let out a joyous groan and my mouth was filled with a strange tasting liquid. I kept sucking as did he, sperm running from both our mouths. My orgasm was so in tense that I almost lost consciousness.We sat up and shared superlatives such as “WOW!” “That was sooo goood! He got some wash cloths and we cleaned up. He said “well, what do you think? Was it good?” I told him that it was very good and that cock sucking was very enjoyable. He laughed and said he thought I would like it.We agreed to meet again when he next came to California. I told him I would like to share some ladies with him and he said that would be great. We never met again.

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