First experience DOGGING


First experience DOGGINGI was a little nervous when my husband suggested trying dogging. I hadn’t been a ‘hotwife’ for that long and the idea of having sex with a complete stranger in a car park was a little intimidating. With this in mind and with me suitably attired in stockings and no panties under my dress we set off.and we waited and slowly my nervousness subsided as we sat there. We had chosen a fairly secluded spot, a car park at the end of long lane, and it seemed as if we had made a mistake. As the minutes ticked by we started to think nothing was going to happen, we even got to talking about going home and trying another night or another place when lights suddenly appeared in the lane and a car turned into the car park. My stomach was in knots again as the car pulled up a short distance away and turned off its lights.We pulled into the car park, well away from the road, and parked up and turned off our lights. To our surprise there was another car tucked in the corner although we couldn’t see anyone so we waited for a few minutes. Nothing seemed to be happening so my husband suggested we get out of our car and take a erzurum escort couple of photos….Gradually, as our eyes adjusted to dimness, we could make out a single figure in the drivers seat of the car across from us but the question was ‘was it a dogger’. We wondered what to do for a while as he didn’t make any move and eventually we agreed that I should pose for a couple of photo’s and see what his reaction was…..We hadn’t even taken a photo before he was out of his car, “Do you mind if I watch?”, he very politely asked. We both acknowledged his request with a yes and then my husband began to snap away as he came a little closer. As I posed he started chatting amiably as if nothing untoward was happening, telling us his name was Toby and asking if we had been to this location before, to which we replied this was our first time. I could tell he was becoming aroused as he watched me, edging closer all the time, so I decided to move things along and said he could touch if he wanted. He immediately looked to my husband for his confirmation and when he smiled and nodded…..At first he was content eskişehir escort to run one hand up my thigh and over the top of my stockings while the other hand fondled my breasts, outside my dress to begin with but he very soon had my dress unbuttoned and my tits out of my bra. His mouth latched on to one nipple, licking and teasing it, as he stroked his fingers back and forth along my bald slit before slipping them into me. I was more than ready for it and as he started to finger me I opened my thighs wider to give him complete access to my very wet hole.Having been nicely warmed by some very pleasant fingering I thought I should take the time to find out exactly what I might be getting for the main course. Toby was quite happy for me to explore and I found a very solid 5 inches with a lovely mushroom head just waiting for me to give it a little bit of a wank……It wasn’t long before I had Toby’s 8 inches nice and hard as I stroked my hand along it so I decided I wanted a taste…..I have to say I do like having a hard cock to wrap my lips around….and it was certainly nice and hardSo what does a escort bayan girl do when she has a nice hard 8 inches in her hand and a juicy wet pussy that needs something long and filling and a husband to preoccupied with taking photos? There seemed only one real option. So I bent over the front seat and hiked up my dress….There I was bent across the front seat looking over my shoulder waiting as Toby glanced at my husband and asked him if it was ok to fuck me.“As long as you have a condom” came the answer.With a grin he pulled a foil packet from his pocket and ripped it open, sliding the latex sheath over his cock.Then without further delay he positioned himself behind me and slowly slid his cock into my willing pussy.Positioned as I was I could do nothing but enjoy the sensation as he pushed all the way in, looking up at my husband as I was filled with a strange cock.Once I’d cum doggystyle we had a quick change of position…..and there I was flat on my back with my legs kicking as I got properly fucked… Perhaps the biggest attraction of dogging is the uncertainty of what is going to happen. You can plan and prepare as much as you want, dress up sexily but if no one else is there then the whole evening can be a total flop. Even if there are guys around things don’t always happen as you would hope or expect. Then again you do something on a spur of the moment decision and your spontaneity surprises you.

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